Lovemaking the lesbian way with Aletta and Wivien on Sapphic Erotica

Lovemaking the lesbian way with Aletta and Wivien on Sapphic Erotica
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I woke around midnight went to the bathroom and back to bed to sleep still exhausted. But around dawn was woken again by Amy's wonderful mouth on my morning wood.


I watched this nude 13 year old nymph sucking on me gently for a few minutes before saying "morning sweetheart" She raised her head saying " Good morning Bill…… I can taste Joanne on you this morning" "Sorry" I answered, "haven't had a shower yet" Amy then said " no apologue needed I love the taste of pussy in the morning, in fact I finger my pussy a little before getting out of bed just so I can taste myself" I looked at her and smiled "Sound good to me&hellip.

How about sliding that sweet little pussy up here so I can have a taste" " Well… Ok since you asked so nice" Pulling her up so her ass rested on my chest I began to lick her twat running my tongue up and down her slit and across her clit she moaned "Goood…… sooo goood…… lick that pussy&hellip.

Ahhhh&hellip. " As she became wetter and wetter. Sticking my tongue in her little fuck hole, my lips munched on her mound and she flooded my mouth with her sweet little girl juice. I lapped her juice and her cunt like there was no tomorrow; she shook as her orgasm ripped thru her teenage pussy "Ohhh fuck that's so good… eat me… oh Bill eat meeeee……… auggggg" After she semi quenched my little girl honey thirst, she quickly raised up off my face she took my rock hard cock and shoved it into her wet snatch lowering herself onto me fully while she continued cumming.

"FUCK ME Bill… oh cummmin&hellip. Goooooooood" I grabbed her ass and stared thrusting my dick into her wet tight hot pussy bouncing her up and down on me, pulled her face to mine and kissed her sharing her cum with her. Wrapped my arms around her and rolled over pulling her with me and her onto her back as I began pounding her wet tight cunt as hard and deep as I could.

" Yesss&hellip. fuck me Bill&hellip. oh god …fuck… meee" I pulled her legs up to my shoulders opening her young teenage pussy wide and allowing me to plow my harden spike deeper into her hot wet little crevasse. As I pounded her snatch she groaned "Oh damn… what are you doing to me… never so deep… so so hard… oh Bill fuck fuck me meee" As her pussy began to spasm and shutter gripping my dick like a vise, a hot velvet lined vise.

"You're so hot and so fucking tight&hellip. So fucking good… I'm gonna cum" "Yes baby cum in me.

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Fill my pussy with yourself&hellip. Fuck mee&hellip.cumm &hellip. Knock me up&hellip. Cummm in meee" I felt that tingle, oh that great warm tingle building in my balls as I fucked her tight little girl pussy. She pushed her pelvis up to meet my thrust as I drove her ass back into the mattress again and again then she shouted "FUCK ME&hellip. oh fuck me&hellip. fill my pussy&hellip.

cum cumm in meee&hellip." As another huge orgasm ripped thru her, her quivering snatch sent me over the edge, my sperm erupted from my balls up my pussy incased cock and poured deep into her womb as I lunged hard into her hot wetness. My cumming dick twitching inside her as I filled her tight 13 year old pussy once again with my seed. Lying down on top of her as our mutual climaxes subsided and our breathing slowed too normal.

She hugged me tight " That was the best&hellip.

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I wish I could stay here all day and just fuck, but I gotta go to school, thank you Bill" "No thank you Amy… I do look forward to our morning fun" I rolled off her; she got up and dressed then turned and licked my cock and balls clean "Mmm Yummy. Got to go&hellip. bye Bill… fuck you later" And off she went to school carrying another load of my sperm inside her young little girl twat.

I laid there wondering how I could be so lucky, six little girls all wanting me to knock them up.

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All virgins, well five anyway although Amy wasn't a virgin when we first fucked she was as tight as one and did she ever love to fuck. Lets see I've had Amy how what five times, Joanne twice and sweet little Linda once, I wonder who's next on the plate. I got up and showered and started my day working on the house, breaking for lunch and began again. Then about 2pm I stopped for the day and took another shower, put on my jeans and had a snack while watching the news and weather on TV.

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Later I heard Joanne and Linda voices from the back. "I need to go first I've got to get home soon" rang out Joanne's sweet voice. "I can't stay long neither, but I think I can come back later so you go ahead and I'll watch" Linda said meekly "Watch smatch&hellip.

