Leslie is a hot treat

Leslie is a hot treat
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It wasn't my preference to go to my friends summer home for the week. Tickets for my favorite music festival was this week, but tickets sold way too fast for me to catch mine. My friend Jack, His mom Janet, and myself drove off to there lake house in New Hampshire, somewhere in the middle of the state.

The drive was only two hours from Massachusetts. We stopped for gas about halfway there, and Jack stepped out of the car to go to the bathroom. Janet was the epitomization of a MILF.

She was a suburban black haired woman, with great curves around her ass and a decent sized chest. She was 44 years old but took good care of her skin and made herself look ten years younger. I would tear her apart. There was a very slim chance of that. She was married, but Jack's dad was almost never around, he had a job in the stock exchange and made frequent long visits to New York City. Most of Jack's extended family was rich.

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Janet turned to me in the backseat. "You know Chris I'm sorry you don't get to go to your music festival!" I replied reluctantly "Nah it's alright this should be a good substitute" That was a white lie. Janet smiled, but i could see in her eyes she knew I didn't really want to be here.

"My sisters family will be there, and she has twins!" I just nodded "okay" she continued to look at me "They're girls you know!" she gave me a subtle wink which I thought was strange coming from her. I didn't think much of it. Jack popped back into the car and we were on our way again. We arrived at the lake house about an hour before dinner. Janet's sister Arianna and her daughters (the twins) came out to meet us.

We did our introductions and I wasn't good at matching the names with the faces, way too similar. They were Lily and Sarah, two strawberry blonde athletic girls, and as far as I could tell they had tight bodies. There tits were a solid size, less than a palm full but good enough for me.

It was their ass that I noticed particularly well. One was wearing a tight jeans and a loose fitting tank top with a bikini under it. The other was wearing a dress with flowers, and went no lower than her knees.

Needless to say, they themselves made me pretty horny. Arianna wasn't as attractive as her sister, which was a bit of a disappointment, but I guess it didn't matter. Arianna showed us our rooms, mine was right next to the twin's and Jack was across from me.

I had a pretty nice view of the lake, but I could really care less as I wasn't much of a nature guy. I heard the call for dinner and made my way down. Jack was already down there, as I headed down the stairs I heard some crying near the bottom of the stairs.

The bathroom door was a bit creaked so I opened it up a bit. Janet was sitting on the bath railing crying. She saw me and looked up then muttered while laughing a bit.

"Oh Chris I'm sorry you shouldn't see me like this, I'm embarrassing myself" I looked at her a little mournfully and tried to think of something to say. "You know it's probably none of my business, but we are at this beautiful lake, and maybe try not to think about any problems for the next week." She smiled a bit "Thanks Chris, it's just that… he's almost never around… but thanks" I hope I made her happier.

I looked at her and nodded while smiling "C'mon, dinner's ready." I decided to take the seat at that was empty at the end of the table.

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Janet sat next to me at the last empty seat. Homemade clam chowder and fresh bread was the meal. Not my particular cup of tea but it sufficed. We went through most of the dinner passing small talk conversations, what our interests are, favorite bands, boring stuff like that. It wasn't until about halfway through that something interesting happened.

I was about done with my meal when I felt a hand grab my leg.


It was Janet's hand, and she began to pet my leg up and down. This gave me an instant hard on - I couldn't help it. I also wasn't about to stop what she was doing. Eventually the hand slipped under my sweatpants. I couldn't believe what was happening. On the dinner table, you couldn't even tell what was happening. She grabbed my cock and began to stroke it slowly. Whenever someone asked me a question I would begin to stutter but managed to fake my way. Janet would periodically look at me and smile.

her soft hands felt great around me and started to breath a bit heavier. I was also rather nervous, I didn't want anyone to find out. I could feel it boiling up inside me, and finally, cum flowed out like a small fountain, soaking my underwear and a bit of her hand.

She quickly pulled out her hand and looked around real quick and licked it off, pretending it was food perhaps. Before it seeped through to my sweatpants, I stood up and excused myself and headed to the bathroom. I took off my underwear and threw it in the clothes bin without thinking. I cleaned myself up and went commando quickly to grab a fresh pair upstairs.

I came back down and everyone was cleaning up, so I helped out. After dinner we all sat around the living room and put on a movie. It was some romantic comedy that the girls liked.


The night trudged on and the movie had finished, so Arianna headed off to bed. We sat around and shared conversation before the twins and Jack decided to head up as well.

It was just me and Janet downstairs. As soon as everyone was out of earshot she sat next to me on the couch and smiled. "I'm sorry about dinner, It's just I haven't really had any fun in a while" I smiled too not sure what to say.

Hahaha, well I didn't really mind it at all, it's pretty understandable what with your husband gone frequently" Her face changed to a more gloomy expression and she looked away. "Eh I don't even want to think about him right now" My smile disappeared.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring it up" She quickly glanced back at me. "It's okay. Hey Chris…" She looked las if she was thinking about something, so I replied.

"Yea?" She took a deep breath before answering. "Can you finger me?" My mouth opened up a bit. I would give anything to please this woman right now. I smiled and replied. "Of Course." She stood up and started unzipping her dress.

