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Big tit british girl rubs her big wet pussy tube porn
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The Cleaner" by Buck Kelly I just lost my job, 2 month ago. My friends were little help in finding me another one. It had been close to 4 years since I had to fill out a resume and go on interviews. First I was living week to week. Now I'm living day to day. Eating noodles and bumming day old pizza from my friends. I even had to use the bathroom at a local gas station, because my water got shut off in my small apartment. I was dreading having to see my landlord at the end of the week.

I had never been 3 months behind on the rent. I did how ever still have a computer. I decided to take my lap top down to a local coffee shop, near my apartment. To look for a job The coffee shop was half full. I took a seat in the far corner.

Near the bathrooms. I was sitting in a small booth, with my back to everyone. I was checking some job listings on few websites. "Hi! I don't mean to be nosey. But are you looking for a job?" said a soft female voice.

I turned my head. "Yes! Are you hiring?" I said with a smile. "No! But my boss is looking for someone. I'm Lacey. What's your name?" she said. "Buck! Buck Kelly. Nice to meet you Lacey." I said. "Buck! My boss is looking for someone to clean her apartment.

It's kind of a big place. Maybe one room at a time, thing. How does that sound? Oh and Are you working right now?" said Lacey. "I just lost my job a few months ago. Could really use some cash." I said. "It's not the greatest job in the world. But a job a job. You look pretty strong and flexible." said Lacey.

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"Thanks." I said. Lacey smiled as she walked around the booth. I smiled more, when I saw her in full view. She was wearing 4inch wooden heels. She was maybe 5ft 3. She had long curly dirty blonde hair. She had a great smile. She put her small cell phone next to her big gold hoop earring. I could see her long red nails.

She just had them done. They were still wet. She was wearing a very tight sun dress. It showed off her big curves. I adore woman with curves. I smiled as she moved her amble butt across the fake leather cushion in the small booth. The side of her ass touched my hip. Her big breast rested on the small wooden table. I moved my laptop toward me. I then looked down into her expanding cleavage. "I'm going to call my boss. See if she is still looking for someone." said Lacey.

A few seconds later. "Hey! It's Lacey boss. Are you still looking for someone to clean your place? Great! I think I found him. He's young, about 6ft 4. Very athletic. Very cute smile. Some sexy blue eyes. He is unemployed at the moment. Boss! He can clean your apartment. No problem. What?? Let me ask him." said Lacey.

She turned her head toward me. "My boss wants to know. If she asked you to pick up her dry cleaning or get her something. You would be ok with that. She pay you of course." said Lacey. "Sure! No problem. My pleasure. What ever she needs." I said. Lacey put the phone back to her ear. "Yep! No problem. What ever you need him to do?

I'll give him your address. 11am. He is nodding his head.Yes. I'll be right back to the office. I'm picking up your coffee.

Later." said Lacey. She hung up her phone. "Buck! Your all set. Here my business card. I'll write my boss's address on the back. Just ask the doorman to buzz you up when you get there. Her name is Jessica Baines. What ever you do. Don't be late. My number on the front. Call me, if you have any questions. Good luck." said Lacey. I smiled. "Thanks Lacey. I really appreciate it.

I'll do a great job for her." I said. "You better. She might kill me. Plus you look really honest and sweet. Thanks. I better get back to work. Later." said Lacey. She then squeezed out of the small booth. Her very round ass popped out the side, as she stood up. I watched as she jiggled away from me. I looked down at her business card. She worked as an asst editor of a plus size magazine. I could feel my cock getting harder. I might have to pay her a visit soon. Maybe I spot some sexy models trying on some clothes for a photo shoot.

I then heard the toilet flush behind me. I picked up Lacey card and my laptop. I walked back to my apartment. I took a long shower before going to bed early. I got up around 9am. I checked my self in the mirror as I got out of the shower. I put on some tight white boxer briefs. A white short sleeve t-shirt, and a pair of tan cargo shorts. I through on some low cut white tennis shoes, no socks. I then walked out the door. I grabbed my bike at the end of the stairs. I bounced the tires down to the 1st floor.

I then biked to Lacey boss apartment. It took me about thirty minutes to get there. I locked my bike outside on a pole. I then walked into the big lobby. I walked up to the front desk. "I'm here to clean Jessica Baines Apartment. She expecting me." I said. There was a small Korean guy behind the big desk. "Oh.You new cleaner. Ok. Take elevator to 16th floor.

