Busty blond licking her lollipop

Busty blond licking her lollipop
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I have changed the age of my Niece to be compliant with the rules. This also throws off all future timelines. I apologize for any confusion, however I hope you will understand. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Chapter 7 "Hey, Uncle Benny?" My niece Kaylee asked me after dinner. My sister Patty, Kaylee, and I were sitting around my dinning room table.

It was a Thursday night, and it had been my turn to host our weekly dinner. I wasn't half the chef my sister was, but I can still serve up a pretty good meal. Patty and I had after dinner cocktails, while my niece was having a rootbeer float. "Brittni's parents are leaving for a two day conference tomorrow. Would it be OK with you if she came home with us after school tomorrow, and spent the night? Then maybe we could go for a horseback ride on Saturday? Her parents said it's fine, and Mom says it's up to you." Kaylee clasped her hands under her chin and gave me her best eyelash flutter.

"Oh, don't start with the begging!" I threw my napkin at her. "I don't have any problem with it, and you know you can have friends over whenever you want.

Brittni is always welcome here." Patty rolled her eyes at me. She always accused me of spoiling Kaylee so I quickly added. "IF.


you help clean the horse stalls first!" "OH! We can totally do that! She's not afraid of a little horse poop!" Kaylee came around the table and gave me a big hug around the neck. "Thanks Uncle Benny! I'll even clear the dinner plates." As Kaylee cleared the table, Patty looked at me shaking her head.

"I have to beg her to do dishes at home but she jumps right up to help around here!" I just smiled. "And you say I spoil her?" "You know you do Benjamin!" My sister said with a grin. She reached across the table and took my hand. "You also teach her a strong work ethic and that no one rides for free. I really do appreciate all you do for her. For both of us! I love you big brother!" I squeezed my sisters hand.

"I love you too sis!" I finished my drink and stood up. "Now lets help poor Cinderella with the dishes." After the dinner mess was cleaned up my sister headed to the front door. "Goodnight Benjamin! Thanks for dinner." She said as she started out the door. "Just give me a sec. Mom. I'm gonna grab a couple of things from my room." Kaylee yelled to my sisters back.

"OK, I'll be in the car." I walked my sister out to the porch, then went back in after she got in the car. Kaylee was standing on the stairs, just out of view of the front door, holding her backpack. I walked over and put my arms around her trim waist. She dropped her bag, lowered her face to mine and we kissed.

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Short, but very passionate. I reached around and grabbed onto my nieces beautiful, firm ass. "MMMMM! I hate when you do that right before I have to leave." Kaylee whispered in my ear. "I wish I could stay and see where this would lead but I gotta go! I love you Baby!" One more kiss and I lifted her off the stair, set her down, and retrieved her backpack. "OK! I'll see you after school tomorrow." I pinched her butt on the way to the door.

"I love you too, Sweetheart." When they drove away I couldn't help but smile. It had been about 8 months that Kaylee and I had been together. She was now a very pretty 16 year old, and made me feel like I was 20 years younger, with my first crush.

I absolutely loved being with her. Not just the sex, though that was truly amazing, just having her around made me a happier man! I walked back in the house grinning from ear to ear. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kaylee and Brittni came up to the truck with bags in hand.

They threw their bags in back and climbed in the door. "Hey Uncle Benny!" Kaylee said scooting over to the middle. Brittni got in and closed the door. "What's up Uncle B?" The two had been friends since they met in the first grade. Some older boys had been picking on Brittni. Without even knowing who she was, Kaylee rushed to her defense.

She had grabbed a fallen branch, walked up, and started smacking the boys till they ran off. She didn't really do any damage, bloodied one boys nose and a scratch on the cheek of another, but she received a three day suspension from school. When she returned to school, Brittni told her they were going to be best friends for EVER!

When Kaylee fell from a horse when she was 12, she had to wear a cast up to her right shoulder for 3 months. Brittni got up an hour and a half early every single morning, and had her mom drop her off so she could help her injured friend get ready for school.


After school she would do all her own homework, then help Kaylee with writing out all of her assignments. They were as different as night and day, but I have never met two friends closer than they were. Where Kaylee is a bit shy in public and very easy to embarrass, Brittni is quite the opposite. She is very talkative, and I have never seen her show the slightest bit of embarrassment. There seems to be no filter between her brain and mouth, and anything she thinks will usually come out.

