Gay jocks Dusty and Mario are two friends that have hooked up a few

Gay jocks Dusty and Mario are two friends that have hooked up a few
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After breakfast in which Hannah and Tiffany finally showed up for. We all meaning the family, went to hangout by the pool. I noticed my four beautiful ladies came wearing the same swimsuit along with my daughter. I looked over at Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, and Tiffany with confusion. I guess Diamond noticed as she spoke up.

" What's wrong baby you look confused about something?" She asked as I nodded " Yeah what is up with the same black and red trimmed bikini's?" I asked as Tiffany giggled as did our daughter " So everyone knows who your ladies are stud." Tiffany says as they all nod " But what about Karen?" I ask pointing at my little girl " So everybody knows I am your daughter daddy." Karen says as I chuckle shaking my head I leaned back in the lounge chair with a smile feeling the sun shine down on me.

It wasn't long until I felt little hands on me. I open my eyes to see it's my sons and Lil Heath. " What's up my little men?" I ask as they smile " Daddy Uncle Jack wants to know if you want to play bolley vall." Lil Greg says as Kota and Lil Heath giggle " It's volley ball bubby." Dakota says to his brother " Yeah that." Lil Greg says as I just shake my head I see them waiting for my answer as I look at my girls. " What do you say ladies want to play?" I ask as they all look at me then our kids " Sure why not darling.

If it helps us see that body of yours in action. I am in!" Hannah says with a sexy grin " I second that most definitely." Diamond says getting giggles from her fellow sister fiance's We all make our way over to where we see half the family waiting as I see my god mothers, mom, Faye, sisters all in bikinis. I shake my head as Mom and Faye are wearing matching baby blue ones, the godmothers are in light pink, Michelle and Kaye in teal green, Sierra and Mandy are wearing Black, Selena is wearing the same as my ladies and daughter.

The thing is all the bikinis are two pieces. " Heath son you ok?" Mike asks as I nod " Yeah I am." I answer still remembering what I saw this morning As I look over at my godmothers I see something I didn't want to see. Each one has camel toe between their legs. It's a good thing I have my shades on as every one would see where my eye's were at.

We decided on teams as the ladies would watch. It was Adam, Jack, Chris, and I on one team with Mike, Nate, Ricky, and Travis on the other.

Our family as well as other people all gathered around to watch. The game was going well as both teams were being cheered for. During the middle of the game Jack was spiking the ball but it hit the net coming back at Chris hitting between his legs.

Chris went down grasping his crotch. Selena rushed over as did the kids. Dakota went to his uncle with concern. " You ok Uncle Chris?" Kota asked as Chris shook his head " Sorry bro I didn't mean for the ball to hit you." Jack says as I looked at Dakota looking from Chris to himself I watch my youngest son raise his shirt looking at his belly button.

He steps to Chris tapping him on the shoulder. " Is it your outty Uncle Chris as I have one too." Dakota says pointing at his belly button " No honey it wasn't his outty." Selena says as the family laughs He stands there for a moment before tapping Chris again on his shoulder.

Chris looks up at him again. " Is it your pee pee?" Dakota asks making the guys and I chuckle " Yes little buddy." Chris says as Dakota goes wide eyed My son looks around before he sees the ball. We watch him go over to the ball straddling it. He looks down at it before shocking us all even Chris. Dakota went down hard hitting the ball with his crotch. My eyes go wide as my son goes down crying holding himself.

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My girls go over to him as Diamond has tears in her eyes. " Kota baby talk to mommy.

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Why did you do that?" She asked holding him to her " So Uncle Chris wouldn't feel alone." He answers as the mothers say awwww We hear two more screams as I turn to see Lil Greg and Lil Heath laying on the court holding themselves.

Hannah goes to Lil Heath as Jazzy goes to our son. I just lower my head before I speak. " Well guess they just wanted to fit in." I say getting laughs as the mommies comfort the boys I see Selena wants to comfort Lil Heath who still doesn't want to have his mother around him. I hope by the end of the cruise they become mother and son again.

As everyone started to get things back under control we noticed it was lunch time and made our way to get to the buffet that was in the dining hall. All the women put their wraps on to cover their bottom halves. Once we all get our plates full and get seated that is when I start staring at my three godmothers in which momma Ellie notices before speaking. " Heath honey what is it? You are looking at us like something is wrong." She says as I let out a sigh " Well there is something, but I don't know how to say it." I answer as they all three look at me " Just say it honey as whatever it is I am sure we can talk about it as a family." Momma Kiko says as Ellie and Verna nod I look at them as my family all start wondering what's up.

