Reife MILF mit großen Titten wollen einen Hahn

Reife MILF mit großen Titten wollen einen Hahn
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[NOTE: Apologies for the previous upload of this final chapter being the wrong one. While I PMed to have it removed, that request seems not to have been honored. So I've gone ahead and uploaded the correct final chapter here.] A Mostly Unwelcome Surprise By Clove Hardwood [email protected] The following story is entirely a work of fiction.

It has minor plot elements inspired by my own life, but my real-life partner, Ginger ( has been nothing but respectful to me throughout our open marriage.

This story is, in fact, driven by my fantasies of what it would be like if she wasn't. This is my first-ever adult story. It was meant to be a short, one-part piece to get my creative juices flowing and test the waters, but once I started I couldn't stop and couldn't find anything to sacrifice.

In the end it had to be split into four parts to be reasonable to read, but I think it reads well that way. Please enjoy, and feel free to pass along your thoughts via email or Twitter. ________________________________ Previously: I had come home to find my wife, Linda, horny with a surprise she was eager to show me. She revealed that her cunt was dripping with a mystery man's cum, and I was expected to clean it for her if I wanted her to tell me whose it was and how it got there.

Despite how shocked and upset I was, I bit the bullet and cleaned her up, got her off, and ended up with a mouthful of way more cum than I would have expected.

She went on to tell me about a coworker who dropped off some files a couple of weeks ago and managed to get her off before she blew and swallowed him, then sucked me off (and spit, just like always) later that night just to compare how much bigger he was. The next day she sucked him off (and swallowed) again because she enjoyed it so much the first time, then let him fuck her doggie-style and cum in her pussy, before doing the same for me that night to compare how much deeper he shot.

All of this while I was completely unaware she was cheating on me. She then told me she wouldn't tell me any more until I cleaned her up again, as apparently she had a lot more inside her than what I managed to clean up the first time. After I was done, she told me about the evening where after putting one load in her pussy, he talked her into taking her anal virginity (which I had begged her for), put another huge load in her ass, and then ended up filling her mouth with one more load before he left, which by this point she was desperate to taste.

After detailing a few more less exciting occasions, she lets me know her pussy's ready for another clean-up job before she tells me the final chapter. How much can this guy cum?


With my duty served, she reveals all… Part 4 Her Plan Cums Together "All right, all right, now I'll tell you about today. See, it was afternoon, and I was really horny, although that's nothing new lately. So I called up Brent and made the usual joke about needing files.

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He said he'd be happy to bring them over, but he'd have to come by a bit later than usual. Probably couldn't make it 'til 4:30 or so.

Of course you usually get home around 6, so that was kind of pushing it. I decided it was still worth the risk, so I told him okay. "While I was waiting for him, I got to thinking about what would happen if you came home and found us, which got me kind of excited. I knew eventually I'd have to tell you or risk you finding out the wrong way, but I wasn't sure you walking in on Brent pounding your wife's stretched-out cunt would be too good for his survival." She laughed when she said this, obviously trying to imply she didn't think I'd REALLY have the balls to kill him.

She's right, of course, although at the moment I felt kind of depressed knowing what a pussy that made me seem and feel like. "But it got me thinking about how I would tell you, which got me thinking about how a lot of the guys in the porn you're into find out.

And that's when I got the idea. So I threw on my teddy, and waited for Brent by the front door. The moment he walked in, I yanked down his pants and sucked him 'til he was fully hard, which didn't take long. Then I grabbed him by his cock, which was more than big enough to use as a handle, and pulled him upstairs with me to the bedroom. Then I lay back on the bed and spread my legs to show my uncovered pussy. He shoved his face right between them and started eating like a starving man.

He licked my clit, rimmed me, and then shoved his tongue deep into my asshole." Should I still be surprised at the things she lets him do? She always let me rim her, but as soon as my tongue started to go in she gave me the same "exit only" line she gave about anal and shut me down. It's not like I minded it, so what was her problem?

I bet she'd be happy to let me do it now, just to compare the size of my tongue to his. "Feeling that was the last straw, and I reached a sudden orgasm with his tongue buried in my ass.

