Roman slaves gay porn xxx Bi Skater Eats Straight Cum

Roman slaves gay porn xxx Bi Skater Eats Straight Cum
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Ruby checked her reflection one last time. She had to look hot for work, as hot as she could in the sky-blue scrubs that were her uniform. Hair and make-up were all important, as was the sexiest underwear and perfume. Ruby kept to this strict regime; she never knew when she would need to use her sexy charm to get what she needed.

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Ruby was a 21 year old Nurse, living in London. Her father was a rich city banker who spoiled her rotten until she was 18, by which time he cut her off completely and said she needed to learn to fend for herself. Ruby had always dreamt that she would marry into money, a doctor, or an actor, or a premiership footballer. She learnt quickly that only models and celebrities married the rich guys, and doctors were only married to doctors.

She was hot enough to be a model but at only 5'4 she would never be given the chance. And she had no special talent, so she decided she'd have to find another way to fund the rock n roll lifestyle she yearned for. She wanted to train as a doctor but daddy refused to pay for her to go to medical school, so Nursing was the next best thing. Maybe she'd meet her doctor and live happily ever after? No chance, doctors only saw nurses as a bit of fun.

Ruby sighed as she glanced at the pile of envelopes that she pulled out of her mail box. Bills. And rent was due too. Ruby rented a luxury apartment and had to wear the lastest designer clothing.

Her car was the best her money could afford. Her and her friends only partied in the classiest clubs in the city, and only the finest champagne and cocktails would do. All of which was funded by savings and every credit card she could get. Her job as a Nurse didn't pay at all well. Money was tight, but she was living her dream. Her iPhone buzzed; a message from her best friend. They were partying in New York this weekend. She'd be a joke if she missed out on this!

She needed And Ruby had the answer. She strolled into work, the usual head turning ensued. Ruby always caught the eyes of the junior doctors as she made her way down the corridor to the Outpatients department. She checked the off duty: she was in treatment room F.

'Perfect', she thought, smiling to herself. She'd be working with Dr Collins today. Dr Collins was a consultant cardiologist, he was around 42, Ruby guessed. He was married and had children and lived in the country at weekends. He ran a private clinic 3 evenings a week. Ruby checked herself in the mirror one last time: hair was glossy, teeth shiny, make-up immacculate.

She leant forward slightly: yup, you could just glimpse her perfectly formed tits nestled in her lace and silk bra. Dr Collins strolled in and grunted some form of greeting. He sat himself down at the desk and logged on to the computer. Ruby hurried out the room to get him a coffee. Coffee was the first step in buttering up her doctors. Biscuits too. Dr Collins would have started work long before Ruby and probably hadn't stopped for breakfast yet.

She placed the coffee and selection of biscuits on the desk. Dr Collins glanced up at her. 'Why thank you, Ruby, that's very kind of you,' he smiled. Ruby flashed him a sweet smile. 'Shall we begin, Dr Collins?' He nodded. Ruby called in the first patient.

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Hours passed, many patients came and left. Ruby had worked very hard, getting everything Dr Collins needed ready before he even asked for it. She smiled sweetly every time Dr Collins showed his approval. Finally, Ruby was able to shut the door for the last time as the final patient left. Dr Collins sighed a huge sigh of relief. 'Busy day!' he exclaimed. 'I think that was a record attendence. Thank you very much for your assistance today, Ruby.' 'You're welcome,' she glowed.

'I enjoy working with you.' Dr Collins began collecting up his papers. This was her chance. 'By the way Dr, I was wondering if you had any extra shifts that I could fill for you at your private practice?' 'I'm afraid there's a long waiting list for my practice, but I'll be sure to add you on. It'll probably be a couple of months before I can fit you in.

Sorry.' Ruby wasn't deterred, she knew this was commonplace. Nurses were badly paid and needed to supplement their income, so naturally there was competition. If you were a good Nurse, you didn't get shifts. Only the excellent Nurses got regular shifts. Ruby was an excellent Nurse, but so were many others.

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Ruby knew how to stand out against the others. She'd worked hard all day, she knew Dr Collins had noticed her efforts, she'd caught his eye wandering to her cleavage a few times. She stood behind him and leant over, watching him write her name onto a list of 40 others. Her breasts rested on his shoulder. He hesitated at her surname.

'Miller,' she murmured into his ear.

