Jesses schlafen über Fick Party

Jesses schlafen über Fick Party
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Myself,Ash and my husband Josh together with my sister Molly and also with Steph (A large breasted shemale) come round to my friend Helen's to pick up her and her hubby Brad for a special trip.

We pick them up from their place and all Helen is wearing today is a body concealing Kaftan and bobby sox with comfortable shoes. We are going to the zoo!! When we arrive we are accorded special privileges (arranged by me).

We are first going to be shown the Zebra mating. Before we get there we meet up with Eric and Greta (Husband's brother and wife) and Charles my brother. Greta is currently about 8 months pregnant. Eric is a well built black man with a huge prick. We are let into the closed barn and Helen stands with Josh against the restraining fence to get a good view whilst Helen's hubby latches himself onto me.

I stand behind Helen so I can help with her arousal.

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The female Zebra is brought in and tethered so it cannot move. The male zebra is now brought in and I am allowed to help raise its tool for mating. I pass it tool to Helen who first strokes it and caresses it so that it slowly starts to grow. At the same time Josh has put his hands under Helen's Kaftan and is playing with her ever wettening cunt.

Playing also with her now prominent clit. The zebra tool has now reached its full potential and before it is allowed to perform its duties she points its tool towards me who with Charle's help try to take it in my mouth (at least as much as I can). Just as I do this Helen lets out a little squeal - unknown to her Josh has taken out his rampant prick and the squeal is caused by his rough insertion of it into her cunt.

I continue sucking and I continue pumping. Soon the zebra's tool is removed from my mouth and he is moved over to mate with the female. As it enters the females cunt Helen has your first orgasm. The zebra fucks the female and as it cums Josh cums inside Helen too. Having completed this part of the tour we move on to the giraffe house.

Unfortunately (or maybe not) the giraffes are no longer there leaving the place empty for us. Eric puts his arm around me and we both sink slowly to the hay covered floor. I am feeling very sexy after watching Helen and Josh's quick coupling and remove his prick from his trousers and discover what a whopper it is.

I try to take it into my mouth but have great difficulty it is so large. Eventually I manage to get the head inside and with a great deal of effort succeed in taking a small amount inside my mouth. Josh now finds another secluded spot and whisks Molly away for a bit of refamiliarisation. Steph now pairs up with Charles and Helen which leaves Greta and Brad watching.

I continue sucking Eric until he tells me to stop as he is approaching orgasm. I take him out of my mouth and remove his trousers and underwear.

He pushes my sweater up to my neck, exposing my lovely titties as well as my leaking cunt.(I had decided not to wear any panties for this trip) He lowers himself on top of me and takes me by surprise when he tries to insert his fully erect prick into my ass instead of my cunt as I expected.


He gives up after trying several times without success, he is just too large for the moment. I need to be primed before he will be able to fuck me in the ass.

My immediate discomfort is soon to change to pleasure as he changes tack and starts thrusting into my cunt instead of up my rear passage whilst tenderly manipulating my clit with one of his fingers.

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He plays with my lovely breasts with his other hand and occasionally gives me a heavy spank when I least expect it. After several attempts he finally gets the head into me and with a few more thrusts the remainder of his weapon slowly begins to inch its way inside me.

I am now approaching orgasm. Meanwhile Brad takes the pregnant Greta into another of the giraffe stalls and slowly removes her garments exposing her large milk filled titties, her large extended belly and her hairy cunt.

He too strips and they lay down - not quite. Greta actually gets into a doggy position allowing him to slowly insert himself into her prominently exposed cunt. He commences in and out motions and sticks a couple of fingers into her asshole. He uses his other hand to caress her beautiful titties and smooth big round belly alternately. Everything is going well when we hear an alarm sound.

We dont know immediately the reason but soon an announcement is made on the P.A.

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One of the male gorillas has escaped ! We think nothing of it until through the door we see the missing gorilla heading for our private party. Before we have chance to take too much action - after all we are all in rather awkward positions for taking evasive action. Eric slides out of me and stands up - pulling me to my feet also.

