Sexy Tbabe gets fucked by her BFFs

Sexy Tbabe gets fucked by her BFFs
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My Asian Treat Pt.9 Golf and Betrayal? As Kayko prepared our bath I could not help but think what things were going to be like in the future. I was sure that I would have to make a few little life style changes, and I would have a "permanent" roommate, but the rest seemed to all fade away as I watched my beautiful sweetheart move around the room.

I didn't really care about anything else, even the contract, I just wanted to be with Kayko above all else. As she lathered up my dick and balls, I marveled at just how gentle her touch was. Every movement seemed like a rehearsed and practiced exercise to make me feel good. And she did just that!

As I settled back into the hot pool I watched her very intently. Her diligence and attention to detail as she washed out the inside of her pussy showed me just how mindful she was of her own body. Having not achieved a degree of cleanliness with the first few buckets of water, she again filled the basin at the top of the stand before reinserting the hose to flush out her delicate pink box. Several times during the procedure I caught her taking a look at her new engagement ring before looking over at me with a huge smile.

I am safe in saying that she was sitting on cloud 9! And what was even better was that in just a few moments she was going to be sitting on my dick again. Life is replete with its' little pleasures.

It's even nicer when you don't have to go looking for them and they just "fall" into your lap. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted with the sensation of my dick sliding into something soft and hot. As I gazed upward, Kayko was just finishing up the task of impaling herself on my rock hard meat.

When her ass came to rest on my lap, she slightly wiggled back and forth to nestle herself down as fully onto me as possible. As soon as my hands came up and cupped her small round breasts she began milking my cock with her exquisite pussy. "Hey sweetheart," she half whispered as she brought her face in close to mine, "Are you alright?" "I am just fine honey," I replied as I flexed my sphincter muscle to make my dick jump inside her.

Kaykos' eyes grew wide for an instant before she leaned in and kissed me very deeply. It's amazing all the different emotions you can feel in just a single kiss. If you are really into the moment and really care about the person you are kissing you can tell exactly what their emotional state is.

I could only describe Kaykos' emotional state as pure contentment. She was VERY happy with where she was and what she was doing. And I have absolutely no complaints either. With her soft pussy firmly milking me inside her I didn't need anything else. As I sat back and enjoyed her, Kayko picked up a mug and a brush.

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Swirling the brush around inside the mug produced huge amounts of foam which she gently brushed onto my face. "You need another shave," she said as she coated every inch of my face with the sweet smelling foam.

"Besides," she giggled as she set the mug and the brush down, "Your whiskers tickle my legs." "I just wanted to make sure I had you undivided attention," I mused as Kayko lifted a big straight razor to my cheek. "Hold still sweetie," she whispered as she began shaving me in slow and deliberate strokes. I had no choice but to hold still. After all, I did not want her to cut my face off! But again I was amazed at her delicate touch.

First of all, she kept sucking on my dick with her pussy throughout the entire event. The only time her pussy stopped was when she really had to concentrate on what she was doing. (Like the area around my nose and upper lip) At those times she clamped her pussy down tightly on me almost like she was getting an extra foot hold.

It was amazing! After only a few minutes she was done, and not a single nick to speak of. I raised my hands to my face and washed off the remainder of the foam. This was undoubtedly the closest and cleanest shave I have ever had! "What are you thinking about?" she asked while bringing her full weight down on my lap. "Just how wonderful you are." I replied while squeezing her tits again. A big warm smile came across her face as she switched her pussy into hyper drive and began milking me with deliberate intent.

My dick strained at the more intense sensations, threatening to explode inside her. Kayko then raised her knees up and slid her feet around behind me, locking her ankles together behind the small of my back. In this position I could feel the head of my dick pressing hard against the round doughnut of her cervix. "Well," she said as she wiggled her ass side to side a little, "you have made me very happy." Kayko leaned forward and kissed me very deeply. I must admit that I was very happy too.

