Asian teen has her nice body massage and get her tight pussy fucked in this xxx porn movie we got a

Asian teen has her nice body massage and get her tight pussy fucked in this xxx porn movie we got a
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The Innbury public tennis courts sat under a hill on which were woodland walks and picnic places, popular in the summer with couples looking for a place to copulate. Wilson and his pal Fred were in Innbury on holiday and they often left canned beer in a stream up on the hill to cool while they played. They also liked to sit on the sidelines and watch the local girls. They were good-looking lads and the girls were well aware that they were watching for a glimpse under their short skirts when they served.

One afternoon the boys were on the sidelines when Julia was playing with her girl friend Sheila. She glanced often at them with a knowing smile and let them see a lot of her pretty little knickers to stimulate their interest.

When they were finished the boys chatted them up. "We've got some beers cooling up the hill.


Why don't you come up and join us?" Sheila had to go home but Julia had no objection to being alone with two such sexy boys. She didn't like beer but there were other things she could do with them. Up the hill beside the stream Julia lay back on the grass in the sun watching the boys as they drank their beers and giving them another view of her panties.

They hadn't yet made an open pass at her and she began to wonder if they would. Then Wilson, who was sitting with his legs drawn up and his racket handle between his knees opened his thighs slightly and looking straight into her eyes, began to stroke the handle slowly up and down in an unmistakably suggestive manner. Julia's eyes grew hot and heavy as she watched him and her body began to move subtly, restlessly on the grass.

Picking up her own racket casually she began to rub the handle lazily against her leg. Wilson watched her and slowly slid his hand into his groin.

His racket slipped to the ground as he opened his thighs and ran his fingers over the lump in his white tennis shorts. His pal did not become aware of what was going on until Julia with quickening breath ran the handle up her thigh and flipped the flaps of her little white skirt aside, fully exposing her thin embroidered panties, on which there was already a dark moist patch. She laughed softly as both boys watched her and touched themselves.

But soon she was too aroused to smile. Panting audibly now she began to rub the handle up and down her slot through her panties. Wilson flushed and, unzipping his pants, pulled out his erection. Julia twisted voluptuously as he began to masturbate at her. She watched him for a bit, moaning softly, then turned hot liquid eyes to his pal. She left no doubt in the look she gave him that she wanted him to do the same. When they were both masturbating she slowly pulled the crotch of her knickers to one side with her left hand exposing the softly gaping lips of her slit.

Slowly and deliberately she brought the butt of the handle against them then slowly she twisted it between them, her hips squirming as she forced the thick leather grip into her cunt. "Jesus!" said one of the boys, pumping his hand faster up and down his stiff prick.

With a sob Julia spread her legs wide and clutching the racket handle with both hands, she began to fuck herself with it. Wilson fell on his knees beside her head intending to reach down and take it from her but she shook her head and looking at his prick jerking near her face she let her soft slack mouth fall open. Again there was no mistaking what she wanted and Wilson shuffled forward on his knees on the grass till his cock was within reach of her mouth.

With a whimper of desire she lifted her head, throat taut as she strained to reach him, and engulfed his knob with a quick twisting motion.

"Christ!" Wilson moaned as he slipped a hand under her soft dark hair to support her head. Feeling the tension in her throat relax, he slid his cock as far as it would go into her open gullet.

She gurgled with pleasure, her eyes rolling round to find his pal. Not wishing to be left out, he took up a similar position on her other side. Her little body was jolting violently now as she screwed herself on the racket, her cunt squelching audibly in her excitement. Wilson's pal saw perspiration bead her smooth brow as she pulled her mouth off the cock she was sucking and twisted her head round to him. "Uhhh-hh. you too.," she panted huskily. "Make spunk.

for me." "Sexy little bitch," he groaned as he leaned forward to touch her face with his prick. She laughed softly letting him rub his knob over her face before her slack mouth began to hunt for it, finally engulfing it with a little sobbing snort of excitement.

Her body stiffened and quivered. Then, with a series of muffled high-pitched squeaks, she began to jerk convulsively, her feet arching in her white tennis shoes as she started to come round the handle of the racket. Fred held his cock deep in her mouth, stifling her gurgling squeals of pleasure as she orgasmed.

Overcome by the scene, Wilson who had been masturbating feverishly as he watched his pal fuck her in the mouth suddenly leaned over her and with a gasp of relief squirted a stream of spunk on the side of her face. "Mmmphhff!!" she mumbled in surprised pleasure. Her hot eyes rolled round towards him. Freeing her mouth, she turned her head just in time to catch another squirt of thick warm spunk full in the face.