My sweater falls back down making me "decent" again. Charles pull out of Greta and the time this has taken has allowed the gorilla to enter the giraffe house. The gorilla seems to take a fancy to me and Helen and grabs the pair of us.


It grabs us both and takes us up to a den at a higher level in one corner of the house. Here it rips off Helen's kaftan and lays us both gently down in its lair. We both then notice (in fact we all notice) that its giant prick begins to rise.Will we be rescued? - can we repel its obvious advances? Meanwhile, before the alarm was sounded, Charles and Steph had stripped Helen and Steph had fucked her in the doggy position, filling her cunt with lovely hot cum.

At the same time Charles was fucking Steph up "her" ass. Steph came first and withdrew from Helen so Charles pulled out of Steph and replaced Steph's prick in Helen's cunt. He came quickly as Steph had brought him almost to the point of no return.

So Helen now has two full loads inside her lovely cunt. Also prior to the alarm Josh and Molly had gone back to the zebra house because Molly had been so fascinated by what we had seen and was jealous of Helen offering the zebra prick to me instead of her. Before reaching the zebra house however they stop at a convenient empty stall for a pre-session. Molly told him she wanted to try the zebra's prick as it appears to be much slimmer than a horse which she was currently too frightened to try.

She wanted Josh to prepare her cunt for the zebra by first fucking her to lubricate her and then to insert the very large dildo she had brought with her to acclimatise her cunt for the zebra. They had just started part one of the scheme. He had stripped her and had just slipped his prick into her when the alarm sounded.

Back to the gorilla at last. It forces my legs open and fortunately for me it appears to be quite gentle but with a sharp pull it rips my sweater from me. It caresses my lovely tits with its furry paws, I am certain in my own mind that I am about to be raped by a gorilla but he then turns again to Helen,who has a cunt filled by Charles and Steph just prior to its entrance, attracted by the scent of her cum filled cunt.

She also is certain in her own mind that she is about to be raped by a gorilla. It pushes her gently to the ground and forces her legs open and with a sharp thrust it pushes its tool into her wet cum filled cunt. Its prick continues to grow and it is now filling her completely.

It appears to be quite gentle and caresses her lovely tits with its furry paws whilst continuing to fuck her. Her initial fear of being harmed slowly subsides and after a while she begins to feel aroused - so much so that by the time he is ready to cum she has had her first orgasm with him. He continues to fuck her and she cums again.

I am lying there with very mixed emotions.

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Relief, apprehension, wondering. Am I going to be next?

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What will it feel like? I turn to watch and see the gorilla stop and pull out of Helen. He turns around to me and before I have a chance to take avoiding action he has grabbed me and stuffed his weapon straight inside my waiting cunt.

My unanswered questions are now being answered. Yes I too am about to be raped by a Gorilla and I too am about to feel, like Helen did, what it is like. Initially I freeze but before long begin to relax and enjoy the feeling of being well filled once again. It is soon after this that I have my first orgasm and soon a second. The Gorilla really begins to pound me now. In and out of my cunt quite rapidly.Just as I am beginning to feel I have had enough he appears to stop his pounding.

He stiffens - he is about to climax. When he cummmms inside me, filling me with his copious sticky gooey sperm, I have my third orgasm. His climax seems to take an age - he seems to cum and cum and cum. I am really overflowing with such a large amount. It was so much that it was almost pouring out of me like a river. I have been fucked by the biggest prick I have ever seen, leaving me with a hugely expanded gaping gash where my normally pretty attractive cunt had previously been. I have also been left with the largest amount of cum i have ever experienced.

We were wondering what he was going to do next. Was he about to move from me to rape Helen again next? She had become rather aroused at the sight of me being raped. She almost had an orgasm herself when she realised that he was cuuuummmmmming inside me and when he eventually slid out she could see the sperm after the initial torrent slow down and start sliding, oozing slowly out of my gaping wide extended cunt.Her fear of harm had also subsided but she was still apprehensive about what will happen.

