Euro CFNM office babes tug his cock

Euro CFNM office babes tug his cock
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His Mom My Mom 3 A recap of the previous two stories: I got caught by Jack Fucking his Mother and we have had been fucking her now almost two years.

Recently every time I fucked Faye I fantasized about what it would be like to fuck my Mother. My school friend Ray and I have been fucking my History teacher and we got her pregnant. Recently I got the idea I wanted to fuck my Mother and devised a way with the help of Jacks mother Faye to accomplish it. My Mother has resisted my advances to this point.

His Mom My Mom Part 3 It was Wednesday night and I got home rather late because Ray and I had really fucked Mrs. Turner my history teacher a lot because she was so upset at finding out she was pregnant. We thought that fucking her three times each would take her mind off it. She was worn out when we left but was crying so I guess it didn't work. When I got home Mom and Dad had already eaten and I could tell Mom was still upset at what happened between us the previous night.

"Just where have you been young man, you know we eat at six every night." I'm sorry Mom but the basketball coach called a meeting of next year's team to talk about practicing this summer. "Well I called the school today because of you recent behavior. They told me you were behind in your home work and if you didn't catch up there was a chance you might fail English, Science and Math.

So you march right into your room and start catching up. I want you home right after school every day until your grades are back to "B" or better. If you don't then there will be no basketball for you next year, do you understand me?" Yes, I said.

I went in and cracked the books. It was hard at first because I kept thinking about Sunday. Everything worked out great the rest of the week because Mrs. Turner had a teachers meeting after school Thursday. Ray and I couldn't pay her a visit so I came straight home after school and went in to my room to study. Mom was avoiding me except for dinner and breakfast times.

Friday I made a quick trip to Mrs. Turner's room after school and gave her a nice fucking and then left as Ray was getting a blow job. I was not able to see Faye either night. Saturday Mom went to the store shopping about 10 AM.

So I snuck next door and explained what had happened to Faye. She showed me what she had bought at the porno shop.

It was a strap on with a dildo attached to it. She said women use it to fuck each other. She said she picked a Dido that was about the same size as I was and it had a hard rubbery texture. I tried it on and fucked Faye with it for almost forty minutes.

She went wild and came a half dozen times. Then I fucked her in the Ass with my own cock. I went over my plan with her but made a slight revision. When I left Faye was laying on her bed exhausted from cumming so much.


Sunday, Mom, Dad and I had breakfast before we met Fay and all piled into Dad's car to go to church. Jack had already left with his Dad for the Ball game. On our way Faye leaned forward and asked Mom if she could come to her house after because she had some patterns she wanted Mom to look at for the church social coming up. Mom said, sure how about after lunch, I'll come over and look then. While she was leaning forward I ran my hand up between her legs and realized Faye didn't have any panties on so I put two, then three fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her.

By the time we reached church I had four fingers up her pussy. She was having a hell of a time trying not to let my folks know she was cumming like a fountain. I could see the strain in her legs as she forced herself not to cry out each time she came.

When we got to church Faye said she had to go to the bathroom and hurriedly left almost before the car stopped. Her face was flushed and her dress was sticking to her ass. Fay whispered to me as we sat down. "You son of a bitch, it was all I could do to keep from making a sound in that car.

And I had cum all over the inside of my dress." I just grinned at her as she said, "You Bastard" and giggled. When we got home Dad went immediately to the den and turned on the football game.

I fixed a couple of trays for Dad and I while Mom fixed us some sandwiches for lunch. Mom had a salad and then went next door. It was all I could do to sit there and eat my sandwich and drink a glass of milk.

I kept thinking about what was going on at Faye's. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer. I got up and told Dad I was going to go to the park and practice some basketball. He just grunted. I said do you want another beer before I go? Ya that would be nice he told me. I hurriedly left and snuck next door thru the back door. As soon as I got in I heard someone moaning.

The door to Faye's bedroom was open and I saw my Mom with her face buried in Faye's cunt. Neither of them had any cloths on and Mom was kneeling on the floor with Faye's butt at the edge of the bed; legs wide open and her heels on Moms back at the waist. Mom was licking and sucking that cunt like she was afraid it might disappear. Faye was moaning and bucking her Ass up against Moms face. Faye had both hands on her own tits squeezing and pinching her nipples.

What a site. I got an instant hard on as I gazed at Moms beautiful Ass. I could see her pussy lips protruding between her legs. Fay was almost screaming as she said, "Oh Maureen (that's my mother's first name) your making me cum so much I can hardly keep from passing out.

Ohhhhh shit, Ohhhhh god," and she reared her ass up off the bed and her Ass began to shake violently as she had another giant climax. "Oh please Maureen fuck me I need a cock in me right now I can't stand any more of your wonderful tongue." It was then that I noticed the strap around Mom's waist.