Poor guy couldn't pull his tongue out for at least a minute with how hard my ass clamped down around it. Once that was done I stuck my legs straight up in the air so he could penetrate as deep as possible, and said 'fuck me hard.' And he sure did. He pounded me so hard it hurt, and the hurt felt good, and I came again within minutes. He kept going for a while, but I had my eye on the clock and knew we needed to use the time carefully.

So I pulled him down onto me, while I kept my legs up, and whispered in his ear, 'please fill my desperate pussy with your yummy, hot cum,' which set him off pretty damn quickly. I felt his sperm get pumped into the deepest recesses of my cunt. It felt like it was filling crevices I'd never had filled before, and it felt so damn good that it ended up triggering a third orgasm. Honestly, I'm not sure what might have caused it, but I think he came more than he's ever cum before. Or at least it felt that way.

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"I stayed in that position for a few minutes after he pulled out to make sure the cum was firmly settled up there, then closed my legs tight and carefully began playing with his cock again. He was sensitive, but once I started sucking him, he started to grow again.

This time I experimented by starting to deepthroat him while he was still soft, which was a LOT easier. That idea worked pretty well, because I was able to adjust to his size slowly with him already in my throat.

That allowed me to finally deepthroat him the way I do for you, except obviously a lot deeper. He loved that, but I had to stop because I had other plans for his orgasm. "I told him to please fuck me again, but this time I repositioned myself so he couldn't penetrate as deeply.

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And I even told him to fuck me more shallowly. I lied and told him I think he bruised me the first time, and I didn't want him to hit it. He bought it, and started fucking again, this time only shoving his cock about two thirds of the way in.

"The funny thing is, other than him stretching me out more, it felt a lot like getting fucked by you, since he wasn't going too much deeper than you do, although it was still more fun since I haven't been fucking him for years already. In fact, it was just exciting enough that I felt another orgasm building. Right as I started to cum, I squeezed his cock and ended up setting him off. He started to shove his cock in deeper, but I grabbed hold of his balls and kept him right where I wanted him as he put another load into me.

I could feel this filling me up more, and there was almost a sense of pressure building inside me from it. It felt so fucking good, and once he stopped I milked whatever was still in his long cock into me just to be sure. "He rolled off, I clamped my legs as tight as they'd go, and we started talking and joking around. He asked if I was going to go clean up after getting two loads in me, but I told him I was really enjoying the filled-up feeling, and was trying to keep his cum in for as long as possible to hold onto that.

I said that I wanted to be as full of his cum as I could manage. He thought for a second, and then suggested that if I really wanted my pussy that full, he might just be able to add one more load if we did it carefully. "I knew he would say that, and since I knew from experience now that his third load's nearly as big as his first two, I'd have a pretty darn filled pussy. So we worked out that I'd suck his dick while I lay still with my legs clenched tight 'til he was close, and then he'd stick in the tip and jack himself off inside me.

It was a great plan. Pretty much the only flaw was once his cock was in my mouth again, I really, really wanted to swallow his cum since I was feeling let down from not getting any the last time." Once again, she laughed as though I'd find this funny.

I managed a halfhearted sympathetic chuckle, which she seemed to buy, or at least pretended to. "But he stuck to the plan, and when he got close he pulled away, spread my legs carefully, and slid just the head into my pussy. A few pumps of his hand later, and I could feel him shooting one more load into me as he groaned.

It was weird, 'cause with all that cum in there, it was almost like I could feel his squirts shooting through the stuff that was already in there, like a water jet in a hot tub.

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The image was so hot, and I was so worked up from the whole idea that I ended up cumming with nothing but the head of his cock in my pussy. Lucky for me his cockhead's big enough that it acted like a plug and helped keep everything in while I let myself calm down. I made him keep his plug in while I kind of rolled backwards to put my legs in the air, then let him slowly pull out.

I asked him to bring his cock up to my mouth, where I licked off all the cum that was left on his head, and milked a few more drops in. That was going to have to do for today. The sacrifices I make for you, huh?" she said with a smile. "He dressed and said he needed to go. I apologized for not being able to see him out, and he laughed, said it was worth it just to see me enjoying his cum that much, and left with only five minutes to spare. And that's when you texted to say you were running late and asked if I needed anything.