" Well this morning I went to see if you wanted to home school the kids. I knocked and there was no answer. I walked in and well I saw you three um." I paused as their eyes went wide before I continued " I saw you three doing it." When I said that my godmothers all blushed as my godfathers all started laughing. " I told you three that you would get caught one of these days." Ricky says as Nate and Mike nod " Wait you guys knew?" I asked as they nodded " Yes why wouldn't we.

It helps our marriages." Mike says as Nate and Ricky nod " Ok I am confused what did you see baby?' Tiffany asks as I blush " Honey he saw us petting the kitty." Momma Ellie says as to not say it directly " Wait what you mean you three have?" Selena asks before cut off by Verna " Love with our tea yes when your fathers are at work." Verna says as the mother's nod " Oh my so that is what goes on when our dads are at work?" Chris asks getting nods also The rest of the family just eat quietly as the kids just ignore the adult talk.

I look at my three godmothers before excusing myself. My ladies ask me if I am ok. I answer saying yes that I just need some air. My mother stands up surprising me making her way over taking my hand leading me out of the room.

We go up to the upper deck making our way to a clear quiet spot. She has me sit down as she sits on my lap as I use to when I was little and would sit in hers. " Honey you sure everything is ok?" She asks as I nod then shake my head " No mom I mean I asked for no secrets and what do I find a secret." I say as she shakes her head " Heath baby do you think they could actually come out and say ' Heath hun we have sex and eating each other's pussies out'.

Honey I don't think they could. Look I know this seems very strange, but it helps them not to cheat on there husbands." My mother says making a point " True I can understand that. So have you um been with them?" I say asking getting a giggle " Yes I have baby.are you disgusted knowing that?' She asked as I shake my head " No guess not as it kept you from cheating on dad." I say as she nods " Exactly honey even after what happened to your father until that bastard Tyrone came along." She says with anger " Well mom you don't have to worry about him now.

Your back in my life and with Faye. We are not going to let him hurt you mom." I tell her getting a sad look " True but I still have nightmares at times. Faye helps me by holding me in her arms as I cry." My mother says as I hold her " She is a good woman mom." I say to her as she nods agreeing We sit there in silence until I let out a sigh. " I guess I should go apologize to them for bringing out their secret." I say as my mom looks into my eyes " Yes you need to honey sorry to say that.

Just don't hold it against them for being intimately together." She tells me as I nod before my mother continues " They love you Heath sweetie just as Faye and I do." " I know mom as I love all of you. It's just I um can't get their." I try to finish before mom starts giggling " You can't get their naked bodies out of your head?" She asks as I nod with a smirk " Yes I can't get what they look like out of my head.

I guess now I know what Selena and Tiffany will look like in 20 years." I say with a chuckle as she giggles slapping my left arm playfully " That's bad honey, but I guess true. So question would you fuck them or make love to your godmothers?" She asked making me show shock " Mom what kind of question is that?" I ask as she laughs " A simple question sweetie again would you if you had the chance to?" She asks as I sit there figuring out how to respond " Actually I don't know mom.

I mean they are beautiful, but they are married to three guys that are fathers to me. So to answer your perverted question I don't know. I guess if things were different or I was Jack maybe, but still I have no clue." I exclaim as she cuddles into me " Baby it's not being perverted it's called healing those hearts that were hurt as yours has been.

Heath honey I still feel bad for not being there for you all these years. Maybe if I was there your heart would be strong." She says with some tears as she rubs my chest letting the tears fall " Mom if I was there Tyrone would of never had the chance to hurt you." I exclaim as she holds me tight as I return the hug We hold each other a bit longer before making our way back to our family.

My godmothers looked at me with a look of fear and worry as I approached them. I had each one of them stand before I gave them a hug. I apologized to them for bringing their secret out to the open. Each told me it's ok as it would of been found out one day. I felt momma Kiko grab my ass with a smile as she said I could watch anytime. I asked if she was kidding only to get a nod then some giggles as I blushed.

After hugs and kisses on the cheeks we finished breakfast making our way to the deck to continue our 3rd day on the ship. Tonight was suppose to be Chris and Selena's night with the kids, but they changed with Adam and Michelle, because Lil Heath was still not having anything to do with his mother.

As us younger adults were lounging around the swimming pool with the kids in the kiddie pool with Jack, Sierra, and Mandy. I looked around to catch a glance of a woman staring at Kaye. She looked to be in her early 50's, 5'7, 120 lbs, with long black hair her eyes looked to be as brown as Kaye's. I looked at her face and for some reason she looked familiar. She looked away for a minute as if debating on something. She turned back to look at Kaye again, but this time stood up making her way over to my sister who was holding hands with Travis.

