Zeit zu spielen Teil 3

Zeit zu spielen Teil 3
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The Adventures of Charles and I Chapter 3 It is now 3 years after Charles and I lost our virginity to my mother; we are now 16 and fully developed Charles has a nice cock at 8" while mine is 6 ½ ".

My sister is in college and my mother is dating a fairly nice guy who has no idea that Charles and I are still fucking mom.

GP has requested that we call her by her name so from now on she is Gloria. Maybe I should rename this story and add her to the title because she is with us all the time. Her mother moved to another town so Gloria moved in with us.

She is supposed to share a room with Sue but spends more time in my room. "The following is a flashback to our 13th year, it is necessary to add this so the reader will understand when we get back to our 16th year." If you read chapter 1 you will remember Mr. Jones our scout master who was hurt on the job.

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He took about 3 months to recover, during this time Charles and I made sure to visit him at least once a week and we even introduced Gloria to him. We told Gloria about our session with Bill [as we called him now] and we even told her how big his cock is.

Bill's wife got a job to help with the family finances so when we went to visit Bill would usually be home alone. Naturally we took advantage of this, when we visited we always gave Bill a blowjob. He appreciated this service and the 3 of us enjoyed providing it. His was still the biggest cock any of us had ever experienced and I guess we were all fascinated by it. Gloria did fuck him when he asker her too and I always got to clean her cunt afterward.

Bill asked us to go with him to the cave so he could film some of our activities; Charles and I were both excited about another trip to the cave so we agreed.

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We left after his wife went to work and an hour later we were at the entrance; the gate was unlocked which surprised me. Bill ushered us inside and locked the gate. We went to the room where the equipment was and there were 5 men there all in their late 40's or early 50's. Two of them were black, Bill introduced them as the Council. He then told us that he wanted to film them having sex with us and that we would be rewarded.

I asked Charles and Gloria what they wanted to do; I knew that I was going to suck a lot of cock and probably have a sore ass when I left the cave. In answer to my question Gloria and Charles started removing their clothes. The guys all got naked including Bill; there were cocks there of all sizes. Bill was the biggest with one of the black guys coming in second and me with the smallest. You must remember that I was still just 13 at this time. Gloria asked if I had ever done a black guy before; I told her no and asked if she had.

She said that her step-father had brought a black man home once and made her fuck him; this was when she was 11. The black guy with the smaller cock came over to me and told me to get on my knees and suck his cock; I dropped to my knees as instructed and took his semi-hard cock into my mouth.

As soon as I had him completely in my mouth he was as hard as a rock. I started sucking him and running my tongue around the purple head of 6" pole. I don't know what I was expecting when I started sucking him but was surprised that he tasted sweet and was producing a lot of pre-cum. I was enjoying having a black cock to suck because it seemed so depraved. I knew that I also was going to lick his asshole before we left the cave.

I managed to bring him to orgasm in about 5 minuets and got my first taste of black cum. I was dizzy from the excitement of sucking a black man and tasting his cum as he unloaded in my mouth.

As his cock softened and slipped from my mouth a white guy was there offering me his fat white cock which I eagerly sucked to the back of my throat. This cock was a little salty tasting and much larger than the black cock it replaced but I managed to get it all in my mouth. The guy put his hands on both sides of my head and held me so he could fuck my face. He was actually fucking my mouth like it was a pussy; he would put his cock all the way to the back of my throat and then almost remove it from my mouth.

He kept this up until I felt his cum running down my throat; he had the head of his cock so far in my mouth that I didn't even taste his cum. When he pulled out I was relieved because I could breath again. To my surprise he stood me up and kissed me putting his tongue deep in my cummy mouth.

I was left alone for a minuet and could see what was happening with Charles and Gloria. Charles had two of the white guys on him, one was fucking his ass while he sucked the other. Gloria was fucking the black guy I had sucked earlier and the other black guy with the big cock was rubbing some K-Y jelly on his black tool and was headed over to me. I was about to get ass fucked by a black man with a very large cock. I hoped I could take it with out being killed.

