Girl uses toys for drilling hardcore and blowjob

Girl uses toys for drilling hardcore and blowjob
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Street Whore Chronicles: Michele's Story (part 1) Michele was raised in extreme poverty in the rural Northeastern US. Her family was traditional white trash. While she was a rather cute, petite strawberry blond she had a bit of an acne problem, wasn't overly attractive and in addition was naive, submissive and extremely shy and quiet.

Never a very good student and all but invisible socially she kind of just drifted out of school a couple of years before graduating. She was almost a nobody and basically saw herself as a nonentity.

With her father long out of the picture and her mother and siblings having their own needs and struggles by the time she was 18 she found herself pushed out of the family. As a result she soon found herself in a large city close to home and on her own. Things were tough when she got there and after a couple of weeks of trying to find any means of supporting herself only to find more and more disappointment she encountered Anthony.

That's when her life took a drastic turn. Anthony was an inner city African American pimp and a very accomplished one. Young, handsome and very smooth he was a natural pimp. Although still in his early 20's he already had a stable of whores he pimped on the street.

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He specialized in young vulnerable girls like Michele and knew with one look how easy it would be to acquire her and how profitable she could be.

He saw her hanging out in a park while keeping an eye on his charges and approached her with his smooth style and banter. She was like putty in his hands and soon she was headed back with him to his place. As soon as she arrived she saw there were three other young women like herself, two Caucasian and one black.

Being naive, submissive and unassuming this hardly phased her. Anthony offered her a soft drink which she gladly accepted and snacks.


He also sent one of the other girls (who of course were members of his stable) out for fast food, which was like manna from heaven to Michele, and before she knew it was psychologically trapped by this seeming stroke of luck.

After dinner that night Anthony motioned for one of his white whores, who's name is Brenda, to perform oral sex on him. Which of course she did.

Michele witnessed this with little emotion or reaction. While naive she was very use to such behavior.

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Her mother and an older sister both were very loose. She had seen her mother and sister as well as a brother engage in sex many times in her presence.

She was always ignored and just assumed this was another one of those times and went back to watching tv. Soon Anthony looked down at Brenda and said "strip down bitch" then looked at Michele and said "How 'bout you gettin' neked to Michele".

Being the submissive, naive and malleable girl she was Michele got up and started removing her clothes along with Brenda.

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Rather then hesitate Michele was actually more surprised Anthony even took an interest in her that way, as no one else ever had. Soon both were totally nude and Anthony ordered Brenda to return to orally sucking his cock. Anthony looked at Michele and said "stand here in front of me" which of course she did. Anthony took in her body and after viewing the front he told her to turn around.


He noticed that she was slim, sexy and petite with small tits sporting little hard nipples as well as a hairy blond pussy with a rather large outer labia.

"I'm going to have that pussy hair removed", he thought to himself, "this little bitch will sale really well to old perverts who have a thing for young girls". He noticed her hips were non existent but she had a decent ass for a skinny white girl. "Yea, this little bitch will make me some money once I train her ass" he thought to himself.

Telling Michele to turn around Anthony looked her in the eye and said calmly and seemingly nicely but in that subtly authoritative way he's a master of "get down there and help her suck my dick." Obediently she dropped to her knees beside Brenda. "Lick my nut sack Brenda, and let Michele take my dickhead in her mouth." Brenda, of course, immediately did as he said.

She had been in this situation before and knew exactly what Anthony was doing and knew the best thing for her would be to assist him as best she could. While Michele herself had no direct sexual experience outside of touching herself, which she did on an occasional basis, Michele had witnessed this act several times.

So lowering her head she took Anthony's dick in her mouth and began to give him head. She wanted desperately to make him happy as she saw him as a port in a storm. While not huge Anthony's cock certainly wasn't small. It measured just over 9" and was rather thick. Michele engulfed his head and begin to suck. Soon she began to skillfully encircle his head with her tongue as she sucked on the head and instinctively reached with her hand to stroke his shaft as she sucked. Anthony liked this.

"She's sucked dick before for sure." he thought to himself. Even though she hadn't. What Anthony didn't realize is that he had struck gold.