Apt 1610. You go clean now." he said. He then shook his head and closed his eyes. I walked over to the service elevator.

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I walked in. Then hit the 16th floor button. A few minutes later. I walked out the elevator and down the hall to Apt 1610. "Knock!

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Knock!" I knocked on the front door. A few seconds passed before the door knob turned. "Why Hello!" said a very voluptuous woman. My mouth dropped open. I was not expecting such a hot bodacious woman to greet me at the door. "Hello! Is this Mrs. Baines apartment?" I said.She smiled. "Yes! But its Ms. Baines. Please call me Jessica. You must be Buck. Lacey was right. Your very cute.

Please come in." said Ms. Baines. I smiled as she invited me in. I heard the door shut behind me. My heart was still racing.

I could feel my cock get hard. Jessica Baines was about 5ft 7, with long dirty blonde hair. Just over her shoulders. She was in her mid twenties. She was wearing some super small, white gym shorts. They clung to her big ass, and thick thighs.

She was wearing some small pink tennis shoes. No socks. She had a super tight white shirt, that was ripped across her chest. There were small pink lettering across her large chest. It took me a minute to read "Gorgeous" across her chest. She was hiding some very large breast under her shirt. I could barely make out a pink sports bra under her outfit. I did not think they made a sports bra that big.

She was wearing very sexy perfume. She also had some very big gold hoop earrings on, and gold rings to match. I barely noticed her long white tipped finger nails. The clear polish look like it was still wet. I turned to face her. I then looked around her huge apartment. I guess being the boss of a plus size magazine, had lots of perks. Including this huge apartment on the east side of the city. "Nice to meet you. You have a very nice place." I said. "Thank you. How tall our you?" she said.

"Just under 6ft 4." I said. "I'll have to thank Lacey again when I see her on Monday. First. Thank you for coming to help me clean. I'm very busy with the magazine. I have little time to clean or pick up around here. Is there anything you won't do?" she giggled. "No! I'm all yours." I said. I then watched Jessica look me up and down. From head to toe. "I guess before you get started. I should tell you. I pay $100 and hour. Is that ok?" she said with a wicked smile.

"Where would you like me to start?" I said. "My bedroom is a mess. Let's start in there. Follow me." she said. I walked behind Jessica Baines big ass. It was moving side to side. Then up and down as she turned a long hallway to her room. She pushed open her big red bedroom door.

I smiled. She had tons of clothes, thrown around the room. There were panties, thongs, huge bras, and lingerie as far as the eye could see. Her carpet was covered in newspapers and food wrappers. I focused in our her big king size bed. There were a dozen white pillows laid across the bed. Her white comforter and expensive white sheets were laying on the floor. Jessica turned to look at me. "It's not too messy.

Here some gloves, some spray bottles, broom, dust pan, garbage bags and there my vacuum. There are some new bed sheets in the hutch over there. I'll leave you alone. I'll be right down the hall. I'll be on my stair climber if you need me. Have fun. Come and get me when your done. Thank you sweetie." she said. She then walked passed me. I took in her sweet perfume as she passed me.

The left side of her huge breast rubbed against my right forearm. My cock instantly got harder in my cargo shorts. How the fuck was I going to clean her bedroom, with a raging hard on? I quickly moved the front of my hand on the front of my tan cargo shorts. I was rock hard. I decided to pick up all her clothes around the room first.

I picked up her small dental floss thongs, then her small panties. I smiled as I picked up all her lingerie.

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Then her huge corsets, and large bras. All the tags were cut from them. I finally spotted a bag in her walk in closet. There were some new bras, that were never open. "54LL" I almost fainted. I put all her dirty clothes in her hamper. I then picked up her shoes, heels and boots.

I placed them in the shoe racks in her closet. I then stripped her bed and pillows. I tossed the sheets in her hamper. I found some clean white sheets and pillowcase to make her bed. I slipped on the big blue rubber gloves. The fit tight just near my elbow.

I flexed with them in front of her closet mirror. I dusted all her books, shelves and furniture in the room.


I then pick up all the paper and food wrappers around the room. I tossed them in a garbage bag. I then vacuumed the whole room. I then sprayed some wood polish on her big wooden hutch. Next I polished one night stand to the left. I then polished the night stand with her alarm clock on it. The front drawer opened. I had to look in. My mouth fell open. She had 7-8 big dildos, 6-7 vibrators, and some sex toys I never seen before.