"Ooooorrrggghh!!" she gurgled in delight as he continued to unload on her face and over her half-open blouse. The other boy was on the brink of an ejaculation too. Eager for it and squirming with excitement she twisted round again to receive his sperm. "Uhh-hhh. yesshh!!.


Shood your shpunk on me!!" she whimpered, her words clogged by Wilson's thick slime. She squinted at the boy's hand as it pistoned on his lurching prick. "Jesus!

I'm. I'm coming." he gasped throwing his head back.

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Julia arched and squealed as the thick hot spunk pulsed from his cock, squirting over her hair and face. "Dirty little slut!" Wilson groaned as she fell back panting on the grass, gobs of spunk hanging in her hair and her pretty face half obscured by a glistening mask of slime. The racket had fallen from her nerveless hands and lay between her still widespread legs. Wilson removed it and lay down between her thighs. She did not protest as he scooped one leg up and entered her under the leg of her white embroidered knickers.

Her cunt was soft, hot and slippery and he had no problem penetrating her although he was still not fully erect again. She felt his cock stiffen and lengthen inside her."Uhh-hh-huhh. fuckkk. me." she gasped as he thrust at her, jerking his hips to and fro. His pal opened another beer and sat down to watch them panting and squirming as they copulated on the grass, occasionally stroking his thick penis to keep his erection up, fully intending to shag her too when Wilson was finished.

"Is she good?" he inquired. "Yeah." Wilson grunted. "Real. uhh. silky little. fuck!" "Is she tight?" he persisted.

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"No way," he panted. "Cunt's. as. uhh. big as. her mouth." His pal liked them tight. "Maybe she'll take it in the arse. Give it a poke and see if she likes it." Wilson gave a dirty laugh and to oblige Fred he hooked Julia's leg over his shoulder and twisted her onto her side. She squealed and stiffened, trembling as he groped under her panties and screwed his finger into her anus.

She sobbed as he reamed her but did not protest. Instead she began jerking her buttocks back against his hand, impaling her little hole on his finger. He laughed. "Like that, uhh?" he panted. "Fred's going to fuck you in there in a minute." Julia gave a wail, writhing in his grasp as he abused both her holes simultaneously. "Awwhh. Gawddd. dirty fuckkkk.!!" she squeaked. Her cunt was retching and clutching Wilson's cock now like a velvet glove as she began to come again, her rectal muscles tightening round his finger.

"Jesus! She's hot!" Wilson gasped. "I'm going to shoot my load." "Ohhh yesss!! Lots. give me lots!!" Julia wailed in encouragement, stiffening in expectation, her cunt gaping suddenly like hungry cavern as she felt his body begin to jerk and shudder.

With a groan he squirted the warm flood of his come into her and she squealed with pleasure as she felt it surge along her spasming love tunnel. As Wilson withdrew from her and stood up, Julia remained lying on her side panting and rubbing her clit, knowing his friend was going to use her next. She had the 'hots' now and didn't care what he did to her.

She felt suddenly empty and wanted all the holes she had to be filled and the surging waves of pleasure to start washing through her again. The other boy was bending over her and she lifted her hip from the ground to assist him in tugging her wet knickers down over her sleek little legs. When they were off he lay down behind her. Someone had told him she would do anything if you squeezed her nipples and he reached round her.

She lay quietly feeling his stiff penis pulse hotly in the cleft between her bare buttocks. Then as he began to squeeze her little breasts and tweak her stiff nipples she gasped and began to rub her behind against his groin. "Want it in there?" he whispered hoarsely. "I don't mind," she panted non-commitally, letting him lift her round on to her knees. Wilson's spunk had leaked from her cunt down the inside of her thigh. Fred scooped some of the slime up with his finger and spread it round the puckered ring of her little shithole.

She knew it would hurt at first and braced herself on her elbows as he pushed his knob against her hole. She moaned as she felt the pressure and then gave a whimpering squeal as his glans popped suddenly through the rubbery ring of her sphincter and into her.

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Almost immediately she began panting and rocking back and forth on her elbows trying to make him sodomise her. "Christ, what a fuck!" he groaned to Wilson. "You want to get in here - it's so tight!" Wilson watched as Fred began to ream her steadily while she moaned encouragement, rubbing her hand feverishly up and down over her swollen clit and pussy lips. "Hot little bitch!" gasped Fred to his friend, the perspiration trickling down his neck into his shirt.

