Bettie ballhaus fuck

Bettie ballhaus fuck
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I am in love with Brandon James. He is the embodiment of the Greek God Helios, the Sun God, standing at six foot even, one hundred and ninety pounds of muscular toned physique with golden curls and eyes the color of the ocean. He has been the main attraction of my spank bank since my junior year of high school and four years later; he still fuels my wet dreams but in a much different way.

He is the reason why his girlfriend since high school, Ashley McQueen, was currently in my Cabin passed out on the smooth hardwood floors, wearing nothing but her undergarments and a blackout blindfold. And in a few more hours Brandon would be joining her. Crackles echoed throughout the somewhat silent living room as I fed the fireplace more wood. It was the middle of winter and freezing to death might have been the more humane way to die other than what I had planned for them.

I never knew my mother, but from my father's point of view, she was a beautiful woman with a giving soul. She was always happy even up to the point when she came here to this secluded Cabin and took her life. She took the time to neatly cover the furniture in a plastic covering before wrapping a thick rope around her neck and falling from the second-floor banister.

Luckily for me, my father refuses to come here, so everything was left the way it was; making it less work for me. Squatting next to Ashley, I rolled her onto her stomach, exposing more of her sky blue lacey panties that covered her round pale ass then pinched the skin of her perky cheeks.

I worked just the tip of my middle finger between the thin fabric of her panties, slipping my dry finger between her folds and into her hot cunt. My mouth watered as my exploring finger probed against some resistance. So the rumors were true. This bitch was holding onto her virginity just for me. I smiled at the thought, but I would save that for someone else. The very thought caused my sex to clench and throbbed for some attention, but that will have to wait.

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I removed my finger from her somewhat moist cunt and rolled her back onto her back before starting to drag her heavy ass along the floor towards the couch.

I cannot believe she dared to call me Tubby Tory during high school and here she was causing me to break a sweat. Breathing deeply, I lifted her and bent her over one of her armrests. Ashley was starting to groan, slowly waking from her chloroform-induced slumber. Working fast, I pulled out my new black latex jumpsuit with matching cat ears and a pair of leather thigh high boots, some rope, a replica of a 9mm, and a leg spreader bar with ankle cuffs from my luggage bag, laying everything neatly on the kitchen counter but the rope and the spreader bar before going back and attending to my entertainment for the night.

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It has been one year, two months and thirteen days since my last playmate and my body was purring for a new victim. After removing her bra, I bound her wrist together behind her back.

With the longest piece of rope, I formed a tight Daisy-chain knot around her breast pulling the excess tightly around her back until the fibers bit into her soft skin. Gods this rope was long, I thought as I crossed the ends of the rope, feeding it beneath both her arms. I crossed the rope once again beneath the couch before tieing them off to her ankles to keep her from falling off the couch.

"What's. what's going on?", she groggily asks as she struggles with the ropes, looking around the cabin a daze. "Please, someone help me!", She screams while I leave her there helpless to change my clothing. I will never understand why my playmates always think that screaming for help will result in someone coming to their rescue.

I blame comic books. I gave myself a once-over, taking in the way the black latex hugged every detail of my body. From my full double d-cup bosoms; to my hourglass figure, right down to my thick plump ass, the latex clung, like it was a second skin. I had lost the fat I carried around in my gut, my face and arms in my youth.

Now, I was toned and tight. I brushed my blown out dark locks into a smooth ponytail, topping it off with the shiny cat ears. I didn't need them but what girl did not enjoy looking cute. I had enough of her endless whining and slipped on the final piece of my crotchless kill suit. "Please anyone, save me.", I mimicked sweetly, sliding on the final piece of my kill suit. It was nine inches of pure black silicone with a lovely soda can girth, that held onto my hips and against my tender clit by thick dark straps.

I picked back up the fake gun and walked behind her bent body, pressing my hard strap against her panties.

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It was time to get this playtime started. I hit the butt of the fake gun down against her tailbone causing her to scream out in pain and rock her hips. I moaned softly as her wiggling caused the base of the strapon to press and move against my slicking sex.

I picked back up the fake gun and walked behind her bent body, pressing my hard strap against her panties. It was time to get this playtime started. I hit the butt of the fake gun down against her tailbone causing her to scream out in pain and jiggle her cheeks as she squirmed about. I moaned softly as her wiggling caused the base of the strapon to press and move against my slightly slicking sex.

"This can go one or two ways.", I cooed, curling my free hand into her soft brown hair, pulling her head back as I pressed the nose of the gun to her tempo. ".Either I can be sweet and gentle, or I can take everything from you, including your last breath". I allowed my tender promises to seep into her tiny mind. Dropping the gun from her tempo, I again hit the butt of the gun back down onto the same spot on her tailbone, helping her understand the seriousness of my threat.