I know I want to eat you while Bill fucks me" " But what if I want to eat her" I spoke up "Well you'll just have to later till later, cause I'm going to eat her first" Joanne answered sticking her tongue out at me "Besides you need to eat me, then stick that big monster inside me" Linda giggled.

"Looks like I have no choice in the matter don't it, oh well in that case strip for me, Sweetie" She started ripping her clothes off I spoke up " Whoa, stop, slow down I want you both to do a slow strip for me I enjoy watching beautiful young women undress, teasing me, making my blood boil" "You want a striptease huh" Joanne looked into my eyes "I never done that before" Linda added Joanne said, " well before yesterday you never had a dick inside you neither and you seemed to enjoy it" "And did it quite well I might say" I said Both girls laughing started moving and twisting as they danced and slowly removed their clothing for me, kissed each other and would touch one another in all the right places as they danced for me, well maybe not just for me.

Damn was it ever a hot dance and my cock was trying to rip my pants apart, he seemed to scream "LET ME OUT I need to be in there." Joanne finished first and bended down to me and undid my zipper, pulling down my jeans; the piece of granite that had grown in my pants leaped out and strained to get to her.

She then wrapped her soft warm fingers around the base; I could feel her hot breath blow across the tip as it twitched in anticipation. Joanne then licked all over the head slowly and down one side and up the other and slowly ever so slowly engulfed my seven and a half inches whole.

Pressing her nose into my public hair and seemed to swallow, the ripples of her throat muscles sent a chill from my dick thru my toes and back. I groaned "ohh Joanne suck me… oh baby suck my dick… ugg so goo good" I couldn't help but grab her head and pull her tighter into my pelvis. " Oh Joanne I want you to suck me so bad I've got to cum down your throat" With that said she began bobbing her head.

Watching her lips slide up and down my cock was so fucking great, feeling her suck and lick on my dick in her mouth, circling my cock with her tongue all the while I nearly came right then and there.

Suddenly Linda spoke "gee Joanne you've got him completely in your mouth, you little slut" I pulled Joanne off my dick with much regret, Linda interruption reminded the both of us, we're here to get the girls pregnant and a throat fuck no matter how good wasn't going to knock up anyone. Looking over at the nude little Linda I could have killed, but then saw her tiny hairless pussy as she had opened it slightly with her fingers as if offering it to me "oh well what the fuck" I thought " The pussy's great and here for me to fuck" "Well let's get to it, don't have all night" Joanne said "lay back and spread 'em bitch I'm hungry for cum… man or girl" As Linda laid down Joanne slipped between her thighs and licked her from top to bottom, Linda moaned something as Joanne attacked her clit.

I moved up behind Joanne and ran my hard cock up and down her slit, she was so wet, lubing my hardness I placed the tip into her heat took hold of her hips and drove my dick fully into her, spreading her tight pussy walls once again, she screamed into Linda's cunt and Linda groaned a "yesssssssss" I plunged into Joanne's hot wet cunt with a vengeance as if punishing her for making me wanting her mouth so bad.

"Uh your pussy so hot… gonna fuck… you… damn you're tight… soo fuckking good&hellip. Fuckkkkkk&hellip." I groaned as I pounded my cock into her preteenage snatch driving her tongue deep into Linda's pussy. Linda was babbling something about seeing stars, bright lights, heaven, the universe all kinds of incoherent things as Joanne continued her oral assault on Linda's cunt as I kept plunging into Joanne's wet twat.

I was getting closer and closer to filling Joanne's pussy with my hot sperm as I stroked her hot slick velvet tunnel harder and harder.

"I'm gonna cum&hellip. Gonna fill your pussy&hellip.


Ohhhh you hot sexy bitch… gonna cummmmmm" I felt Joanne's love pit start to shake and spasm squeezing my dick inside her as she got hotter and hotter then her pussy melted into one giant pool of white hot cum as we both climaxed together, me pumping my hot sperm inside her little girl twat as she flooded her chamber with her sweet lava. My hard dick mixing our cums together inside her womb, so much that my pumping forced the excess out of her bathing us both.

Our mixture ran down her legs and coated my balls, I could not help but just stand still with my dick buried in her pussy as her cunt suck me inside her and her convulsions milked my cock, sucking the cum out of my deflating balls.

