Sean Taylor doggy styles his bottom bitch Lyle Boyce

Sean Taylor doggy styles his bottom bitch Lyle Boyce
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MASSAGE Jane: A fantasy, which I wish, mutually of course, to be real in the future—however, only time will tell. You are fairly content; when I walk into the bedroom as you lounge on the bed. You are succulently nude with just a short towel covering your curvy middle age body, which appears to be no more than twenty years young. Your steel blue eyes follow me wearing just a pair of briefs; as I move to the edge of the bed, bend over to kiss your lips.

The moist lips part and the tip of your tongue separate my lips as you reach for the tip of my tongue with its devilish desire to probe deeper into my mouth.

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Your right hand quickly fondles my left nipple because you have determined to make it jump with the sensitivity of erotic pleasure. Your fondling without hesitation becomes a gentle squeezing, which causes me to moan in delight. Your tongue dancing in my mouth and my nipple beginning to tingle, I feel excited as a child to become erect and press against the restraining cotton material of the light blue briefs.

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I wore this color briefs, because I have drank a large amount of liquid; and will have you watch me as I cross my legs to keep the bladder from relieving itself.

Actually I may have to have a few more glasses of water to insure there is a steady stream of pee into my briefs, and you will be able to view the light colored blue material become darker as it absorbs my piss. Actually it won't be too long before I have to urinate, yet have decided to hold my piss beyond the point of being desperate to pee.


I had no idea you would be greeting me in the nude except for the towel covering your breasts, private area, with the skimpy covering ending mid-way on your thighs. Then again I really am not surprised since we have been enjoying our way of life to relax together whenever possible and enjoy sex in whatever manner we choose. Your pale face lights up brightly with a big broad smile; when my left hand begins to knead your right thigh, slides a bit towards your cunt. I experience myself throbbing and bobbin up and down under the cotton material.

Playfully your right hand stops my upward movement while you glance at my briefs and request they be removed.


I ignore you and quickly snap the towel from your body exposing your puffy breasts and back curly pubic hair. I recall for day seeing a pedestrian lying in the street and asking what happen to him, "I was hit by a car".

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"Did you notice what the color and make of the vehicle was?". He sadly replied no. "Did you see the driver"?

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He had no problems saying, "Yes, she was a 25 year old blonde with puffy breasts. You laughed, and said should I not remove your briefs, you will. With that said you bend over put your thumbs between the waist band and my flesh and yanked the briefs down over my hips and released your hold of them so they slide down my thighs and legs coming to rest around my ankles.

I quickly kicked them loose from around my feet so I wouldn't fall with them serving as secured ankle hobblers. I lean over, as the head of my cock, caressing your left breast and gently nibble on your left ear lobe; while whispering, "Your body is so stunning and full, it's more than I ever wished to view in all its detail".

"Honey, it's all yours to manipulate any way your mind fantasies and your hands are free to roam over every inch of my flesh with no restrictions of any kind". I Love you so, and will add you to memory to recall; when I'm away from your breath taking gorgeous body. "Sexy, with us both naked this is the perfect time naked to give each other a very intimate massage." With an invitation as such my hand begins to massage your inner thighs so softly. Running my warm and dry palms from the lips of your cunt to just below the knee caps and in barely touching your skin; in small circles as they return to your pubic hair before the journey back to your knees.

You moan, "Not be so shy". With that said, you take my right wrist with your slim fingers and place my palm directly upon your cunt and press it into the area of your clitoris.

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The area I call a female's penis. Likewise you might refer to my cock as a female's penis since both are flaccid fleshy protruding 'nubs', yet once excited they both want to escape from the protective shields or skins that guards their sensitivity—or at least attempts. The cut manhood has the foreskin clipped so its velvet mushroom head is always visible and needs no prodding to come out of its "shell" Once my fingers are at the top of your cunt's clef, you say, "Now don't be so shy and allow your finger or fingers to probe a bit in their search for my "C" spot.

Once you are engaged in exploration within my extremely private area. Allow me to show you what I can do with my hands".

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With that said both of your hands wrap around my penis and take alternate turns of encircling his cock head before one at a time they begin their slide down the now hard erect shaft to tap and bounce off the loosely hanging testicles. This continues until you watch them slowly become tight and firm.

Without warning your moist oral lips suck my cock's head into your mouth. "Well, I guess it's not my hands that will show you what they can do". Then you quickly pull my erection deeper into the tunnel of your mouth while your teeth bite down gently to scratch the surface flesh of the entering cock's shaft.

Oh Jane as I dream of you being in my arms; this cock is throbbing feels the softness of your lips and the edge of your teeth as it probes the inside of your mouth's upper roof.