Sleeping boys jerking stories and xxx small big dick gay video After

Sleeping boys jerking stories and xxx small big dick gay video After
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Bred It had never crossed my mind for anything like this to happen but it really did. I'm a service tech and one of my jobs is working on air conditioning.

A frequent customer had called that morning and said their central air wasn't cooling and asked me to check it out. I got to their rural house around 1:30 that afternoon and the lady told me they had a Dr.

appointment in a town about 100 miles away and would be leaving in about 30 minutes and asked if I would lock the house when I was finished because they wouldn't be back until late evening. I said I would and as she turned to leave she asked if I wanted her to tie the dog up. I told her he wasn't bothering me any and she told me that sometimes he was a pest and if I needed to put him on his leash later it was ok but to let him loose when I left.

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I got my test equipment and started my work just as I heard their car go out the driveway. To hook up my gauges to the outside unit I had to get on my knees and lean down.

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That's when the 3 year old male, unneutered lab playfully jumped on me the first time. I pushed him away and told him to quit and he ran a few feet away and sat just looking at me. It took me about 15 minutes to add some refrigerant to the system and disconnect my gauges. During that time the playful dog kept trying to mount me every time I would have to lean over.

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I threatened several times to tie him up but never did. I had noticed as he ran around that the fleshy red tip of his cock would poke out of his sheath every now and then and I knew how dogs always want to prove their dominance by mounting the more submissive one.

As I put my tools back in the truck he walked excitedly beside me and was extremely playful. I had realized that his trying to mount me had for some reason gotten me horny and I had a giant hardon.

My mind was whirling and knowing there wasn't anybody around, I told myself how stupid this is as I pulled my boots off and slipped my pants and shorts off. You dumb ass I thought as I knelt on my knees, are you sure about this, submitting to a dog?

The thought made my cock surge and the dog was already jumping on my back even before I bent over. His front legs on my shoulders pushing me forward as he wildly humped away.

As he humped my hands went to the grass and he was fully on top of me and his sheath and the fleshy tip of his cock rubbing against my back. He knew his position wasn't right and climbed off but I think he already knew he was the boss now and would have me as his bitch.

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Now on my hands and knees, he just stood and watched me until I started to rise up and he would instantly jump on me again and hump for just a few seconds and get off again. It was like he was telling me he was going to have me but only when he was ready.

For 15 minutes or so this went on. He would walk excitedly around me and then jump on me. Sometimes from the side, sometimes the back and sometimes even over the front with his bony cock barely poking out, stabbing away at my head.

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He would hump wildly for just a few seconds and then climb off. Sometimes he would lie down and lick his sheath for a little bit but as soon as I moved, he would be up and on me again. I started to wonder if he would actually try to breed me or if it was just a game. Sometimes he would start to get close and I would feel just the fleshy tip sliding around on the cheeks of my ass and back of my thighs before he climbed off again.

Every time he mounted me though, he was getting more serious about finding a hole for his bony shaft. Now, most of the time, he would mount me from the side and quickly swing around behind me with his front legs grasping my waist, jerking my ass backward against his stabbing rod.

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The fleshy tip of his cock, slipping across the cheek of my ass to the crack, closer and closer to his target until suddenly it was there. I knew it. He knew it. He felt the heat with the sensitive tip and tried to thrust in.

It was too dry and hardly more than the tip went in but he kept humping for 10 seconds or so before climbing off. This time he was right back on me again and with just a few quick humps his cock was in position again. Still just barely in, he would hump away for a little bit and then back down. After 4 or 5 times of this I realized he was squirting his slick precum in my hole and each time went just a little deeper but never more than an inch or so.


Then once more he climbed off and stopped to lick his slimy sheath and balls. I figured he was finished and started to get up. I could feel the slickness of his precum in the crack of my ass and hole. My hands were barely off the ground before he was on me again. Forcing me back down his front legs grasping tightly around my waist, I felt just the hairy sheath slide down the crevasse between my cheeks and then the soft fleshy tip of his cock at my now slippery hole.

First just squirting tip, not inside but for just a second I could feel it squirting. Then a quick jerk from him and I felt it penetrate me just an inch or so, then again, another jerk as his front legs pulled my ass backward and I felt his thin bony shaft thrust into me.

Almost instantly his hind legs moving under me and his powerful body was wrapped around my ass and then again, another thrust and I thought "O shit" as I felt his marble size knot slip inside my tight opening. Yes bitch, you're mine, he seemed to be saying as he started to hump violently. His shaft never pulling back, only deeper with each thrust and I felt his knot begin to swell and I knew I really was his bitch.

I'd watched dogs breed plenty of times and I knew the mechanics of it. I had allowed him to dominate me. His cock was fully implanted and his knot swollen to the size of a baseball wasn't coming out without severe pain to me.

I felt the bony shaft quickly swell as his frantic thrusting began to subside and then squirt after squirt of his hot dog seed spewing inside me. I have to say that even though I hadn't even touched my own cock I felt my own cum squirting out on the grass about the same time he started filling me with his.

My tight hole quivered as it clamped tight around the base of his cock no bigger than my finger but I knew the thin red shaft that had penetrated me was now a purple raging monster.


I was his, his knot sealing off any leakage as he would leisurely pump his runny dog seed inside me until his balls were empty. For a while he panted, catching his breath from his extreme physical action but then was nearly motionless except for the surging of his spewing cock. A couple of times I thought he was going to dismount and turn around so we would be ass to ass but he stayed on top of me until his knot shrunk and I was happy for that.

As long as his knot was buried deep inside, it wasn't painful but I was afraid if he turned it would hurt. I really don't know how long we were tied but I do know he pumped plenty of dogs cum in me because there was plenty to run down my thighs when he finally pulled out.

It was ok once but I don't know if I'll ever do it again. I do get really horny though every time I think of how dominated I was. To be mounted, subdued, penetrated and bred purely because of his animal instinct to take a bitch and breed her.