When he was close to me he said that his name was Sam and that he would like to fuck my ass. I was surprised that he was so polite and said that I would try to accommodate his cock in my ass. He promised that if it hurt too much he would stop; I got on my hands and knees and Sam started to slowly put his cock in my ass. It had been 3 months since Bill had fucked me with his monster cock and the only thing I had put in my ass since then was Charles little cock.

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Sam was very gentle as he worked huge prick into my wanting ass. There was some pain as his big head slid past my anus then it started to feel good as the shaft wasn't as big as the head. Sam was soon totally inside my ass and he started fucking me in a slow and deliberate manner; it felt good. For a big man Sam was very gentle; as he approached his orgasm he got a little more aggressive and started fucking me faster, soon pumping his cum in my ass.

He must have saved this load for a year as I have never had so much fluid from one man before or since.

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I thought that I was glad he was in my ass instead of my mouth because I think I would have drowned. Sam leaned over my back and kissed my neck and thanked me for a wonderful fuck.

I again looked around to see what was going on, I saw Gloria sitting in a corner and moved over to her to see how she was doing.

I asked if she was alright and she answered yes she just needed a break. I asked how many of the men had fucked her and she said 4 so far.

I couldn't control myself, I got between her legs and started sucking on her well fucked pussy. Gloria really loved having her pussy sucked after she was fucked so she wrapped her legs around me and told me to suck all the cum from her pussy. I did my best. Before we left the cave we had sex with all these men in one way or another; we also had sex with each other. Bill videoed all four hours of the orgy; he told the men that he would have their copies the next day.

As the men were leaving each of them gave us a hundred dollar bill. We couldn't believe that we were given five hundred dollars each for having sex. Bill told us that we could make at least that much a week if we wanted too. We were used every week for the next two and a half years by a bunch of dirty old men but we were well paid.

We found out later that Bill charged five hundred dollars each for a video of our sessions and that he sold them to people other than the dirty old men. We told him we wanted a percentage; he refused and that's when we quit making movies. Now here we are in our 16th year trying to find a way to replace our lost income.

As luck would have it Charles had to have his an emergency operation to remove his appendix removed. As he was recovering his doctor, who he had not seen before, came to check on him. Charles thought he recognized the doctor as one of the guy's from the cave; he was right when the doctor looked at the incision he put his hand on Charles cock and smiled at him saying that he remembered that cock well.

Before Charles left the hospital he and the doctor had exchanged telephone numbers and names. Seems that the good doctor missed us and wanted to get together again. Two weeks later Charles called the doctor and made a date for us to meet him and some of his friends at the doctor's house on Thursday morning. We got there at 10:00 a m and were greeted by a lady who led us into a large room where there were 6 men, all nude and waiting for us. The lady, who turned out to be the doctor's mother, told us we could undress and put our clothes in a closet.

We undressed and joined the men in the den. The doctor welcomed us and asked if we would like something to drink before we got started, I asked if we were going to get into any water-sports and he said yes.

We all asked for a beer. The doctor's mother brought us each a Michelob; she had undressed also as she was going to be part of the orgy. Lois had a pretty decent body for a woman in her late sixties and it was apparent that was a beautiful woman when she was younger. Her tits were sagging mainly because they were so big.


I was looking forward to playing with them. The doctor and the rest of the men were as usual in their late forties and early fifties. Some one put a tape in the VHS player and there we were fucking and sucking on the T V.

This video was about a year old and I recognized the doctor fucking me in the ass; I figured that I was probably going to relive that experience shortly. Lois was watching the video and I heard ask her son why he had never fucked her in the ass; she went on to explain that his father loved doing her and she liked it too. He promised that he would be sure that he fucked her ass the next time he slept with her; then he asked if his dad had ever licked her asshole.

She said no but it sounded like something she would like; the doctor asked me if I would mind tongue fucking his mother's asshole. I said it would be glad too.

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Just between you and me I was thrilled that I was going to have sex with this old woman. As I mentioned earlier she really turned me on. Lois was sitting in an arm chair with her legs spread; I got on my knees in front of her and slid her forward so her ass was exposed to my gaze as well as her pussy. I leaned forward and ran my tongue thru the slit of her cunt; I don't know what I expected her to taste like but as soon as I got the first little sample I knew I liked it. As soon as I ran my tongue around her clit her juices started flowing, at first I thought she was peeing but this was vaginal fluids.