The only thing I needed was for you to get your ass home so I could show you what I collected for you. On the plus side, though, that gave the cum time to seep in deeper so it didn't all pour out the moment you found me. So that was lucky." "Yeah, extremely lucky," I replied with exhausted sarcasm.


"So that's that. That's the story of who put all that cum in my pussy, and how, with all of the backstory that led up to it. I knew you'd enjoy it. It was right up the alley of all your porn. And, with that having been said, are you ready to finish your cleanup job before we take care of you?" "Oh, come on, it hasn't been that long yet, and there can't be much more in there to have seeped out," I replied in disgust. "No, you got the cum that was near the opening pretty well taken care of.

I don't think any more of that's seeping out any time soon." As she said this, she finally started rolling over off her back. "But remember, I told you we'd just worry about cleaning up the outside of my pussy so far.

You're done with that, but you're not done with the whole job." As she said this, she climbed on top of me and started scooting up my body.

"See, I kept careful track of how full I felt after each time he shot off inside me, and before things started with you, and how it felt each time you cleaned me up and got a bit more out. And I'll give you credit, you cleaned out a pretty good amount. From what I saw and felt, and based on what one of his loads feels like filling my mouth and going down my throat, I'd say you've pretty much cleaned out that whole last load he put in me, even if it was obviously the smallest one.

So now you've got a pretty good idea of what it's like for me to swallow just one of his loads after he's already gotten off a few times.

I guess we can treat that as sort of an appetizer. But I've never gotten to swallow two of his loads at once before, so you're about to have one up on me. I hope you enjoy the main course." And with that she shoved her pussy over my mouth, and locked her knees on either side of my head. My eyes bugged out as everything she had just said hit home, which was roughly the same moment the first blob of cum hit my tongue.

Only this time, since it wasn't just the squeeze of an orgasm while she lay on her back that was pushing it out, but a combination of gravity and obvious effort on my wife's part, it turned out to be more than that. A lot more. That blob was just the tip of the stream of cum that began to flood my mouth.

It was clear within moments that I was going to have to start swallowing, and fast, if I didn't want to drown in Brent's cum, since my wife had managed to make a pretty damn good seal around my mouth with her normally-lovely pussy lips. The first swallow went down quickly, but my mouth was full almost immediately after that and I had to swallow again.

I had essentially gulped down at least three or four full mouthfuls before the tide started to stem, at which point I felt her body begin to shudder as she started cumming. Unfortunately for me, her orgasm must have made things shift or something, because the next thing I knew it was back at full flow, with me gulping down another steady stream of thick, salty, overbearing, and yet now all-too-familiar semen.

This sequence of events probably happened at least three or four more times, with her amazingly cumming each and every time, in rapid succession, and me swallowing more cum than I probably produce in several weeks, even with me jacking off three times a day like I sometimes do.

Eventually it petered out for real, and Linda fell off of me in exhaustion, with a small trickle still visible down her taint. I know I cleaned off the extra runoff earlier, but I was almost literally feeling full at this point, and I just didn't have the energy to do it.

She seemed too far-gone to notice or care, anyway. "That was so fucking good," she said in a euphoric tone. "I don't care how great I said all those orgasms with Brent were. None of them was as good as the ones you just gave me while eating his cum out of me. I've never cum so many times, so quickly, in my life. We are so doing that again… and again." I couldn't say anything anymore. I was pretty sure I had lost all options to argue with her on the matter, and besides, I was starting to wonder if the part of me that was enjoying this would even let me put an end to this.

I didn't think I was even in control of myself anymore. "Now it's your turn, honey. I want YOU to slip that willy of yours in me and fuck my cum-slicked cunt until you squirt your little load in there." At that moment, everything turned around inside me.

One more jab at me in comparison to Brent (she NEVER used the term "willy" before, 'cause we both found it kind of demeaning), and I realized I should be the one in fucking control here. I can do whatever the fuck I want, and I can take my wife, and I can fuck her cunt with my above-average dick, and I can blow whatever the fuck load I want inside her whether she's asking for it or not.

I was going to pound her so hard and for so long she'd forget this Brent asshole ever existed, no matter what advantages he had. She'd be begging me to let her call him tomorrow and tell him the whole thing was off, that she'd never be as satisfied with him again after the fucking I'd given her. So I climbed on, pinned her arms down, and thrust my cock into her. The moment I penetrated that cunt I was so familiar from years of fucking, I realized I had just lost the mental battle I had only barely started a moment earlier, and with it, the whole damn war.