For Michele was a natural born whore. It's the only real talent she has and Anthony is about to bring that talent out in her. Michele really got into Anthony's cock as she pleasured his ebony sex tool.

Swirling her tongue around the head as she sucked with the perfect amount of pressure and timing.

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Stroking the length of his shaft as she did so. "Take that dick deeper girl" said Anthony. Michele begin to go deeper and instinctively began to bob her head as she swirled and moved her tongue perfectly and continued to stroke his shaft. "Hell yea girl, fuck that Dick with your mouth!" He said.

Mean while Brenda had been licking Anthony's balls and being the seasoned well trained whore she was the combination of her and Michele began to really excite him.

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As his precum began to emit from the top of his cock Michele noticed the taste and found it very tasty and made her feel a sexual feeling she had never felt before. She realized that this made her feel wanted and needed and desirable. Her pussy began to itch so she reached with her free hand and began to rub her clit. The pleasure from this caused her passion and therefore the intensity and skill with which she was sucking Anthony's dick to increase.


Brenda, mean time, had stopped licking Anthony's balls and this upset him. So with anger he reached out and backhanded her across the mouth. This was rather unusual for Anthony as he had learned damaging his goods wasn't profitable. But Michele's oral skills had caused him to lose focus. "Did I tell you to stop licking my balls bitch!!??!!" Anthony screamed.

"Noooo." Brenda moaned with her terrified voice. She was genuinely frightened. For even though Anthony didn't damage his goods he had other ways of disciplining his whores which were even worse.

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Obediently Brenda returned to his balls but Anthony said. "Go lower, Bitch, eat my ass out and you better do it right!" Brenda immediately buried her tongue into Anthony's asshole with gusto. Meanwhile, entranced with Anthony's cock Michele just instinctively knew to not stop and she continued her expert oral pleasure of Anthony's ebony shaft. With his balls now ignored Michele seemed to sense that they needed attention and lowered her hand from the shaft to massage and lightly pleasure his balls perfectly.

As she did so she then began to engulf his entire shaft to the base as she sucked and swirled her tongue. Michele didn't realize it but she had a mouth that was perfect for deep throating and soon she was face fucking Anthony's Dick in a way even he hadn't experienced before.

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Her pleasure began to grow also as she rubbed her clit and then began to finger herself with one then two fingers. As she did so she began to moan very sexually as she performed her oral skills on Anthony's shaft.

Brenda meantime had focused her skills dutifully on Anthony's asshole. The combination of all this sent Anthony over the edge. Michele could feel Anthony's large cock throb which made her even more excited and again instinctually knew to continue her actions. Soon Anthony's cock swelled to a huge size as he felt his balls begin to strain under the pressure of the sperm fighting to release itself.

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Michele kept her work up and Anthony screamed in ecstasy as he shot the first stream of cum into Michele's mouth. Michele could feel the stream of cum as it shot from his balls and up his shaft into her mouth.

She had never experienced anything like this. As the steam hit the back of her throat and slid onto her taste buds Michele relished it's sweet, salty taste. Nothing she had ever eaten or drink seemed to belong so naturally in her mouth or be so sensually enjoyable as Anthony's cum load. No sooner did this occur however then Anthony's balls released yet another stream and then another into Michele's eager mouth.

As her mouth filled with his seed she began to greedily swallow her well deserved reward. Anthony meanwhile had collapsed and Brenda still ate his asshole. Michele, again, instinctually knew to not release Anthony's cock from her talented mouth but instead to begin to softly suck and clean his tool of the remaining cum.

As she did so he settled in and relaxed and Michele removed her mouth form his manhood, looked him in the eye and smiled a smile she had never smiled before. "That was fun!!" She said. "Hell yea girl, sure was. You know how to suck a dick." "Really?" She said. "Oh hell yea, ain't you heard that before?" "No, I never sucked one before." "What?!?!" Anthony said inquisitively "you never sucked dick before?" "No" "you lying to me girl?" "No Anthony, I would never lie to you." "That's good bitch, that's good and you better not." Part 2 coming soon.