Mature granny spoiling guys dick

Mature granny spoiling guys dick
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Justin leaned against the closed bathroom door listening to the sound of his sister vomiting.

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He knocked timidly on the door then pushed it open a little and peeked in. Phoebe knelt on the floor resting her head against one arm draped over the toilet bowl. She opened her eyes when she heard the door, but she didn't lift her head. "Are you okay?" he asked stepping into the bathroom. She nodded then, gripped by another wave of nausea, rolled up onto her knees and started to heave again.

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Justin turned and ran to the top of the staircase. "Dad!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. "Justin, stop bellowing and come down here if you want to speak to your father," his stepmother said angrily from the door of the living room.

"Dad!" Justin yelled again as he started down the stairs. "What is it, Justin?" Jake asked coming to the bottom of the steps from the direction of the kitchen. "Phoebe's sick," Justin said continuing down the stairs as Jake started up, taking the steps two at a time. He paused for a second in the bathroom doorway as his teenaged daughter emptied what was left in her stomach.

She wiped her hand across her mouth and sat back, turning to lean against the wall. He went to kneel beside her, gently stroking her hair. "Not feeling so good?" he asked softly. Phoebe shook her head. Her dad stood up and took the liner out of the small plastic trash can by the toilet.

He helped Phoebe to her feet and kept a steadying arm around her shoulders as he guided her back to her room. He settled her back onto her pillows and set the trash can on the floor next to her bed.

Sitting down carefully beside her he brushed a damp tendril of hair back from her face. Phoebe closed her eyes and curled up on her side. "It's probably just a stomach bug," Jake said rubbing her back. "I know," she mumbled. "I'll bring you some peppermint tea and dry toast then you can go back to sleep," he said rising to his feet. He left the room. Phoebe dozed off to wake up what seemed like a few minutes later to her dad caressing her cheek.

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He helped her sit up and she sipped the tea and ate the piece of toast he'd brought her. When she finished she sank back onto her pillow and smiled wanly at her dad. Jake leaned down and lightly kissed her forehead.

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"Just take it easy today, kitten," he said as he straightened up. "I'll call and check on you later." Phoebe nodded and closed her eyes. Her dad stood by her bed for a few minutes more watching her as she drifted back to sleep. Downstairs he leaned in the doorway of the living room. His wife, Lorraine, lounged on the sofa paging through one of her magazines.

She looked up and smiled.


"Phoebe is staying home from school today," he said. "She's not feeling well." "She probably has a test she doesn't want to take," the dark haired woman said petulantly. "She's throwing up," he said straightening away from the frame.

"Just let her be. I'll call in a while and check on her." Lorraine sat up and swung her feet to the floor as he started to turn away. "We're still going out tonight, right?" she asked. "We promised the Jacksons." "I don't know," he answered without turning around.

Lorraine jumped up to follow him to the door. "It's not like she has to watch Justin," she said. "He has a sleep over tonight." "If Phoebe isn't feeling well I'm not going to leave her here alone," he said the irritation beginning to sound in his voice.

"We haven't been out in forever," she whined. "Phoebe's a big girl.

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She'd be fine. . ." Jake slammed his open palm against the door and his wife jumped and shrunk away from him. "I said we'll see how she feels later," he said, his voice tight. He took a deep breath as Lorraine retreated to the living room. With a final glance toward the stairs, Jake opened the door and left.

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His wife sullenly returned to paging through the magazine. She couldn't wait until her spoiled step daughter was out of her house. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Phoebe turned off the TV when she heard the front door slam. Rising to her feet she started up the hallway toward the front of the house. She met her father on his way to the kitchen. He didn't look happy. "You're home early," she said as he brushed past her. She turned and followed him into the kitchen, leaning against the black granite counter top of the island in the center of the room.

She watched as he got a glass and poured a generous portion of Scotch. He turned to look at her as he raised the glass to his lips.

"Where's Lorraine?" Phoebe asked. Jake shrugged as he set his glass down on the counter next to his daughter. His hands cupping her face, he slid his fingers into her long, silky hair.

She closed her eyes as his lips found hers, her arms snaking around his neck. She parted her lips and he thrust his tongue against hers as he wrapped his arms around her. He broke the kiss and, sighing deeply, rested his forehead against hers.

Phoebe caressed his stubble roughened cheek. He kissed her nose then her forehead and, keeping one arm around her, picked up his glass and took another long drink. "Did you not have a good time?" Phoebe asked leaning back to look up at her dad. "I didn't want to go out in the first place," he said. "Then she did nothing but whine and bitch the whole evening." "Where is she now?" she asked, her hands tugging at the dress shirt tucked into his jeans.

Jake watched his daughter with heavy lidded eyes as she started to unbutton his shirt. He took another sip from his glass then set it down again and slid his hands under her shirt. He ran his hands over her soft skin then pulled her close again. "I don't want to talk about Lorraine," he said huskily. "When is she coming home?" Phoebe asked, her hands gliding over his chest.