My niece is rather short at 5'2", with blond hair and pale skin. Brittni is 5'8", dark skin and black hair, except for a 1" stripe behind her ear that is always dyed an unusually bright color, at this time it was a bright blue. They were both on the school's track team. However, Kaylee runs medium to long distance, where Brittni is a sprinter and runs hurdles. Both girls were very toned and slim. While I can say that Kaylee is extremely smart.

Next to Brittni. she seems like an idiot. I only say this because Brittni is THAT smart. The school has tried to advance her on many occasions but she refuses.

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When her parents asked her why, she told them that if she had to leave her friends behind, she would intentionally fail. They agreed not to push, on the condition that she take some outside classes, so that she didn't get bored with school.

At 16 Brittni has already taken many college level courses on-line. She speaks 4 different languages and can just about program a computer in her sleep. The funny thing is, you would never suspect it by looking at her. I have never been able to figure out if she is too intelligent to worry about what she wears, or if she spends hours putting together the most eccentric outfits she can find.

Today she was wearing a pair of green converse sneakers, bright orange leggings, and a ruffled black skirt. If this was not weird enough she had topped it with a red sweatshirt with a large picture of a cat staring at a rainbow. And this was a relatively tame outfit for her. Britni's parents were a strange couple too. They are both very successful. Her mother is a strikingly beautiful, dark skinned Jamaican woman.

She is a surgeon at the local hospital and is well respected. Her father is a short, pudgy Irishman with red hair, and skin that is covered in freckles. He says he burns at the slightest touch of sun. He does something with computer security that I never could understand. From what I see, he is constantly flying all over the country, but works mainly from home. Despite the obvious differences, they always seem very happy together. "So ladies. Where do we want to have dinner?" At almost the same time both girls yelled out "Mama Chu's!" Pulling away from the school I said.

"OK! Chinese food it is." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The girls asked if we could watch a movie, so I made some popcorn and popped open a beer, as they went upstairs to change. I swear, the two girls sounded more like 15 as they rumbled and giggled in her room above me.

It was 2 beers and 40 minutes till they finally came back down. Kaylee was wearing her typical over-sized nightshirt, while Brittni had on a fuzzy blue bathrobe with matching slippers. Kaylee walked up and straddled my lap facing me.

She leaned in and kissed me soundly on the lips. "What the hell are you doing?" I jumped so suddenly that I almost dropped Kaylee on her pretty little ass. Both girls were giggling. "What is so funny?" "It's OK Uncle Benny." Kaylee looked at me and hesitated a moment.

"Brittni knows about us." I'm pretty sure my mouth was hanging open. I looked over at Brittni and she was smiling widely. Kaylee had a look of worry on her face but nodded at me. I thought about denial, but realized that would probably do no good. I finally shook my head. "Oh Kaylee! This was supposed to be our secret." I said quietly.

"I've been wanting to tell you, but I didn't know how without making you mad. Brittni's the ONLY one who knows, and she won't say anything." Kaylee looked like she was about to cry. "I won't Uncle B!

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I know how serious it would be. I would NEVER say a word." Brittni was still grinning, like she found the whole thing amusing. I put my hand on Kaylee's shoulder. "OK. I'm not mad. Let's just sit down and talk about this. I need something stronger than a beer though!" I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of bourbon and a glass.

I came back in and sat in a chair facing them on the couch. "So how long has our little secret been out?" I asked as I poured a healthy slug of the amber liquid. Brittni gave a small, laughing snort and Kaylee looked like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. "Well. Since the day after our very first kiss." She cringed like she was expecting me to yell. Instead I think I surprised her when I broke out laughing.

I couldn't help it. The stress, the absurdity of the whole situation, even the relief of not having to hide ourselves in front of one less person.

I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. "Twelve hours? Is that about right? Shortest secret ever!" Kaylee was now actually tearing up. "No sweetheart don't! I am just kidding. Aww Hell!" I stepped over to the couch and took her in my arms. "Sweetheart don't cry. I told you, I'm not mad." I kissed her lips and she responded immediately by throwing her arms around me and kissing me fiercely.

"UMMM Guys? You know I'm still here right?" I laughed again as I looked over at Brittni. She was sitting there giggling and waving hello.