She stood up and I could see the dildo in front as Mom took hold of it and guided it into Faye's wet cunt. Mom began to pump that dildo in and out of Fay. I couldn't stand any more; my cock was so hard it hurt. I dropped my pants and began to jack off. Mom was fucking her just like a man and Faye was shoving her pelvis up to meet every down stroke. I shot a load of cum all over the wall as Mom fucked Faye for almost thirty minutes before Faye screamed, ENOUGH, I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE." She was breathing so hard I thought she might pass out.

Mom fell on top of Faye with that dildo still inside her cunt. "My god Maureen you almost made me have a heart attack. I was cumming so much I could hardly breathe." They both laid there for about fifteen minutes while Faye came down from her high. 'Ok now it's my turn" said Faye as she rolled over on top of Mom. She took the strap off Mom and strapped it on herself. She then slid down between Moms legs and began eating Moms pussy.

Within minutes she had Mom bucking and moaning. I thought christ, what a sight and I wished I had a movie camera. You could tell every time Mom climaxed by the way she raised her hips and pushed Faye's face hard into her pussy. Ohhhhh yes Faye christ that feels good aahhhhhhhh shit, yessss ooohhhhh god as Mom began to climax over and over. I know Mom climaxed at least eight times before Faye came up for air.

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"Ok Maureen it's time to get that pussy of yours fucked. Turn around and get on your knees at the edge of the bed. I'm going to doggy fuck you senseless." Mom smiled and turned around getting on her knees and laid her head on the bed with her ass sticking up in the air. Fay motioned for me to come in and she backed up as I stepped behind Mom and my hard on stuck straight out as I guided it toward Moms pussy.

My hands were trembling and my legs felt weak. I was about to enter an area that was considered by most as taboo and violate my own Mother. I was scared and excited at the same time Mom's pussy lips were full and all puffed up from Fay's tongue. I almost came as the head of my cock entered her and I would have if I hadn't already jacked off. Her pussy was so wet and hot. She was even hotter than Faye's or Mrs.


Turner. Through the out sides of my cock I could feel the insides of her womb with every inch that entered her. First two then four inches until my full six and a half inches were fully engulfed by her flaming pussy.

It is impossible to accurately describe the feeling I had as I was sliding in and out of that wonderful love box. I began to pump my cock very slowly in and out of my Mothers beautiful body.

My legs were still shaking so bad I thought I would collapse. Mom said "OH that's nice Faye, but fuck me faster and harder. I began to increase my tempo and started to ram my cock deep inside her belly.

I lasted almost two and a half minutes before I came. I stayed hard and continued to fuck her again. I was now in such a state that I was hammering her pussy as hard as I could. This time as I fuck her I heard her say, "god Maureen it felt like that dildo spurted a load of cum in me." Maureen who was standing in the middle of the room said "Yes I know it's a special one that has a cream inside it." I lasted almost nine minutes the second time. When I came again I collapsed on top of her, my cock still in her.

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We rolled onto our sides and I reached around Mom and grabbed both her breasts squeezing them and rolling her nipples between my fingers. She was beginning to breathe harder in response to my kneading when she saw Faye standing in the middle of the room. She began to fight me, pulling my hand away and scrambled across the bed. She looked at me and said with tears coming into her eyes, "Burt, oh Burt, how could you do this to me. I'm your Mother for god's sake." I'm not sorry Mom I love you and have wanted to make love to you for the last two years.

"That was not making love that was fucking me without my consent. You raped me in a sense.

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Then she looked at Faye and hissed. "How could you be a party to this? You just stood there and let him fuck me. I will never forgive you for this; our friendship is at an end." Don't blame her Mom; I forced her to do it.

I told her that if she didn't help me I would tell you and the police that she has been fucking her son and me for almost two years. "Your son, christ, Faye how could you fuck your own son for gods sake." Fay just looked at the floor. We forced her to have sex with us. She had just gotten out of the shower and was naked when I walked in. I grabbed her and fucked her right there in the bathroom. Jack caught us and he fucked her too.

We fucked her so many times until she began to like it. We told her that if she cooperated we would never tell anyone. Besides what do you call what you and Faye have been doing? That's cheating on Dad isn't it, even if it is with a woman instead of a man? "Oh god" Mom stammered. I'm so sorry I've done this to you. I went over and put my arms around Mom and kissed her.

She just sat there and kept looking from me to Faye. Finally Faye spoke. "I am real sorry Maureen, but I couldn't take the chance that he might tell someone about Jack. Your son is really a good lover and I got so I enjoyed his love making. I took a chance that you didn't want your husband to find out about us either. She said in barely a whisper, "No, I guess I wouldn't want him to know about us." I pushed Mom back on the bed putting my arms around her and I whispered, Oh Mom you are so beautiful, and the sexiest person I have ever known, everything is going to be Ok.

