Teen pussies toyed at party

Teen pussies toyed at party
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It had been five years since her brother died.

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Her and his bestfriend went through all of the pain together. He was there to hold her and comfort her when not even her parents knew what to do. They were too busy with work they didn't even understand her pain. Today Elvira turned eighteen. She knew exactly what she wanted as a present and only Kellen could give it to her. She knew it might ruin their relationship which had grown so strong over the past five years but she loved him.

There's no way a guy could comfort a thirteen year old girl and not expect her to fall in love with him.

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But even at that age she knew she would have to wait for him. He was eighteen when she was thirteen and that would put them both at so much risk. So she waited till this day. She wanted him to be her first. She waited for him in her room. She put on baby pink lace underwear and a matching bra and threw on a white but sexy silk dress.

She lay herself down on the bed and acted like she was asleep. She covered herself with a blanket and waited. She told Kellen that she'd be sleeping when he got there and to just jump in bed with her. It wasn't and unusual thing for them since they do it all the time. Finally she heard the door close downstairs.

Then, Kellen's heavy footsteps coming up the stairs and down the hall. She was getting goose bumps already. She held the blanket tighter to her and heard him walk in.

He took off his shoes and removed his shirt and bottoms leaving him in his boxers. That was also a usual thing for her and Kellen. It was as if they were dating without actually dating. When he got under the blanket he was about to wrap his arms around her but she got up and straddled him. "What the fuck El, you scared me!" I ran my hands up and down his chest and his eyes grew wide.

"What are you doing?" He looked utterly confused but at the same time quite pleased. "Trying to seduce you?" I bit my bottom lip and looked at him for a reply. "Am I doing it right?" I grinded my butt on his crotch and leaned down for a kiss. He grew hard instantly. But before I could get him to kiss me he pushed me off him. "Jeez El, what the hell, why are you trying to seduce a guy that's five years older than you?" He sat up leaving me a bit dumbfounded.

I arched an eyebrow and sat up. I kneeled behind him with my legs spread to either side of him. I wrapped my arms around his broad back and kissed him behind his ear and down his neck. A low groan came from his throat and a smile grew on my face. "Is it working?" I bit down on the nape of his neck and licked back up. Then a growl came from his throat and within seconds I was on my back.


I was startled by the movement. He brought his face low enough so our noses were tip to tip and our breaths collided as we puffed them out from our mouths. "What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Doing." He enunciated while grabbing my thighs and wrapping them around his waist. "I want you to fuck me. Take my virginity." He started laughing but he didn't reject me. "Why me?" He asked while pulling off my silk dress.

"Would you rather a clumsy teenage boy take my virginity? Or would you rather, you an experienced twenty three year old man that I've known all my life to take it? Cause I have a bunch of boys that would be glad to." I tightened my legs around his waist and bucked my hips so that his crotch and my pussy grinded. He glared at me. "It'll hurt," He whispered in my ear, "cause you said fuck, and I fuck hard." My heart skipped a beat and a blush spread across my cheeks from the heat my body felt.

He didn't wait for my reply and kissed me hard. He rubbed my thighs up and down making it hotter.

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He pulled away and saw my blush. "Not as confident as before are you." He kissed me again. He positioned us so that I straddled his legs and sat on top of his crotch. As he kissed me he brought his hands to my bra and unclasped. It surprised me and I momentarily lost all confidence as I pulled back to try and put it back on. But before I could make another move Kellen pulled it off and had me under him again.

"You're rather fast." I puffed out as he kissed my neck. "You're rather nervous." He was making his way down to my breast but I wasn't having it. "Enough of the foreplay. I just want you to make me a woman." He gave me a cold laugh. "That is definitely not how I do this. I like to hear begging and whimpers." He continued his way down.

"So you're a dominant guy, are you?" I didn't want to be begging I wanted to get this over with, it was nerve wrecking enough without him making me beg and whimper. As soon as the thought came to mind a whimper escaped my lips when he bit down hard on my nipple. I sucked in a breathe and tugged at his hair. "Fuck Kellen." He moved back up and started biting and sucking at my neck.