I stood up and went back to my chair. "I HAD to tell her Uncle Benny. She's my best friend! I trust her with anything." Kaylee looked at me pleading. I took a long swallow of booze and smiled at her, then at Brittni.

"I understand, I guess I'm not all that surprised. If you trust her with this then I guess I do too. So. Um. What do you think?" "I think it's awesome!

The super secret romance, with the added excitement of forbidden taboo? Very sexy!" Brittni was enjoying this, like a housewife watching her soap opera's. "Besides I think you guys make a really cute couple. You have the whole big, rugged, manly, construction worker thing, and she has the cute, wholesome, girl next door look. Totally adorable! I would buy the book AND rent the movie!" I laughed. "Well our whole plan was to entertain you.

I'm glad we did such a good job." I took another drink. "You do realize how much trust I'm putting in you though, right?" The girls both put their hands out without a word, or even looking at each other, and held hands. "I would never betray Kaylee's trust." For the first time she looked very serious. "You can trust me." "OK. So, now that that's over any more surprises?" Once again Brittni snorted laughter and Kaylee looked guilty.

"OH Hell! Now what?" I asked. "I don't suppose that you're giving out shots of that before we answer, are you?" Brittni asked. "Not for a few more years. Now what else is there?" Kaylee looked at me. "Well. We both talked about it, a lot actually, and we think." She couldn't seem to find the right words. Brittni however never seemed to have that problem. "We think that you should have sex with me tonight!" Trust me on this. Bourbon whiskey is not something you want to shoot out your nose!

After sputtering and choking for a few minutes, I finally managed to respond. "You think so, HUH? I'd love to hear how this decision was arrived at." Kaylee started. "Almost all our lives we have done everything together. Brittni's dad taught us both how to ride a bike. We both got braces in fifth grade.

When she started taking A.P. classes I signed up too." Brittni took over. "When Kaylee tried out for the track team, I had to also. We bought our first bra's together, and we even had our first periods, like, a week apart!" "So when you and I became a couple, it was like I had something Brittni didn't, and things haven't felt completely right ever since." I had to smile at how close these girls were.

"I think that's wonderful. I know you two love each other but. Isn't there any boys at school closer to your own age you would rather go out with?" "None of the boys at school like her." I was surprised my niece was being so rude. "Kaylee! That's not a nice thing to say." "It's OK Uncle B! It's true." Brittni was still smiling and didn't seem the least bit bothered by the whole thing.

"Some of the boys don't like that I am so much smarter than they are. Some guys don't like me because I'm black. Mostly though it's probably because I'm so weird." "Come on now Britt." I said.

"You aren't weird." Both girls just stared at me for a minute, then all three of us laughed. It was a nice tension breaker. Smiling over at her I admitted. "OK. So you are a little weird. But you are very pretty." Brittni's smile grew even more. "Well thank you Handsome!" She gave me a wink.

"I do know a couple of guys on the track team that would take me out, but it would just be for the sex. I really don't want my first time to be in the back of a car, with some overanxious guy that doesn't know what he's doing. I don't want a guy that might hurt me because he doesn't know, or doesn't care, how to make me feel good.

I've heard too many girls talk about how bad their first time was. I don't want that." "She is determined she is going to lose her virginity soon. If it's not you, she will probably pick one of those guys." Kaylee said to me, clearly concerned.

"It was my idea to ask you." "Why me? I'm way too old for you." I put up my hand before they could say anything about my current situation. "I already have a girlfriend. I don't understand why you want it to be me." "Uncle Benny." Kaylee looked at me like it was obvious.

"Brittni has had a crush on you since the first time she met you." I guess I always knew that my nieces friend had a crush on me, but this was going way beyond the boundaries of innocent infatuation.

I expected for her to be shy about it, but I forgot who I was dealing with. Brittni gave me a big grin. "It's true! I was the one who was going to grow up and sweep you off your feet. We were going to get married and live in a giant castle together. Kaylee was going to live there too, but then she ruined everything by stealing you away from me!" We all laughed again. This had to be the strangest conversation I had ever been involved in.