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She has very large and very soft inner and outer lips which I could suck; her clitoris was also large and very suckable. This old woman has a perfect pussy that was made for oral sex so I took advantage of it. Across the room Charles was attending to 3 guys; 1 was fucking his ass while another was sucking his cock and he was sucking the 3rd.

Charles was good at taking multiple partners and he enjoyed doing it. Gloria was in a 69 with the doctor and had another guy licking her asshole. Seeing that everybody was busy I returned my attention to Lois's wet pussy; I spread her lips with my fingers and shoved my tongue as far in her vagina as I could.

I continued to tongue fuck her for awhile then I put my tongue in her asshole. I licked and sucked and poked her anus and rubbed her clitoris with my nose until I brought her to a powerful orgasm. Not only did she flood me with he female cum she also lost control of her bladder and mixed in some piss. All this fluid gushed from her pussy and ran down to my tongue which was still in her ass.

I couldn't move my head because she was holding me in her crotch with both hands. I managed to swallow a lot of it but some dripped on the floor. When she finally released her grip on me I raised myself to her big fat soft tits and started sucking on them. Lois pulled me up to her and gave me the best and most sexy kiss I have ever had; I got an erection just from the kiss.

Because of the position I was in my hard cock was touching the opening of her vagina so I pushed inside her. She was amazingly wet, hot and tight I didn't move after I was fully inside her because this felt so good. Lois gave me another cock hardening kiss then asked me to put my cock in her ass. I slowly withdrew from her vagina and slipped into her ass.

Lois said she wanted me to fuck her as hard and as fast as I could and to be sure to cum in her ass. She tightened the muscles in her rectum so I wouldn't slip out; I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could for about 2 minuets before I filled her bowels with my sperm.

Lois was spraying her feminine fluids on me the whole time I was in her ass. When she released her muscle my now semi-hard cock slipped from her anus; I dropped down to lick the pussy juice from her pussy. As I cleaned her she put her hand on my head and gently pushed my mouth and tongue toward her asshole; I hesitated a second then I licked cum from an asshole for the first time.

Lois shuddered as another orgasm shook her body. I couldn't believe what I had just done, sucking com from a woman's asshole and in front of several people, I was now a complete sick pervert and I was only 16. The worst part was that I knew I would do this again. Lois pulled me up and kissed me again then thanked me for the service I had given her. I promised her a repeat any time she wanted it.

I found where the booze was kept and got another beer; as I was drinking it one of the guy's came over and started fondling my cock. He told me that he would like to suck me if I didn't mind. I told him that I would enjoy being sucked by him. He dropped to his knees and took my limp dick in his mouth. It only a few seconds for me to get hard, he was a good cock sucker and soon had me on the verge of cumming.

I eased my cock from his mouth and told him I needed to sit down. I got in the chair that Lois had been in and draped my legs over the arms exposing my cock and asshole. He smiled at me and attacked my asshole with his tongue; if you have never had your asshole licked and sucked you have missed a major pleasurable experience. Frank was fucking my ass with his tongue and pumping my cock with his hand when he just stopped; he got into position and pushed his fat seven inch cock fully in my asshole and started fucking me furiously.

It didn't take long until he deposited his sperm deep inside me, although it only took a few minuets before he ejaculated this was a satisfying fuck. I could feel his cock getting soft and soon it slipped from my ass.

Frank took my cock back in his mouth and brought me to a welcome climax. Frank cleaned my ass with his talented tongue thanked me and left the room. I noticed that there were only the doctor and one other guy left in the room along with the three of us and sweet, darling Lois. Doc came over and asked if I would join him and Joe for some different activities; I didn't have any idea what these activities were but I did want to make sure Doc was satisfied with our services so I agreed.

I followed them out to the pool area where the other four men were. Doc told me that they all wanted to fuck me; what could I say other than o k. There was a specially built bench that I laid on face down that left my ass at the right height for easy entry.

I got into position and readied myself for the assault on my ass.

