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Hot military teens jerking off together and gay us army guys xxx free
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Chapter One I Accidentally Find My Power Power corrupts. It really does. It's like, if you had the ability to get away with theft, it wouldn't take long before you became a kleptomaniac. And boy, did mania ensue shortly after I realized what I could get away with.

It all began with a simple headache. Or so I thought. Fact was though I didn't know it at the time things were more complicated than that. But I'll ease you into that. Anyway, it had been a very normal day at work. I work as an illustrator at a small publishing house; children's books and such. I usually get through work with minimal stress, but for some reason I was one this particular day somewhat agitated.

Around lunch my head started to pound, and I had to take my leave early. I went straight home. I live with my family; my mom, and my older and younger sisters.

My dad divorced my mom about a year ago, and no one in the family has spoken to him in at least six months. When I got home, my sisters were still in school, and mom would be at work at her office until late in the evening.

I was beat for some reason, from nowhere I'd become absolutely exhausted on top of my headache. I threw myself unto my bed and things went dark. I was awakened by a knocking on the front door. It couldn't be any of my sisters, as they would both have keys to let themselves in. I went down the stairs and checked the door. Outside stood Denise, a girl my oldest sister's age 18 years who lived down the street. She was a knockout brunette with long legs and an athletic, tanned body.

She was dressed like she was coming home from tennis practice, and as I opened the door I could feel the smell of female sweat hit me like a brick wall. "Um," I managed to mumble.

"Hey. Matt, right?" Denise said, her mouth curving into an awkward smile on her lightly freckled face. "Uh, yeah. Yeah, is there anything I can help you with? Denise, isn't it?" "Yeah, I was in your sisters Jordan's class, until I switched schools, remember? Anyway, the power's out at our house, I was just wondering if, like, your house-" "Yeah." "-has power.

It has power?" "Ye-wait, no. I don't know. I'm sorry, I woke up literally, thirty seconds ago." I said, scratching the back of my head, as an uninvited thought randomly entered my head.

Jeez, I would love to fuck her "Oh, sorry." she said and broke my line of thought. "Well, if you're not sure. mind if I come in? You know, to check?" ".sure." We went inside, and I was suddenly aware of my headache slowly coming back. The feeling, strangely enough, was a lot like having to pee. It felt like it needed to get out of my head.

I looked at Denise's divine ass as she strode past me, and I could feel the pain in my skull being directed at her. We both found herself standing by the nearest light switch, and I noticed how her breathing was getting heavy all of a sudden. "Guess we should - " she stopped, having to catch her breath. "Turn it on?" I finished, and she looked at me in a completely different way than just a few seconds ago.

"Yeah." she whispered, and grabbed the back of my head, pushing my lips into hers. She exhaled into my mouth and starting massaging my tongue with hers.

Her one arm moved down my neck and grasped my shoulder. My own hands instinctively went to her ass, and squeezed it firmly. Suddenly the pain was starting to pound like a sore thumb, and I felt how one of Denise's hands moved down to unzip my fly.

We kept making out as she pulled my jeans down and stroked my dick through my boxers. Our tongues were all a-tangled when she took out my erection and finally got down on her knees. "Wow." she gasped. "It's really big." "It's long, but not very thick." I confessed. She gave the tip a kiss, then another, then another with tongue.


She coyly made out with my dick before putting in in her mouth. She was able to get it just about halfway down her throat before she gagged and had to retreat. "Five stars." she said, and looked up at me with a naughty smile. She starting sucking it neatly, jerking it with her one hand and caressing my leg with the other. Her lips felt soft and sweet. Playfully, but somehow reservedly, she twirled her tongue around my dick as she sucked it.

Eventually I had to come. I felt it building up in my loins, and with a grunt I emptied it all in her mouth. For a moment she looked around witlessly, not knowing what to do.

Swallow it, I thought. Drink it all To my surprise that was exactly what she did. She downed it and her face rendered an expression resembling that of someone doing a shot of vodka.

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I could see the moment it "hit" her, and it was as sexy as it was comical. We looked at each other for a while, and without breaking eye contact she started to tenderly kiss my cock, cleaning it with smooches and licks. I flipped the switch on the wall. Nothing happened. "Looks like power's out here too." I said.

We laughed a bit. And Denise got up, licking some of my cum off her lips. As she headed for the door, she turned to me. "Hey, this was really unexpected but, I'll see your around. Okay?" "Yeah, sure. Take it easy." "Bye." "Bye." Even though I closed the door, I could still see her. Obviously I knew she was still on the other side of the door, I know what object permanence is, but I could somehow feel her.

It hit me, that it was a dull, faint ache in the back of my head that was pointing toward her through the wall as she walked back to her own house down the block. But now the ache was manageable.

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Even slightly pleasant. And I felt energized.

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But exactly what had just happened? Even in the daze of post-ejaculation, I saw how there was no way that a hot girl like Denise, who I barely knew, would just go down on me right in the hallway.

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I was very, very confused. Had my headache somehow made her do it? I had thought about her in a, less than platonic way and then we had. I didn't know what to think.

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My sisters would be home in a while. This one is kind of short, still fumbling about mostly.

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I have no real idea where to take this story. All I know is I want it to spiral out of control eventually. Any criticism or feedback would be hugely appreciated, as this is the first erotic story I've ever posted on a site.

Just be civil, thanks.