He wrote it down, hand slightly unsteady. She stepped back as he stood up. She smoothed his tie down and admired him in his suit.


He wasn't in bad shape for his age, but the stress of his job had aged him. Her hands travelled down to his belt buckle, which she skillfully unbuckled with one hand, whilst rubbing his growing cock through his trousers.

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Dr Collins moaned with anticipation. His member sprang out and Ruby took it into her warm mouth. She licked around the tip and felt him shudder. She took him all the way into her mouth and withdrew. She gazed up at Dr Collins before gliding her lips along his length. He placed a hand on the back of her head and she took him into her mouth again.

He watched his dick disappear into her beautiful face and then he thrust her head back and forth and she sucked and licked and caressed until finally he gave one last thrust deep into her mouth and came. Ruby swallowed every last drop. She zipped him back up again and gathered up his papers for him. 'I'll see you tonight,' he said, packing his papers into his briefcase. 'Clinic starts at 5.00.' And with that he left. Ruby punched the air in victory. That weekend in New York would be booked by tomorrow!

5.00 came and Ruby was hard at work again at Dr Collins' clinic.

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This job was far from glamorous but she really didn't care, it was a small price to pay and the pay packet at the end of it made it all worthwhile. Dr Collins greeted her more warmly than he had earlier that day. He was obviously enjoying the fantasy she had played into his mind for him: she was his little slut, she ran little errands for him and he bent over his knee for a good spanking when she wasn't efficient enough, she sucked him off after a stressful day. His mind raced with the possibilities, he could bend her over his desk and pound his dick into her pussy when she disobeyed.

She was the dirty little slutty nurse every doctor fantasises about. This wasn't the first time she'd sucked a consultant's cock to get what she needed. She was careful not to push her luck, one blow job for each shift she needed was enough to keep them wanting more. She needed the anticipation to keep them keen. If she pleasured them on a regular basis, they'd soon stop rewarding her. No, she had to keep to the rules. She never slept with them, that would take the fun out of them hoping there could be more, it would take away the fantasy.

She only let them fondle her breasts as an emergency measure. She hadn't yet needed to resort to pleasuring herself for them, but she knew that would be required soon. She never accepted gifts or dates, she didn't want their company and nor did she want flowers. She was competitive and spoilt, she had to have money to buy what she wanted, to fund her lavish lifestyle. Her shift came to an end at 11.00, which meant it was time to pick up her wages. Dr Collins handed her a wad of cash.

'£200 and a bonus of £50' he announced with a wink. 'A little extra for earlier. I'll see you here again tomorrow.' Ruby smiled a seductive smile and thanked him. She needed to make her exit now, otherwise he'll be expecting more. She made her excuses and grabbed her bag and left. She started to walk across the now almost empty car park. She'd had to park a few streets away. She wanted to park closer but her late start meant the car park was already full.

A black porsche 911 pulled up beside her and the window rolled down. The driver called her name and she turned around. It was Dr Tom Hartley, another of the Consultants from the hospital. He had a clinic near her as well, which she had also worked at.

'You shouldn't be walking around after dark,' he playfully scolded. 'Would you like me to drive you to your car?' Ruby thought about this, it seemed a good idea now it had started to rain. She didn't want to ruin her louboutins so she hopped into the passenger seat. 'So what brings you around here at this time of night?' 'I was working at Dr Collins' clinic, he needed some shifts filling for him.' 'I see.

I could've helped you out there if you'd asked me, Ruby.' 'I know but I was working with Dr Collins this morning and he offered. I'm parked on this street.' She pointed to the right and he turned.

He pulled up behind her car and turned off the engine. 'Well, thanks for the lift,' she said and started to leave. He placed a hand on her knee and she stopped. 'Why don't we check into a hotel for the night?' he suggested, a little glint in his eye. 'We'll have a romantic dinner and spend the night together? I'll treat you like a princess tonight, I promise.' Ruby faltered. She knew this was against the rules, but she'd had a long day. She needed a good meal, she'd been living off cereal for the past three weeks to save money.

And to keep her trim figure. Dr Hartley was her favourite consultant, he was young, tall and very handsome. He was the man she'd dreamt she'd marry, but as with all doctors he only dated those with a medical degree or a modelling contract.

She made a deal with herself she'd stay for a meal and then maybe pleasure him a little before making a polite exit. Yes, that would be bending the rules, but Ruby was too tempted by the offer of decent food to turn down his offer. 'Sounds fantastic,' she purred as she closed the car door again. 'It's times like this I'm glad I make sure I always look my best,' she thought to herself.

