PAWG Anikka Albrite is beautiful

PAWG Anikka Albrite is beautiful
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[Thank you to everyone for all of the feedback. I welcome all suggestions and comments, as I plan to continue this series - happy reading!] "Andrea's next!" one girl yelled and everybody grabbed her. She seemed to be joining the game and struggled against the grip of the girls but couldn't get free from the four girls that held each of her arms and legs.

They proceeded to carry her upstairs into Hailey's room and we all followed. She mumbled something in Spanish and stuck her tongue out as we reached Hailey's room. The four girls continued to hold her as we made our way to the bed. Andrea had gorgeous mid-range skin, what appeared to be C cups, and the best ass on the team. One of the girls that wasn't engaged in holding her came over to me and knelt down. She grabbed my cock and started to work on getting me hard again. It took a little more effort than before, but given the situation, it was inevitable.

Andrea flailed against the girls holding her, though she had a big smile on her face. "Don't let him fuck me!" she giggled. "My pussy is way too tight. He'll break me!" "Fuck her hard!" one yelled. I climbed up closer to her and bent down to suck on her nipples. The girls all cheered their approval as Andrea still pretended to struggle.

I rubbed my cock against Andrea's pussy lips. "Don't let him!" she giggled again. "Shut up!" the blonde leader (Ashley) yelled. "Hailey! Get over here and stick your pussy in her face!" Hailey quickly ran over there and did a near split on Andrea's face.

She was facing me and smiled with dilated pupils at me. I had guessed that Andrea went right to work as Hailey immediately started to moan. As I thrust my cock into Andrea's tight pussy, Hailey brought me closer and we started to kiss.

The kiss quickly turned into a make out as I started to fuck Andrea's pussy harder. Andrea's muffled moans just added to the vibrations of Hailey's pussy and she moaned loudly into our kiss. The girls all cheered their excitement at the scene. A few seconds later, Hailey was cumming, and squirted her juices onto Andrea's face, catching her by surprise. The girls all cheered, many unaware that Hailey had the ability to squirt.

I had one hand on Hailey's breast and my other hand on Andrea's breast through all of this. The two girls who were observing finally got into the act, one girl starting to play with Andrea's free breast and the other beginning to lap at her clit. "Use this!" Ashley, holding her left leg said, temporarily removing herself from the scene and reaching into her bag. She pulled out a vibrator and tossed it to the red head (Alana) who was licking her clit.

"Give me this leg bitch!" Ashley said and yanked it further towards her, giving me more room. Alana turned the vibrator on full blast and put it right against Andrea's clit. Andrea shrieked into Hailey's pussy as the vibrator hit her and my cock pounded her deeper.

She quickly came, her pussy squeezing me tightly and her juices flowing around my cock.

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Hailey gave her some extra air, but continued to kiss me as the onslaught continued. "Oh. My.Fuck!" Andrea screamed and moaned. "Fuck! Stop, ugh, it's too much!! I can't, uhnn, fucking take it!" Andrea thrashed against everyone holding her and managed to get an arm free.

She tried to crawl away with it but was immediately grabbed and held tighter in place. "AHHHH!" she screamed as she came again as the vibrator combined with my cock to hit every spot. The vibrating sensations felt extra good on my cock when it got close enough. Hailey started to kiss around my neck and chest, adding extra sensations.

"Give her that big rod you stud," Hailey started to whisper in my ear. She reached down and cupped my balls. "I want to feel you cum inside her pussy. I want to feel each pump of cum blast into her." She rubbed my balls passionately begging me to cum inside her teammate.

"Show them how much cum you have," she continued. "Don't stop until you flood her pussy." My cock started stiffening up as Hailey talked filthy to me. "He's gonna' cum!" she cheered. "Hold her tight so she has to take all of his cum deep inside her!