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Gloria, Lois and Charles were sitting in front of me so they could watch. The first guy rubbed my asshole with a lubricant then pushed his hard cock inside my ass. He fucked me like a rabbit, really fast; it only took him a minuet before he deposited the first load of the day. The next three guy's weren't as quick as the rabbit was but they were all finished in less than 20 minuets then came Joe. Joe was the smallest guy there; he was only about 5' 4 and weighted about 200 hundred pounds; as a matter of fact he resembled a toad.

I had seen his cock while it was soft and thought that at this point I wouldn't even feel his puny little dick in me. Was I in for a surprise when he stood in front of me with his erect cock in his hand. Joe was hung like a horse; his cock was at least 11" and had the circumference of a beer bottle.

I don't how this little guy could even carry this thing around.

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After showing me what he was going to put inside my ass he smiled and walked around to my reluctant ass. Joe must have applied more lubricant because he slipped the head of that monster in my ass with no trouble soon he had the whole thing inside my ass.

I can't explain how this felt other than I was stuffed, Joe slowly started fucking me gently pressing the whole length into my bowels then slowly pulling out. I knew my rectum would never be the same after he finished with me. Joe fucked my ass for at least 30 minuets with the same slow deliberate strokes then all of a sudden he started moving faster and I felt his cum flooding my insides. It seemed that this short fat man with his horse sized cock was giving me a 2 quart cum enema; he put more cum in me than the rest of the guy's combined.

When he removed that log from my ass I could feel his cum running down my legs, I also felt empty which surprised me.


Joe patted me on my ass like I was a dog and said thanks that he had enjoyed coupling with me. I was still recovering from the fucking Joe had put on me when Doc was standing over me with his erection just inches from my face.

I licked my lips as he moved closer so I could take his cock in my mouth; the first thing I noticed was he tasted like pussy which was fine with me. Doc liked to fuck a mouth rather than have you suck him so that's what he did; he started a regular rhythm pushing his cock deeper with each stroke.

I could feel the head of his cock as it hit the back of my throat sometime causing me to gag. Of course this what the asshole wanted. I took his balls in my hand to keep them from hitting my chin; it wasn't long before I felt them shrinking and getting tight as he approached his orgasm.

Doc put his hands on my head and held me as he pushed his cock into the back of my throat and delivered a massive load of cum; I was trying to swallow and keep from gagging as he pumped more and more cum in my mouth. After he finished ejaculating he left his slowly softening cock inside my mouth so I would be sure to get all of his cum.

When he finally removed his cock I asked Gloria to please hand me a beer; which I chugged to help clear my throat of the thick cum that refused to be swallowed. My eyes were watering and it took 2 more beers before I was able to regain my composure. Doc told me that was one of his best face fucks; I guess that was supposed to make me feel better; it helped.

Gloria came over and sat beside me; she put her hand on my thigh and told me that she had been fucked 11 times and she had sucked 6 cocks and 1 pussy since we got here. Then she said she wanted me to eat her; I lay down and she straddled my head and lowered her cum soaked pussy to my waiting mouth. I explored her outer lips licking some dried cum from them then I sucked her clitoris for a while before I started sucking her vagina. I don't know why but I really love the taste of a well fucked cum filled pussy and Gloria's was definitely well fucked with an abundant supply of cum.

It took awhile to satisfy Gloria that her love tunnel had been properly cleaned before she moved forward slightly and offered her other orifice for a clean up. I gave her the deluxe rim job making sure that she was clean inside and out. Charles was giving Lois a good fucking while I cleaned Gloria and had just finished cleaning her ancient cunt. We had spoiled Lois; she would never let anybody fuck who wouldn't eat her afterward. It was time for us to leave so I gave Lois a kiss; she made us promise that the 3 of us would come back soon and spend the day with her; we promised.

Doc gave each of us a hug and kissed Gloria good bye. He told us that he would be requiring our services again shortly and handed me an envelope. As we got in the van Charles said he would drive which was fine with me as I was a little tired and I had picked up a six pack and wanted a beer.

I got in the back on the couch opened a beer and took a long drink. Our fee for a group was $600.00 when I opened the envelope there was $1500.00 in it with a note that read; Thanks for the best sex I have ever had. It was signed Lois. End