Wow blonde vivian liebt Fucke bekommen

Wow blonde vivian liebt Fucke bekommen
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It was my last year in school, going to pass out in a few more months and I still was a virgin. Not that I wanted to be but my boy friend lives far and we only get together online but we would be soon be together and getting married; so for him I was saving myself until something happened few weeks before my term was going to end.

In school and mostly everywhere else I used to hang out mostly with guys, not that I was attracted to them I was just more tom boy than anything else and I hated girly girl talks.

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My usual mates were Pete and Tony who we used to meet every day at bus and at school lunch time. Our hang out space was quite a nice spot, it was behind a big dumpster which isn't used anymore; so no one comes to disturb us there and we have our chats in peace. Pete had recently broken up with a girl who was giving him blowjobs almost every day, but they broke up four days ago which made Pete kind of mad sex maniac. He constantly went on about how she was really good at giving him a blowjob and etc.

Tony on the other hand was not in a relationship at all he has a pretty hard time with it so he just took off time from girls all together.

Some think that he is gay but in reality he isn't; he is just scared to get hurt again. And I well want to be with the person I most desire but he is miles away from me, only get online sex chats and I masturbate reading them. That is the max I get of sex; fingering myself. Pete came to our spot stomping and sad down at the bench that was there, it was a half broken table with a bench attached the other one broke so they put it there and it helped us a lot because we get a place to sit.

"What has happened Pete, anything wrong?" I asked "Nothing I am fine" Pete replied in a very frustrated manner, didn't make me feel any good.

"Come on man tell us what happened" said Tony as he came up and sat next to Pete. "Well as you all know how frustrated I am with Rebecca leaving…well now I am having complications" replied Pete. "What kind of complications?" I asked. "The ones where I cannot sleep well and I am having blue balls all day long; I tried masturbating nothing is working" Pete replied. Tony looked at me and then Pete and said, "Well there is only one solution to this matter" "What?" I asked.

"You give Pete a blowjob so he gets better" Tony said to me. I was very much taken aback with the suggestion or solution whatever it was.

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"Are you kidding me Tony? You want me to suck on Pete's dick?" I asked.

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"Yeah, well you're a girl and well it is just a blow job not like he is asking for sex" "You must be out of your mind" I told him and started to leave the spot and go for my class. As I was going towards my class I found Pete following me after a while he came up to me and held my hand and pulled aside and said, "Look Tiff can you really do me this favor?


Please just once and we will be done I need to get rid of this pain" and looked down towards his penis. "Oh come on?

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Really you serious?" I said. "Please Tiffany just this once" Pete replied, "No one will know we will just go in the washroom and you give me a quick blow job and then we go our separate ways" I took some time to think, I had to do something about this so I told him yes and he took me to the nearest boys washroom and we went inside into a small cubicle.

"Okay what do you want me to do now Pete?" I asked. "Well if you want to make it fast then you have to get this shirt off" he said as he slowly pulled off my shirt and I let him do it. I wanted this to end fast as possible and was going to that only.

Pete then took his pants down and took off his underwear which made his six inch cock free.


"Take off your bra too Tiff, I want to see those big tits" Pete said and I took off my bra and put it down on the toilet lid. I knelt in front of him and first started to just feel his dick which started to get thick and hard with my every touch.

After it was pretty much in its fully hard I stared to lick the tip of his dick with my tongue, I licked on the head slowly giving him all the pleasures he can get then engulfed his dick and started slowly to swallow his thick shaft.

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He was liking it too as he started to moan and slowly thrust upwards inside my mouth. I slowly tried to deep throat him and I was doing it after few tries it had a super effect on Pete. "Yeah like that bitch keep sucking on my cock…I know you lick thick cock" said Pete. I let him talk dirty because if it helped to get him cum fast then great. I started to swallow almost whole of his penis, feeling his balls from time to time, then went from his dick to his balls and sucked them too.

"Oh yeah! Fuck you bitch! Put that back in your mouth I am about to cum!" I took his dick back in my mouth and he started to fuck my mouth with a few pumps he cummed inside of my mouth and kept on cumming till he gave his last drop of cum in me. Which I had to swallow, it was quite good. I wiped my face and the said, "Happy now Pete? Did that help?" "Yeah bitch that really helped" and he gave me a hug. Then we put our clothes back on and left the cubicle to get to our classes.

"Meet you at the bus" Pete told me before he left and we got in our classes. After class was over I walked to the bus stop for the bus.

Pete and Tony where already standing there waiting for me.

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"Nice going Tiff, it would have been just easier if you listened to me then" said Tony as I came near them. I looked at Pete with a very angry look, he told Tony about our little adventure when I told him not to say anything. "You told him? How could you?" I asked him angrily. "He kept on asking where I was for past 15 minutes, I lied but he caught on and made me tell him the truth" Pete replied.