This woman, who I had come to care for very much, was enjoying me to the fullest. We sat still in the water for several minutes while kissing and holding each other close. I didn't want it to end. But when we heard the limo pull up outside we knew the moment was over. Climbing from the water Kayko retrieved our robes before she hurried out to the front door.

By the time I approached the sitting room she was returning with two big bags of takeout food. "I am sorry I didn't make your lunch for you," she stated while setting the bags down on the low table. "It's ok honey, I have had a great day so far." I said while taking a seat at the side of the table. My mind began to drift as I watched Kayko set out our food.

Every move she made was deliberate and precise, everything set neatly in its place. I began thinking of what the future was going to be like with her. How different it was going to be to come home to house that was not empty and silent. I also thought how nice it would be to share my bed every night with someone so wonderful.

As Kayko kneeled down beside me and began serving our food, I knew I had not made a mistake. My life was going to be complete. I snapped back into reality when Kayko said, "We are going to have to tell Hirito about the engagement." "Yes we are." I replied while watching Kayko fill my plate with oysters and shrimp.

"I've noticed that you are having me eat a lot of oysters." I looked over at her and smiled. Kayko got this devilish grin on her face before she stuck her hand into my lap and grasp my cock.

"I like you nice and hard." she replied with a bit of a giggle. "No harm in that!" was my response as I picked up the biggest oyster on the top and shoveled it into my mouth.

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The meal went down without any hitches. We spent the time talking about my apartment in the US and how an upgrade might be in order. It was very pleasant talk. By the time we were done eating I was full, almost to the point of being sick. As Kayko cleared the table I sat and sipped on some whiskey on the rocks, savoring the meal and the fine company. When Kayko returned to the room she stepped up on the table, dropped her robe, and sat down right in front of me, spreading her legs wide open.

"How about some desert?" she queried while biting her bottom lip and spreading her pussy open with the fingers from her right hand. I might have just eaten a big meal and felt like I was stuffed to the gills, but as far as I am concerned, pussy is always on the menu. Leaning forward I began kissing the inside of Kaykos right leg at her knee. This had the instant effect of bringing a soft moan from her lips.

I slowly kissed and licked my way closer and closer to that hot pink prize where her slender legs met. I love seeing her reactions to my touch because about half way up her leg little goose bumps broke out all over her accompanied by a slight shiver. Her breathing began to deepen as I licked and swirled my tongue around the soft and smooth skin of her inner thigh.

Kayko was certainly enjoying my attention, and the raging boner I had needs no explanation. I was making my sweetie feel good!

By the time I reached the gentle curve in her thigh where her crotch starts to open up I could easily smell her excitement. That deep musky aroma did nothing but encourage me to feast on the delight she held open before me. With the tip of my nose just barely brushing the coal black patch of neatly trimmed hair just above her wide spread pussy, I took a deep breath and slowly exhaled my hot breath directly into her love box.

Kayko let out a loud moan and arched her back as the size and number of goose bumps covering her body increased exponentially. 'That's my queue,' I thought to myself as I lowered my mouth and covered her hot gash. Swirling my tongue around her hardened clit made Kayko cum almost instantly, her back arching and toes curling up as her sweet nectar flowed into my mouth.

Kaykos breath was coming in short sharp gasps as I devoured her womanhood, savoring the delicious sweetness of her talented pussy. I placed my hands behind her knees and pushed her legs upward and outward, this spread her pussy open wide in front of me. Kayko brought her left hand down and stuck two fingers from each hand into her pussy and pulled her pussy wide open, exposing the dark pink tunnel that lead up into her. "Lick inside me," she growled, almost in a state of frantic lust.

"Consume me!" Would you pass up an invitation like that?! I jammed my tongue as deeply into her as I could and sucked hard, doing my best to lick all of the exposed pink sweetness. Kayko cried out in sheer bliss and quickly pulled her fingers out. Her hands instantly came down on the back of my head and she pulled my face into her forcefully. I think, if she could have, she would have shoved my whole head in there!