The woman once made her way to Kaye standing in front of her. Travis and Kaye looked up at the woman. " May I help you ma'am?" Kaye asked as the woman nodded " You wouldn't happen to be Kaye Robertson would you?" She asked with a look of hope " Yes I am Kaye Robertson, but how do you know me?" My sister asked as the woman took in a deep breathe to only let it out " I am Jacqueline Pierce I.I am your mother Kaye." She says shocking Kaye to no extent " can't be. mother died when I was a little girl." Kaye says sitting up quickly " I know baby girl, but I had to fake my own death to get away from that monster you call a father.

I had to get away so I could start fresh and do all I could to get you away from him, but I never could as your father would move when I got close to getting you and Trey.

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I am so sorry Kaye." Jacqueline explains as Kaye stands up looking at the woman in front of her " Prove it, prove that you are my mother." Kaye says as the woman lowers her left bikini top to show Kaye " When you were 6 years old you accidently scratched my left breast before getting out of the way of your fathers punch that he gave me.

I was trying to get you to safety, but he caught up with us as I ran down the sidewalk. Kaye you were always protective of me. After that day I had enough. I am so sorry for leaving you." Jacqueline says as Kaye has tears in her eyes " But dad said you left, and the police found your dead body.he even had the police reports?" Kaye says as Jacqueline nods " Yes, but I had a few friends that your father didn't know about.

I think you know their son though." Jacqueline says as Kaye looks confused before her eyes go wide " No way you know GH0$T?" Kaye asks as I watch Jacqueline smile with a nod before my sister continued " How did you find me?" " Through him as he thought since you changed for the good it was time for mother and daughter to get reacquainted, but if you feel you don't want me back in your life I will understand.

I just wanted you to know that your mother is still alive, and has missed you so much." Jacqueline says with tears as Kaye cries " Oh god mom yes I want you back in my life, but how do we leave off from before? It's been so long since I was a little girl?" Kaye asks as Jacqueline nods " Baby maybe we start with a hug then move on from there. Our mutual friend filled me in on everything and I hope your new family can understand why." Jacqueline says as I see everyone smile I watch the two hug accepting the other as Travis stands up.

He stays quiet before Kaye breaks the hug. I watch as he extends his right hand. " Ma'am my name is Travis Thompson. I am your daughter's boyfriend." He says as she takes his hand " Nice to meet you Travis. So I take it your Maggie's oldest son?" Jacqueline asks as he nods with wide eyes " Yes how did you know that?" He asks as she giggles " Again Kaye and my mutual friend." She says turning around to look at me " And you must be Heath the young man my daughter decided to protect from my asshole of a ex." Jacqueline asks as I stand up " Yes, so your Kaye's mother?" I ask getting a nod " Yes and I know this looks bad and all, but I had to take this chance to get back in my daughter's life." She tells me as I nod " Actually this cruise was one of healing for my family.

Even those that want a second chance as I was given. So how long are you on board?" I asked being curious " Just another day as I only had enough for the past 3 days." She tells me as I get my cell phone out " What are you doing Baby brother?" Kaye asks as I give her a wink " Yes this is Heath Thompson.yes same one.

Look I have a friend that would like to extend her vacation on the same cruise.her name is Jacqueline Pierce.Yes that would be her. Could you put her on my list of family.yes that is perfectly alright.

Thank you have a nice day also." I said hanging up seeing wide eyes before I continued " What?" " Heath you didn't have to do that." Jacqueline says to me as I shake my head " Yes I did Ms. Pierce as your my sister's mother. Look this family takes care of their own, and since you are Kaye's mother that makes you OUR family to.

So why don't you both take the day getting to know each other as a mother and daughter." I say as Kaye and Jacqueline embrace me with hugs After they break their hugs to me I sit back down watching Kaye, Jacqueline, and Travis leave. Kaye made it clear that Travis was going with them to as why I have no clue. At that moment my ladies all come and flock to me sitting on my lap or on the end on the lounge chair with smiles.

" What you just did was very nice baby." Jasmine says as the others nod " Yes it was darling, but what made you do that?" Hannah asks as I chuckle " I thought of it as if my own mother did the same.

I would hope she would come back in my life in which she did." I answer as each of them smile " Well still that was very nice of you baby, and deserves a reward." Diamond says looking around before sliding her right hand up my left shorts leg reaching for my cock " Diamond what are you doing?" I ask stunned and shocked as she gives me a wicked grin " Giving you a hand job.

Ladies anyone watching us?" Diamond asks as they giggle " Yes we are why don't you take it to your cabin, or go to the couples area." Selena states as Chris laughs " Your right come on lovers we have a man to reward." Diamond says letting go of my hardening dick They get up helping me after.

As we start for our room Karen gets out of the kiddie pool and comes over to her mother. " Where are you going mommy?" Our daughter asks as I chuckle " Your mommies are going to take daddy back to our room to spend some time together.