I'll make sure every drop of cum fills her up. This is going to be a big load, I can feel it!" Hailey bit my ear and rubbed my balls again as I came hard, emitting an "Oh fuck" as my seed started to spill inside of Andrea. She muttered something in Spanish again and thrashed about as I came inside her. Multiple ropes of hot, sticky cum blasted into her pussy as they all held her in place.

"Cum, cum, cum!" they all cheered and Hailey massaged my balls to make sure I emptied fully. Finally, they were satisfied and I pulled out, and my cum leaked down Andrea's thighs towards her legs.

"I think he needs a break," Ashley said with a laugh. "Let's all go back out to the hot tub area!

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I think there are some nice jets in there." With that, all the girls scampered down the steps, although Andrea was lagging behind, spent from our fuck.

Hailey stayed with me too, continuing to make out with me. Finally, the three of us went down and out to the backyard. Three of the girls had already found the jets, and were masturbating furiously with them. The pulses of water hit right at the clit, bringing on earth shattering orgasms in short amounts of time.

Hailey and I looked on as the rest had fun. "I'd say this is going well," I laughed. "Oh I bet you think that," she giggled and kissed me.

"I told you you'd have fun." "Danielle will be home soon," I said. "What do I do?" "Shit," she said. "I forgot all about that. Ugh, let me see if I can get her to stay at Rachel's." Before I could even respond, Hailey was inside the house, trying to work her magic again.

I couldn't picture Danielle agreeing to stay out, with this limited time arrangement of her parent's being gone just one more night. But, if anybody could pull this off, it was Hailey. "Help us get off!" a few of them called out to me from the hot tub.

I laughed and walked over, jumping into the shallow water where multiple girls were moaning. "Support me!" Alana smiled at me as she pressed her clit on a jet. I got behind her and supported her weight, and reached down to feel what was happening. The strong pulse of water was rushing constantly against her clit, sometimes burrowing into her tight pussy.

She reached back and stroked my cock, encouraging me to get hard again, while she moaned loudly. She must have started to cum because she screeched and then started to shake.

I had to hold her in place while she rode her orgasm out against the jet. "Oh fuck, okay let me back," she said. But I didn't, instead pressing her pussy up even closer against the jet of water. "OH FUCK," she screamed and continued to shake against me as I held her tightly in place. A couple of girls came over and started to suck each of her nipples, as her breasts bounced from her violent shakes. The situation had once again succeeded in getting me ready to go again, and before Alana knew what hit her, I had grabbed her legs and impaled her tight pussy.

I pressed her up against the wall of the hot tub and took total control. I had no idea if she was ready, but I had her where I wanted. I held her legs apart below the water, and mercilessly thrusted upward into her tight opening repeatedly. One girl grabbed her arms and held them above Alana's head, as her red hair whipped around.

"Oh fuck," Alana moaned. "Guys, I'm, ughhhh, not ready!" "What's there to be ready for?!" one laughed and then looked at me. "Keep stuffing that tight pussy full of your cock!" I put an arm around her six pack body and used the position to slam her pussy onto my cock over and over.

One hand grabbed her beautiful breasts as I kept her in a compromised position against the wall and her back towards me. One of my hands started to playfully pull her neck and head back towards me and I kissed her as I gazed into her gorgeous green eyes. All I could tell was that they were full of lust as I kissed her again. "You're. So. Big!" Alana panted as the wild pace quickened. Her pussy started contracting as she hit an orgasm.

A couple of the girls were kissing her body up and down which caused her to shiver and twitch, but she remained firmly in my grasp. I felt my cock force open her pussy lips with each thrust; her walls expanding to accommodate me each time. Water splashed up and over the sides and the water level was getting lower. "Make sure you get it nice and deep!" Andrea cheered. "She's a co-captain," Ashley said. "So take pride in making her your bitch." That got a big cheer and group laugh.