"I don't know," he said, his hands closing firmly over her tiny waist.


"It doesn't matter." He lifted her onto the counter and slid his hands under her shirt pushing it up. Phoebe grasped the hem and pulled the shirt off over her head. Jake pressed her knees apart to stand between her thighs, his hands cupping her round breasts. She leaned back on her arms as her dad pushed her tits together and lowered his head to lick one pert, pink nipple before sucking it into his mouth.

She brought one hand up to cup the back of his head as his mouth moved from one hard, rosy bud to the other and back again. Her breathing quickened as she watched her dad suckle her breast. It felt as though there was one nerve coupling her breasts and some mysterious point deep in her lower abdomen. Her dad's hands and mouth caressing the firm mounds of flesh were setting off hot flares of exquisite pleasure that vibrated through the core of her womanhood.

His lips left her her breasts to trail kisses over her quivering stomach as his hands urged her to lie back on the counter. She lifted her hips as he pulled her shorts and panties off. He ran his hands up over the soft, smooth skin of her calves to the backs of her knees and lifted her legs until her feet were on the counter by her firm, round ass.

He caressed the inside of her thighs as he eased her legs open wider. His thumbs gently spread her labia and he leaned down and pushed his tongue into her, swirling it around the opening of her vagina before drawing the tip through her slit to flick again and again at her clit. Phoebe groaned and rocked against his face. "Daddy," she murmured, her hands moving to hold his head as he sucked the hard nub into his mouth, "it feels so good." He slid a finger into her wet cunt and felt her tighten her muscles as he began to thrust in and out.

Her breathing quickened and she ground herself against his face. He slipped another finger into her and she groaned as he curved them up in a come hither motion to rub the top wall of her vagina. His tongue worked her erect clit, his free hand massaged her lower abdomen pressing firmly just above her pubic bone.

Finding the rougher mound of flesh on the top wall of her vagina, Jake began tapping the tips of his fingers against it. Phoebe gasped and arched her back.

Her thighs clamped against his head and he could feel the tremors that wracked her petite body. "Daddy," she moaned. "Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Cumming." Jake felt his daughter's tight pussy clamp down on his fingers.

He withdrew them to press his mouth against the convulsing opening to lap at the juices that squirted from her sweet cunt. Phoebe shuddered through her orgasm Her hands holding her father's head firmly against her body until the waves of pleasure subsided. Jake pulled her up, holding her tightly against his body as he kissed her deeply. Phoebe wound her arms around her father's neck moaning softly as she sucked the taste of her cunt off his tongue. He lifted her off the counter and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her to the den.

He laid her gently on the sofa and kissed her before straightening to slowly remove his clothes. Phoebe watched through sleepy eyes, reaching for him as he lowered himself onto her. She spread her legs for him and he guided the plum shaped head of his hard cock to the tight opening of her vagina pushing into her until he had buried his entire length in her slick, warm depths. "Daddy," Phoebe breathed as he held himself still inside her for a moment.

"Fuck me." Jake leaned down and captured her lips with his. He began a slow, steady rhythm, pulling back until just the head of his thick, hard cock was still in her tight, wet cunt before thrusting back into her.

He could feel her tightening, the walls of her sweet pussy clinging to his tumescent prick every time he pulled back to piston into her again. His breathing quickened with his pace till he was panting as he pounded into her. Phoebe rocked up to meet each hard thrust, rotating her hips to grind her engorged clit against the base of his cock as he slammed into her. She felt the delicious tension building again. Jake pushed up on his arms, his head down as he fucked her as hard and fast as he could.

His balls, heavy with unspent semen, swinging with his powerful thrusts, slapping wetly against her ass. He clenched his jaw as he tried to hold back prolonging the pleasure his daughter's body afforded him. "Phoebe," he groaned. "Uh huh. Uh huh," she whimpered. "Daddy. Oh, fuck yes. Daddy!" Her body stiffened and the tension building in her lower stomach snapped as her orgasm overtook her.

She rocked up against him, driving his turgid cock deeply into her convulsing cunt. She felt him swell inside her and bucked her hips wildly against him. Jake pulled out and rose to his knees, his cock in his hand. "Open your mouth, baby," he said huskily as he fisted his cock stroking it fast.

Phoebe obeyed as her Dad's hips jerked and his cock spewed cum onto her nose and cheek. He kept pounding his meat and erupted again as she stuck out her tongue to catch his semen letting some drip onto her chin.

She sat up and took the head of his cock into her mouth to suck the last of his cum from his balls. Jake groaned as his daughter rubbed his half flaccid cock against her cheek then sucked him into her mouth again to clean her cum and his from his flesh.

He shivered when her tongue circled the overly sensitive head of his shriveling cock. He pulled out of her mouth and sat back on the sofa to watch as Phoebe used her fingers to scoop his cum from her cheek and chin then suck them into her pretty mouth. He rose to his feet and helped her up. "We can't stay here," he said helping her up.