With two hands full of my hair Kayko rocked her hips up and down, grinding her pussy up and down against my mouth. I swirled my tongue around inside her as her pussy began sucking my tongue deeper into her. Kayko started speaking in half Japanese and half English as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her. Her cum was pouring out from around the edges of my mouth and steadily dripped down onto the table next to her ass from my chin.

When her next big orgasm plowed through her I quickly pulled my tongue from inside her and inserted my middle and index fingers from my right hand up to the second knuckle. Finding her G spot I began a furious assault on her pussy, slamming my fingers in and out of her as my tongue and lips assaulted her clit with a vengeance. The scream that came from Kaykos mouth must have been heard in China! Almost instantly Kayko raised her ass off the table and began convulsing in erratic spasms.

Cum blasted out of her pussy and covered my hand and forearm all the way to my elbow when I sucked her clit into my mouth as hard as I could. I looked up at Kayko as I held onto her in the midst of her massive orgasm. Her mouth was wide open and her nipples were pointing at the ceiling as her body continued to twitch uncontrollably. Then, as abruptly as it all began, Kayko went completely limp.

Her hands let go of their death grip on my head and she collapsed onto the table. Sometimes, when events happen, it's amazing the things that go through your head. In that brief instant, as Kaykos body came to rest on the polished table top, I thought I had killed her.

If it were not for the fact that I could see her chest moving up and down with slow breaths I would have called someone for help. She was passed out cold! Pulling my soaked fingers from inside her I gently eased her feet down onto the floor, leaving her lying on the table with her legs still spread wide. I was just about to pull out my dick and enjoy myself when I heard a voice from behind me.

"You are better at that than I thought." I spun around quickly to see Hirito standing in the doorway. He was in his business suit with his hands in his pockets. As I wiped Kaykos cum from my face I asked him, "How long have you been standing there?" With a big grin on his face he replied, "Only long enough to see my sister cum all over your face!" I was a bit embarrassed, not only for my but for Kayko.

She had just had a massive orgasm and was now passed out cold while completely nude on the table. I started to cover her up when Hirito spoke. "She's ok," he said while gesturing toward his unconscious sister. "Come on, we'll go have a drink." As I started to get up Hirito walked over to the desk and wrote something on a piece of paper. "Go get dressed and I'll meet you at the door." I wasn't going to argue with my host.

I stepped into the sleeping room and pulled on a pair of slacks and a nice golf shirt. When I returned Hirito was waiting in the hallway. Behind him I could see the piece of paper lying on Kaykos stomach. "What is that?" I asked while pointing to the note.

"I'm just letting her know where you will be," he said while looking back at his naked sister, "and that she is to join us at her convenience." As Hirito started toward the door I stepped over to the desk. "Go ahead, I'll catch up," I said as I picked up the remote and the vibrating egg. "This won't take but a second." I knelt down between Kaykos splayed open legs and gently pushed the egg into her. She was so wet that the egg slid right in without any resistance. Flipping the switch to the on position I could just faintly hear the muffled buzzing of the egg inside her.

Kayko didn't move, not even a flinch. "Enjoy your nap sweetie," I said just before kissing her on her pussy. As I headed out the door Hirito was waiting for me in the driveway.

"You must teach me how to do that," Hirito laughed as I approached. "Such talent can bring about many good things." "No problem," I replied as we started to walk toward his house at the head of the property. As we walked I began explaining the technique. It really is pretty simple. "The biggest factor," I explained as we took off our shoes and entered the rear of his house, "Is to pay attention to her reactions.

You can easily tell if you're doing it right by the way she responds." "Let's see if you're right," he said as we entered the room at the front of his house. The room was large with a full sized pool table at its center. There was a bar at the far end in front of a huge cabinet with every kind of liquor you could imagine stacked neatly in rows.

To the left of the bar was a table with a small stand holding a small brass gong. Hirito walked over to it and struck it with the small striker at its base. Within seconds a young girl entered the room from the door to the left.

She was quite attractive, but young. I guess she was maybe 13 or 14 years old and dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono. She was also tiny, standing only 4 foot 10 inches or so with a body that was straight as a rail and maybe 90 pounds on a good day. She took 3 or 4 steps into the room before stopping and bowing.

