Big tits dark hair teen Petite teenager Zoe has been through a lot

Big tits dark hair teen Petite teenager Zoe has been through a lot
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Losing my wife to the a car accident was the worse day of my life. Hit by a drunk trucker who I personally felt like he didn't get sentenced enough time.

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To make things worse I am the one who has to prep her body. Working at the morgue wasn't the easiest jobs but it paid good money in my town. It was small and the people were friendly. I'd opened the business when me and my wife had moved here twenty years ago.

We were a young couple who enjoyed the simple things in life. The town was perfect for us, since my wife couldn't have kids she was a school teacher. I took on opening a business that allowed me to be some what of a doctor.

I didn't have the patience to deal with live people so dead people where the next best thing. I got to find out some much about people. The smell took some getting used to for me and my wife. The day they brought her into the morgue her body was almost fully cold. It had a hint of warmth but very slight. She died on the scene and there was nothing they could do about it. First thing is first I tell myself.

I cute off her clothing so that I could clean her body. It was late and I had no assistant.

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No one at the front desk and I always worked late hours. Business hours were held between 8 am and 8 pm but there were nights I would be there past ten. Now that my wife is gone it was almost pointless to rush to get home early. After cutting her clothing off I admired her body. She was a petite woman, looking at her you wouldn't think she was forty-one, just a year older than me. But her body looked amazing. Her breast still in place and her skin had not began to sag.

She was all about being healthy and living as long as we could. I rubbed my hand across her breast and down her stomach.


How I would miss her, she was the love of my life from the moment I saw her. I kissed her perfect lips and wished she could kiss me back.

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Her laying there naked on my table was beginning to turn me on. My dick was beginning to sense what was going on. I turned on the water and started to hose her body down. I always rinsed the body before giving it a good scrub down. It was like watching her take a shower. The way her body looked all wet and dripping.

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My hands once again touch her breast. Never again would I be able to kiss them or suck them. I built the courage to wrap my lips around one of her nipples.

I closed my eyes and allowed my self to enjoy it. Flicking her nipped with my tongue and nibbling. My dick began to grow in my pants. I dropped my pants and allowed my dick some air. It sprung out of my boxers and ready yo poke something. I took her hand and stroked my cock. Pulling up from her nipped from time to time to moan. I figured I went that far it couldn't hurt to go further.

I turned her head and put vaseline in her mouth and on my dick to add some lubrication. It was the only thing there at the moment. I opened her mouth wide and slide my dick inside to the back of her neck.

I closed it enough to feel her lips but not too tight to feel her teeth.

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I began to stroke my dick down deep in her throat. The lub allowed it to remain slippery and not dry up. After ten minutes of fucking her throat I began to cum hard. It felt so good to be that deep in her mouth and down her throat.

Alive she would of never allowed me to go that deep, that hard, and cum down her throat. I was beginning to get even more turned on. Even after cumming I was still stroking it slightly. My cum had made it wet and even more slippery. Getting my dick harder than before. I pulled out and grabbed the vaseline again.

This time I spread her legs and placed it all over her pussy, outside and in. The outside to keep the skin from getting rough.

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Then I spit on my fingers and wet her inside. The vaseline worked but the mix of it with something wet felt better. I slide my hard cock into my wife. Pants and boxers at my ankles and t-shirt still on.

I was in too much of a hurry to buss inside of her one more time.


I shoved it in hard and rough. Take that you slut, take all of my cock. I roughly fucked her, I pulled her hair and bit at her nipples. I pounded her long and hard. I was enjoying it more than when she was alive. I sucked at her breast and pushed my hips deep into hers. I had never gone that long or that rough. I kept going harder and harder. I could feel the tip of her edge and I wanted to break her.

Oh you dirty slut, you like daddy's rough cock. With one breast in my hand and me holding her leg up with the other I could feel myself getting intense. Pounding my wife like I had lost my mind. Moaning and calling her dirty names. But I couldn't help myself. She felt so good and she wasn't objecting. I pulled my dick all the way out and looked down. It had never been so hard in the forty years I had been living. I shoved it back in and allowed it to twitch with excitement. I was getting close.I let go inside of stupid slut take it all in, take it.

I streamed inside of her then fell on top of her. I kissed her lips and lay there for a second. Thinking to myself how good she felt, it felt. Her body now dry and cold. Me dripping with sweat, it would be a few days before they would be putting her into the ground. I managed to get up and adjust my clothes.

It was now way late and I didn't feel like driving. I sat back in a chair and took a brief nap.

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Then decided that I would finish her up when I woke up. If you want to hear more of Eric's new love for his job, let me know.