"It's feels good to get out of this thing." Her body was exquisite, I wanted to touch all of her. She unclipped her bra and threw them aside, then unclipped her panties from her stockings.

She then slipped her stockings off and sat back down on the couch.

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I stood in front of her then got on my knees and leaned in to start. She stopped me by putting her foot on my forehead. "Take your shirt off." I complied and threw my shirt to the side. I reached for her wonderful inner thighs. I creeped two fingers into her, and she began moaning with lust. She must not have had sex in a while, she was pretty tight. I started twisting my fingers inside her and she began to grab her breasts and squeeze them.

I then heard her whisper. "Fuck me with your tongue Chris" I grabbed her legs and pulled her body to the edge of the couch, and placed my face in-between her thighs.

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She wasn't shaved but she kept it her hair well trimmed. It smelled incredible, like her perfume. I started kissing her pussy, then pushed my tongue into her. Her thighs squeezed around me in ecstasy. I kept flicking my tongue as fast as I could inside her, and I could feel her shuffling her body around on the couch.

"Oh fuck me Chris this feels amazing!" She practically said right out loud.

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I felt her juices flow out of her pussy getting all over my face. She squealed way too loudly then cracked up. The couch even had a bit of her juices on it. I stood up and quickly grabbed my t-shirt to clean my face she got up, bare naked and started laughing as quietly as she could. "Quickly Chris get to your room, they probably heard me!" We both bolted upstairs as fast as we could and got in my room.

I quietly closed the door. She started putting on her dress. She stood by the door and looked at me. "Good job Chris, and goodnight." She winked at me then opened the door and walked to her room.

It was hard for me to fall asleep, as I was in disbelief of what just happened. It wasn't long before i started staring at the ceiling in my bed. On the ceiling I saw a small splotch of light, but the room practically had no light entering it. Since I could't fall asleep, I decided to start looking for it.

My search eventually led to me taking off the painting that was hanging over my bed where I found a small hole that looked into the twin's room.

Light was coming from the room and bounced off the back of the painting and hit the ceiling.

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I got closer to the five millimeter hole and looked through. My jaw dropped when my eye reached the hole. I could see the twins naked one of there twin beds, one was sitting up in the bed and the other had her head in-between her thighs. The one sitting up was biting her lips and thrusting her body into the other.

I think the one sitting up was Sarah, and the one eating out was Lily, though I wasn't too sure. They were really enjoying each other. I had blue balls from Janet so I decided it wouldn't be a bad time to rub one out.

As I was repositioning myself my hand slipped on the head bored and my shoulder hit the bed, making a rather loud wooden bang. I quickly threw the sheets over myself and pretended to be asleep incase they knew about the hole. I lied there for about a minute when the light coming through the hole was blocked up. They were probably looking through it. Nothing happened for about 5 minutes, so I took it as a que to try and get some sleep. I was deep in sleep when I felt a rocking back and forth, and the smell of fresh air.

My eyes shot open and I was lying belly up on a blanket in a rowboat. It must have been about four in the morning, and I felt groggy.

I looked around and noticed one of the twins was rowing and the other was sitting above me. They both stared at me, with a look of displeasure. "We know you're pretty horny" Lily threw my old boxers on top of me with the cum stains.

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"You don't hide it very well. And we know you saw us last night" I was about to speak but a pair of panties were shoved in my mouth. When I tried reaching to remove them I noticed my hands were tied down to the boat. Sarah kept rowing as this was happening. Lily stood above me, and I could look up her skirt, and saw her pussy clear as day. These were her panties. "We've worked out a little arrangement; you don't tell anyone…" She then sat down on me with her knees on my sides, right next to my chest.

"And we're gonna fuck you" Sarah was behind her and grabbed my sweatpants and dragged them off of me, then grabbed my boxers and pulled them down to my ankles, revealing my rock hard cock. Lily slid back and raised herself over my cock, and reached her hand down and spread her pussy lips out. Sarah's hand reached in and pulled my member perpendicular to me body. Lily slid herself over me and I couldn't believe how it felt.

She was incredibly tight, it felt like nothing had ever really entered her before. She began rising my cock, in cowgirl style. I didn't know how long I could last with this amazing feeling. She went slow, and steady, while I could feel Sarah was massaging my balls, making for an unbelievable feeling. Lily grabbed my chest, so I decided to put some of my own thrust into it.

"You better worn me before you cum" I could do nothing but nod. I grabbed her breasts as she continued to slide herself up and down my penis. It wasn't long before I couldn't hold it in, so I started mumbling through the panties in my mouth. Lily got off me and stood over Sarah, who was lying down below me. Sarah grabbed my penis and began jerking it quickly. I felt it swelling up inside, and I couldn't hold it in any longer. Cum spurted outand Sarah put her mouth over my head just in time to catch most of it.

She started sucking it up until she had too much in her mouth, and swallowed! She wiped her mouth with her wrist. "Know if you tell anybody what we were doing, we'll tell Arianna what you did. And she won't like the sound of it." Lily took her underwear out of my mouth and slid them back up her legs. "Don't say anything till we're back" I took that as the que to keep quiet.

This trip to the lake turned out a lot better than I though it would.

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I wonder what would happen for the rest of the week…