"This is Ruu, (Her real name)" said Hirito as he walked over to the young beauty. "She is my sokujitsu." (Translated it means concubine or something close to it) As he walked around her he dragged his hand from her small titty lumps around to her kimono hidden ass.

Hirito continued by saying, "She is also the student of Kayko although she still has a lot to learn." I could not help but feel sorry for the girl who stood with her eyes directed at the floor.

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I quickly deduced that Kayko was teaching her the "pleasure tricks" of the ancient ways. But, the noted sound of disappointment in Hiritos' voice clearly marked his dissatisfaction with the degree of her progress. 'It's a different culture' I kept repeating to myself as Hirito barked out something in Japanese to the young girl before pointing to the pool table.

Instantly, Ruu disrobed and hopped up onto the pool table. Not only was her frame tiny but she almost didn't have any tits!

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Putting her little titty lumps into the A cup category would downgrade the entire grading scale. I would say she was probably still in the training bra stage.

Her hair was a lighter shade of brown and pulled up neatly behind her head where it was held in place by what looked like a pair of chop sticks. Sitting completely naked, she lay back on the green surface and placed her heels on the tables guard rails before spreading her legs wide apart. "Now, my friend," said Hirito as he stepped around to the side of the table where Ruu was lying down, "show me how to give her pleasure the way you did to Kayko." With that he gestured toward her spread legs.

Instantly I felt awkward. I had just proposed to Kayko earlier in the day, now I was supposed to 'show' Hirito how to pleasure his young play thing. Nope, wrong answer. I was not about to betray Kayko, not even for the purpose of instruction. I would just have to tell Hirito how to do it. After all, I learned how to do it by reading about it and practicing on my then current girlfriend. "Ok buddy," I said while stepping up beside him, "here is the best way to start…" and I began re-explaining the procedure to him while he knelt between her wide spread legs.

Within ten minutes Ruu was rocking her head back and forth and doing her best to rip Hiritos hair out of his head with both hands. It looked like my instruction was successful. When Ruus' legs began to shake I told Hirito to increase the speed he was thrusting his fingers in and out of her.

When he complied that finished her off. Within seconds Ruu arched her back, let out and ear splitting shriek, and then passed out on the table. "Good job," I said as I walked over to the bar to pour myself a drink. As Hirito stood up it was plane to see that he had done everything correctly. His face and chin were covered with Ruu's cum.

Without any hesitation Hirito unzipped his pants and pulled out his own little boner and shoved it straight into Ruu's unconscious body. Instantly he began pounding into her, forcing her ass to come up from the table top with each thrust. "This is great," he panted while doing his best to destroy the helpless girl. I sipped on my drink while watching the spectacle from one of the bar stools.

Hirito was definitely proud of himself and thoroughly enjoying himself at the same time. But his stamina is nowhere near my abilities. After just a few minutes Hirito pulled Ruu by the waist hard against himself and began grunting, pumping his seed deep into her. When he was done he stepped back and zipped up his pants. "I must thank you my friend," he said as he left the naked girl laying on the pool table and joined me at the bar. "I have never enjoyed myself quite as much as I just have." "Ok," I replied while taking a big gulp of my whiskey, "How about if you allow me to marry Kayko?" Hirito stopped dead in his tracks and looked me squarely in the eyes.

"Do you think that is wise?" he asked as he poured himself a glass of scotch. "It usually is not smart to mix business with pleasure." "I am aware of the inherent dangers," I retorted, "But I have grown very fond of her and cannot imagine my life without her. May I have her hand?" Hirito took a sip of his drink, his eyebrows furrowing as he contemplated his answer.

The butterflies crept back into my stomach as I waited patiently for his answer. I don't ever remember a time when I was more nervous. Hirito took another sip of his drink and looked back at Ruu who was just starting to stir. "You will care for my sister?" he asked while setting his drink down on the bar. "Like a princess," I replied while looking him squarely in the eyes. Hirito thought for another moment as he watched Ruu sit up slowly.