I quickly shut the drawer, before she caught me. I grabbed some window cleaner. I started to clean her big floor to ceiling windows around her bedroom. She had a great view of the city. I looked down. The people on the streets looked like ants. I smiled. I took a step back. To admire my window cleaning. I was a little sweaty. I grabbed a paper towel to clean my face. I then left the blue gloves on, as I walked to go get Ms. Baines. I walked down the long hallway.

I stopped at the end of the hall. I could hear Ms. Baines working out.


I followed her low grunting sounds. I then stopped when I saw her. She was sitting on a small bicycle machine. She was leaning forward. Her huge breast bounced on her thighs as she moved her legs up and down, on the bike pedals. Her big ass was over flowing on the small bicycle seat. I looked down. My cock was making a tent in my shorts. I starred for a few more minutes. I then saw her sit back and slow down. It had been just over an 2 hours since I got to her apartment.

I turned to walk back down her hallway, to her bedroom. I picked up the window cleaner and a paper towel. I looked like I was just getting done. "Hey! Wow! You did a great job Buck. My bedroom looks brand new sweetie." she said. I turned to face her. She was drinking a big bottle of water. She licked the top of the bottle. Her big pink lips sucked the tip. My mouth got dry for a second watching her.

She put her left hand on her big hip as she continued to drink some water. I then looked at her huge breast. She had sweated through her pink sports bra. Both her nipples were rock hard. I then looked between her legs. I could see some dark pink panties under her white shorts. It look like she had a big camel toe popping up between her legs. My mouth was now bone dry. "Let me inspect your work." she said. I watched as she walked around her bedroom. She kept strutting around.

Making her whole body shake. My eyes never left her voluptuous body. She stopped to smell the wood polish. She then looked in her closet. "Very nice.You do good work. I might have to keep you.

Oh! My goodness.


My windows look great." she said. She then walked in front of me. My back was to her big glass windows. "Thank you." I said. Her huge breast were inches from me. The rest of her body was 2 feet behind. She looked up into my eyes.

I had to perfect view of her deep cleavage. My head might got lost in there. "Mmmm. Its been 2 hours. You got my bedroom clean." she said.

I nodded my head "Yes!" "Would you like me start on another room? I'm free for the rest of the day." I said. "That's good to know Buck. But I have a better idea. I can think of something to keep us occupied. Can you bend down and untie my pink shoes. Thank you sweetie." she said. I quickly got on my knees in front of her. I looked down at her pink shoes.

I started to loosen her shoe laces. I then looked up. Her huge breast stood straight out, blocking her face. God she was hot. I put my hands on her ankles. I then touched her calves.

She let out a soft moan. I then slowly took off her small shoes. I noticed her toe nails matched her sexy big finger nails. My eyes followed her tight gym shorts fall around her ankles.

She walked out of them and the tossed her water bottle on the floor. A second past before she put her small hand on the back of my head.

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She shoved my face between her legs. My tongue found her swollen cunt lips. She had shaved her pussy that morning. I could still smell the shaving cream as my mouth found her g-spot. A second later she held my head tight on her pussy.

Her legs shook and she orgasm in my mouth. I sucked her cunt lips and nibbled on her big labia. With my blue gloves still on. I inched two fingers in her pussy before she through me on the floor.

I was laying on my back as she straddled my face with her wet pussy. Her big thighs covered my ears as she gripped my short haircut with both her hands. I heard her scream as she mashed her pussy all over my face. It was an hour before she got up. I lost track of how many times she orgasm on my face, fingers, and mouth. She looked at her alarm clock next to her bed. She then went to get her purse.

She pulled out $300. She tossed it on my face as walked by. "Tomorrow you can clean my two bathrooms. That will be all for today." Said Jessica Baines. The next day was basically the same. I got there a few minutes early. She greeted me at the door. She was wearing a huge black bra and a zebra print mini skirt.

That was it. My cock got instantly hard as she talked on her cell phone and pointed where her bathrooms were. I got on my hands and knees. I put on my baby blue cleaning gloves. Just like yesterday. I started to clean her master bathroom. I used a small sponge to clean the whole bathroom. I then cleaned her guest bathroom. I was just finishing up when I heard Ms. Baines open the bathroom door. She walked pass me.