Joanne started to scream but Linda grabbed her head and stuff it back into her steaming pussy all you could hear was " Aggugumummmmuu". Setting off Linda orgasm once again "YESSSssss …I'mmmm cummminnn&hellip. eattt meeee bitcccch&hellip. Eat meeeeeee" And she nearly drown Joanne with her sweet nectar. Linda let go of Joanne's head; she rose up taking a huge breath and saying, " Are you two trying to kill me, she drowning me and you're trying to fuck me to death&hellip." "Damn I never felt anything like it&hellip.

So good I thought I would die" As I slid out of her well-fucked pussy "Yeah but what a way to go" And fell over to the side joined by both girls in a passionate deep kiss. Linda looked down at Joanne's cunt as my sperm and Joanne's cum mixture was seeping out of her "Oh, I got to have some of that" and buried her tongue in Joanne's open pussy latching her mouth over her slit and began sucking our juices out of her.

Joanne moaned raising her arms up towards Linda. " What are you do doingggg… oh shit… I'm gonna cum again" She acted as if she wanted to push Linda away but just couldn't reach her, groaning "Oh Linda… Linda what wha are you doing to me&hellip.

Augggg. oh fuck yessss…… EAT Me bitch. eat my pussy&hellip. Eat meeee" Not to left out and my cock was still erect I moved behind Linda and plowed my cock all the way into her with one big shove, she screamed only this time Joanne held Linda's mouth to her cunt feeling the vibrations of Linda's scream down deep in her pussy causing her to flood Linda's mouth with her little girl sweetness.

As she moaned "Oh Linda suck me. Eat my pussy. augggggg" Breaking free of Joanne's grip Linda groaned "You bastard&hellip.


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fuck my pussy&hellip. fuck me harder… harder&hellip. Fuck me meeee… don't stop FUCK Me" I rammed my dick as hard as I could into Linda's wet smooth hot clinging pussy, her inner muscles griped me tight, then loosen off, then tight, then loose, then tighter as my man meat sawed in and out of her young girl flesh, the flexing of her twat mixed with all the moaning and groaning of both girls brought me to the brink again, quicker than I thought possible as the age old wonderful pressure of my balls rose rapidly.

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"Oh God I'm gonna cum again……too damn soon&hellip. Linda your cunt soo good too good…… can't hold it&hellip. I'm cummmmming augggggg…&hellip." And I spewed my hot thick sperm deep into Linda's womb, for what seemed forever, as I pumped more and more cum than I thought I ever could into her heat.

Her little girl snatch seemed to inhale it into her body. Once again we fell into a mound for freshly fuck flesh lying there beside each other hugging with an occasionally kiss, then Linda looked at the clock "Shit I got to go my parents will be home soon" Jumped up and scammed to the bathroom with Joanne right behind her.

Both girls cleaned up and such came back into my bedroom and dressed. I just laid there watching as these two lovely preteens don their clothes, and was surprisely happy to see them preparing to leave, both me and my dick was worn out. But I knew they would be back and I would enjoy their bodies again and again. Dressed they both kissed me, Joanne chirped "bye Bill cya later" and Linda mumbled "later you big stud" and out they went, leaving me with a big smile and a limp but happy cock. After both girls had left and I finally managed to get up, made my way into the bathroom, pissed and took a long shower.

Feeling human once again I dressed and went out to grab a bite to eat. Picked up a six-pack and chips and back to the house I went. Turned on the TV and opened a beer put the rest in the frig. Settled down to watch the tube.

A couple of hours later, as I lay there watching a war flick. I heard someone coming in the back door; I started to get up when Linda's face appeared in the doorway. "Hi Bill, told you I'd be back for more" as she undressed " ready for round two?" "Always ready for your sweet little body Linda, how long can you stay?" "Not too long just,, enough time to get fucked good&hellip. I really wanted to have you for myself" "You don't like sharing with the others?" "Oh I enjoy them and I like our threesomes Ok, but I sometimes I just want it to be just you and me&hellip.

So I can really enjoy you" "I know what you mean baby sometimes I want just you, to feel you, to have you and just you, but" "You really feel that way?" "Yes&hellip. But I also feel that way about Amy and Joanne too, at times&hellip. Besides I do enjoy watching you girls having at each other also" "And joining in. I've noticed… Don't cha?" as she removed her tiny panties. "Of course after all I'm a male" "Yeah I know and what a male too" looking at my rigid cock.