I wrapped an arm around her fit body again and slammed her pussy down as deep as I could onto my cock. I unleashed a torrent of cum against her cervix, and the ropes came out in quick bursts, as if my cock wanted to see how many shots it could blast out. "AYEEE" she screamed and everyone cheered. "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" they chanted. "Fill her up! Flood that pussy! Make her take it all!" they all yelled out. Alana just moaned and screamed and writhed on my cock, and the added friction just made me shoot more cum inside her.

"How do you still have so much?!" she asked breathlessly. As we calmed down from yet another high, I saw Hailey come out of the house. I gave Alana a quick, playful smack on the ass and went over to Hailey. "So what's going on?" I asked her as I reached her. "Well," she started. "There's good news and bad news. The bad news is I couldn't convince her to stay out. The good news is she seems exhausted. My guess is she'll want to go to bed quickly.

Just lay down and then come to my room when she falls asleep." I nodded and went inside the house. Knowing that Danielle was on her way filled me with mixed emotions. I felt bad about the situation, but we weren't dating and this was a once in a lifetime occasion.


I threw on my clothes and I saw some of the girls give sad faces out in the backyard. Hailey seemed to be explaining the situation to them. I went into the bathroom and cleaned up as much as I could. I dried myself off and fixed my hair to make it seem like I hadn't done much that night.

No sooner had I come out of the bathroom then Danielle walked through the door. "Hey!" she smiled and gave me a hug. "Sorry I was gone so long.

I hadn't seen Rachel in a while." "Don't worry about it," I laughed. "Hope you weren't too bored tonight," she said. "Not terribly bored," I said and hid a smile. "Good," she responded. "Let's go upstairs and stay away from these crazy girls." I nodded and followed her upstairs to her room. She went inside and plopped down on the bed. She was wearing a nice dress, and was able to take it off with one swoop over her head.

That left her in just a sexy matching pair of lace black bra and panties. I wondered if I had any sperm left. "Man I'm tired," she yawned and laid back down on her bed. I laid down next to her and smiled.

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She gave me a kiss and said, "In the morning, you're mine," and gave me a wink. I laughed and let out a small sigh of relief. I put my arm around her and waited for her to fall asleep. About an hour later, I woke up. I guess the continuous fucking had taken a lot out of me. I carefully got out of the bed and walked down the hallway. I could hear some laughing coming from Hailey's room. I opened the door and the girls all turned towards me.

"What took you so long?!" Hailey asked, and the rest echoed. "I fell asleep" I laughed. "Guess you girls took a lot out of me." A chorus of displeased noises went up before Hailey grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the bed. A couple of the girls had me naked in a matter of seconds, which of course brought on a round of cheers.

"So much for the pillow fights and tickle parties I thought went on at these," I laughed. "Well that's a normal night," Ashley said. "We don't normally have an amazing guy to kick around. Sometimes we have vibrator orgasm races. How do you think we stay in such great shape?" I looked around and noticed multiple toys on the ground.

I guess that's how they passed the time while I was asleep. These girls couldn't get enough. "I think it's the captain's turn," Alana said, and everyone cheered and looked over at Ashley.

She gave an excited smile in response. "And it's going to be awesome! We've got a fun thing planned specially for her." "What do you mean?" she asked curiously. "Oh you'll find out," Alana winked. "Just go have fun." The time off had done me some good. I didn't even need anybody to help me get hard as I was presented with Ashley's gorgeous body. As she started to lay on her back, Alana stopped her and said, "No, why don't you ride him." Ashley gave her a quizzical look but decided to go along with things.

I laid back on Hailey's bed as Ashley climbed on top of me. "Watch how it's done girls," Ashley said with confidence. She gripped my shaft in her hand and pumped it a few times. She grabbed a firm hold of the base and let the tip split her pussy's entrance as she sat down. "Fuck yeah," she moaned as she sank deeper and deeper onto my cock. It felt amazing as she dropped down, every inch pushing her pussy walls apart.