Will he harm her after fucking me? Will he set upon her next? The answer was soon coming. He moved over to Helen and embraced her in his mighty paws, threw her onto the floor of his den and before she had time to scream his huge prick was once more forced into her cunt. He must have had good powers of recovery because after fucking her for only a short time he again stiffened and filled her with his cum just as he had filled me.

He raised himself off her and before anyone else had chance to move the unexpected occured. The keeper had rushed off and got a tranquilising gun which he fired into the gorilla. The gorilla still at Helen's side, paws her tits a few more times before he crumpled in a heap at her feet. Our friends were able to get a ladder and rescue us both (and him).

Josh took me and Helen away to the rest room where he locked the doors immediately. He cuddled us both in his arms alternately quietly whispering sweet nothings until we had both calmed down and were breathing normally again.

At this point of recovery he placed Helen on a bench and knelt between her legs and proceeded to lick her to orgasm, tasting for the first time the sperm of a gorilla!


After she has cum and whilst caressing her sweet titties he slowly insert his still erect prick into her. They fuck slowly and gently for a while in this position with him also giving me a long lingering french kiss to sympathise with my ordeal.

This is in complete contrast to the violent rape we had suffered and he had witnessed. This was a very loving comforting fuck to calm her down but she could hardly feel what now appears to her to be a very puny prick. Despite the calming and the comparatively small size she still slowly begins to come to a climax.

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After she cums he withdraws from your cunt and lies on the floor indicating to her that he wants her to impale herself on his stiff prick again. She complies and they recommence their fucking. I now straddles his face and lower my still gaping cunt over his mouth.

He proceeds to suck her out whilst continuing to fuck Helen. He had never tasted gorilla cum before but it mingled well with Charles and Steph's (they had both filled her prior to the gorilla warning if you remember). Meanwhile Molly grabs hold of Eric and returns to the zebra house to attempt what she had previously been interrupted in.

He strips her and slips his prick into her re-aroused cunt. After a rapid, at her request, fuck he ejaculates into her. He reluctantly pulls out of her now slippery cunt and picks up the large dildo.

She demands that he fuck her with it. He brings it to the entrance of her dripping cunt and attempts to push it in. It appears to be too large and he is frightened of hurting her.

She shouts "I can take it! Ram it into me. Please. Do it now" So he pushes harder and it does slowly penetrate her. After a while she manages to take it all inside. "Fuck me with it" she demands. So he pushes it rapidly in and out until she eventually gets used to it and soon reaches a climax. Her cunt has now been stretched.

Can she do what she wants now? The dildo is removed and she approaches the zebra. The zebra's prick is beginning to reach its full potential so she is placed on the special table so that when she lies down her cunt is at the correct height for the zebra to enter.

The zebra is brought over to her and the large tool placed at the entrance of her expanded cunt. It still appears to be too large but it slowly, inch by inch, disappears into her cunt with a great deal of effort on the zebra's part and a great deal of pain for her initially.

Success, she does manage to accommodate the whole of the zebras weapon after a great deal of persistent give and take. She is now impaled by the zebra. Her ambition to fuck a horse is now reaching the climax of its final trial. She has succeeded in taking the whole of the zebra's huge weapon and is being pleasured by it fucking her. The pain has receded and pleasure takes over. She manages to reach an almighty climax just before the zebra does likewise.

She is in pleasure heaven when she is filled with the copious amount of cum that the zebra has produced to flood her cunt with. Back to us for the final actions of the day. Josh eventually shoots his seed into Helen's lovely accommodating cunt and we hold each other close for a long time.

With a final kiss Josh removes himself from within Helen and we all stand up. Josh take off his sweater and gave it to Helen to keep her dignity and after giving me another long loving relieved kiss also I put on Josh's jacket and we go to pick up your Eric and Molly from the zebra house. We leave for home. What a day !!!!!!!!