You be a good girl ok sweetie." Tiffany says giving our daughter a hug " Ok mommy, but remember we were going to get pedicures later." Karen says as I start to laugh " I remember baby girl now go to Uncle Jack and your Aunts Sierra and Mandy." Tiffany says as Karen giggles running back over to the kiddie pool I shake my head as I am led to our room by four beautiful women.

==================================================================== Travis's POV: Around 3 p.m. in the after noon The family has been on the cruise for a couple days now. I had forgotten how much fun family vacations can be. Heath got the family awesome rooms.

I'm saddened that I was a after thought, but know I only have myself to blame. Keisha, my first love and now ex step sister, talked to me while I guess Heath had gone back home to California to think. She told me why she left and what she had done. She made me see the damage I had done to Champ. I remember teaching him how to swim and ride a bike. I chuckle remember him wiping out and me coaxing him back on.'Bubby you promise not to let go.'" I'll never let you go Champ" Heath starts peddling as he picks up spend I let go.

He's riding a bike as mom, dad and Shellie come out to see Champ riding a bike like a big boy. He turns and doesn't fall down. He looks to see me and realizes he's doing it all on his own,'Bubby look at me I'm riding by myself. Now Shellie, you and me can all ride together.' I feel arms around my shoulders and turn to see Shellie and her sweet smile as she kiss my cheek,'Thanks Buddy for teaching Heathie.' I smile back,'Oh course a big brother is supposed to do these things.' I cry as all the memories come back.

The thing that hurts the worst is thinking that if I had listened to Tyrone and thrown Lil Greg into the ocean I'd have killed my own nephew. I smile thinking that Heath has some good people around him. I think back to the second day of the trip and asking Heath to talk with me. He glares back and I tell him its brother stuff. He gets up but so do the other three.'This is brother stuff.not guy stuff. Sit down.' It's the one called Adam that looks at me with such malice that I take a step back,'You listen good.HE IS MY BROTHER.

Blood doesn't mean shit. I'd die for him just as he would for me. FAMILY IS THOSE THAT CARE FOR YOU AND YOU FOR THEM.' I try to talk to Heath just for him to sock me in the gut,'Back off Travis.' The memory makes me cry as I wonder what my dad thought of his sons fighting. I make my way back to the room. Once in the bed I fade off to slumber and I'm about ten again and am walking down a hall full of monitors. About that time I see my dad, but his eyes are red and he talks with a voice that scares me.

" TRAVIS MARSHALL THOMPSON SIT IN THAT CHAIR THIS INSTANT." My dad tells as about that time a chair emerges from the floor I shake my head in fear. Leather bands come from behind the chair and grab me bringing me to the chair and securing me.

" YOU WILL WATCH THIS." He tells me as about that time each monitor places a memory of Heath and someone in the,shellie,me,auntie el,aunt kiko, auntie verna,uncle mike,uncle rick, uncle nate, selena,tiff and chris All are happy memories.

Then videos start playing of Heath coming home and Shellie and I leaving, then the summer we had hooked Tyrone with mom and finally the Christmas we left him. I start to cry wondering what I had missed and caused Champ to miss.

Then the video floats to a scene of Heath looking distressed. He looks about eighteen and in turmoil. " Dad what's wrong with Champ?" I ask as he looks at me with venom "WATCH AND SEE WHAT YOUR ACTIONS HAD CAUSED TRAVIS." He tells me with anger as I watch as Heath strips and walks through a bedroom door I see Chris is sticking it to Tiffany while she eats out Selena.

I watch as my brother takes his girl and when he finishes he assualts his best friend. Selena tries to stop him, but she is no match and Heath he.he rapes her! I watch as he leaves and I ask my dad to stop the movie. He shakes his head no. I then see Heath at a mall watching a young family as he leaves Jack and Adam. Then he's at a dorm room and he starts emptying bottle after bottle of pills.

I watch as my brother thrashes on the floor as the tears never stop coming from my eyes. Jump ahead and this one looks current as Heath is on the beach as he heads into the water.

" Stop dad this is enough.please stop I can't watch" I say as I close my eyes as they are opened by some device causing me not to be able to close them again " TRAVIS YOU WILL WATCH THIS TIL THE END." he tells me as Heath goes up to his head and submerges himself Jack and Adam save him, but he's not breathing.

They fight to bring Champ back to life. Then we jump to the his birthday a week ago after I had been politely removed from Heath's house. He walks out and at seeing Shellie and mom he faints. I ask my dead a question that no one has filled me in on. " Dad why did Champ just pass out?" I ask him to see a sadden expression upon his face " You remember all those pills from college?" He asks as I nod figuring it out,"It weakened his heart. One bad time too many and he's gone Buddy" My father tells me as I cry because Tyrone had helped me push Champ out of my life but my actions helped almost kill him I cry so hard I am brought back to reality and Keisha is looking at me with worry.