"It-" I moaned in pain when he bit down harder "hurts." "Well, you wanted an experienced man and if there's anything I learned from my experience it's that," He kissed up to my ear "gagging a virgin brings a lot of joy to an experienced man." My shut eyes opened wide and I placed my hands on his shoulders suddenly trying to push him off.

I was successful and I also managed to get off the bed. "Oh my gosh Kellen, have some mercy will you? I just want you to take my virginity not scar me!" I grabbed a shirt from the ground and tried to put it on but as I pulled it over my head it was pulled off just a second after. "No can do, Valeria, you asked for me.

Besides you were so confident before, what happened?" He asked in a sickly sweet voice. "I found out you were a pervert." "That's too bad. But still not getting away from me. Get on your knees, now!" He startled me and I found myself getting on my knees without a fight. "Good girl, now pull them down." Referring to his boxer briefs as them. My hands shook but I managed to hook my index fingers within the band, I found this would be a good time to tease him.

I got a smirk on my face and instead of pulling them down I played with the band, pulling it and letting it go or pulling it down a bit and then letting it go. I thought it was working amazingly with hearing him groan but all of a sudden my hair was yanked back and my head was tilted up to Kellen's terrifying eyes.

I whimpered when he tugged again. "Stop. Fucking. Around. Pull them down, now!" I nodded as much as I could with my head still pulled back and I blindly pulled down the boxer briefs.

He released my hair and I was leveled with an alarmingly big cock. My eyes widened and I panicked a bit at the thought of it inside my mouth or inside me for that matter. I heard him laugh at my reaction but then quickly recover. "Kiss it. Then, lick it. Then, suck it." I licked my lips and nodded. I placed a light kiss on the tip and my plump lips were slightly parted from the contact. I gulped when I saw it grow a bit and then stuck out my tongue and ran it down then up the length.

I took a deep breath when I noticed it had grown even more. I then opened my lips and took him into my mouth, I only took an inch in when he suddenly grabbed the back of my head and plunged his cock into my mouth. I only had four inches in when I started to gag. He forced me back and forth while I tried desperately to pull out completely.

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I could feel my eyes watering and saliva dripping out of my mouth onto his cock. His grunts and moans filled the room along with my gagging and attempts to yell. Every once in a while I would look up to meet his eyes and I saw madness, he had a wide grin on his face as he looked down on me.

It wasn't terrifying or ugly it was just demeaning to me. I grew angrier and angrier each time I felt his hard flesh at the back of my throat but I was at his mercy. I suddenly felt him get bigger and he had loosened his grip from my head as his muscles tensed, I pulled back almost getting him out of me when he plunged my head forward as he released into my mouth, it was salty but sweet just like a piece of fruit with salt on it.

I grabbed his hips and tried pushing him back when I started losing my air supply until I realized I only had one choice. I swallowed hard and heard his moan grow louder each time I did. At last he released my head and let me pull back. I wiped my lips and looked at him in disgust. "You're disgusting." He cocked an eyebrow at me and then pulled me up onto the bed.

He lay himself between my legs while still hovering above me. "I suppose, but you're the one who's wet." At that moment he slipped his hand under my lace panties and played with my entrance. My hands immediately went flying to his hand and tried desperately to stop him. A moan escaped my lips and I loosened my grip on his hand only concentrating on him to see if he had heard. "Fuck." I muttered when I saw his eyes a shade darker and him intently staring into my eyes.

"Fuck I'll do." I didn't have the power to stop him and I did ask for this. He pulled down my panties quickly and I took the moment to clamp them shut. He cocked an eyebrow. Really? Was all the expression said. I bit my bottom lip as he held my eye contact not making a single movement. Only his chest moved up and down with his enviable steady breaths.

Just like a tiger her got a glint in his eye as if he worked out a strategy to feast on his pray. Except for that little glint there was no warning for me when he pounced at me and pulled my legs apart. I gasped at the point now alarmingly close to my entrance. We stared into each other's eyes. Fear and Sadism, eye to eye. Then it got serious. He leaned down slowly to nibble at my neck making me gasp in pleasure. I felt a smile against my skin and I couldn't help but smile too until I felt the tip being positioned right at my entrance.