My cock began to harden as we were talking. She has such beautiful full breasts still firm and fully rounded. Her areolas are a very light pink while her nipples were even a lighter pink. I slid between her legs and re-entered her pussy. I slowly began to fuck her. She was in a daze I think and didn't quite know what I was doing. I fucked her for about five minutes real slow before her body began to respond to my stimulation.

I increase my speed and her breathing became a little more ragged. As I began to fuck her in earnest her legs wrapped around me and began to fuck me back. I felt her cum as she groaned and shoved her pelvis up into my abdomen.

I continued to fuck her for about a half as hour and Mom came several more times before I felt that wonderful feeling in my ball sack. I was fucking her hard and as fast as I could move my butt. When I came we both moaned at the same time and I felt her cum with me. Faye came over and laid beside us and put her arms around us.

We must have fallen asleep because I woke up and it was four o'clock. Mom looked so beautiful lying there on her back. I parted her legs and began to eat her pussy.

I could taste her and my own cum. She had a pungent odor from all the sexual activity. I soon had her moaning and she held my face tight against her pussy as she came. I didn't here or see Jack come in but when I heard a moan from Faye I looked up and there was Jack between his Mothers legs eating her pussy too. Mom threw her legs up over my shoulders and pulled my face tight against her own love hole.

She had not yet seen Jack. I was still eating Moms pussy when in the middle of an orgasm Mom all of a sudden tried to push me away and said "Shit." I looked up and Jack was fucking his Mother doggy fashion. He Just looked over and said Hi Mrs. Fountain. (That is out last name). "Shit, Shit, and SHIT" she said. Is everyone in town in on this?" Jack never missed a beat, "No, just us" and grinned.

Mom was trying to get up but she was still not completely finished with her orgasm. Finally Mom relaxed enough and jumped up and started to get dressed. She looked in the mirror and said "christ, look at me. How am I going to explain this to Jay (that's my Dads name)?" "Why don't you take a quick shower, there's a blow dryer in the bathroom," said Faye.

Mom left a half hour later. I let Faye give me a blow job and it took me almost twenty minutes of fucking her throat before I finally shot a small load of cum down her throat.


I left and when I got home it was just before six, "Your Mom came home with a head ache and went to bed," he said. I told him I needed a shower and would be back in time to have dinner with him. After dinner I watched TV for about an hour with Dad and then went to bed, because I was pretty tired. I didn't sleep to well, I kept dreaming about Mom.

About 2"30 AM I got up to pee and decided to go in the kitchen and get a glass of milk. When I got there I found Mom sitting at the kitchen table. The night light showed she had been crying. I came to her and knelt down in front of her and put my arms around her.

Don't cry Mom everything is going to be OK, I love you I told her and hugged her real tight. "I love you too honey. I just don't want to hurt your father." I said I wouldn't ever do anything to hurt him either.

"She told me that she never wanted Jack to fuck her or try to black mail her into it. I assured her that she didn't need to worry and that we would never make love in front of Jack. I laid my head against her breast and without thinking I pulled her night gown top down and began to suck her nipple.

I also began to massage her other breast manipulating her nipple with my forefinger and thumb. Mom's breath became heavy and ragged. I reached down and pulled her Ass to the edge of the chair pulling her legs apart. I lifted her night gown and put my face between her legs and began to lick her pussy slit. I slowly ran my tongue up and down her slit, flicking her clit when I got to the top. Her Ass would jump each time I did that. I shoved my tongue as deep into her hole as I could get it.

I moved it in and out as fast as I could for about 30 seconds before I started sucking on her clit. Mom began to moan and lifted her pelvis to meet my driving tongue. She grabbed my head and mashed my face into her pussy as she came. Her ass jumped and shook as a huge orgasm swept over her. Ohhhhh god Burt, I can't believe what you do to me. She held my face tight against her pussy and I felt her cum again.

I heard my Dad coming down the hall so I jumped up and pulled Moms gown down and opened the refrigerator and grabbed the milk. Mom Just got her tit back in her gown when Dad walked in. I left the refrigerator door open so the cold and odors from the fridge would hide any sex smell. "Looks like no one is sleepy," He said.

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When I came to get a glass of milk and found Mom sitting here. She told me her head ache was gone and she felt a little hungry I was just going to fix something for Mom.

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What would you like Mom. "Just a small bowl of cereal so I can go to sleep." What about you Dad I said. " Oh a glass of that milk would be nice." (continued) All rights reserved to the Author [b]