Deutsche amateurin tief in die kehle gefickt

Deutsche amateurin tief in die kehle gefickt
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After I gained my abilities to control others from amazing distances I decided that there might be a fun way to use them. The first one I targeted was that diva bitch Kim KardashianI reached out and did surveillance on her for a bit.

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Then when I learned what I needed to I took control of hershe was getting ready to attend a charity event to raise money for homeless teenagers. I took her body into the shower and washed it thoroughly then dried her off and stood in front of a mirror admiring her bodyshe kept herself in excellent condition.

I started with her skirt choosing a silkyshort black skirt with a slit up one side to her waist. Then I pulled on a flesh colored thigh high pair of silk stockings then a pair of black leather high heeled boots adding a silver chain anklet and a silver chain link belt and buckle. I moved on to a sheer silky white sleevelesscollarless two button short blouse.

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This left her flat toned abdomen exposed and the sheerness of the shirt showed off her blood darkened aureoles and large nipples topping off her well endowed chest. Now that I had her dressed to my satisfaction I grabbed one of her large shoulder bags she used as a purse.

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Loading in her wallet two pairs of padded handcuffstwo long chained padded ankle cuffstwo large vibrating dildosand a tube of stimulating lubricating gel. Spraying on some perfume I went out the door using her cellphone to summon an uber.

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Taking the uber to the charity event and giving the elderly driver the thrill of a lifetime I arrived at the party with plenty of time to enjoy the party. Walking into the party I had Kim exposing herself to many as she walked down the stairs to the floor of the room where the party was being held.

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Moving around the floor talking and flirting with the other guests Kim caused many erections to sprout as well as nipples to swell with arousal. I finally had her settle in with a group of four attractive young teenaged girls and two handsome young teenaged boys.

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Flirting with them all outrageously I finally dared them to do something to Kim as publically and as perverted as possible. I also explained that no matter what Kim said they shouldn't stop that it was a fantasy and I would be acting. Grinning they agreed and commenced immediately by grabbing Kim and dragging her up on the table.

At this point I fled her mind leaving Kim in charge of her body and took over one of the young teenaged boys. Kim was screamingrape someone help me but she was ignored as the group pulled off the few clothes she had on her body. Soon she lay on the table totally nude her body spread eagled and her smoothclean shaven pussy showing to everyone. The body I now controlled reached out picking up Kim's shoulder bag and opened itI pulled out the cuffs and moved to the table locking her arms in place with the cuffsthen I used to longer restraints to lock her legs spread open so she was now helpless and defenseless.

Then I pulled out the gel tube opening it I forced it into her pussy and squeezed a good amount into her vagina.

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Then I treated her anus the same way by then Kim was screaming about her pussy and anus burning then she really yelled when I applied the gel to each of her nipples. Everyone saw her body responding becoming aroused that's when I saidI think the pressure is building within her body it needs a release. Grinning I pulled the two vibrating dildos I handed one to a young girl and turning the other on I forced it past the lips of her cunt spreading them wide driving the dildo deep into her vaginal canal.

Kim started screaming out her bodies intense physical reactions to her orgasms as her body underwent multiple orgasms that were increasing in intensity with each orgasm.

Her cunt started spraying orgasmic fluids continuously as her body was ravished by the teenagers surrounding it. Seeing a small mouse in the corner of the room I had a perverted idea a d had it come to my hosts hand.


Waiting for her to quiet down and stop spraying fluids. When she stopped she lay there exhausted until she saw me bring up the hand with the mouse in it. She started screamingno keep it away get it away from me. I brought the mouse up to her left legs inner thigh and left it on her leg.

Kim started screaming and shuddering as I took control of the mouse and moved it to the entrance to her cunt. Screaming even louder and trying to thrash her body around to throw the mouse off this didn't work. Kim finally passed out as I had the mouse slip into her pussy and masturbated the mouse ejaculating into her pussy and then moved it out of her pussy and up to her left nipple.

When Kim awoke she looked down to see the mouse apparently sucking on her nipple to which Kim passed out again.


All of this was of course caught on cameras for posterity. After this Kim Kardashian became known as the mouse queenshe quietly slipped out of the limelight and into obscurity as the video of her being molested by a mouse went viral and extremely popular.