That's when I panicked and he sensed it without a second thought he had one hand holding mine above our heads and the other holding my hips from bucking. He continued to nibble at my neck while moving his hips closer to mine. "You know…" his voice startled me not because it was so loud compared to our breathing but the casualness of it as if he were about to start a conversation on the weather, "this is like a band-aid, you just gotta pull it off." With that said he was no longer moving millimeter by millimeter he forced his entire cock into me.

I felt the slight force he had to put into it for I was pushed further into the bed but he moved as fast as he could. We both froze in the moment. Him from the unbelievable pleasure my virgin pussy gave but me from the feeling that I was being torn and tugged at from inside.

He loosened his grip on my hands in the moment giving me the chance to pull them free and start pushing at his shoulders but as I did so he pulled out and thrust back in. My hands didn't push but hold on to him for dear life, I felt that if I let go I would fall and break completely.

He gave a few more and I scratched down his back hoping the pain would make him stop but to my shock he moaned. He thrust into me again and realized I didn't feel the pain anymore. Sure it was a type of pain but the kind that I wanted to feel more and more. He stilled while being buried deep in me as if he was waiting for something. I looked him in the eye and I realized what he wanted.

I knew because I wanted it too. I wanted to buck my hips and keep this pleasure filled pain going but as I made an attempt I remember his hand on my hip and he knew this was torture after he felt my attempt a smile spread on his face. That's when the hard fast thrust came. I wasn't clawing at his back as an attempt to get him off but to keep him there. I couldn't find my grip on his shoulder due to the sweet sweat forming on both of us causing me to claw down his back.

Harder and harder he went never letting me move my hips an inch so that we stayed at his pace because he knew if he let me go this would be over much sooner. I felt myself tighten slowly and so did he but he didn't let me finish.

Instead he slowed down his strokes. So agonizingly slow I could feel every vein on his cock as it slid into me. Then he'd pull out fast but go in slow, then vice versa. Go in fast and pull out slow.

Then I tried something bold. I grabbed his hips as he was going in slow and pulled them into me. We both moaned but then he was mad. He flipped me over so my chest was facing down and I had no choice but to use my arms for support.

Then I felt a sting over my ass before I actually heard the slap. I hissed in pleasure. He tugged my hair back and whispered in my ear. "Bad girls get punished." With that said he thrust in fast and then came another slap to the opposite cheek.

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I whimpered. He did this four or five times until my skin was tender to the slighted touch. Then he started his fast thrust again. But this time he was pulling me to him instead of pushing himself in. He used my waist as handles and pushed and pulled me into his cock. I grabbed the head board finding that it had more support than the pillows. Then I was shocked by what came out of my mouth. "Faster Kellen." I felt a falter in his pattern but suddenly the pace picked up.

And I found myself repeating his name again. "Oh my gosh Kellen." Making him go faster no longer having the control himself to tease me.

The faster he went the more I tightened. Then I was on my back again. Him between my legs holding my hips down and me clawing at his back.


I could feel him staring at me and I wanted to look at him aslo but even if I had he'd be a blur as if I had lust fogging my eyes. Then with three last uneven thrust we both came. I felt him fill me and we froze momentarily our mouths open in a gasp before our muscle we no longer tensed and I felt him plop on top of me. Still inside me keeping us warm. After a minute of him on and in me I was getting irritated. "Kellen pull it out." I said with my again present boldness.

"I can't" he mumbled into my shoulder. "What? Why? Is something wrong." I tried to look down for his eyes but he was still buried between my neck and shoulder. "Well duh, can't you feel it?" I was confused and he didn't give any clues on as to what he was talking about. He then whispered in my ear, "it's still hard." Then I felt it as he nudged himself a bit and I was mortified that he thought he was gonna get another go at me. Then I realized I didn't really have a choice when he held my hips down and arms over head, ready to go again.