Lying down beside me, she whispered, " fuck me Bill… fill my pussy with your sperm… I want you inside me now" I kissed her softly and began rubbing her tits ever so slowly, occasionally tweaking a nipple.

I moved down her neck kissing every inch of her smooth skin, down to her breast and gently suck on one then the other. Breaking away from her tiny tits I ran my tongue down her stomach stopping to kiss that spot before moving on.

As I reached her tight young girl slit I pushed my tongue in slightly and licked up and down her sweet lips and she moaned "Oh Bill that feels&hellip. so good&hellip. Augggg&hellip. so good… lick me&hellip. eat my pussy… ohhhh eat me" I kept licking her from her anus to the top of her slit kissing her clit each time I pasted, then moved one of my hands from her tits to gently rub her love button as I pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her sweet hot wet pussy, moving it all around inside her.

Her cunt muscle seemed to grab my tongue as she began shaking in an earth-shattering climax. "Bill&hellip. Bill… I'm cummmmmmg&hellip. cummin so so gooood… oh… Bill eat… eat meeeee&hellip. " She wrapped her legs around my head pulling my mouth tight against her young pussy and flooded my mouth with her sweetness. I hungrily lapped up all her little girl juices and kept licking for more. As she released my head I moved a finger into her love tunnel and concentrated my tongue on her clit, sucking and licking like a madman.


She was quivering constantly as she had two more orgasms, her hips bucking into my face like a bronco that couldn't be tamed " Augggggggg&hellip. Bill oh Bill Eat me&hellip. Ohhhh so good so good&hellip. cummin&hellip.

Cumming&hellip. cummmmin&hellip. ughhhhhh&hellip.

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EAT ME" While she was in the mist of cumming again I raised up and slid my rock hard dick to her sweet little opening rubbed the head up and down her wet slit making it all wet then plunge my harden cock deep into her quivering snatch.

I covered her mouth with mine just as the tip of my dick pushed thru and into her depth, she screamed into my mouth, wrapped her legs around me pulling me into her tighter as her whole body shook and twisted under me like like a paint mixer.

Her little 11-year-old sperm pit spasming around my harden cock like a runaway milking machine. At first I thought I might have hurt her with my sudden lunge into her tiny pussy, but her moaning told me otherwise. "Yesss&hellip. fuck&hellip.fuck meee&hellip.ahhhhhh&hellip.fuck me ohhhhhh harder……give it to meeee…&hellip.fuck&hellip.augggggg…" Her legs released their hold on me slightly and I began hammering my rock hard love muscle in and out of her hot wet fuck hole.

I don't remember pumping as hard in any female before, I was in total bliss as her quivering snatch milked at my cock. She seemed to be having one big climax as her pussy juice kept flowing and flowing.

I was giving and receiving the ride of a lifetime as I fucked this sexy little 11 year old cum machine. After a few minutes, her intense orgasm finally eased up some and she moaned weakly. "Bill what what did you do to me me "? I just stroked her faster and she groaned something I couldn't understand as she bucked her wet tight twat into me. Then it happen I felt that warm tingling feeling down deep in my balls building so fast I could not have stopped it even if I had wanted to.

I just held on for the ride, as my body took over and was pounding my hard dick into Linda's hot wet tight pussy and with one mightily shove I exploded sending wave after wave of white hot sperm straight into Linda's womb.

Linda couldn't help from feeling my hot cum invade her tiny body, triggering another huge mind blowing orgasm, her mouth open wide and she gasped for air as she silently screamed mouthing whatever she was trying to say. Her body trembled and shook like she was having an earthquake inside her as my hot seed spilled into her.

Suddenly she tensed up so tight on my dick I thought she had crushed it beyond human endurance then went completely limp. I pulled my poor dick out of her, looked down at her, she had the biggest smile I had ever seen on anyone face. She looked like an angel lying there, I then noticed her tiny chest moving up and down. Thank God, she had just passed out, damn I never had one to that before. I let her lay there as I watched her breathing, she hadn't move yet and I was being to wonder if something might be wrong, so I leaned over and kissed her gently and she wrapped her arms around me pulling my lips tighter to hers.