Gathering up his discarded clothes he headed into the kitchen with her in tow. He stopped to finish the Scotch in his abandoned glass then picked up her shorts and top before leading her upstairs. "I'm going to wash up," she said pausing in the hallway.

Jake nodded and walked to his bedroom as Phoebe closed the bathroom door behind her. She washed her face and rinsed her father's cum from her where it had run into her hair. She brushed her teeth and turned off the light as she left the bathroom to cross the hall to her bedroom. "Lock it," her father said from her bed as she pushed her door shut. She hesitated for a second and then obeyed. "You shouldn't sleep here," she cautioned as she crawled into her bed beside him.

"Maybe not," he agreed, pulling her close to him, "but I'm going to." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Phoebe woke before her dad. He slept on his side, pressed against her body, one arm laying across her slender waist. She turned onto her side to face him, her face close to his. She caressed his cheek then slid her hand down over his lightly furred chest and stomach to fondle his flaccid penis.

He stirred in his sleep, but didn't wake up as she began to stroke him. His cock stiffened and swelled in her hand. She pushed against his hip to urge him onto his back and leaned over him lifting his cock and sucking him into her mouth. She closed her fingers around him. Twisting her head from side to side, she moved her mouth slowly up and down his shaft.

Jake woke to the wet, sucking sensation of his daughter fellating him. He groaned loudly and cupped her head in his hands as he began to thrust into her willing mouth. Phoebe moved her hands to his hips, massaging the sides of his firm ass cheeks as she took him deeper into her mouth with each downward stroke. "Baby," he murmured huskily.

"So good." Phoebe pushed down until her nose brushed the coarse curls at the base of his cock. Her dad's hips jerked when the head of his cock slid into her throat. She gagged a little and backed off bobbing up and down on his cock faster, sucking as she lifted her head and pushing her tongue against the underside of his cock as pushed back down. Jake's breathing grew ragged and he clenched his fists around handfuls of her hair as he fucked her mouth faster. His balls tightened and he threw his head back against the pillow, hips hips jerking up against her face.

"I'm gonna cum," he moaned as his cock swelled and pulsed in his daughter's mouth. Phoebe fisted his cock and began stroking him fast as she lifted her head to hold just a few inches of his cock in her mouth as his semen erupted into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed as his cock twitched and continued to spew cum. When he was completely spent, she lifted her head and Jake watched drowsily as she licked the cum that had gathered at the corner of her sweet mouth.

He pulled her up to lie against his chest and his hands cupping her face guided her mouth to his. She parted her lips and his tongue explored her mouth seeking out the taste of his semen.

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Pushing up to she sat beside him and smiled. "Good morning, daddy." Jake put his hands behind his head and grinned at her. "It sure is." Phoebe turned to slide off the bed. As she stood up the room tilted dangerously and a wave of nausea rolled over her. She put one hand on the night stand to steady herself and Jake sat up, concerned by her sudden pallor. She rushed to the door swallowing hard as she fumbled with the lock.

Throwing the door open she ran across the hall into the bathroom. Jake got to the door just as she dropped to her knees in front of the toilet and emptied the contents of her stomach. He sat on his haunches beside her and held her hair back, rubbing her back with his free hand while she continued to heave.

She finished and slumped back against the wall. Jake sat down beside her and drew her into his arms. She laid her head against his chest. "Phoebs," he said softly, "Did you have your period this month?" She nodded without lifting her head. "It was just really light." Jake smiled and kissed the top of her head.

"Did you feel better after you ate yesterday morning?" "I felt better when I woke up the second time. Why?" she asked tilting her head to look into her dad's face. "I think you might be pregnant, baby," he said, his smile widening. She shook her head. "I'm on the pill, Daddy." "You go back to bed," he said brushing her hair back from her face.

"I'm going to run a quick errand." He stood up and helped her to her feet. She took and unsteady step and he picked her up and carried her back to her room. Laying her gently on the bed he leaned down and kissed her forehead. "I'll be right back," he promised. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Phoebe sat on the side of the tub rocking nervously as her dad picked up the plastic test stick and stared at it for what seemed like forever.

He finally met her eyes and a smile spread across his face.


He held it out to her. "Positive," he said as she took it and looked at the little plus sign. Tears welled in her eyes as she handed it back to him. "What am I going to do, Daddy?" Jake kneeled in front of his daughter and looked up into her distraught face. "It's going to be okay, pumpkin," he said smiling reassuringly.

"I'm always going to be here for you. I'm going to take care of you and this baby." "What about college?" she asked, tears still rolling down her face.

"You'll take a year after high school and then go," he answered wiping her tears away. "Everything is going to be okay. I promise you." He pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

Phoebe wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to him. He stroked her hair and rocked her. "Everything is going to be fine," he said soothingly. He laid his cheek against the top of her head and smiled. Everything was going to be perfect.