" Travie baby you ok?" Kaye asks as I nod " Yeah just a bad dream that told me I need to set things right with my baby brother." I tell her as she smiles and tells me I will and to try not to rush things I think to myself,Dad I promise you to be the good man that you me reach Heath. I pull Kaye to me as she lets out a squeak. I look up in her beautiful brown eyes as she smiles.

" What baby?" My love asks as I just shake my head " Nothing except how did I get so lucky to have you in my heart?" I ask as she smiles " Baby I'm the one who is the lucky one. I am just happy you are back to being the man I found myself falling in love with all those years ago.

Before my father corrupted us all." She tells me as I nod agreeing " You're right there honey. So where is your mom and the family at?" I ask as she giggles " They are all waiting for us in the dining room as it's 6 in the evening." She tells me as I nod We give each other as kiss as she moves her hand down between my legs.

" Kaye I thought we needed to get to the dining hall?" I ask as she giggles " True, but who says I can't rub my baby's beautiful cock.

I love you Travis so much. So I will play with that love stick all I want as I am yours." She tells me as I feel her squeeze my dick again " Fair enough as I love you too." I says as we share another kiss before getting up and leaving to join our family ================================================================= As dinner goes by I notice everyone getting along with Jacqueline.

I found out she is a yoga instructor in which catches the attention of all the women at the table. I shake my head knowing what will be going on at home now. The conversation changes going back and forth when Kaye looks at me.

" Heath can I ask you for a big favor?" She asks as I give her a nod as she continues " Can my mother also live with us?" " No I couldn't impose Kaye. I can always come out and see you baby girl." Jacqueline states as Kaye shakes her head " Please mom as I don't want to be away from you again. I know it's Heath's home and all, but I want you to live close by." Kaye says as I take in her words looking at my own mother I remember how I felt about my mother weeks ago as she returned back into my life.

I look between mother and daughter to see their eyes show hope. I look at all my family to see them all grinning or nodding at me in agreeing with Kaye. Even my own four loves are nodding to me. I look over at Jacqueline with a smile. " Jacqueline it would be a honor to have my sister Kaye's mom living with us. There is plenty of room still in the family home. Guess we have a Momma Jacqueline now" I say exclaiming as she looks at all of us " Well if you all don't mind I accept.

It maybe nice to be around when she starts having my grandbabies." Jacqueline says before being kind of jumped on by my mother and the other mothers " Sorry Jacqueline, but in this family we take in the kids as our own. Those four cuties are all our grandbabies." My mother says as Jacqueline looks at my kids " Yes they are very cute.

So who's the daddy to the bright blue eyed ones?" She asked as Karen spoke up " We are daddies kids. Gregie, Kotie, and I." My daughter says pointing at me " Oh my well I bet he is a very happy father." Jacqueline says as all my kids nod with big smiles As dinner was finally over we went to the deck to enjoy the setting of the sun. I held all four of my ladies as they stood in front of me holding one another.


Mom and Momma Faye had the kids holding them one on each help. Jacqueline stood with Kaye and Travis as they watched the sun set.

I had my thoughts run every which way thinking of what to do with my family. I know the house was big, but when my ladies, Kaye, Sierra, Mandy, and Michelle start having more kids it was going to be time to expand. I knew a change was going to be made, but where to move this family to as the grand parents of the kids wouldn't want to be away from their grandbabies.

So I made a mental note to ask Faye about the land around her sister's old house. ================================================================== Selena's POV: Monday morning 10 a.m. I am laying in bed crying as I can't take it any longer. I miss holding and talking to my son. Ever since I spanked him Lil Heath has been terrified of me. He goes to the other mothers and grandmothers instead of me. Chris wanted me to join him for breakfast in which I told him no as I needed to be alone.

I am holding the pillow wishing it was my little man sleeping in my arms. It's not long that I hear the door open and voices. I raise my head to see the mothers and my sisters all coming in along with Karen my little princess. She comes over looking very worried holding a plate of food. " Here mommy Lina I made a plate for you." She tells me with a sad smile as I sit up " Thank you baby girl, but Mommy Lina doesn't feel like eating right now." I tell her placing the plate on the night stand " It's ok I just wanted to give it to you." Karen says as I pick her up and hold her " Thank you honey I love you." I tell her as she holds me tight " I love you too mommy Lina too." Karen says as my mother and godmothers come onto the bed " Honey what's wrong talk to me my china doll." My mother asks as I let Karen go and she comes to sit beside me " I miss my son mother.

I miss holding him in my arms." I say as I hear awws " Honey I know you do. I am sure he will come around sooner or later.