Brittni became more serious. "Kaylee told me about her first time, and it was beautiful. Not many girls really enjoy their first time. She not only liked it, she said it was perfect." I looked at Kaylee and she was nodding in agreement. I felt very proud and happy that I had given her such a special night to remember. "That's why I'm asking you. I want a first time like that. Someone who will be gentle and slow. There doesn't need to be love, just respect. I want one special night.

Not forever, not even ever again. Just tonight. Something I will never forget." I was trying hard to keep perspective. The way she made it sound, I would be doing her a huge favor. Not some old pervert getting his rocks off on yet another innocent girl.

I wasn't sure what to do. Part of me was looking over at this pretty young girl thinking, well she's smart enough to make this decision. The other part was screaming to act like an adult. Just stop and run away. At the moment the scales were at 50/50. "Just give me a minute to think about some things here." I poured a few more ounces of bourbon into my glass. (Yeah!

I know! Booze may not be the best way to make a decision.) Kaylee looked over at Brittni and gave her a smile and a small twitch of the head. I was about to ask what that was for, when Brittni stood up and untied the belt of her robe.

She let the robe slide off her shoulders then let it fall to the ground around her feet. I found myself staring, when I knew I should be looking away. She was wearing an outfit that I recognized as one that I had bought for Kaylee during our shopping trip. That was one birthday present that just kept on giving and giving. Brittni stood right in front of me, hands to her side, one knee slightly bent.

She had on a very sheer, light blue bra, with matching boy shorts. The light color against her dark skin looked terrific. It was perfect. I wondered how many things they had tried on before picking this one.

The thin, almost translucent material left almost nothing to the imagination. Her dark nipples, and black bush were clearly visible beneath the gauzy fabric.

She had small breasts, but they were well formed. Her hips were wider than Kaylee's, creating a very nice curve below her thin, taut waist. She had much longer legs than my niece and they were even more muscular. She was very pretty indeed. Although her body was shaped beautifully, the thing that caught my attention was her skin. It was gorgeous! Smooth, flawless, a dark golden brown that seemed to glow in the light.

There was no sign of body hair other than what was glimpsed beneath her panties. I felt a stirring in my pants, and realized I was loosing the will to fight. Kaylee was smiling at her and gave a twirl of her finger. Brittni started to slowly spin around. My girlfriend was coaching her friend in seducing me! Brittni's ass was incredible! It is much more of a bubble butt than Kaylee's. The boy shorts were tight against her firm, muscled curves.

While I still think my niece wins first prize, no man would ever think he was missing out with this one. I knew I wanted to grab it and run my hands over her smooth flesh.

Kaylee was looking at me with a grin on her face. "Tell her what you think. I won't mind." Brittni added quickly. "But only the truth. Don't lie to make me feel good." I sat there a moment longer. "Britt! You look amazing! Really. Amazing! You are so pretty, and any guy would be lucky to have you." "Then why not you? I'm right here." She looked at me sincerely.

"I know that you're not in love with me, but you do care about me right? Isn't that enough?" I looked over at Kaylee questioningly. She gave me a smile and nodded. The scales tipped and I knew I was lost. I stood up and put my arms around Brittni. I lowered my head to hers and gave her a gentle kiss. As her lips parted I slowly explored her tongue with my own. She reached up and put her hands behind my head pulling me into her.

She was much more aggressive and far less hesitant than Kaylee had been, but I didn't feel the passion that I did with my niece. I gently pulled away. "Why don't you go upstairs and we will be up in just a bit." Brittni looked up at me a little breathless and said "OK.

Which room?" "Wherever you feel more comfortable." I watched her walk to the stairs then I pulled a smiling Kaylee to her feet. "Sweetheart. You have to be completely sure about this.

If I do this, and you get jealous, I can't undo it. All I did was kiss her, we can still stop now. What do YOU want me to do?" "It's fine Baby. That kiss was very sweet. It was her first you know." She stood on her tip toes.

"I want you to kiss me, then go upstairs and be as gentle and patient as you were with me. I want her first to be just as special as mine." I kissed her passionately, then took her hand. I was worried I was doing the wrong thing but I wasn't going to turn back now. We walked upstairs hand in hand. Brittni had chosen my bed. She sat on the edge looking nervous, but still smiling. I sat on the edge next to her.