She hiked up her mini skirt. She was not wearing any thing underneath. She squatted down to take a pee. She then hung up her cell phone. I watched as Jessica pointed for me to crawl over to her.

She opened her legs wide. She pointed to her swollen pussy lips. A second later she was smashing her pussy on my face. I could barely hear her scream, with her thick thighs wrapped around my head. I gasped for air as she orgasm in my mouth. She then pushed me back on the floor. She flushed the toilet and then sat on my face.

She tasted more sweet today as she orgasm twice more before she got off me. She reached into her huge black bra. She pulled out $300 again. She tossed it at my feet. "Be here at 6pm tomorrow. I have a late day at the office.

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That will be all for today." Said Ms. Baines. I was still thinking that the last two days did not happen. Was she paying me to clean her room or suck her pussy?? My mind was racing. I was so turned on. I was hard all day. I arrived just before 6pm. I knocked on the door.

A minute later the door to Ms. Baines apartment opened. "Hi! Buck! How's my favorite newly employed guy? You look cute in those shorts and t-shirt. Ms. Jessica…Tells me you're a great employee. Oh! Ms. Baines. She on the phone right now." Said Lacey.

The girl I met in the coffee shop, just three days ago. I smiled. "Hey! Thanks again for getting me the job. I love working for Ms. Baines." I said. "Here you go sweetie.

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She told me to have you wear this, while you vacuumed the entire apartment." Said Lacey. I smiled as Lacey put the small nude color thong in my right hand.

She then walked toward Ms. Baines. Lacey was wearing a tight yellow dress. Ms. Baines was wearing a matching black one. They both were wearing 6inch black heels. I walked into the guest bathroom. I took off all my clothes. I then squeezed my semi hard cock into the small nude color thong. I could feel the back of the thong wedge between my ass cheeks. I then walked out to the living room. Lacey saw me first. Her eyes got big. She nudged Ms. Baines on her right arm. Ms. Baines turned her head.

Both girls mouth fell open as I plugged in the vacuum cleaner. I started in the hallway. I then quickly did the back rooms. I watched as Lacey and Ms. Baines followed me around.

I finished in the living room. Both hot plus size girls watched me move everything and they also pointed out were I had missed. Ms. Baines hung up her phone. "Buck! Come here sweetie. Stand right here." She said. She pointed between her and Lacey. I quickly walked between them. I looked down. Both girls were rubbing there hands on my legs and thighs. A second later. Ms.

Baines pull down my nude thong. I heard them both gasp as my almost hard 9 3/4inches stood straight in front of them. I felt Ms. Baines wet lips wrap around the tip of my cock. Lacey slid her tongue down the length of my shaft.

Both girls started to suck my cock at the same time. A few minutes passed before Ms. Baines pushed me on the couch. I watched as she got on her knees in front of me. Lacey jumped on the couch, next to me. I unzipped Lacey dress. She was wearing nothing underneath. A second later I felt Ms. Baines push her huge breast around my cock. She was sucking just the tip, as she tit fucked me.

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I looked down to see her dress on the floor next to my feet. I reached down to tug on Lacey big nipples. She quickly brought her breast to my mouth. She had her left hand on her pussy. I saw Ms. Baines was trying to inch her middle finger in Lacey tight pussy. I bit down on Lacey left nipple.

She moaned. I then felt Ms. Baines get up off the floor. She reached down to hold my cock. She then jammed my cock deep in her tight wet pussy. I groaned as she quickly took all of my cock.

Her pussy was gushing a minute later. She screamed from her first orgasm, on my cock. Next it was Lacey turn. She took over for her boss. She put her hands on my chest as she rode up and down on my cock.

I was licking her breast. Ms. Baines was standing next to Lacey. She was pushing her breast around Lacey face. Both girls screamed. Lacey orgasm on my cock. Ms Baines moaned from pleasure. It was just the beginning of a long night.

It was close to 10 hours later when I slipped my clothes back on. I had fucked them in every position and in every room of the apartment. Ms. Baines stood at the front door. She handed me $1000 dollars. "The day after next. I'm having a cock tail party/photo shoot for some important clients and girls from the office. You will be servicing them all night. There a new apartment across the hall opening up at the end of the month.

Maybe you and Lacey can be roommates. I like to keep my big girls close and my big cock cleaning boy closer. Goodbye!.That will be all for today." Said Ms. Baines Love, Buck xoox