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Neelima Fucking and Hubby recording
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A Ball Of Lust "Lady Vi, we have a letter for you." I was happily lounging on the couch when the servant girl came in, so I just waved my gloved hand, dismissing the letter for later reading.

"Leave it on the desk; I'll get to it later." "Lady, it is from the Prince of Vinisila. The royal servant says the Prince insists on you reading the letter." I sat up, glaring at her. "You should of told me before. Bring it here." She brought the letter on the silver plate to me. I picked it up, reading it thought. You are invited to the ball For Prince Cecil to Choose his Wife.

From Six to Midnight, July Third, It shall happen. I then read the next letter placed on the plate. Dear Lady Viola, I hear you're a beauty to behold, and it would be gracious if you blessed me with your company at my ball. Please bring your mother Lady Genevieve, and your best dress, as I'll be choosing my bride, as stated in the previous letter.

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I've heard they you have turned down every offer of marriage so far. If I ask for your hand, I'll let you know, there won't be another offer as good as mine. Sincerely, The Prince of Vinisila.

I smiled, fanning myself with the letters. "I must get going as soon as possible if I am to arrive at the palace in time for the ball. Girl, tell my mother of the plans, and get the horses and Carriage ready. I am off to find a dress." <3 I decided on my new strapless soft coral pink gown, with a diving V-neck that stopped low enough to show a good inch of cleavage. It was corseted, and the tulle exploded from the dropped waist.

I looked out on the balcony, the sun slowly seeping down, telling me six o'clock was coming soon enough. I turned back into my room, Genevieve sitting in the corner, reading a dead poet's work. I looked at myself in the mirror, and decided to wear an expensive necklace that was crowded with diamonds, and accompanied it with big diamond earrings. My soft brunette hair cascaded down my back, ending near the dropped waist, and a few shorter strands falling down in the front, ending just below my breasts.

I pulled some of the long locks back, front and back, into a polished porcelain barrette I had received from a rich suitor who spent too much time trying to look at my chest. "You look stunning." My Aunt stood, smiling proudly, tears in her eyes.

"If we are good enough, then the Prince may ask for your hand!" I smiled, and answered slyly, "Only if he is handsome and charming will I even consider his offer." I winked at her, giving her hope that I'd say yes. My Aunt clapped her hands together, and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Now, be good.

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Stand straight, be polite, and be sexy when only the Prince is in the room, or when no one is paying attention." I nodded, twirling once before curtsying and smiling brightly at her. "I will do my best, Lady Genevieve." And I left the room for the ball rooms, which were already crowded with hopeful ladies of every stature invited to this ball. But none of them had a hope in the world against me. I knew I was good enough to get anyone I wanted. Once, a man who was married, asked me to marry him.

I was sixteen at the time, and his wife was in the room. The Prince was single, wanting the best looking, politest lady he could get.

I was that lady. Trumpets sounded, and a loud voice announced, "Prince Cecil, Of Vinisila!" Claps erupted from the crowd, as well as a couple squeals from a couple girls in the corner. I causally looked at them, and then at the doors, where the Prince came through, looking over the crowd until he saw me, and stopped.

I smiled, sending a come and get me look over my shoulder and pushing through the crowd to get to a room less crowded, and a couple servants with Champagne.

By the time the Prince entered the almost empty room, I had downed three flutes of champagne, and was working on a fourth, and was defiantly on my way to drunk. He entered and closed the doors behind him, after he shooed the only other person besides me, out of the room. He walked towards me, eyeing me with a hunger I didn't mind, thanks to the drunken fog in my head. "They didn't lie," He spoke huskily; "You're a beauty." He snaked a hand onto my waist, eyes still not on my face.

I frowned, "I have heard that so many times, tell me something I haven't heard," I sounded whinny, and my words slurred together. I fell towards him a bit, shoving up against him in the most unruly manner I have ever conducted in. "I.I…"He stuttered, obviously distracted by the amount of cleavage that was near his face.

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"Like your breasts." I smiled, licking my lips drunkenly. "Daring. I like it." Moving closer, and moving my face towards his, I barely noticed his hand caress my butt, and gave no sign that I did notice, so he took that as a time to use both hands in squeezing my bottom, pulling my hips into his crotch area.

Something hard poked me, and anger washed through me, thinking he forgot to take off his sword. I let out a groan, filled with anger, but in our drunken state, he took that as a pleasure groan, and pushed me into the wall, one hand diving under my skirts and the other on my breast, squeezing it roughly, sending a pleasurful wave through my body and into my core. Then his hand left my breast and all of him when under my skirt, playing with my lower parts. I gasped, shocked, and then I moaned, "Oh, more, please more!" With this, he shoved me against the wall, and started to untie my dress, and after that quick work, he pulled it a little down so he could play with my chest.

