Free gay porn with college guys pissing mouth first time Zak Slides

Free gay porn with college guys pissing mouth first time Zak Slides
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A farm in upstate New York.

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Marcus had been doing manual labor on the farm for the summer. A favor from a friend of his family.

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At 20, he had taken an interest in physical fitness, and while he was getting plenty of exercise at the gym at his college campus, he had heard old tales about his relatives, how they grew large amounts of muscle from doing farm labor.

"Country Strong," they called it. He wanted to be as strong as them. Fortunately, a co-worker of his father's had put a good word in to his cousin Buford, a 51-year-old white man who owned the farm property. He needed a strong farmhand, and as strong and capable as Marcus was, he was perfect for the job. Every weekday, from sunrise to sunset, he'd do heavy lifting around the farm; lifting bales of hay, carrying lumber to build sheds, even bringing in the manure.

He had built up a tremendous amount of muscle in the first month on the farm. Buford had noticed this, as did Buford's wife, Edna. Edna was a voluptuous 46-year-old redhead with rosy skin. Edna would eye Marcus while he lifted those heavy bales of hay, his dark, sweaty muscles glistening in the sun.

Marcus took note of Edna's smiling at him during the day. She would always wear the thinnest sun dresses, her big natural cleavage in plain view, and the curve of her round ass accentuated by the dress. She always did have a desire to be with a Black man, and now that one was on the farm, she didn't mind flirting with him. She would bring water to Marcus, sweet talking him, complimenting him on his muscles, saying how it was great to have a strong black man on the farm, winking and walking away.

Marcus, being the gentleman he was, smiled and went back to his work every time. He was turned on by her, but he knew she was married, and out of respect to Buford, never approached her.

Buford was well aware of Edna's attraction to Marcus. Truthfully, Buford was turned on by the thought of his wife getting fucked by a strong, Black man. At 51, Buford was no spring chicken. He had trouble lasting in bed, even as sexy as his wife was at her age. He knew Marcus could do what he couldn't, and more.

He wanted nothing more than to see his wife brought to orgasm by a strong Black stud. One afternoon, Buford approached Marcus as he was finishing his daily load. "Marcus! How's the day's work coming along?" "Just fine, Mr.

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Buford," Marcus replied. "Good, good. Listen, Marcus, I have a proposition for you," Buford began. "I know you've been looking at Edna, and Edna's definitely got the hot for you." Uh oh, Marcus thought.

He figured he was on thin ice with his boss. "Oh, don't worry. You're not in any trouble at all. I'm actually quite alright with it!" Buford replied. Marcus raised a confused eyebrow. "Hehe, listen. I see it in her eyes that she wants you bad, and I'd love to see you with my wife. I'll make it worth your while." Marcus listened intently, curious about this arrangement. "Tonight, I'd like for you and my wife to put a little show on for me and a couple of my friends. I'd like for you to breed my wife nice and hard in front of them." Marcus was shocked.

"Are you kidding?" "No, I kid you not," Buford replied. "This has been a fantasy of hers for the longest, as well as mine. I understand how this is a bit awkward for you, but if you do this favor for me, I will cover your dorm expenses personally for the next year. And I guarantee, we'll be all the more grateful for it." Marcus didn't like being backed in a corner, but how often does a guy get to bang another man's wife with his permission?

Besides, Edna was definitely a sexy catch, and worthy of a thick black cock like his. "Okay, Mr. Buford." That night, Marcus came into the living room, with Edna, Buford, and three of Buford's friends waiting for him.

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Two of them were farmers, both in their 50's, while the third was a well-built guy in his 30's. It was presumed that he was one of the farmers' workers. "These are a few of my buddies from the market," Buford introduced. "They're into interracial, and when I told them about you and Edna, they definitely had to see for themselves!" Edna rubbed herself up against Marcus, her big round ass gyrating on his crotch, his bulge growing in his pants.

"Thank you so much for obliging. You don't mind a lil' bareback, do you?" Marcus grinned and shook his head.

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"Good, because I want to feel you deep in me, big boy." As she kissed him square on the mouth, Buford took his seat with his buddies. She worked her hands down Marcus' body, undoing his overalls, letting them fall to his ankles, exposing the bulge in his pants almost ripping through his underwear.

As she pulled his black boxers down, Edna felt her pussy getting wet at the sight of his big black cock aiming straight at her. She knelt down in her black dress and took his big black cock in his mouth, deepthroating him and licking his shaft. Buford and his friends were getting turned on watching Edna suck Marcus off, grabbing at their crotches as Edna took more and more of his black cock in her mouth.

The worker in his 30's pulled out his hard cock, which was thick and dripping at the tip. The other farmers followed suit, and even Buford found himself getting rock hard watching his wife, unzipping his fly and fondling his 5 inch cock. Marcus bucked his hips into Edna's face, grabbing her head and pushing deep in her mouth, facefucking her as her spit dripped down his large balls.

