Tattooed twink with big cock Axel does a solo masturbation

Tattooed twink with big cock Axel does a solo masturbation
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"And how da hell am I sposed to fix this?!" Abigail complained to her cousin, Billy Bob. The cowboy from the west only looked on to his cousin as he finished loading up the last of the cows.

"You know what season we're in, ah need at least one cow for this!" "Sorry cous'." Billy Bob replied, shaking his head to his cousin. "But ah gotta get these cows to ARIZONA!" "Ya hafta scream that everytime don't ya." Abigail annoyingly replied,rubbing her temples. "But mah prize bull is in season and needs a mate. Can't ya spare one?" "Sorry cous'." Billy Bob replied, turning to get in his truck.


"But da order was for all ya cows. Ah can't do nothin' else." Frustrated, Abigail stormed off, not even bothering to say goodbye to her cousin. This was a problem, a series problem.

It wasn't specifically the cows, but rather that she needed the cows for this. On family farms, her family handled more than just agriculture such as apples, corn, wheat, potatoes, and the occasional strawberries and pears; they handled livestock as well.

One of which was the farm's prize bull, a massive creature named Titan. It was a bulking monster of a bull, easily twice the size of the average bull; a fact that had earned the animal many blue ribbons. "What am ah gonna do?" Abigail worried, walking into the specially made barn. Because of his size and strength, Titan had to be kept in a spacious, all metal interior stable. The bull only seemed to huff and puff in a small bit of pain and agony.

She wasn't surprised, she expected this. "Sorry Titan.


But there ain't no more cows for da season." Titan only seemed to roar in frustration, showing off the source of his pain. A massive, throbbing and cum dripping cock flopped about madly, splattering bit of spunk against the walls of his holdings. "Ah know, ah know. But there's nothin' ah can do." Titan only seemed to thrash some more. Abigail struggled to think of something to handle this.

But a strong smell seemed to dull her senses and weaken her thoughts. It was breeding season, and Titan was going to be in an aggressive rut for the season if something wasn't done. The smell of his strong musk only seemed to make the girl nauseous.

It was suffocating, yet she couldn't bring herself to leave the barn.

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Thinking harder and harder, Abigail couldn't see any other solution. Swallowing hard, she quickly ran to the barn door, closing and locking it tight. "Okay Titan, here's da deal." Abigail explained, walking towards the bull's stable swinging door as she began to disrobe. "Ah'll help ya this one time. But ya gotta be quiet about it.

Ah'll never live this down if mah little sister or older brother sees this." Fully naked, she placed her neatly folded clothing on a barrel as she walked towards the bull. The faint aroma of a female being close by seemed to calm the creature a little.

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With great reluctance, Abigail got to her knees, settling in a comfortable sitting position as she reached with her hands to carefully grab at Titan's massive cock. The average bull was a little over three feet long at best, but Titan was a colossal five foot cock with a thick six inch thickness.

Most cows that he mated with had to be specially prepared to handle such a beast. Even when given strong tranquilizers, Titan's cock only shrunk to a little under four feet. "Just gonna stroke this." Abigail stated, slowly sliding both her hands along the massive girth. "So no funny business." Titan groaned, panting hard as he felt the delicate hands work along every inch of the thick, throbbing, hot cock.

Abigail could barely handle the overwhelming smell. Despite the musky smell, she continued on; jerking the bull at a greater speed. The bull's massive cock dripped heavy globs of pre cum, smacking against Abigail 's bare, sizable chest. This only added to the smell. For only a moment, she actually thought what it would taste like. But she pulled herself back. She was willing to awkwardly jerk off her prize bull, but she was not going to go that far.

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But she could not deny how wet she was getting from the smell. Titan roared, getting ready release his massively thick load all over his owner's body. Abigail could feel the heavy load building and bubbling. Feeling the end was near, she slid one hand lower, fondling Titan's massive and heavy balls.

Her hands were so small compared to the large orbs dangling between his legs. Faster and faster, she jerked her bull off, egging him further and further to orgasm. Raising his head, the raging and horny bull let out a primal roar as he reached climax.

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Unable to move her head away, Abigail was only able to close her eyes and shut her mouth tight before feeling the hard and sloppy wet load of the hot spunk splattering itself all over her face. The smell was so strong, she nearly lost herself to the scent and it felt like someone pour bubbling wax all over her face and body. It was an unknown amount of time before the bull's load finally lightened up, but by that point, Abigail was coated a steamy white.

Spending the next hour and a half showering, Abigail did everything she could to wash the thick spunk off her body.

It was not an easy task as the smell seemed to stick on her. Rubbing and scrubbing harder, the girl could only wince in frustration.


Not only from the ordeal she had just endured, but something worse. Far worse. Reaching one hand to her chest and another to her untouched pussy, Abigail felt a small tingle of arousal.

Did she enjoy jerking Titan off? There was no way! No way! No way!

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No way! But then again, maybe yes.