"Stick it in her cunt and give her a sandwich." Julia sobbed her approval of his suggestion. "Uhhhh yes. dirty. uhh. fuck me. more." But Wilson had other ideas as he lay down on the grass beside the copulating pair. He wanted to get his erection back inside the warm butter of her mouth and this time to fill it with his come till she swallowed it. "Let me get at her cunt," he panted to his pal who thrust his cock deep into Julia's anus and held it there while she whimpered with excitement.

Then pulling her over till the two of them lay on their sides again, he hooked his elbow under her upper thigh and lifted her leg up exposing the pink gash of her oozing cunt.

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Wilson picked up her racket and Julia sobbed as she realised what he was going to do. Slowly he screwed the slippery racket handle up into the soft mushy clutch of her cunt. She gave another sobbing wail, writhing like a wounded snake as she felt herself being filled completely.

"Jesus Christ, I can feel it in here rubbing on my dick!" Fred gasped. Wilson released the racket and with a shuddering moan Julia reached down blindly and seized it, squirming lewdly as she began to fuck herself with it. Wilson stretched out with his groin at her face and stroked his prick to full erection as he looked down at her and heard the racket squelch obscenely in her cunt each time she eased it up into herself.

He wriggled forward till his cock touched her hair and she twisted her head round so that it rested on her upturned face. "Want more?" he whispered. "Mmmhh. big. hot. dick." she mumbled deliriously, trying to lick it. "Uhhlll-lllove it. in. uhhlll. my mouth!" Wilson shuddered as her little tongue slid over his glans.

He clutched at her head, hands in her damp hair pulling her mouth over his cock. Her jaw slackened and dropped to accommodate him and he slid the thick muscle into her throat.

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"Mmm-MMrrgghh.!" she gurgled as Fred began to ream her tight anus again, feeling the hard handle in her cunt rub on the underside of his prick. Her little body began to rock to and fro again, her eager mouth sliding back and forth on Wilson's throbbing cock.

"Mmmpphhff. mmmpphhff. mmmpphhff." she snorted rhythmically through flared nostrils. It seemed as if her whole being was full of cock and she began to quiver as she clutched the racket blindly in both hands and twisted it to and fro in her sopping gash.

With muffled whimpers she sucked on it with her cunt muscles as the boys abused her other holes industriously with grunts and gasps. With every clutching spasm her sphincter tightened round Fred's cock as if she were milking him. In no time her whole body was quivering with tension as she squirmed desperately to reach yet another orgasm, squeaking like a stifled mouse round Wilson's cock.

Then with a great heaving shudder she came, gurgling as her cunt and anus retched violently. Fred, overcome by the sensation, pulled out of her with a plop and squirted over her skirt and her bare thighs. She gave a muffled moan of approval as she felt it. Then lifting one hand to clutch the root of Wilson's cock she began to fellate him hungrily, her head bobbing to and fro like a woodpecker.

"Awwh Jesus!" Wilson groaned as he felt his cock stiffen in her mouth and the spunk curdle up through his loins. Julia knew what was happening to him. "Cumm in my moud!" she mumbled in encouragement, pumping her fist and her mouth on his cock even faster in a determined effort to make him come.

Wilson stiffened and with a choking gasp began to ejaculate inside her mouth, his body jerking violently with every squirt. Julia gave a little snort of triumph and lay quietly letting his slime flood her mouth as it pulsed out of his cock, sliding round her teeth and tongue. Eventually there was no more and Wilson's cock slipped from her lips. She lay on the grass holding his sperm in her mouth. Then looking up at him with hot molten eyes, she squirmed voluptuously and let her mouth open slightly so that a little river of slime trickled from the corner of her mouth and slid down her cheek.

"Wand do shee me shwallow id?" she slurred, more spunk spilling out and trickling down into her hair. The racket was still embedded in her cunt and she twisted it out slowly as she swallowed.

"Mmgghh. nishe shtuff!" she smiled lewdly, squirming slowly, lasciviously as she rubbed at the wet gash where her racket had been. "God, you're a filthy little bitch!" Wilson grated as his eyes drank in the picture of her lying with the sun highlighting the glistening slime on her face, her blouse and her skirt.

Julia laughed her soft laugh. "Lige me?" she teased, lifting her hips briefly up at him. "Wand do play anudder game? Mmm?" The boys realised they were beaten - she had won game, set and match. =========================END========================