Amazing twinks Kristian and Callum affected gold with this

Amazing twinks Kristian and Callum affected gold with this
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These are the Stories I write to my master.

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each one is different, but some things might be the same from story to story, and some might repeat. they are not continuous. Cindy and Ben had been developing their relationship online for several weeks when Cindy took the plunge and drove up to stay with Ben for a weekend. She arrived on Friday afternoon around 4 pm. Ben greeted her at the door, kissing her passionately.

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As soon as the door was closed behind her, she was ordered to strip. Ben immediately put ear muffs and a blindfold on her, so that she had no idea of what was going on. He led her to his bedroom where he had set up her torture chamber, complete with drip, ropes, toys, spreader bar, and pulley. He immediately began to tie her up, starting with her toes, moving to her ankles. he then tied a short spreader bar between her knees so that her pussy and ass were available to him.

He worked his way up her body, tying it tightly, making sure she knew exactly who was boss. Once he was done and she was tied up good and proper, he attached her ankles to the pulley so that her legs were in the air but her back and head were flat on the floor, her arms where tied together above her head and attached to his bed. He then inserted the drip with a bag of saline, on a very slow drip. It wouldnt do for her to get dehydrated.

It would also help when administering the various drugs he planned to give her over the weekend.


and because she was tied up there was very little she could do to remove or dislodge the drip. He then proceeded to attach suction cups to her nipples. As her nipples were not very long, and he knew that they were very sensitive he planned to exploit that.

She started moaning and complaining, so he put in a fairly large ball gag to shut her up. she had to really struggle to get it in her mouth, and it stretched her cheeks quite painfully. He then inserted an inflatable butt plug in her ass, small to start with but every minute he would give it a pump, inflating it.


he watched as her pussy got wetter and wetter, eventually it was getting quite painful, as it was very large, each pump he gave would make her body jump and quiver. after four more pumps he stopped. patting her ass roughly.

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he then moved onto her clit. he attached another pump similar to the ones on her nipples, but this one could be manually adjusted. he pumped her clit deep into the cylinder. and he left her there.

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He went and made himself a cup of coffee and relaxed for a few minutes. when he came back he slipped some drugs into her drip, he was careful not to touch her so she wouldnt know he was there. The drugs were designed to heighten her senses, and make everything more intense. After about 10 minutes, he knew they were taking affect, because he could see her muscles jumping.

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He ripped the pump off her clit and immediately beat it with his hand. he could hear muffled screaming from behind her gag. he then plunged a vibrator into her pussy, it was a very tight fit because of the inflated butt plug.

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he could see she was very close to orgasm so he sucked on her clit and grazed it with his teeth, that is when the orgasm ripped through her. he tied a crotch rope on her, attaching a smaller vibrator to her clit and holding the one in her vagina. He could see she was riding a wave of orgasms. he lifted the earflap so he could talk to her, he said " enjoy slave, I will be back in an hour." she protested and shook her head, pleading with him, but the gag in her mouth shut her up, so he didnt have to listen to it.

After an hour, the drugs were starting to wear off. but they were still effective, effective enough that he decided while she was in such orgasmic bliss, now would be a good time to pierce her nipples.


They were still sucked into the cylinders so he prepared everything he needed and then quickly removed the cylinders. before she had a chance to get used to the sensation rushing through her nipple, Ben grabbed it with some forceps and shoved a long needle straight through her left nipple. Cindy arched her back and screamed. and as she was sucking air through her nose, he quickly grabbed the second nipple and pierced that one too.

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Ben wanted to undo her bondage as it was getting to be a bit long for circulation, but before he did he needed some relief. so he let the air out of the butt plug and quickly replaced it with his rock hard cock.

he pumped himself into her ass until he came, filling her with his hot cum. He then pulled out and quickly put a butt plug in to keep his sperm inside her.

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He then undid the bondage to her legs and arms, letting the blood rush back in, in painful pins and needles that left her squealing and shivering.

he left the crotch rope on, and vibrators in but turned off the vibrators. he then took out her gag and took off the blindfold and earmuffs.

He left the port of the drip in but closed it off. He then lay down with her, and kissed and cuddled her, until they both fell asleep.