It was obvious she was very disoriented and at a loss for what had happened to her. After what seemed like an eternity he looked at me and said, "Very well. I give you my blessing." I almost shit my pants! The surge of emotion that coursed through me was unparalleled. "Thank you my friend." I said as I held out my hand. "I will honor her for the rest of my life." Hirito shook my hand before stating, "You had better, or your dealings here in Japan will come to an abrupt end." With that he bowed to me and I returned the gesture.

"Now," Hirito said as he unzipped his pants and headed toward Ruu, "I have some unfinished business." "Enjoy yourself my friend," I said as I headed for the door. "I have a young lady to see myself." I didn't even bother to put my shoes on. I just picked them up and headed for the guest quarters. I was so happy about the days' events that I really didn't care if I tore my socks up or not.

I just wanted to be with Kayko. When I walked into the dining room Kayko was still passed out on the table, just as I had left her. Naked, legs spread, and the black wire from the egg sticking out into space. There was a nice thick stream of her girl cum flowing from her parted pussy lips onto the floor between her feet where it pooled in a dinner plate sized puddle.

'What a waste,' I thought to myself as I quickly stripped naked. "We can't have that," I said to myself as I knelt between her spread legs. Her aroma was enchanting as I lowered my mouth to her neatly trimmed pussy. The feast before me deserved my special attention.

I didn't even mess around with the foreplay this time. I dove straight in like a hungry wolf and began sucking her cum into my mouth. Her taste was sweet and tangy, and there was a lot of her nectar to be savored. When I pulled the vibrating egg from inside her, a huge flow of cum followed it. I quickly caught as much of it as I could with my hand and spread it generously over my rock hard dick. It was time to fuck my baby awake. With steady pressure I slid right into my favorite little love box.

Kayko was sopping wet, and the generous amount of her cum that I had spread over myself made entry deep into her almost completely effortless. It felt so good to have my dick back inside its' warm and snug home. With my nuts resting against Kaykos' ass I leaned down and kissed her very gently on the lips. Kayko stirred ever so slightly. I pulled out almost half way before sliding back in to the hilt.

Kayko stirred a little more and began to move her head just a little. That was my queue. Pulling out halfway again I began pumping myself in and out at a steady and even pace, slowly and steadily fucking my baby back to life. It was after 15 or 20 strokes before Kayko opened her eyes. When she did, the first sight she had was of me over the top of her, and the first sensation was of my dick sliding deep inside her pussy.

Almost instantly she smiled from ear to ear and clamped down on my dick with her talented box, starting her special massage on me immediately. "Hello beautiful," I said as I continued my slow and steady pace, "Did you have a nice nap?" A huge smile came across her face as she wrapped her arms around me, pulling me down onto her. "Yes lover. But I really like waking up this way!" We made love for another 2 or 3 hours until it was late in the evening.

Kayko offered herself to me with her legs wide and passionate kisses everywhere. We finally fell asleep cuddled together like two spoons in a drawer, Kayko lying on her side with her back to me and my dick nestled as far inside her as it would go. The whole world was right for us and we were living it to the fullest. Day 4. I awoke to the familiar feeling of Kayko giving me one of her stellar blow jobs. I always enjoy the sensation of waking up just as I am blowing a load down my sweeties' throat, and this morning was no exception.

Kayko swallowed down every last drop before kneeling down beside me. "Good morning," she said with a slight bow. She was already dressed in her new short skirt, pink golf shirt, and pink socks. "It's time to get you ready for your golf game." As I sat up Kayko stepped out of the room and returned with the small tray.

Again it had a small vase with a single flower in it, a cup of coffee, and an empty bowl. "Another 'special' breakfast for me?" I queried. "Hy," replied my black haired goddess as she pick up the bowl and stood up. Spreading her feet apart she held the bowl between her legs. I could see her naked pussy under her short skirt from my seated position and I watched intently.