'You never know when you might need to seduce someone!' Dr Hartley led Ruby to the room he had pre-booked for her. They stood in the elevator and Dr Hartley removed his silk tie. He playfully placed it over her eyes and whispered in her ear. 'I've got a wonderful evening planned for you,' he teased. Ruby thought it best to play along, though she wasn't interested in sleeping with him. She would talk her way out of it later on.she was only interested in getting what she could out of it, as it often was.

He guided her down a long corridor and he unlocked a huge door. He led her inside and the door closed behind them. He sat her down on a chair. 'Stay there, I'm going to get the surprise ready.' She heard him move across the room and heard him removing his clothing. She felt uncomfortable, she hadn't come here for this. 'Uh, Tom? I-I've just remembered, I need to get home.' She began to remove the blindfold and gasped at the men stood before her.

Dr Hartley was stood next to another man, Dr George Wolfe, another of her prey. Both stood naked with enormous erections. She'd walked into a trap, Dr Hartley hadn't got romance on his mind at all.

He'd lured her here. 'You won't be going anywhere,' Dr Wolfe laughed. 'We're going to teach you a lesson.' Ruby started to scream but Dr Wolfe covered her mouth and forced her hands behind her back. She kicked out but Dr Hartley grabbed her by the ankles. Together, they carried her over to the bed, still struggling with her captors but they were far to strong for her and easily over powered her. Dr Wolfe pinned her down to the bed whilst Dr Hartley stuffed a bunch of fabric in her mouth.

Ruby continued to scream but nothing but a muffled sound came out. They clawed at her dress until it was off of her, revealing her luminous bronzed skin.

They then pulled her out of her bra and knickers. Dr Hartley then bound her hands together, still behind her back. 'You see Ruby,' Dr Hartley began. 'We've been waiting for you to fulfil our fantasies. We've paid you well and you've given us little in return. It's time we collected that debt and we know you're not going to give it to us easily, but we're well prepared for that.

We're going to violate that little cunt of yours.' Ruby began to shake in terror, knowing what they had in store for her. Dr Wolfe turned Ruby onto her back.

He began caressing her breasts and Dr Hartley began kissing her beautiful stomach. Their hands wandered across her body, groping her. She felt sick at this intrusion and continued to struggle, but this only turned them on more. Dr Wolfe rubbed her nipples until they became hard. Dr Hartley's hand had strayed down to her pussy, which had started to become wet. Ruby choked back sobs of shame, she couldn't believe her body was betraying her like this.

Dr Hartley pushed a finger into her and then withdrew to lick his finger. He pushed into her again, and then another finger.


Ruby squirmed but was held down by Dr Wolfe. He couldn't hold back, he'd thought about doing this to Ruby for so long. He began to lick her cunt, sucking on her clit and then swirling his tongue around it.

She squealed and wriggled but it was no good, they were going to take what they wanted from her. Ruby tried to hate what he was doing but her desire for Dr Hartley was overwhelming, she couldn't conceal her orgasm as she moaned and waves of pleasure rushed through her body. Dr Wolfe removed the gag from Ruby's mouth and shoved his rock hard cock into her mouth.

'Take it bitch, you dirty whore,' he moaned. He held her by the chin and continued to fuck her face. Dr Hartley lifted her hips and pushed a pillow underneath her. Then he pulled her legs into the air and forced his way into her. Ruby exhaled sharply as Dr Hartley took her by surprise, she wriggled as she gasped for air, struggling as Dr Wolfe's enormous load filled her throat. Both the men withdrew and Ruby collapsed down onto the bed in relief, but it was short lived.

Dr Hartley stuffed the fabric back into her mouth and flipped her over onto her front. He dragged her to the edge of the bed until her legs were dangling over the edge. Dr Wolfe held her down whilst Dr Hartley spanked her little backside. Tears came to her eyes as the stinging blows made contact with her delicate little bottom. As each spank rained down on her, she felt her clit throbbing and her pussy becoming wet again.

Dr Wolfe stood beside them, wanking as he watched her twat drip with anticipation. Dr Hartley stopped and dragged Ruby to her feet. Dr Wolfe lay down on the bed and Ruby was pushed onto him. She could cope with Dr Hartley fucking her but Dr Wolfe repulsed her. He was the oldest of her victims, at about 51, but he'd paid the most when she worked for him so she didn't mind sucking him off every now and then, but she always felt disgusted doing it.