The feel of her fucker's cum coating the inside of her pussy was like nothing I'd ever felt before. She was so slick that I slid in without the slightest friction, more easily than with the most expensive lube we've ever bought. I had used so much force that without any friction my balls slapped against her ass so hard they ached. And even though his cum was so slippery, it somehow added a new dimension to the sensation.

Normally I don't like lube that much because I like to feel all the ridges and details of the inside of Linda's pussy rubbing against my head and shaft, and stimulating every inch of me. But somehow the cum produced the most intense sensation I've ever felt. And couple that with the sex-crazed rollercoaster evening I had just had, and I instantly began to blow my load.

That's right, I fucking came on the FIRST goddamn thrust. My cock touched her slick lips, slid as far as it could go (and it sure didn't sound like very far anymore), my balls slapped her asshole, and my dick erupted what little load it had left, which was definitely small even for me considering I had just gotten off maybe 20 minutes earlier. Five or six incredibly intense, but embarrassingly short spurts later, and I was done.

I was also fucking humiliated. All that hype, all that conviction to show up Brent, and I managed to prove myself inferior to him in every way to a higher degree than I had just found out I usually was.

And yet despite its short-lived nature, I had also had what may have been the most extreme orgasm of my life, and never had Linda's pussy felt better. I was simultaneously defeated and whipped. I had lost all control and felt about as good as I felt like crap. What happened to me?


Linda started laughing. "Wow, you really enjoyed that even more than I would have thought. I've never felt you get off that quickly. That was so fucking cute. I'm so glad I did this. We're going to have a lot of fun from here on, now that I know how much we both enjoy doing this." "At least now I know what's going on, and you'll be able to tell me when you're planning on fucking him next time," I said dejectedly. "After how much fun you seemed to have with my surprise?" She replied in a mock-offended tone.

"I doubt it. That was too good, so no way I'm going to risk screwing up something so perfect. You'll find out however I want you to find out, and probably only when you notice a load in me yourself." Did I argue? What do you think after all of this? Of course not. I simply nodded my head, and asked, "Well, can you at least tell me before you decide to cheat on me with a second guy?" The condescending laugh struck straight at my heart.

"Oh, sweetheart, you are too adorable!

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That's impossible. Brent wasn't even the second guy." ________________________________ The time since then has been interesting, I have to say. She refused to explain her last comment, telling me only that I'd hear more when she felt like she could use it to have a fun evening.

She also kept her promise, not telling me about any of her plans until after the fact. And even then, she hasn't told me everything.

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I've got pretty good reason to believe she's found time to be with Brent every day since, even leaving for a few hours on the weekend and returning with a big grin and an extra sloppy kiss that had mildly familiar scent and taste. Twice already I've been put through clean-up duties, although thankfully under less extreme volumes. Another time, with no forewarning or even reaction from her, I deduced her activities for the day only after another instant penetration on my part.

I'm proud of myself for managing not to cum instantly that time, getting in at least five or six pumps before I lost control and added my small volume of seed to his.

She just chuckled and thanked me, before getting up to go do some chores, never saying a word about what I had found or how it got there. And that's that for now. Our sex life is, in some strange ways, unchanged.

We're fucking just as much as we were before I found out about them. But in other ways it's changed more than I could ever have imagined. The power changes in power structure, the knowledge of what she's doing behind my back, the occasional stories, not to mention the new activities and renewed interest in trying new things that I can't help but be happy about, even if they claw at me at the same time, knowing what caused them.

At least she hasn't seemed to tire of fucking me, in addition to Brent, although I constantly get the feeling she's fucking me just for the hell of it, or maybe for more comparisons, but whatever the case, I'm still getting laid, and it's some pretty darn good sex. While she still won't let me in on future plans, she's begun making subtle hints. Nothing specific, but she has informed me that she DOES have plans, and that I'm going to be involved in them more than before.

I've been living in excited fear since the moment she uttered those words. Only time will tell which side of my emotions gets the most of these plans, but something tells me what she has in store, and how I feel, is going to be another surprise. THE END, for now.