Kayko must have seen me looking because she used her free hand to lift the front of the skirt to give me an unobstructed view. Slowly her delicate pink lips parted and first one, then two hard boiled eggs slipped out and into the bowl. Kayko then resumed her kneeling position next to me and offered the bowl to me. "For you," she said with a big smile on her face.

"Ummmm," I hummed as I took the bowl from her hand. "There is nothing like fresh eggs straight out of the oven!" As I munched down the pussy juice coated eggs Kayko prepared my clothes. She laid out my kaki golf slacks, light blue shirt, socks and underwear.

I was really enjoying watching Kayko lay out my clothes. Every item laid out gave me a nice view of her naked pussy under her skirt. As she would turn around to get the next item she would look down at me and give me a coy little smile.

By the time she was done I had another raging hard on and she knew it. Her small nipples were straining at the pink material of her shirt, sticking out like two marbles on a smooth floor. As I set the bowl down on the tray Kayko walked up to me, stopping a few inches away from my crossed legs.

From my seated position her thighs and the bottom hem of her skirt were directly in front of my face. The intoxicating fragrance of her woman scent filled my nose as I took in a deep breath. I leaned forward and brought my hands up the back of her legs, running them up from the tops of her calves to the base of her ass. Goose bumps broke out all over her as my hands slid up her toned legs and pulled her closer to me.

Kayko looked down at me as I moved my face in between her legs and began licking at the smooth skin. She lifted her little skirt and spread her feet apart as I drove my tongue into her steaming hot love box.

Upon contact with her clit Kayko shuttered really hard and pulled my face hard into her with both hands. I could hear her breath coming in short gasps as I licked and sucked at her hardened little joy nub. I wasn't satisfied with the results I was getting so I stuck two fingers up into her. This time she let out a very audible gasp accompanied by her fingernails digging into my scalp.

"Oh my god Mike!" she gasped out loud as I began working my fingers in and out of her. Juice began running down my hand and then wrist as Kayko shuttered from my loving attack. "I'm going to cum!" Hearing that from her was like firing the starting gun at a track and field event. Without a seconds hesitation I scrambled to my feet, leaving my robe behind as I stood.

Kayko had no time to react to my movements as I stood up and shoved my cast iron dick straight up into her, lifting her feet off the ground as my legs straightened out. Kayko let out a loud gasp as our pelvic bones smashed together. She quickly wrapped her legs around my back as I grabbed a hold of her waist and instantly began pumping her up and down on my cock like a little toy fuck doll. After 5 or 6 good hard strokes Kayko let out a scream and came all over us.

As I slammed her down her juice squirted out from around the sides of my cock and sprayed all over my balls before dripping down to the floor. I was literally trying to fuck her in half! Kayko dug her nails into my back, drawing blood where each painted fingernail pierced my skin.

"Cum in me!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, "Fucking cum in me!" With one last hard thrust I began blasting cum up into her. As the first hot rope hit the back of her pussy she froze in place, her legs putting the death lock from hell on my waist.

I arched my back while holding my helpless, impaled goddess firmly on my dick, forcing my dick into the deepest depths of her womanhood. Kaykos' movements became almost frantic in nature with her hands scratching and clawing at my back, desperately seeking a better grip on the man she had so deeply inside her. "YES,…YES,…YES…!" she kept repeating as my balls emptied into her.

Her frantic clutching was suddenly replaced by a shower of kisses on every last part of my face and neck. "That's it baby, cum in me," she breathed heavily in my ear. I stood like a statue with Kayko mounted on my dick as the throbbing slowly subsided. It felt really good to blast a huge load into her, and she was very glad to receive it.

We stood kissing for several minutes as my dick began to soften and slowly slide out of her. When her pussy finally let go of my now limp member I set her down on the floor. "Thank you Mike," she said with a bow. "I will keep your gift with me while you play today." "Whatever you want my darling," I replied.

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Without a moment's hesitation Kayko dropped to her knees and licked my dick and balls clean. That, my friends, is full service. As I pulled on my shorts and slacks I looked over at Kayko who was sitting on the floor next to the sleeping mat with her legs wide apart.