She panicked at the prospect of being raped by him, she was truly scared now. She began to sob and plead with him not to but her gag muffled her cries. Dr Hartley laughed. 'I don't think she likes you as much, I say you fuck her extra hard as punishment' 'I'll fuck you so hard you'll be begging for more, slut!' With that, he pushed his way up into Ruby's tight little cunt, tearing it along the way.

Ruby cried out in pain and fear but it encouraged Dr Wolfe to pound harder. She was in agony so couldn't help but moan in pain, adding to Dr Wolfe's pleasure.

He took a breast into his mouth and licked her nipple, squeezing the other uncomfortably. Dr Hartley pressed his cock against Ruby's tight little asshole. She gasped in fear and wriggled away, but felt Dr Hartley's fingers cutting into her hips as he held her still.

'No! No!' she screamed into her gag. 'Please, I can't take anymore! No! Not that!' Dr Hartley knew she was pleading with him, it turned him on. He dug in his fingers and pulled her to him and shoved his dick into her ass.

Ruby screamed in pain and collapased down in exhaustion. She could fight with them no more, she was in too much pain and ached from the struggling and pounding she was receiving.

Her ass burnt as Dr Hartley fucked her with all his might, she felt herself tearing as both cocks fought inside of her, her body jerked about furiously as their bodies slammed into her. Finally they decided to bring her humiliation to an end. Ruby was turned onto her back whilst both men leant over her, she wanted to try to escape but she was struggling to remain conscious.

The doctors both emptied their balls over her petite body, over her magnificent breasts and over her pretty face. Ruby could do nothing more, she just laid on the bed, barely sobbing. Ruby laid on the bed for hours, unable to process what had happened to her. She came to from her daze and realised Dr Hartley was still in the room.

He was still undressed and had been watching her. 'I'm glad you're awake, it's time to clean up now. Get up.' Ruby obediently got to her feet. He pushed her into the bathroom and into the bathtub. He turned on the shower and began to wash Ruby. She was still bound and gagged. Too tired still she decided not to fight him anymore, it only turned him on.

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Dr Hartley lathered up the soap and rubbed the lather into her soft, silky skin. He paid particular attention to her breasts, massaging the soapy lather into them. When he was satisfied she was clean, he lifted her out of the tub and dried her with a towel.

He took the gag from her mouth. 'I trust by now you've learnt that screaming doesn't help you?' he said. She nodded slowly. 'Good girl. Now I've got you to myself, I want you to suck me off like you do at the Hospital.' Ruby gazed at him in amazement. Surely he didn't want more from her? Turned on, she knelt down on the tiled floor and began to stroke his massive dick.

She teased him with gentle licks before taking the head into her mouth. She sucked a little and swirled her tongue around his head before going down on him fully. She wanted to please him, she was scared of what he would do to her if he wasn't completely satisfied.

He pushed his cock further into her mouth and she sucked harder. He exploded into her mouth and groaned. She was aroused so finger herself to orgasm at the same time. 'God, you're fucking fantastic!' he heaved. Ruby flushed with pride. It had been her tool for so long. 'You can go now, you'll be due at work soon. I'll drive you back to your car. I can't wait to do this again.' Ruby managed to get herself through the rest of the day, athough it was a blur. She couldn't stop thinking about her night.

She had begun to realise she had always had it her way and being forced to fuck against her will was new and exciting. She still had shifts to work with Dr Collins so she could afford her trip this weekend, it would be the party of a lifetime, second to last night.


She walked to Dr Collins' office to collect another day's wages. 'Ruby, how are you?' he asked.

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Ruby would normally have begun flirting with him, but she was still fatigued and could only manage a muttered 'fine.' Her mind flashed back to Dr Hartley fucking her and she felt her clit begin to swell. 'Well, that's not what I heard. Dr Hartley tells me you had a night to remember last night. I wish I could've been there but I had a meeting.

I hear you're willing to fulfil our fantasies about you now you've realised you have a debt to pay! There's a long list of men indebted to you. If you don't mind, I'd like to collect my payment now.' And he locked the door behind them. Ruby, being the good little whore she is now, knows screaming won't help her. But a slut still needs to be restrained.