He can't ignore you for ever." My mother tells me as I feel a hand on my left shoulder I turn to see it's Mandy as she gives me a small smile. " Sis he will come around just be paitient." She tells me as I cry with a nod " I am trying, but it's so hard. If I don't get to hold my son and he hates me. I might as well be dead." I say as I feel a slap across my face " Don't ever say that again Selena.

You know how we all feel about that kind of talk." Diamond says as I rub my left cheek It's at that moment that I feel someone crawl in my lap. I look down to see my son looking up at me. " Mommy are you hurting?" He asks as I nod before he continues " You not mad at me mommy?" " No baby I am not mad at you. I am mad at myself for hurting you.

I should of never spanked you like I did.

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Please forgive me baby?" I exclaim to my son asking for his forgiveness " I do mommy, and I love you too. Can I take a nap as I am sleepy." He tells me as I place my arms around him " Yes baby you want mommy to take a nap with you?" I ask getting a nod as the mothers and my sisters leave as Karen follows debating on where she wants to take a nap with us, but decides we needed some alone time I pull my son up further on the bed as he giggles.


Once comfortable and laying down my son cuddle's into me as he would a baby. I have a few tears as I smile with my arms around him.

I start humming his favorite song hearing and feeling his soft breathing against my chest. I close my eyes thanking my Uncle Greg for answering my prayers. ===================================================================== It's around 2 p.m.

when Adam and I take Chris to his and Selena's room with the kids following. He got hit in the face by the ball this time. His nose is bleeding as he has his head tilted back. Once in the room we put him in a chair telling the kids to make sure he stays there. They nod as Adam leaves while I go wake Selena up to tell her. I walk in the bed room to see mother and son sleeping. I smile as I hate to wake her, but Chris needs her help as he wants her to help the bleeding to stop.

I walk over to the bed and nudge her shoulder. After a few times she wakes up as my nephew also does. " Un.cle" He asks as he slowly opens his eyes " Yes it's me your daddy needs your mommy. He got a boo boo that he needs help with." I say as Selena opens her eyes wide " What happen Heath?" She asks sitting up real fast " We were playing volley ball again when Jack spiked the ball to only hit Chris in the face.

Next time Jack wants to play volley ball he's playing with himself." I explain as she hurries to get out of bed as I pick my sleepy nephew up We get out of the bedroom to the small living room to only stop in our tracks. There in the chair is what was suppose to be my best friend and brother, but in his place is a brummy.

Half brother half mummy as my three smart ass kids have him wrapped in bandages. I try to stifle a laugh as my daughter speaks. " We stopped the bleeding mommy Lina and daddy." Karen says as Lil Greg and Kota nod smiling " We see that baby girl, but can your Uncle Chris breathe honey?" Selena asks as she is also trying not to laugh Lil Heath wants down as he stumbles over to his daddy getting in his lap.

He starts undoing the bandages as Chris starts taking a deep breathe. I see tissue in his nose in which they did stop the bleeding.

He looks at his son who looks very concerned. " You ok daddy?" My nephew asks as his dad nods smiling " Yes, are you little man?" Chris asks as lil Heath turns to look at his mother " Yes daddy me and mommy took a nappy." Lil Heath says answering turning back to a happy father " Good now help me out of these bandages before your sister and brothers turn me to a real mummy." Chris says as my kids laugh " Ok who's wise idea was this if I may ask?" Selena says asking as they all point at each other before my sis laughs continuing " Figures as your all like your father." " Hey what did I do to deserve that?" I ask as she turns to look at me but her eyes go down to my crotch then to hers as I continue " Oh you mean as in being a bad boy." She nods giving me a wink before going to help her baby unwrap his dad.

I gather my kids up to give the two I call family time with their son as they deserve to be with him and only him after a week. The rest of the afternoon went by as Chris, Selena, and Lil Heath joined the rest of the family. It is close to dinner time when Kiko goes to hold Lil Heath when Selena jerks him away from his grandmother. I watch as Kiko looks at her daughter with some sadness before speaking.

" What gives Selena?" Momma Kiko asks as Selena holds onto Lil Heath " Sorry mom I just missed my son I don't want to let anyone have him just yet.

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Look you don't know how he feels to lose a son." Selena says those words in which causes all three of my godmothers to look at her wide eyed " We don't know, WE DON'T NOW?" Kiko says as Ellie and Verna hold their best friend as Selena has a wide eyed look of worry " Sorry mom I forgot I." Selena tries to say until Verna slaps her making us all stare shocked " HOW DARE YOU SAY WE DON'T KNOW HOW IT FEELS.

Every day we cried when you all weren't around. We cried looking at the scrapbook of pictures of our other son. At least you knew where Little Heath was and that he was safe.our son was gone and we had no idea if he was alive or dead, safe and sound or homeless. He stopped talking to your for a week but for us.we had to deal with almost six years." Verna says as Kiko and Ellie nod with narrow eyes " Selena don't speak to us as we will speak to you.

