Beijo grego e depois metendo rola no vizinho safado

Beijo grego e depois metendo rola no vizinho safado
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Please read the first story before you read this one, and please don't piss and moan about spelling or grammer because I really don't care just let me know if you got off on it.

Enjoy. My brother and his friends 2 Josh turned off the camera "oh my god that was so hot" he said I got up and put on my clothes as the guys watched.

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"do you guys want to keep doing this we could shoot a few more scenes and make a website it would be the kinkiest porn site ever" nick said "hell yea" jake my brother said "yes lets do it" I said The boys left and shortly after my parents got home, my mom put dinner on the table and me and my brother just ate and everything was just normal.

Two weeks went by and we never talked about our porn that we made everything was completely normal. I started to think that it wasn't going to happen again and I thought that it was for the best, but every night before I would go to bed I would masterbate making myself cum over and over. Then one day my brother knocked on my door before school "tam, nick and josh asked me yesterday if you wanted to do another film." "yes I was wondering when you guys wanted to do it again" I said "mom and dad are going out of town to ski for two days" he said "oh really are they both coming over again" I said "if you want em too" he said "yes I would love that" I said I went to work and sat there all day staring at the clock I was so exited my pussy was wet all day long 5:00 finally rolled around and I hurried home when I got there I saw josh's car parked there.

I went inside where I saw my brother jake and Josh sitting on the couch.

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"hey guys" I said to them "hey Tammy" josh said I went and sat on the couch across from them "where is nick at" I asked "he pussed out" jake said "whats all this stuff" I asked "that's all my camera gear, I got a stand to put it on so I don't have to hold it" josh said "cool" I said "well where do you want to do this scene at" "we could just do it here" josh said "ok" I said "alright lets just do what we did last time and I'll turn the camera on and we'll go from there" he said " sounds good" I said Josh put his camera on the stand and aimed the camera on me "ready" he said.

I nodded. He turned the camera on. "ok we are sitting here with Tammy again" I waved. Jake came and sat next to me "and this is jake tammy's brother" josh said interviewing "ok again I'm the director here so I decide what you do and you do it." We both smiled "ok lets first start out with you and your brother making out" he said We both looked at each other smiling and I opened my mouth and he kissed me.

I stuck out my tongue and my brother stuck out his and we circled toungues. "ok tammy now I want to see your cute little asshole again do you want to show us" josh said.

"of course" I said pulling off my pants and and my panties and my shirt and bra I took my panties and looked at the camera and sniffed my panties and I gave them to my brother smiling. He sniffed them too. I then laid down on my lower back and grabbed my ankles and pulled them up to my head. He took the camera and zoomed it up on my asshole. "that is the cutest pink asshole I have ever seen tammy" josh said "now jake I want you to get your sisters asshole ready to be fucked" Jake sucked on his finger and put it in my ass he slowly stuck it in as far as it would go.

He then stuck another finger in and circled it around. He spit on it and then licked it and stuck his tongue in it. Josh put the camera on the stand and came and picked me up. I screamed as he lifted me up, he lifted me to where my back was on his chest and my legs were spread. He walked us over close to the camera and he reached down and put his cock right on my asshole, he then let me down and the camera got a close up of his dick slowly disappearing in my butt as I started moaning.

He moved my asshole up and down on his dick.

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"jack come and fuck your sisters pussy while I fuck her asshole" josh said My brother quickly got naked and walked up in front of me and stuck his dick in my pussy. I was incredible having one cock in your ass and one in your pussy both fucking you.

"im gonna cum" josh said "im gonna cum in your ass" Josh lifted me down and my brother took his cock out of my cunt and stepped back, and he set me down in the doggy style position. He started moaning and I could feel his dick pulsating and the hot cum squirting out into my asshole. He kept fucking until his balls were drained. He got up and went to the camera he grabbed it off the stand and zoomed it up on my asshole.

