Pretty Teen and pretty tits

Pretty Teen and pretty tits
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So, I'm one of the 'mean girls.' I don't deserve this, my mom is on the way and she's going to be really pissed. I know my phone will be taken away and I won't get to drive the car anymore either. It's all my friend, Jessica's, fault too.

We are the Queen Bees at school: Jess, Me, Kerry, and Lynne. We are hot. We have the money and the clothes.

We have our choice of any guys. The rest of the cunts in this school are dying to be us, all except Mary. It's more her fault than anyone else's, there's a new guy in school, Nick. Kerry totally wanted him and that flat chested nobody wouldn't leave him alone, and Nick the dumbass liked her. Even after Kerry flirted with him enough to make most guys jizz in their pants, he ignored it and asked that Mary bitch out.

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We knew Mary's weakness though. Everyday she'd drink a venti Starbucks coffee and pour one of those mini school milk box into it.

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We were just going to give her a taste of what she deserves. We got to school before everyone but the assistant principal and snuck into the boy's bathroom, four basketball players were told by Jess to be there. They knew what they were going get and started pulling out their dicks. They were already hard, we knew that this'd be easy. Lynne got on her knees and started sucking one right away, what a slut.

Kerry, Jess, and I stayed standing up jerking the others. Lynne's short black hair bobbed as she sucked the cock. Jessica got on her knees and started on her one, she was more of a licker. Kerry and I dropped together I could see the guy take her long brown hair in his hands and use it to fuck her face. I just sucked the head in my mouth and kept jacking off the one I had. I'd lick it every now and then but I didn't want him to think I liked him or anything, this was for a purpose.

It didn't take too long either, the guy Lynne was blowing panted out "I'm cumming," and shot into Lynne's mouth. I saw her cheeks bulge out like a chipmunk as she kept it in her mouth. When she got it all she pushed the guy away and grabbed the Big Gulp cup we filled with ice at the 7-11 this morning, and spit the wad into it. By the time that was done the one Kerry was doing was ready to cum too.

He had his dick way down her throat. He was moaning and she was making stupid, "gug-guh" noises. God my friends are such whores. At least Jess and I are more refined maybe cause we're the blondes and those two were the brunettes.

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Kerry's basketball player pulled out of her and Kerry just pointed his cock at the ice to add his load. There was no way she could've taken the cum in her mouth, she could only sit there with her mouth hanging open afterwards and her makeup was completely fucked up.

The guy above me was ready too.


I jacked him a few more times and quietly took his load in my mouth. I swallowed a gulp, whatever, I wasn't going to bulge my cheeks out like Lynne, 'the gopher,' LOL. I have class. I spit it into the ice cup. Jess was just playing with her guy. She occasionally gave a little suck to his cock but mostly just licked.

Finally after we were all done she opened wide looking up at him and stuck her finger in his butthole. He came on her tongue as she popped his anal cherry with her finger, in front of his friends.


She let the load drool out of her mouth into the cup of ice. Jeeze I was the only one with class but at least us blondes didn't have to fix our makeup.

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I grabbed the cup and said "let's go." As we exited the bathroom we were going to head for the lunchroom for breakfast and get the milk box to give to Mary; with the contents changed. When around the corner came Ms. Livingston, the vice-principal, and we had just walked out of the boys room.

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Kerry started panicking. "This way," trying to aim us in the other direction; like that would work. "Stop!" The quiet voice of the vice-principal ordered. "Shit," whispered Kerry "Quick drink that." I was so nervous I tried to do it too, but it was four loads of jizz and melted ice and it was way too much, I could feel my cheeks bulging far more that Lynne's did.

"Turn around," we did, I was way too scared to swallow. "What do you have in your mouth, young lady?" Jess is such a bitch. I saw her sneer out of the corner of my eye, "She's just drinking milk, you want some?" I heard Lynne snort fighting nervous laughter, and I did two.

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Then I choked. Then it just sort of sprayed out of my mouth. I could even feel it coming out of my nose; all over myself and the administrator standing in front of me. It landed on her shirt her neck her glasses and even her lips. At that exact moment the basketball guys came out of the bathroom too.

We were all caught and Ms. Livingstone knew what it was that was all over her. We were sent to the office and our parents were all contacted. The others all told their story. I was too embarrassed to even speak, and those bitches even hinted that I was behind it all. I mean, I know I came up with the idea to switch Mary's milk with cum but the rest of the plan was all Jessica.

I was just the one holding the cup at the wrong time.

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God, it's so unfair.