Come on Mike I need to be held baby." Ellie says as I watch all three go to their husbands with anger and tears Selena looks hurt as Lil Heath holds her tight seeing his mother cry. " Mommy don't cry please I love you." He says trying to comfort her " I love you too baby boy." She says as Chris goes up behind her to hold them both " Come on guys lets go get so dinner.

They will be ok just let the god mom's cool off." I say as everyone nods As I pick Karen up I get this feeling my three moms were hurt more then I thought. I make a mental note to spend time with them soon once they cool off. I think of all the times they held me when I was younger and that is when my mind snaps.

They cried over me all the past years I was gone. Karen must of seen my conflict as she gave me a kiss on my right cheek. " Daddy it will be ok. You have me to fix your heart." She says as I give her a grin before tickling her in which makes everyone awe Once the remaining family get seated we wait to be waited on.

We are all talking and laughing as the wait staff come over. After giving our orders and the kids orders we continue our talks. It was a interesting evening as I looked over to see my godparents come in only to sit at another table. Selena even noticed showing sadness as she lowered her head as Chris placed a arm around her.

I looked at my godmothers to see their eyes were red and puffy. I guess they cried again as to being hurt again. They each mouthed ' I love you son' to me as I mouthed the words ' I love you all too'.

After dinner we all separate as the kids go with Chris and Selena for the night.

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We give them a hug and kiss each before going to our rooms for the night. That night I make love to all four of my ladies. Each one accepts my love more and more everyday, but this night I put more of myself into them.

I don't know what comes over me, but I leave a hicky on their right thighs next to their pussies. As each one leaves a hicky of their own on around my cock.

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We sleep in bliss in one another's arms with me covered by all of them. The next morning after getting dressed and going to Chris and Selena's cabin. My loves and I are shocked at the scene when we walk in.

There in the living room area is all four kids with Selena's panties on their heads. I chuckle as my ladies go up all giggling to the kids. " What do you four think your doing wearing Selena's panties on your head?" Diamond asks as the kids giggle " We're playing super heroes mommy Diamond." Karen says as the boys nod " Oh and what are you my sweetie?" Tiffany says looking down at our daughter " Super mommy and they are the super boy's." Karen says as I hear foot steps " WHAT THE HECK!" I hear Selena yell as the kids show they are scared " Selena don't get to angry they were just playing." Jasmine says as the other three giggle " Ok well could you give me the pair Karen has on her head as I need them." Selena asks while wearing a robe Tiffany takes the pair of black panties off Karen's head and tosses them to Selena who puts them on right then and there just turning to me showing me her hairy pussy in the process.

" Selena you really going to show me while putting them on? Turn the other direction." I state as she smirks getting the pair of panties on " Hey it's not like you haven't seen me before, and besides I am not shy around you baby brother." Selena says putting a strong meaning to the word baby " Yeah I know and again sorry for that.

I was um just angry for my stupidity." I say as Tiffany comes over to me " Baby it's ok as it's in the past as you keep saying. We love you my love." Tiffany says as they all come to comfort me as does Selena After the hugs are broken and Chris comes out he chuckles at seeing Selena hugging me with the robe open and against me.I look at him worried as he shakes his head giving me a thumbs up that confuses me. After that moment we all head to breakfast meeting the rest of the family already waiting for us.

Breakfast was kind of ate in silence except the kids asking if they could play in the kiddie pool. I said yes as Sierra and Mandy volunteered to take them after they got changed. My four fiances and I spent most of the day with the god parents, mom, and momma Faye. I felt I needed to strengthen my bond with them. Each mother held a close spot to my heart as did my god fathers. They talked of how I was when I was younger in which Tiffany smiled as she remembered also.

Verna asked Tiffany why she never asked me out way before she did. Tiffany could only say she wanted the right moment to be perfect. I smiled as I thought the same for each of them that had my heart. It was around 5 p.m. when we all started to head for dinner when Selena stood at the entrance waiting for the mothers. We stop as they do as momma Ellie speaks up. " What do you want Selena?" She asks as Selena looks at our god mother " I want to ask for forgiveness for yesterday.

I was wrong for what I said. I know now that you all three or you know how it feels to lose a son. Even more than me, and your right I at least knew my baby would be safe as he has his family here while Heath was missing. I'm so sorry for saying what I said, but just know Chris, Tiffany, and I missed him just as lost a son, but we lost our baby brother and we were the reason.

Please forgive me as I am truly sorry to all my mommas and I love you with everything that I am." Selena says as each of them look at her then at each other I watch as Kiko steps to her daughter who is holding Lil Heath.