After she got down as low as she could, she bounced back up and started riding me hard. Andrea came over and started to pay special attention to her perky breasts, which bounced noticeably with each drop. Andrea let her tongue lick all over her nipples and Ashley moaned with excitement. In the background, I saw Alana grab a strap-on and wrap it around herself.

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She put a finger over her mouth to make sure nobody gave any hint as to what was happening. She slowly snuck up behind Ashley and started by casually rubbing her hands on her back. Ashley was loving our fuck too much to remember that something special had been planned, and she continued to ride my cock like her life depended on it. "Now girls!" Alana called out, and two girls grabbed Ashley's arms, taking over control. They brought her towards the edge of the bed, although my cock was still firmly entrenched inside her.

She struggled to turn around but couldn't get a look at what was happening.


Alana gripped the head of the strap-on in her hands and forced the tip slowly into Ashley's ass. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Ashley called out in the surprise as Alana forced the strap-on into her tight ass. The two girls held Ashley in place and Alana got deeper. "AHHH! STOP!" Ashley whined as the strap-on went further into her ass. "Let's take her!" Alana cheered and thrust it into her ass. "AHHHH" Ashley yelled, as one girl covered her mouth, knowing the situation of Danielle sleeping.

I joined the fun, after the initial shock, and started to thrust in and out of her pussy again. "OH FUCK," Ashley yelled out in a muffled scream against a hand as she was tag teamed by my cock and Alana's strap-on. Ashley struggled against the girls, perhaps not as a game this time, as Alana and I timed our thrusts together. Andrea started to bite Ashley's nipples when they came across her mouth and Ashley's screams continued to be muffled. "Take it bitch!" Alana laughed.

"Stuff both holes!" another yelled. It seemed as though any pain had subsided, although Ashley was still struggling. As I fucked her hard, I looked at her and saw her eyes rolling back with pleasure. Alana slapped her ass and eventually the hand muffling Ashley's mouth was replaced with Hailey's mouth, and the two girls kissed.

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Moans and various noises now muffled into Hailey's mouth as Alana and I kept up a merciless pace. Ashley's juices started to flow and didn't stop, coating my cock and making it easier to fuck her quickly. Her tight body rippled with each contraction and her orgasm count was a lost cause. "Woo! Look at her cum!" Andrea squealed. "I've never seen her cum this hard." "She's never had anything like this," Alana smiled and continued to split her tight ass with the fake cock.

Alana and I joined hands and started to kiss around Ashley's helpless body, stuck in perpetual orgasm, and kept the double fuck going. Ashley finally broke her kiss with Hailey and said, "Fucking stop! I'm going to pass out!" Hailey continued the kiss. "That's a chance we'll take!" Alana giggled and kept the pace going.

"We're not stopping until your pussy is filled with hot cum." Ashley struggled again but was no match for the hands holding her in place. Alana and I started to alternate thrusts now; she'd watch my cock disappear into her tight pussy and then bury her strap-on into her ass every time I pulled out. Hailey grabbed a vibrator and stuck it up against Ashley's clit. She muffled a scream again and stopped struggling.

She had lost all strength but was still conscious. Hailey purposefully put the vibrator slightly against my cock, and gave me a seductive look as she watched me feel the extra pleasure. Sure enough, this helped to put me over the edge, and my cock stiffened and I tensed up as my orgasm closed in. I felt the load build in my balls, move up to the base of my cock, travel up the full length, and build in my tip. I knew I had a big load stored as I held back as long as I could to savor this moment.

"Bury it!" I said as I stuffed my cock into the hilt, shoving right against Ashley's cervix as my cum rocketed out of my cock head.

Alana buried the strap-on as deep as she could into Ashley's ass and her scream could still be made out in Hailey's mouth. My cum had a mission to find its way into Ashley's pussy as quickly as possible, and I twitched slightly with each pleasure-filled shot of seed. Hailey, Alana, Ashley and I finally collapsed in a heap on the bed. "Fuck you guys," Ashley laughed, completely out of breath.