"It is okay Tiffany I am not going to say it to anyone don't worry about it" Tony came up and gave me a hug and then pinched me in the butt, "Just you need to do something and I will never mention this again" I looked at him and asked, "What do you want Tony?" "Nothing much you will see tomorrow at school" he replied and we got on the bus and we went our separate ways for the day.

I kept wondering what is going to happen the next day at school. We were back to the same place; behind the dumpster to our secret spot. I was totally anxious to find out what really was Tony planning. "So what is it that you were talking about Tony?" "Nothing just Pete wanted another blowjob" said Tony. "What? Another blowjob huh…but that was the only time no more" I replied. "Come on Tiff you were great please let's do it again but just this time Tony wants to watch you do it" said Pete.


"No way I will not do it again" I said and sat down on the bench. Tony and Pete went to the side and then talked among themselves for a while and then Pete came up to me took off his pants and then his underwear and took his dick out and held it near my face and said, "Suck on it bitch right now!" "Get that away from me Pete I am not doing it" Tony too came up to me opened his pants and took out his seven inch dick and started to stroke it, "Come on Tiffany it is just a blowjob not like we are having sex" I was getting horny because there was two big dicks in front of me swaying and being jerked, I had to make up mind and I did.

I took hold of both of their cocks in my hands and started to give them a hand job. "Put it in your mouth bitch" said Pete and that is what I did. I took his dick put it in my mouth sucked for a while then changed it to Tony's dick and swallowed his shaft started to deep throat. I changed again to Pete's and kept changing.

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They started to groan and were humping slowly then all of a sudden Pete came in my mouth filling me with his cum and Tony joined in too filling my mouth with his cum too. I couldn't do much other than swallow it and I did. "Liked my cum bitch?" asked Tony. "Yeah very tasty guys, now what you had your fun what about mine?" I was horny as heck from this and I already had cummed in my panties, but now I wanted their dick in my pussy. "See I told you she will come along; wait we got something special planned for you" Pete told me, "Take off your clothes now bitch we are gonna fuck your brains out" I slowly took off my shirt and then unbuttoned my pants and took off my panties and then took my bra off and I stood there totally naked.

There was a chill in the wind which made my nipples get hard and stand out, I slowly felt them and rubbed them. "Leave that too us bitch. Come here" said Pete and then he pulled me towards him and put his tongue in me and we made out. Tony went behind me and knelt down and started to feel my butt and rubbed my vagina with his fingers slowly inserting them in the love hole.

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I think he was searching for the G-spot but couldn't locate it but it was still making me feel great. Pete broke off the kiss and then went down to my boobs, to which he cupped them in his hands and then rubbed his lips and then licked my nipples and softly massaged them. Pete went mad on my boobs, biting, nibbling and sucking on my nipples. He licked under my boobs and across them while Tony was busy kissing and biting my ass and playing with my vagina. He had found my cilt and he softly rubbed that with his fingers while he licked my asshole.

With all the attention I was suddenly getting sent me to overdrive and I cummed on Tony's hand. "Pete I think she is ready for our dicks, you take the ass I will take the cunt. Come stand here bitch and put that leg up on the bench" Tony said. I did as I was instructed and put a leg up on the bench while the lined themselves up, Tony at my pussy and Pete at my butt. Pete slowly went up my ass, putting it in slowly inch by inch and when he was fully in me Tony made his way inside my vagina and they started slowly at first.

Humping me once at a time trying to get into rhythm otherwise could be painful for me. I didn't know what to think off both my holes were filled with dicks and I was sandwiched between two boys who loved my body. After they got into rhythm they went in deeper and harder and faster. I was getting fucked so hard it really felt that my head was going to blow. "AHH! FUCK ME GUYS! HARDER!

COME ON!" Tony sat down on the bench and then laid down while I sat on his dick and Pete got behind me standing in between the bench. Pete pretty much worked from there on he started to fuck me hard and I responded well I cummed once more from all the assault that I was getting. "I am going to cum Tiff Pete told me…ARGH!!" saying that he cummed right in my asshole felt like he reached my stomach, he then slipped his dick out of my ass and went in front of me and put it in my mouth.

I took his dick and started to suck on it while being free from Pete Tony took this advantage and fucked me back harder than ever reaching the inside of my cunt. "OH FUCK TONY! COME ON HARDER I AM ABOUT TO CUM!!!" "I AM GOING TO CUM TOO!!" Then he put it deep right in me and started to leak all his cum in me, which was a lot for someone who just had a blowjob.

I got his dick and then cleaned myself and got my clothes. As I was wearing my clothes I looked at them and said, "Well had your fun guys? I hope you did because that was the only time" "Yes we did Tiffany" said Pete as he came up and kissed me in my mouth and said, "Until next time then" Then the both left me there, until next time? This was not a good thing…