She places her arms around them both as Selena cries. " Now, now don't cry my china doll. You just need to watch how you say things my beautiful daughter." Kiko says as Ellie and Verna step up to forgive their daughter also That was a heartfelt moment in which I was happy to witness. We made our way to dinner after all the hugs and crying was over with. Dinner was a happy moment with laughs and talks. The godmothers kept looking at me showing they loved me with a wink or the words being mouthed ' I love you son'.

I didn't know exactly what was in them all the sudden for saying it all the time. Even mom and momma Faye were doing the same.

I just shrug it all as I continue eating what is on my plate. As supper finishes it's just like the night before except Selena hands Lil Heath to her mother with a smile. I watch as he hugs his mother telling her he loves her as she responds saying she loves him. ===================================================================== Adam's POV: A beautiful Wednesday evening Yesterday Heath helped Jack and I pick out some engagement rings.

Jack and I talked it out and figured why not ask the women we loved the big question. I have thought this over and over as has Jack with Sierra and Mandy. He knows it maybe to soon, but he can't help but feel the way he does for the two of them. It's around 8:30 p.m. that the whole family are gathered to watch the sun set. I look over at Jack who looks scared, but nods that he is ready. Jack turns Sierra and Mandy to him. With a deep breathe he goes down to one knee pulling out the ring boxes.

" Jacky poo what is up with you tonight?" Sierra asks as he looks over at Heath who nods with a grin of encouragement as I hear my brother go " Sierra, Mandy ever since we met I have felt my heart come more alive then it has been in a long time. I find my life is complete with the both of you in it. WILL YOU MARRY ME!" Jack asks as the girls look between themselves and back to him before tackling him and showering him with kisses.

About the time they stop I see Kaye move over to Travis and turns him to face her. " Travie I have loved you since the first time that we meet. Your smile stole my heart and I always hoped that you would be mine. Then our parents got together and I had to hide my love for you as we were stepsiblings. We have both changed for the better as we have come back into Heath's life to protect him as a older sibling should.

What I'm asking my love is will you marry me?" Kaye asks as we wait Travis speaks " Kaye the same is true of were and are my first true love. I am sorry that our parents got together as we had to hide our love. Now that they are divorced and Tyrone is gone we can be happy.

Yes we have changed and you are right we have changed for the better. I will not marry you though." He says as Kaye looks sad as Travis takes a knee and pulls a box out of his pocket " Because I want to ask you to marry me Kaye." Travis says proposing as well getting Kaye to smile as she kisses him.

As they break the kiss she punches him in the arm " I thought you were gonna leave me hanging." Kaye says as Travis shakes his head "Why would I turn down a smart and beautiful girl like you unless I had something planned?" Travis says as they both smile I'm standing here with a box that contains the ring I got for Michelle but am too scared to ask.

I let out another breathe as I look up at the woman I love with all my heart, but scared at the same time. I know Michelle told me she would never hurt me but I haven't had the best luck with women except for my new family. When I asked Heath about proposing to her he hugged me and told me he approved as long as I made sure she was happy. I walk to Michelle before stopping. " Michelle." I say as she turns and looks at me as I try to continue,"Will you.I mean would you." I'm stubbling through my thoughts scared that she would flat out reject me I feel a couple hands come on my shoulders as I look and see Heath,Jack and Chris all nod telling me they had my back.

I take a deep breathe as I draw all my courage as I explode in one breathe. " Michelle Ann Thompson will you please do me the honor of being my wife?" I say pulling the ring out and show her I look at her and she is looking at me like I had asked a stupid question and I start to pull back but my brothers stop me from retreating. Michelle surprises me by flying into my arms. " Yes Adam I will marry you and we will be together with our huge family forever." Michelle says as she seals the deal with a long lingering kiss I smile as I enjoy it before Jack makes his presence known.

" Hey no softcore porn in front of the kids." He says as all the moms and sisters smack him That night I ask for a meeting with the family as I tell the whole family all about my past and why I am the person I am. The dads all are pissed that my mother treated me this way, as the moms give off the killing vibe and tell me 'Screw that bitch you have seven loving moms here for you whenever you need us'.

That comment makes me smile as Jazz/Hannah/Diamond and Tiffany all hug me and give me a kiss on the cheek before Jazzy speaks,'Abs just know like our moms said your family is here and we will protect you and make you happy.' Selena/Mandy and Sierra get up to hug me telling me the same.

Kaye tackles me,'I'll shank the bitch that tries to hurt my little brother.' Her comment makes me laugh.My brothers all hug and congradulate me.even Travis. As we talk into the night my thoughts turn to the one that gave birth to me, Mom you were so wrong.I CAN AND DO HAVE PEOPLE WHO LOVE ME AND WILL NEVER LEAVE ME'. To Be Continued.I know 5 proposals what's next