We kissed for a while as she moved her wonderful body against mine. Breaking our kiss she whispered, "MORE please" "I don't think I can Linda you nearly crust my dick " "Oh sorry can't have that" as she leaned down and kissed my soft dick.

" I thought you were hurt or something" Watching her slowly lick my cock "I never felt anything like that Bill I thought I had died and gone to heaven" "Yeah I thought so to for a moment there" "How much sperm did you shoot in me it felt like a fire hose inside my pussy"? "Don't know all I had for a while anyway" We just laid there holding on to each other, she occasionally would gently stroke my cock, and I think she was trying to get me hard again, but it just wasn't happening.

"Damn Bill if you can't get it up I'll just go home" I looked at this small nude 11 year old sitting there with her hands on her hips, her legs slightly open showing her bald tiny slit.

"Sweetie if you got to leave, leave otherwise slide over here and suck on my dick and see if you get any response" I hadn't hardly got the words out of my mouth and her mouth was on my cock. "Hungry bitch aren't cha" I laid back and let sweet little Linda work her magic, her tongue and her wonderful mouth working on my manhood.

Signs of life in my groin began to return as I slowly grew. When she saw she was making some headway, her efforts doubled. As she ran her lips and tongue over my cock her delicate hands began playing with my testicles and occasionally she would bath them with her little tongue. Watching this little beauty work, began to inspire my cock for another bout of impregnating her, I reach down and massaged her tits with one hand while the other began rubbing her sweet tight twat ever so slowly.

I slipped a finger inside her love pit, she gasped and deep throated me and moaned with me fully inside her throat, the vibration was heavenly and my dick sprang to full mast, she bobbed her head a couple of times on my hard shaft as I played with her clit with my thumb and worked my finger in her hot pussy, but when I slipped a fingertip into her little asshole, she screamed again and began shaking her little 9 point 5 quake again, my dick got the whole effect of her scream being down her throat and I damn near came again, although I figured it wouldn't be much, but I managed to hold off, wanting to fill her tiny snatch again.

As her orgasm subsided somewhat she raised up off my cock, holding on to it as if it might try to escape, sat up over me, placed the opening of her pussy to the tip and dropped her pelvic region down to mine, once again burying me completely inside her, "Yesss ohhhh yes fuck that's so goodd auggggg" and she began moving, fucking me, a mad women possessed.

I laid there watching her little titties bounce and her tight little girl cunt sliding up and down my hard dick, pumping me for my life giving sperm. "Damn Bill its its so goood inside me meee fuck its good" she groaned.

"Yes baby fuck my dick your pussy is so tight so hot fuck me" "Augggggggggg" And I felt her tiny pussy tighten on me again and the floodgate opened wide, she soaked my cock and balls with her hot juices.

"Ah Linda cum baby cum cum on me" "Bill Bill cum baby cum cum in me meeee" As she bounce harder driving me deeper inside her smooth hot wet snatch, pumping my shaft for its seed. Finally after what seemed forever my balls began to swell as I thrust my hips up to meet Linda's downward plunges shoving my dick deep into her over and over and over.

Then my balls blew, I shoved up deep in her hot cunt and filled her with my hot sperm once again. "I'm I'mmm cumming cummin in you baby ughhhhhhhh" She felt my hot seed invade her body and moaned as she came again herself "Ohhh yes Bill cum cum in me fill me up I'm cummmmmin" Her little body twisting and shaking making her hot pussy suck all the precious cum out of my cock into her tiny body.

She fell down on my chest and just shook as our mutual climaxes faded away in one glorious rapture of bliss. We laid there me still inside her for a while, both unable to move at first, and then she raised her head to kiss me. "Damn Bill I think you're trying to kill me with that cock of yours" "Me kill you hell I was thinking the same about wonderful tight little pussy you have there between you legs, sweetie" We both laughed and we kissed again, before she got up off my bed.

I watched her slide on her panties then her blouse and next her jeans, then she flopped down next to me and kissed my lips then the tip of my dick. "Need to go home before its to late, wish I could just stay here in bed with you" "Yeah I know maybe something can be worked out by you girls where one of you can spend a complete night every so often" "Not a bad idea maybe a group sleepover at one of the others house minus one for the night, have to work on it Bye Bill cya" And off she went I just laid there.