He took one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking on it until I moaning in ecstasy. His hand started to play with my other nipple, squeezing and rubbing it roughly, making my core burn with pleasure. His tongue flicked at my other breast, causing un-rhythmic bursts of pleasure to flow through my body.

He pulled back, letting finally his attention arrive at my mouth, and I received a kiss, filled with tongue and spit. I vaguely felt him pull off his pants, the only thing other than my dress on was his undergarments separating us. I wanted him-I didn't know what it was I wanted, but I wanted him. I dropped my dress, naked now, in the locked room.

"What do you want?" He demanded hunger raw in his eyes. I giggled. "You." He pushed me around, so I faced the wall, and slapped my butt. "No, wrong answer.


Tell me again." I squealed in pain at his hit, but obeyed, my hormones running rampant. "I want yoo-!" Again, he hit my butt, but this time it was harder, and fallowed up with him turning me around, and slapping each breast.

His eyes seemed to be memorized with each swing he created while hitting my breasts.

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So, he kept hitting, harder and harder, pressing me into the wall. After a minute or two, he slammed into me, and ordered me to beg for what I wanted. I felt a little disobedient now thought, since he still had his sword on. "No." I growled, pouting.

He threw me on to the floor, causing me to yelp in the sudden pain. "Beg to suck my dick. Now. On your knees." I felt a little more willing, but scared, not knowing what a dick was. "P-Please, can I suck your…d-dick." I asked, whimpering to add a little more effect, giving him the feeling of dominance.

He smiled, stroking a long fleshy stick attached to his body. "Master. Call me Master." "Please let me suck your dick, master." He shoved his dick into my face. "Take it in your mouth." I did as told, and the gagged a little, but didn't let the thing go. It was huge! I couldn't fit it all in my mouth!


He was crazy if he thought I could. I started to suck a little, but then I stopped when he put his hand on the back of my head and shoved himself into my mouth, all the way until my lips were at his base, and then he pulled back, and then shoved me down it again. After a couple strokes, he grunted, "Keep sucking." And I did. It was hard, but I did.

Suddenly, he pulled he all the ways to the base again, and squirted some hot liquid down my throat. I gagged a little, but enjoyed the taste.

I pulled it out of my mouth, stroking it, and swallowing the liquid he had poured into me throat and mouth. "That's a good girl," He growled, pushing me to sit in a chair in the edge of the room, "Swallow all my cum." I giggled, assuming the liquid was 'cum'.

"Will I be allowed to swallow cum again?" "Only if you are a good girl. Spread your legs." He began to stroke the insides of my legs, and I enjoyed the feeling, especially when he started to lick my lower place. "Ahhh!" I moaned, placing a hand on his hand and pushing his head into my crotch.

"More, more!" The licking stopped, and he stood, towering over me in the chair. "Beg for my cock. Now, bitch!" I pulled my legs wider.

"Please, I want your cock!" I begged, whimpering, wanting the pleasure back. He smiled, slowly placing the tip of his fleshy rod at the base of my lower area. I gasped in pleasure the moment our skins touched. "You like that, huh, bitch?" "I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, please don't stop!" "Want me to go in hard?" "Yes Yes Yes!" "It'll hurt a litte." "I don't care!" With that, he shoved up inside me, midway in and stopped.

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"Wow, your tight." I moaned, curling my legs around his waist, trying to pull him more into me. He felt this, and pushed in, slowly, graciously. It was torment, and I started to shiver and moan, vibrating with each touch. "P-P-Please, Masterrr!" I tried to beg for more, but the torment caused me to moan on the r.

"M-m-moreeeE!" I squealed as he went almost all inside, a pain cursing all the pleasure out of me. Tears rushed down my face, but the Prince barely noticed as he began to thrust in and out rapidly, pounding me. "Ask me to go harder into your pussy, bitch," He demanded of me. "Please-Harder-In-" I panted in time with his thrusts, but I cut myself off with a loud moan, my curly locks bouncing on my breasts, which were hitting him in the chest.

I grabbed at skin on his bare back, and screamed in the high of my pleasure, "In my pussy!" He shoved up hard, and then pulled me off the chair, and sat me on my hands and knees, hammering into my pussy viperously, and I got the feeling he could go deeper, harder, and faster. And, as if he read my mind, he did go faster, harder, and deeper.