I took her hand. "OK. You know if we do this, it's done. There is no going back." "I know. I really want to." She seemed like she had made up her mind. "Have you ever done anything at all before?" I asked her. She smiled at me. "With a boy? Well. besides a kiss a few minutes ago.No." She continued on without embarrassment. "By myself, I have used my fingers a bunch of times, and I have given myself a few orgasms.

I have an electric toothbrush that vibrates, and I have put that inside me a few times. but that's about it." Kaylee giggled a little and Brittni gave her a dirty look. "Oh yeah funny huh? What about that hairbrush you are so fond of?" Kaylee gasped and started turning red.

"That was a secret!" I chuckled and looked over at my niece. "Hairbrush huh?" Kaylee turned beet red. "It's OK. It's natural. Everybody masturbates. I do it all the time." Both girls looked at me in shock.

"HEY! Give a guy a break. I only get to see my girlfriend on weekends!" I turned back and held Brittni's hand.

"If anything I do makes you want to stop, just say so. There is nothing wrong if you want to quit. OK?" Brittni looked at me and nodded "I understand." She looked at me and asked. "Could we kiss again?" I smiled and leaned over into her. I put my hand around her back and lowered her back against the pillows while kissing her softly.

I let my hand caress her side, her skin was silky smooth. I ran my hand over her belly, just running the tips of my fingers across her flesh. My fingers moved upward till they found the thin material of her bra. I gently cupped her small breast and squeezed lightly. Her chest lifted upward into my hand. I sought out her nipple and gave it a small pinch between my fingers.

Brittni gave a small gasp into my mouth. While still kissing her, I ran my hand around and unclasped her bra, one handed. She gave a cute little giggle. "Wow! You're good at that." "Well it was learn that or buy scissors" I chuckled. I leaned back and slid the bra from her shoulders. I looked down at her beautiful breasts. She was smaller than Kaylee, but looked very nice. She had small breasts with tiny, dark brown, almost black areola, topped with hard, eraser sized nipples.

I leaned forward and took one into my mouth. Her whole body shivered as I ran my tongue in circles around her hard nipple. As I suckled her, my hand ran down and squeezed her butt. It was every bit as firm and exiting as I had imagined. I started to kiss my way down her body till I reached her panties. I looked over at Kaylee. She was sitting next to us watching intently. I took the waistband of the panties in my hands and asked.

"Is this OK?" Brittni responded, "Oh yes. PLEASE!" While I wanted Brittni to have a wonderful time, there was really only one consent I needed. Kaylee's eyes met mine. She gave me a small smile and nodded her head. I slowly slid the panties off of Brittni's hips, kissing and licking all the way down.

I licked her inner thigh all the way up, till I was at her crotch. I stopped and looked down. She had a small, curly, black bush, covering a very nice pussy. I had never really thought about it until then, it had never been an issue, but I had never been with a black girl before. I would be lying if I said that it wasn't an added turn on! Her lips were the same dark brown as her nipples. They were full and plump.

The contrast between her dark lips and the pink of her slit was absolutely lovely. I dove in, and buried my tongue into her. The reaction she gave was to thrust her hips forward. I grabbed her ass and pulled her tighter into my face. I ran my tongue around her button, then down into her folds. I sucked one lip into my mouth, pulling back and releasing it in a kiss. I put my tongue flat against her clit and ran it all the way along, flicking it at the end.

I pulled her bud into my mouth and sucked it against my lips. The fact that she was so loud normally, made me surprised that she was so quiet now. She never made a sound. As I teased her clit with my tongue, her legs suddenly tightened around my head. Her whole body tensed, and her hips bucked forward.

I kept licking as her thighs and abdomen were wracked with spasms. I kissed and licked as she slowly relaxed back onto the bed. I slowed my attentions, Brittni finally let out a long sigh. "OH! Wow! Now I know what she meant!" Brittni was staring up at the ceiling, seemingly oblivious to everything else.

Kaylee grabbed my shoulder. "Baby why don't you lay back?" I laid back onto the bed, while my niece took control. She quickly undressed me, then she took Brittni by the hand and pulled her onto her knees next to me. "Put your leg over him and sit on top." Brittni, still breathing heavily, straddled my lap. Kaylee rubbed her shoulder as she said.

"Go slow. Let your body adjust to him. Don't get exited and hurt yourself." I looked up into Brittni's eyes and asked. "Are you sure you are ready?" She smiled down at me.