"I'll be good!, I'll be good.", She yells between her sobs. "Good girl.", I purred. Petting her briefly, before sitting on the couch lifting her head onto my lap.


She was no longer bellowing, but she was refusing to part her rosy lips for my strapon. My patients were dwindling, so I pinched her nostrils together and waited until she gasped to thrust my hips upward, impaling every inch of my silicone cock into her mouth. Globs of saliva seeped from the corners of her lips and around my shaft. She tried to jerk her head back, but I held her down, refusing her any access to air. I held her there long enough to watch the tip of her ears turn slightly red before I pulled her mouth from my cock, allowing her to pull in some much-needed breaths.

Releasing her nose, I gripped her hair, guiding her mouth back down onto my cock, which she accepted without hesitation with watering eyes. Thirty minutes past and her face was a mess. She had bits of semi-dried spit around her lips and dark patches down her cheeks from where her tears had caused her mascara to run.

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All her bobbing was causing my pussy to ache for some attention. Standing up, I caused my cock to lodge in her throat briefly before pulling my fake member from her mouth, giving her break so I could pull out a special frozen treat. I had thought about waiting for her boyfriend to arrive to take her ass but Brandon would not show for another thirty minutes and I was becoming bored.

Grabbing some lube from my bag, I smeared the slippery content along and around my cock before going back behind her. "Please No!", she cried as I move the fabric from over her ass, exposing her tan puckering hole. "Please NOoo!", I grinned, mimicking her pleadings as I gripped her hips and thrust my cock home into her ass, relishing as her never been used hole swallowed my cock.

I moaned each time my thighs collided with hers. Each thrust I gave, sent tingling waves into my pussy as the base of my fake cock brushed up against my clit. I spotted some lights, cutting through the darkness. "Our guest has just arrived, Little Fox.", I chuckled, bucking my hips more into her deflowered ass.

She started to scream and move her hips, but I held firmly on, listening to the suckling sounds of her tight hole. The front door slammed shut as I gave another thrust. The muscles of my pussy clenched as my juices slowly leaked down the inner thighs of my crotchless leather suit. I spanked her pale ass, leaving a nice red handprint behind. "I see you have started without me." a sweet voice whispered in my ear.

Pressing a palm to the small of my back, I lean forward allowing him to swipe one of his thick fingers between my slicken folds. Swatting his hand away from my body, he chuckled, pulling off his winter coat as I pulled my cock from Ashley's blushing hole. "Did you take the blue pill little pet?" I asked, unhooking the strapon and tossing it into the sink.

"Yes, Mistress Kitty." he chimed with pride, removing all his clothing, folding them neatly and placing them onto the countertop. He was a good pet; I might miss him once he was dead. Ashley started making annoying weeping- blubbering sounds. I knelt before him, looking up into his deep blue eyes, taking his meat into my hands and gently pulled the skin of his shaft towards the crown of his cock. I could feel the muscles of his cock tense up, stiffening within my palms.

I released him, allowing his cock to spring up naturally. I tilted my head slightly, pressing just the tip of my tongue against the base of his shaft and slowly licked my way upwards, teasing his member with my tongue until the first bead of pre-cum leaked from the slit of his cock.

His moans spurred me on. I curled my fingers back around his shaft, gently stroking his cock, pulling the foreskin back down towards the base, exposing more of his bulbous head. I parted my lips, forming an "O" and slipped my lips around his head and down a few inches.

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My mouth watered, covering his cock in my saliva as I begin to suck him, lowering my head more, allowing more of his veiny member into my mouth. I felt him sway as he tilted his head back in pure bliss from the oral gift he was receiving.

I pulled my lips back up to the crown of his shaft, curling my tongue around it. My tongue danced around the crown and then across the slit, sampling the tanginess of his pre-cum. Traveling my mouth back down his shaft, I suckled his cock deeper into my mouth, til the first few inches of his shaft, was housed in my throat.


He grunted loudly over the sounds of Ashley's whining. Moving my head back and forth, I used my cheeks to massage the sides of his glistening shaft. If I had not enjoyed the rush taking someone's life gave me so much, giving a blow job would have been my favorite thing to do. I pulled him from my mouth with a pop; he was good and ready for what was to happen next.

I pressed my body against him, as I stood and whispered softly in his ear, "Are you ready to mount your bitch, little pup?" I pressed my body lightly against him and slowly slid up his body, pressing firmly against his hard cock as I stood. "Are you ready to mount your bitch little pup?", I whispered before curling my tongue beneath his earlobe and sucking it between my teeth.

"Oh Yes, my Ebony Goddess.". .To be continued If you are curious about what happens next, leave me a comment to hurry up with part two.