She looked up at me with a big smile on her face as she happily began stuffing my spare sleeve of golf balls into her pussy one ball at a time. "What are you doing?" I asked while pulling my shirt over my head.

As Kayko pushed the last golf ball inside she looked up at me and smiled. "You need a caddy, right?" She stood up and straightened out her skirt. "Are you ready?" she asked with a sly grin. "I am." Picking up my golf spikes I offered her my arm. "Oh yes.Shall we?" We piled into the back of the limo for the ride to the country club. This was going to be an interesting day. Kayko sat with her legs crossed and a firm grip on my hand.

Occasionally she would look down at the sparkling ring on her finger and smile. I knew she was happy, I could tell by her actions and demeanor.

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At that moment I could not think of anything that could ruin my day. As we rode in the car Kayko began asking me questions about my game. 'How long is your drive…How far do you hit your irons…those kinds of things. I guess she was just being thorough. When the car pulled into the parking lot 30 minutes later I was as ready as I was ever going to be.


(Especially for someone who was expected to lose) As the limo door swung open I was greeted by the president of the company. (I am omitting his real name for legal reasons so I will just call him Ito) He bowed and invited me to join him on the driving range for some warm ups. Kayko followed quietly in tow with my golf clubs. I must admit, the place was immaculate! Everything was so trim and so precise, it seemed like it was a dream. With a couple of buckets of balls we headed out onto the practice tees.

"I have some good news for you Mike," Ito said as he teed up his first ball. "The CEO of the company will not be joining us this morning." "How is that good news?" I asked as I hit my first ball with my sand wedge. "I was looking forward to meeting him." "She," he stated while lining up for another strike, "has other duties today." "She?" I was now quite puzzled.

"Yes," he continued, "but the owner of the company will join us when we make the turn. He has some pressing business this morning and said we should start without him." I was at a loss.

Aside from the fact that this sort of thing just doesn't happen in the Japanese business world, I was now going to meet the owner of the company! I felt a little flutter of the butterflies in my stomach and sliced my next ball way off into the woods. Fuck! Then I thought for a second. When I considered that I had already negotiated a successful business deal with the company lawyers and the president, meeting the owner would not be any more difficult.

My next strike was straight and true. As we walked up to the #1 tee I yielded first hit to Ito. As he set up and prepared to address the ball I stepped up to Kayko. "Ball please," I said as I reached out with my hand toward the hem of her skirt.

Kayko smiled up at me and took one step forward, allowing my hand to slip between her legs. When I felt her trimmed bush brush against the heel of my hand a gooey slick golf ball plopped into my palm. Bringing my hand up from my secret ball stash I inspected the ball and my hand. Both were covered in cum. (A combination of mine and Kaykos) "So sorry Mike," Kayko said as she quickly retrieved a towel from my bag and hurriedly cleaned my hand and the ball.

"It's ok sweetie." I said as I approached the tee. "It should help the ball fly farther, right?" Kayko said nothing in reply but stood silently next to my golf bag as I lined up for my shot. I cleared my head and did my best to crush the ball. Straight as an arrow I outdrove Ito by a good 60 yards, leaving myself with an easy approach and maybe a single put.

My round was going to be good. The front 9 went by rather quickly. I won 3 of the 9 and intentionally lost the rest to Ito. It's easy to lose a hole when you close your eyes when you putt.

And an "accidental" hit into a sand trap or two and you can really make things look legitimate. But my day, my game, and my life were about to make a hard right into the surreal. As Ito and I stood waiting for the foursome in front of us to tee off at #10, a voice which sent a cold streak down my spine spoke up. "Sorry I am late gentlemen, but I had some personal business to take care of this morning." In the microsecond that it took my brain to process the voice I spun around.

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Ito was already coming up from his bow when he said, "Mike, may I present the owner of the company…" I did not allow him to finish his sentence as I stood dumbstruck looking at the familiar man. "Hirito?!?!" End Pt. 9