"spread your butt cheeks" he demanded I spread em and pushed on my ass and I could feel cum being pushed out. "mmm jake look there is my cum bubbling out your sisters asshole" josh said "makes good lube for me" he said smiling Jake came over to me and stuck his dick in my mouth for just 3 seconds and then got behind me and just rammed his cock up my ass and fucked it.

The camera zoomed up on his cock going in and out of my ass josh's white cum was squishing in and out. The camera stayed on as josh ran to the kitchen and came back out with a big spoon. Then jakes cock started to twitch and he let out a moan and his dick started pulsating in my ass, shooting loads of cum up me. He pulled it out and I stuck my ass in the camera and spread my butt cheeks. "ok tammy now I'm gonna stick this spoon on your ass and I want you to push all the cum on this spoon" josh said I laughed "ok" Josh put the spoon on my asshole and I pushed and the cum came squirting and oozing out.


And the spoon had a whole load of semen on it. "now I want to see you eat that spoon" Josh said as he grabbed the camera and zoomed up on the spoon. I grabbed the spoon and put it up to my face and smiled and then opened my mouth and put the spoon up high and let it all drip in my mouth and I showed the cum in my mouth to the camera and then swallowed it, then I put the spoon in my mouth and sucked the rest of it all.

"see you next time" I said to the camera as it faded.

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Josh my brother and I all sat at the kitchen table and drank some beer and we all came up with ideas for the next seen. Then about an hour later josh had the camera and turned it on.

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"okay everyone for this next seen were gonna turn the volume up a little and here is the lovely tammy. Josh said. "do you know what were gonna do in this seen tammy?" "I do" I said smiling.

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"and you sure you want to do it" he said "of course I'm very exited" I said "ohh your sister is one nasty fucking whore Jake" josh said "hell yea she is" jake said "ok tammy lets get started you know what to do" josh said I smiled and nodded as I quickly took off all my clothes and grabbed a big glass and squated over it and started peeing in the glass, once it was full I squirted the rest of my pee as far as I could.

I then grabbed the glass and started drinking my warm piss straight from the glass as soon as I got the last gulp down I let out a big burp. "mmm very hot tammy now you know what to do next." josh said I squated down again and after about a minute I started to poop, the camera zoomed up on the shit slowly coming out of my ass.


Then the piece of shit laid gently on the floor. Then I got on my back and put my legs up in the air and spread my cheeks apart. My asshole was gaping from the shit.

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"oh tammy you are so sexy we all want to see your shitty asshole" josh said zooming up on it I reached down and stuck my finger in my asshole then took it out and sucked on my finger.

"mmm yummy" I said "you want to fuck your sisters shitty asshole jake" josh said "fuck yes I do" he said My brother picked me up and put me on the table and put his dick in my asshole it went in and out really smoothly. "hey you need to share jake" josh said Jake pulled out and his dick was had smeared shit all over it and he stood back and josh replaced him and stuck his dick in my shitty hole. Jake then came to the other side of the table and stuck his shitty cock into my mouth and I sucked it almost clean.

He then stood back and I opened my mouth and my brother started peeing in my mouth I swallowed a lot of it and the rest went on my face and drenched my hair.

Then josh pulled his cock out of my ass and I stood up and grapped the piece of shit that I made it was hard and it was about 7 inches long. My brother got behind me and started fucking my pussy. As I held the shit in my hand, and josh got in front of me and stuck his dick in my face and let me smell it, then he wiped a little of it on my cheeks and nose and cleaned off his dick with my hair.

"oh fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkk im cumming" I yelled and screamed my orgasim lasted about 10 seconds then I grabbed josh's cock and sucked it.

I could taste my shit and at that moment it was so yummy. "I'm about to cum" my brother said and josh started jacking off really fast.

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Then he pulled it out of my cunt and both boys walked up and shot there load onto the shit I was holding. Then josh grabbed the camera and put it in my face as I started licking the cum off the shit then I put it in my mouth and started sucking on it. "well that's the end of this scene everyone hope you enjoyed it" I said and gave my shit one last slow lick and gave it a little kiss as the camera faded off.