Edna found herself getting more and more aroused, rubbing her pussy lips and clit under her dress as Marcus rammed his cock into her mouth harder. She couldn't take it anymore, and, pulling her mouth off of his cock as she jerked him with her right hand, she screamed, "I want you to fuck me now, Marcus!

Take that big black dick and ram it in me hard!" Marcus pulled her to her feet, ripping her dress open, revealing her big, juicy, white tits. As he pulled her dress down, her thong slid down with the rest of the clothing, revealing her wet pussy, shaved bare just for him. Marcus laid her flat on her back, putting her ankles on his shoulders, as he rubbed his cock head on her wet pussy lips.

In one swift thrust, he squeezed his cock inside of her, his black meat stretching her pussy out with every inch. She screamed with her eyes squeezed shut as he ripped her pussy with the first stroke. Buford and the boys were getting so turned on that they stripped down, trousers by the ankles, shirts on the floor, hands on their hard cocks, jerking themselves as Marcus fucked Buford's wife hard and deep.

As Marcus pumped his cock into Edna, she wrapped her legs around him, loving the feel of his black meat working her pussy hard and deep. Her juices ran down her asscheeks as he fucked hard and steady, the two of them sweaty and horny. She screamed, growled and hollered as he made her cum all over his big black dick, her pussy muscles clenching down as he slammed into her full blast.


She dug her nails into his back as he pumped harder and harder into him. They had become oblivious to the fact that her husband and his buddies were jerking off to the sight of them fucking. Marcus' face began to tighten as he fucked harder, closer to cumming inside of her bare and fertile pussy. Edna could feel how close he was to cumming. "That's right, Marcus, cum inside me.

Pump that black cum in my pussy, baby," she said, out of breath from cumming so hard. Marcus slammed harder and harder, screaming as his cock shot hot loads of cum inside of her, gritting his teeth as he emptied his balls inside her dripping pussy. He grinded his cock into her hard and deep as her pussy milked his cock, getting every drip of cum she could get out of him. Buford wanted more.

"Mmmmmm, good job for starters, kid, but you ain't done yet!" Marcus turned his head to Buford, seeing him with his cock in hand. "There's only one way to breed a black cock slut like her, and that's from behind! Get her on her hands and knees so you can fuck her real good!" Buford's boys chimed in, all of them sweaty, horny and hard, wanting to see Marcus breed Edna real good. "Come on, Marcus," Edna said. "Give it to me nice and deep. I want you to breed me real good." Marcus felt his cock hardening inside Edna all over again.

As he grinned, he pulled his cock out, grabbed her by the waist and forced her on her hands and knees. Buford and his friends cheered as he was ready for round two. In one deep stroke, Marcus rammed his cock back into Edna's pussy from behind. She yelled out, loving the feel of his big black cock back inside her. Marcus reached down, grabbing her bra, ripping it open from the front, letting her big jugs drop down. As her tits swayed from Marcus' fucking, Buford and his boys stroked their cocks harder, especially the young worker.

He was pumping his cock hard, twisting his nipples as Edna had her pussy bred by this strong black worker. Edna was almost as turned by their masturbation as she was from Marcus' fucking. Marcus grabbed Edna by her tits, pulling her back to him, sucking on Edna's neck as his black cock rammed into her pussy hard and steady, her big asscheeks jiggling from his thrusts.

"Yesss! That's right! Breed that white bitch! Put your black seed in her!" Buford and his boys shouted as they jerked their cocks harder. Marcus fucked harder, turned on by their cheering as he fucked Buford's white wife. He wanted to cum in her pussy as bad as they wanted him to, and it drove him wild.

He pulled Edna by the hair, making her arch her back and take more of him in. Tears of lust filled Edna's eyes as her body was ravaged by her black lover's thick meat. She found herself pushing back on him harder, making him ram deeper in her, screaming, "Cum in me!


Fucking cum in my pussy!" The sight was so much for Buford and his boys, they shot their loads before they knew what hit them. Buford screamed as she shot his load all over his knuckles, his cum dripping all over his fist. The two farmers shot their loads just as hard, one of them shooting all over his belly.

The young worker came even harder, screaming his lungs out as he shot his cum in the air, splattering on his chest and stomach. Seeing them cum was more than enough motivation for Marcus to cum inside Edna.

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He fucked harder and harder, her pussy muscles clenching on him over again, her tits swaying from his fucking, closer and closer to cumming inside her again. "I'M CUMMING!!!!" He shouted. He gritted his teeth and shot his load deep inside her, making her scream for joy as he pumped her pussy with his seed all over again. He grabbed Edna by the waist, pushing his cock deep inside her as she moaned from the hard fucking.

He had filled her up to the brim with his seed, and he had no doubt gotten her pregnant, in front of her husband and friends, who had passed out from cumming so hard. Letting his cock rest inside her, he thought to himself, This isn't so bad after all. I wouldn't mind fucking her again.