"Completely sure!" Kaylee positioned my prick so it was centered on Brittni's hole. She started to lower herself onto me!

She was very tight! Not quite as painfully tight as Kaylee had been, but enough to make me concerned for her comfort. She sank deeper on top of me. When her ass met my thighs, her whole body shivered.

She did not even slow to get used to the feeling, but continued on. Brittni raised back up and then took me fully into her again. Again she raised and lowered. Then again. I did not want to hurt her but the feeling of this sexy, young girl on top of me was fantastic! I started to move against her. She started to bounce against me. Her breathing rapid, her movements deliberate.

She closed her eyes, and let out a long moan. Her body contracted, and I was amazed to realize she was having another orgasm. The tightness around my dick was enough to send me over the edge. "Oh God! I'm cumming!" I tried not to trust too hard as I released inside of her.

She rocked her hips against me then let her body rest against mine as I shuddered and shook against her. We lay together with her on top of me for a few minutes, then she slid down next to me. I ran my hands across her breasts and sides as I caught my breath.

Brittni never made a sound. Eventually, Kaylee giggled. "Uncle Benny!

I think we finally found a way to shut Brittni up!" Brittni let out a few deep sighs. "That was WAY better than my toothbrush!" Kaylee and I both laughed. Then I asked concerned, "Are you OK?" Brittni looked over at me and grinned. "Besides feeling like a pile of pudding?" She rolled onto her side and kissed me. "That was so great! Thank you so much! I feel like I'm floating on air." We started kissing again and her hand found it's way to my crotch.

"MMMMM can I kiss it?" Kaylee answered for me. "Here let me show you." My niece took me into her mouth. I was still covered in her best friends juices. It was so erotic that I was almost instantly hard again. I closed my eyes and let out a long deep moan. Brittni giggled. "I think he likes that." Kaylee continued to bob her head up and down my length, then slowed and gave the head one last, long, slow kiss. "Here. You try now. Don't try and go too deep and choke yourself.

Just kiss and lick around the tip." As she was talking Brittni leaned over and started to do just as she was told. "The bottom side of the tip is really sensitive. Push your tongue against it hard as you lick. Now suck a little on the whole head." Listening to my girlfriend telling her friend how to blow me was even more exiting than the amazing feeling of having it done. Brittni was doing a great job of taking direction. She was going farther down every time.

Kaylee crawled up to me and kissed me.

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"I love you Baby." She put her arms around me and hugged me tight. My breathing was becoming more rapid, and I was feeling another orgasm approaching. "Brittni I'm going to come soon." She slowed her movements and looked up at me. "Would it be OK if we did it again?" Once again Kaylee took control and answered for me.

"Come up here and lay on your back." She gave me one more wet kiss and moved to the side. She placed a pillow under Brittni's lower back.

"This raises your hips up and makes it feel even better." I rolled over between her legs. I gently rubbed my dick across her slit getting it well lubricated. She was still wet from before, with a mixture of her own fluids and mine. I slowly slid into her. Her eyes closed and she sighed pleasurably. "I really like this." She looked up at me and smiled from ear to ear. "A LOT" I slowly slid myself in and out.

She was very tight but seemed more relaxed than the first time. Brittni was raising her hips to meet mine at every stroke. Her long legs went around my back, and she crossed her ankles. This pulled me so deep inside of her I was worried I might hurt her, but she didn't slow down.

Each thrust and she would flex her legs pulling me in and tightening around me. It felt so amazing. "Oh Brittni! You feel so good inside." I sped up a bit, and she met me thrust for thrust. "I'm going to come!" Nearly panting, Brittni asked. "Would you cum on me so I can watch?" She unwrapped her legs and pulled back a little. I pulled out and stroked myself just a bit. My back arched and I shot load after load onto her belly and chest.

The sight of my creamy white cum on her dark brown skin was such a turn on. "OH UHHHH UHHHH. YES!" I was nearly screaming. Kaylee had slid over next to me.

She reached out and firmly grabbed my prick. Her hand slid up and down coaxing more cum to jet out. My body was shivering, my hips were bucking. I was close to passing out. I nearly fell over on the bed beside them. "Oh my god! That was soooo HOT!" Brittni laughed.