"OH god OH god OH god OH god OH god OH god OH god OH god OH god OH god OH god!" I moaned, his hands practically raping my breasts. Then we moved again, I was smashed against the window, my boobs pressed against the glass.

We kept going for a couple moments, and then I heard Cecil's brother's voice outside the door. "Cecil? You in there? The ball is over." Cecil laughed. "Oh-kay! Come in, lock the door behind you!" Clyde walked in, and did as he was told. "Oh my, Cecil. Quite a haul for you. Mind if I share?" Cecil pulled out of me, and threw me to the floor. "Suck his cock. Beg for it." I turned to Clyde, a bigger man then Cecil, and begged on my hands and knees, butt in the air, knowing Cecil would like to slap it.

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"Master Clyde, please let me suck you. PleeeE!" I stopped short when Cecil rammed himself into my asshole. I screamed in pain, and tears slipped out, but my second yelp when he started to thrust in rhythm, was caught in Clyde's dick. It was even bigger then Cecil's, maybe even twice, and then they started to thrust, Clyde more uneven then Cecil. His large hand forced my head three fourths down his dick before I couldn't handle anymore, and he'd pull back.

A light conversation was struck up upon the brothers. "Should we take her, then bring her to father?" "He always wants to take what we have as well thought-I don't want to." "But he is larger than us both, she'll won't know what to do, and dad lets us take her other hole while he is at work." Clyde frowned. "Fine. But you have to go get him, and I'll stay here-" He shoved me all the way to the base of his cock, and I couldn't go any further.

"To keep her company." Cecil the removed himself from my butt, and nodded. He left, and Clyde released my head.

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"Get on the table." I looked up. "But-" He pushed me over violently, "No. You get on that table, or I'll let the horses fuck you, and you won't survive that." I obeyed, out of fear. Lying on the table, my pussy hanging off, Clyde slid slowly into me. "Too bad I didn't find you first, or I'd of been a lot gentler, but since your already deflowered, I'll be rough as possible." I squealed as he shoved in, his full length filling up my insides and then he pulled out again.

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Each thrust was harder, faster, and even deeper! I screamed with pleasure, and when the door opened, and Cecil and the king entered with rope, I was so far into pleasure, I just naïvely thought they just wanted to have me suck his dick while Clyde and Cecil took me in the back. But the they tied my hands to the table legs, and the king kissed my breasts. "You, my lady, have the finest breasts I have ever seen." He nodded to Cecil, and Clyde.

"I shall fuck her now, move." Once he undid his pants, his cock flung up, hard and erect, more so than both of the boys. He was huge! Way bigger then Clyde! He saw this, and started to stroke his length. "You like it? A full eleven inches. Cecil is five, and Clyde is seven." He moved to my exposed pussy. "Man, looks like none of these boys dumped a load in you yet. Clyde!" Clyde ran over, rammed me with all the force he could muster, and then shot the cum into my pussy.

He pulled back, and Cecil quickly added his load as well, but even as he went soft, he continued to fuck me, and then pulled out after he shot his second round in me. The king soon followed, his eleven inch cock prodding my entrance.

"Ask me." I moaned, trying to move my legs to pull him into my yearning pussy, but they were restricted to the table. He casually rubbed the tip of his cock up and down my lips, waiting for my answer. "Please," I whispered, barely holding on, my whole body shaking from the pleasure. "Fuck me…real hard." The king smiled evilly, a glint forming in his eye.

"No." And he moved slowly into me, and slowly back, not slowing or quickening his thrusts. Just in halfway, out, in, out.


It was torture, so I started to beg for it. "Please, King, take me! Fuck me so hard! Fuck me harder the Clyde or Cecil combined! Take me! Fuck me until I scream, and fill me with your cum!" He refused to listen to my begging, and he went in and out slower, and this time, only the first two inches of his whole self. Then I felt Clyde and Cecil untie me, and they moved me to the backless seat, Clyde on one side and then the king on the other.

Cecil stood on the cushion, his cock at my mouth. The King held me, hovering over the two biggest cocks, and the smallest at my mouths, ready to fuck me, all the ways. At once. After a minute of hovering, the king dropped me, let go, and let gravity pull me on to his and Clyde's waiting cocks. Cecil forced his member into my mouth, and they thrusted until they all cumed, I had climaxed several times, and I was numb from pleasure.

I gurgled at the end, smiling numbly. "What her name?" "I think…Viola?" I moaned, nodding vaguely. "Take her home. But, know where she lives. We may have to visit her-Often."