"I Know! I love watching him when he comes!" Kaylee leaned over and kissed me. Then she reached over and took a hand towel from the bedside table. "Here Brittni, I think you might need this." She laughed. Brittni ran her finger into a puddle and circled one hard nipple. "Awwww can't I keep it here a little longer? Who knows when I'm ever going to get more." Kaylee surprised me as she leaned over and licked a little off of Brittni's stomach.

"MMMMMM! It is your night. Do what you want." We laid there for a while. Kaylee running her fingertips around my chest.


I felt like I had just run a marathon. Brittni finally wiped herself off. She took my hand and smiled. "Uncle B. Thank you so much! I will remember my first time as the best a girl could have." She leaned over and gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek. "You were amazing and I will never forget how wonderful you were." "The pleasure was all mine. One day soon, you are going to find the right boy, and he is going to be one hell of a lucky guy!" "Thanks!

I hope he's a lot like you!" She kissed me hard on the lips. "Goodnight!" She stood up and looked down at her nakedness. "I really should have brought my robe up!

Oh well!" She shamelessly turned to walk out. "Goodnight Brittni!" Kaylee gave me a long kiss then slipped out of bed. "Time for some girl talk!

I'll be back in a bit." I laid there and nodded off to the sounds of the girls talking and giggling down the hall. An unknown time later I woke as Kaylee slipped nude into bed with me.

"Sorry. I think I fell asleep. Is everything OK?" "You made her so happy. I've got the best guy in the world." She kissed me then laid her head on my chest. "Uncle Benny? Is it OK if this is the only time this happens?" "I thought that was the deal. What's up?" She picked her head up and she looked at me.

"Well, I know I shouldn't be, but it did make me a little jealous watching you two." "Sweetheart!" I was ready to beg forgiveness if that's what was needed. "The only reason it happened was because you asked me to." "Calm down." She smiled and kissed me.

"I'm not mad. I know you were doing it for me. I'm glad you did! You made her so happy and gave her a great first time. But.I don't think I want to share you. You're mine! And I love you." I looked deep into her eyes. "You are the only girl I need. I love you." I kissed her and held her tight.

I think we were both a bit surprised when the kiss led to more. We made love. Long, slow, tender, and filled with love. As we finished it was sweeter and more perfect than it had ever been with anyone before her. Kaylee curled into my arms tightly. In a sleepy voice but full of pride she whispered. "That's the way it is supposed to be." She was soon snoring lightly in my arms. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I walked into the kitchen to the smell of cooking bacon and the sound of giggling girls.

"Good morning!" I called out. "I get breakfast made for me? That's a first." Despite her mother being a chef, Kaylee could barely boil water without instructions. Brittni smiled over from the stove and I leaned down and kissed my niece. "Morning Babe." She replied. "How's everyone this morning?" I asked. "Well. Besides my Hoo Ha feeling like these scramble eggs here, I'm doing fantastic!" Brittni was scooping eggs onto a plate.

"Now sit down, your breakfast is done." I laughed as I sat down to eat. Kaylee gave me a sly smile. "I think Brittni has changed her mind about the horseback ride today. Maybe we could just lounge around the house instead." She gave me a wink as her friend stuck out her tongue. When we had finished eating I took the plates to the sink. Brittni was there as I turned around. She threw her arms around me and just held me tight. After a minute she let go and looked me in the eye.

"Thank you again for last night. I know it can't happen again, but it was very special to me, and I will treasure the memory." The sincerity of her words was very moving. I leaned down and gave her a long, slow kiss. As we parted I said. "It was very special to me too.

Thank you for giving that to me." Brittni looked over at Kaylee. "You saw that! It wasn't my fault! Hmmm.Maybe I have a chance at stealing him back from you after all." Kaylee stood up and playfully swatted her arm. "Never! Now get upstairs and hit the showers. You stink!" Brittni turned and walked towards the stairs.

At the bottom she turned and asked. "Any chance of getting one of those showers that Kaylee likes to tell me about?" Kaylee ran a few steps toward her. "Out now! You shameless hussy!" Brittni ran up the stairs, laughing all the way. Kaylee walked back, laughing herself. I took her in my arms and kissed her.

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She pulled away and took me by the hand. "That's really not a bad idea." She gave me a wink, and started pulling me towards the stairs. "I think a nice long shower is just the thing I need right now." To be continued: