Phat booty handling the dick like a boss

Phat booty handling the dick like a boss
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Krissy was late getting home from school. I had no idea where she was and I was getting quite upset. She knows that she is suppose to come straight home and this isn't the first time she had done this.

The last time she was late I had to teach her the importance of being home on time by making her stand in the corner of the living room, hand cuffed from behind with nothing on other than her panties pulled down to her knees.

I could hear her worried sobbing, knowing that at some point I would call her and take her over my knee but I wasn't about to cave in, she had to learn. The anticipation must have been killing her but the waiting is a big part of her punishment. Once the spanking had began, she knew it would be all over with soon. This was something I was going to change. As always she would receive her punishment when needed but for certain misgivings I would up the ante by adding levels to her punishment.

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It would no longer be just her receiving the usual 20 hand smacks on each of her ass cheeks, giving them a beautiful stinging red glow. This would still be included but from now on I wasn't just going to let her go to her room and cry herself to sleep. No. From now on she would be sent back into the corner to wait again. Wait for her ass to cool somewhat before I introduced her to an new level of punishment. She would not know what to expect and that is exactly how I wanted things.

If and when ever she gets home tonight she will be one very sorry naughty little girl. At long last the naughty little brat walked through the door. She bounded in as though nothing was wrong, chattering about her day, happy as a lark.

Once she saw the stern look on my face she realised that she was in trouble. "W-what's wrong, Uncle Pat? Have I been bad?" she quipped as I took a step closer to her. I could smell the fear rising within her once she realised that this was no joking matter. "Just where the hell do you think you've been young lady?" I asked as she froze in her tracks before me.

Gone now was the happy care free smile as she bowed her head, her lower lip starting to quiver as the fear took over. "Explain yourself this instant, Krissy" I started. Raising my voice just enough to let her know I meant business. "W-what? I was just at my friends house is all," she began to say but I cut her off in mid sentence by grabbing her by the arms and spinning her around so that she now had her back to me.

Pulling her close to me a snarled in her ear. "At your friend's house? Did I not give you instructions to come straight home? Did I not teach you properly the importance of letting me know where you are at all times?" Krissy's head was now slung low, looking at her patent leather buckle shoes.

Although Krissy worked full time, I made her dress as if she was still going to school. Along with the shoes, she was only allowed out of the house in white knee socks, red tartan pleated mini skirt and plain white button front dress shirts. I decided to leave the bra and panties up to her.

She could wear what ever she liked under her clothes but my gentile persuasion saw her choosing her white ruffed panties over anything else she had in her collection. "I. I'm sorry, Uncle Pat," she squeaked out in an almost inaudible hushed tone. I could tell she was starting to cry knowing all too well what was to come next. "Huh," I uttered in disgust as I pushed her away from me and onto to couch.

"You know that sorry just isn't good enough anymore, Krissy." Krissy landed on the couch face down, hiding her crying eyes in her hands. "Get up" I bellowed. I wanted her to know by the tone of my voice that she was indeed going to be punished for her tardiness. Again. Slowly, Krissy raised herself off the couch and approached me with much apprehension. "Are.

Are you going to spank me again, Uncle Pat?" She asked even though she already knew the answer. "I might but that is for me to decide, naughty girl" I answered. Sometimes I did leave her clothes on when I spanked her. It was easy to get at her full bottom seeing how she was only allowed to wear mini skirts but tonight I wanted things to go a little differently. Like I said before, I was going to up the ante this time around. I had noticed how well her tits had filled out over the past few years and it was time they received the attention they deserved.

"Strip naughty girl" I ordered as she trembled before me. "Yes, Uncle Pat" Krissy replied in an almost robotic fashion. She had well become used to this drill over the past few years since I had allowed her to move in with me.

As her shirt fluttered from her upper body, landing at her feet, I marvelled to myself just how nice her tits did look. Even as they were held up by her lace trimmed cotton bra, pushing them together just enough to show what beautiful cleavage she has.

Her hardening nipples strained against the fabric as they begged to be freed. As Krissy moved to unclasp her bra I calmly stopped her. "No Krissy, leave it on. Take off everything accept your panties and bra." I instructed, leaving her a little puzzled as she unzipped her skirt and let it fall. I had to admit that she did look cute standing there in just her bra, panties, knee socks and shoes. "Okay naughty girl. Take off your bra and show me how much of a big girl you have become" I said, knowing it would make her happy.

She quickly shed her bra allowing her aching sore nipples to be free to become even harder in the open air. Without her expecting it, I reached out and gripped both of Krissy's hard nipples between my thumb and finger.

Pinching and twisting her already aching nipples, causing her to recoil in sudden pain and shock. "Oowww" She cried as I tightened my grip, refusing to let her get away. "You know Krissy.

I've ignored you titties for much too long. Your wet little pussy and ass are the only things I should be playing with" I warned her as she continued to wince in pain and try to get away from me.


The harder she struggled the harder I squeezed. Of course when I did fuck Krissy, I did squeeze her tits and suck on her tight nipples but up until now I had not included them in her usual punishment.

What Krissy didn't know was that earlier in the day I had gone on a little shopping trip. Earlier in the day I headed down to our favourite adult sex shop and purchased two different sets of nipple clamps. One set is rather blunt that I had planned on using to train Krissy's nipples. To get her used to the feeling.

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My intention is to have here wear this set of chained clamps when ever she was in the house. They are rather discrete looking so depending how they worked out I might have her wear them all the time, even at work.

The second set look much more menacing and would surely have her begging me to take them off, which I wont. This set came with weights that can be attached to the much thicker, heavier chain. Krissy was not going to like these very much but that was the point.

Punishment is not suppose to feel good. It is meant to teach. The problem with Krissy is that she just would not learn. While out I also stopped by a fabric store and bought several lengths of thin satin rope that I planned to use to tie up her lovely tits. This would add that extra bit of pressure making her nipples even more responsive to the weighted clamps.

"Aaaaghhh" Krissy cried out when I finally did let go of her stiff sore nubs. "Now go get into your corner, you little slut" I commanded. "Are you going to make me wait very long?" Krissy whined as she gently stoked her aching red nipples. Without hesitation I slapped her pantied ass as hard as I could. I know that she probably couldn't feel it very much through her ruffled panties but I'm sure she got my sentiment. "Do you dare whine at me, you little bitch?!

Now do as you're told. MOVE. NOW!" I shouted at, pointing to her corner. "B-But, Uncle Pat" Krissy stammered. "I have to pee really bad.

Can I go first?" Krissy did have a problem with wetting herself but this was something I wanted her to work on, controlling herself.

Several times she now she has come home soaking wet from peeing in her panties. "No, Krissy. No, you can't. You must learn to hold it like us grown-ups do" I explained much to her disliking. "Ohhh" Krissy moaned know she would loose control of herself long before I let her use the toilet. Finally doing as she was told she went and stood in her corner.

"Forgetting something aren't we?" I questioned. Knowing what I meant, Krissy pulled her panties down to her knees and stood silent facing the wall with her head down. I could see her starting to squirm already as her full bladder contracted, wanting to empty itself but I was having none of it. I was going to make her wait for at least 2 hours, even if she did pee all over the living room rug.

It would be her mess to clean up. I might even leave the stain there to serve as a reminder to her and show her what a little control was. I left her there to get things ready in the bedroom. Krissy did have her own room but most nights she slept with me, diapered and tied up in one way or another.

On the bed I laid out all of the new toys I had acquired, as well as some of our old ones. One of my favourites was a big double ended thick rubber cock that I liked to fuck her with ass to ass with one end stuffed deep inside me with her on the other end.

Krissy really liked it when I did this.

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I think it made her feel like we were more equal than master and slave with me getting my ass reamed out by the huge latex toy. I took my time, showering and shaving my cock and balls. There was no room for hair in this house, hers or mine. I had come to love the feeling of a fresh blade gliding over my pubic mound. The sensation was so good that I often had to stop myself form cumming right there and then. Painstakingly, I made sure my cock, balls and ass were free of any stubble.

Once this was done I checked the time to see that an hour had passed. Quietly I crept down the hall to check on Krissy. I didn't want her to know that I was close because she would think her corner time was over. It was good thing I did look because I popped my head around the corner just in time to see her once again lose control and begin to pee. "Krissy!" I screamed at her from behind as the golden stream flowed freely onto her panties and my shag carpet.

"Aaaahhhh" She screamed in response, scaring her half way out of her skin. "Look at the mess you're making! My god, Krissy! You really can't control yourself can you?" Krissy was now sobbing openly feeling humiliated for peeing right there out in the open, and on MY rug of all places. She was still facing away from me with her hands on the wall. I had to admit to myself that she did look quite sexy with her bare ass jutting out from the soft curve of her back as her piss emptied from her body.

I quickly moved in behind her and laid down a flurry of hard spanks to her up turned ass. Smack, smack, smack. "Ahhhgggghhh. Oh, Uncle Pat! I'm sooo sorry. I can't stop it now," she tried to explain in a panicked voice as she continued to empty herself right there in front of me. My slaps to her ass were causing her to move and splash her pee all over the place.

I could even feel the splatters hitting my freshly shaved legs.


I didn't care now. The mess was there so what was the point of making her stop. "Whap, Slap, Smack" rang out loud in the room as her ass quivered and shook, turning her soft white flesh to a bright pink with each hard spank.

I slapped her so hard that one of them left an almost perfect imprint of my hand. Krissy cried and trembled as her golden flow finally ebbed. She was covered in her own piss, her panties were sopping wet, catching the largest amount. "Oh, Uncle Pat," she gritted through her teeth as I gave one last round of hard spanks. "You think your ass hurts now, Lil' one?" I chimed.

"This is nothing compared to what you're about to get. Now move your ass, naughty girl, go run a bath so I can clean you up before I continue," I hollered at her. She was very scared now and she should have been because the gloves were off this time.

I wasn't about to show her any leniency tonight. As she began to move away from her corner she started to lower her wet piss fill panties, wanting to take them off but I had other ideas. "No Lil' one, pull those back up. I want you to feel how wet you've made your panties. "Uuuuhhh". She groaned, but she did as she was told and pulled the sopping frilly bottomed panties back up her legs, covering her smooth pussy and now red ass.

I'm sure the piss only made the sting in her ass feel even worse, just as I had intended. While Krissy readied her bath I was busy getting things ready on the bed. Years ago I spotted this bed in an antique market and I just had to have it. A solid black oak four post canopy bed that was built sometime around the turn of the century.

Of course I add a few extras over the years. It was now equipped with several large brass rings that would allow me to run ropes through each to tie up who ever was willing in as many different positions that I could come up with. Krissy had become well versed in all of them over the past while.

Some she liked and others, she did not. "Is the water hot?" I called out to her. "Yes, Uncle Pat. Can I get in now?" Krissy asked. "No not just yet, Lil' one. Wait for me," I answered as I finished lining the brass rings with the thin rope I intended to tie her up with. I couldn't make out what she was saying but I'm sure she was muttering some complaint about how much her pee soaked panties were irritating her sore ass. I didn't like it when she did this. It just showed me how much of a slutty little brat she really was.

Most of the time she was easy to control but other times she was down right stubborn, forcing me to spank her time and time again. With things ready and just the way I wanted them, I made my way down the hall and into the bathroom. Krissy was used to seeing me naked but tonight I was wearing something that took her by surprise.

A pink pair of her lacy front thong panties. "Hey?" she questioned "Those are mine" With a stern look I reminded her that nothing in this house was really hers. I could do what ever I chose to. I could wear what ever I wanted, even if she "thought" it was hers.

I did this so that she would understand this. I also put her tight little panties on because I loved the snug silky feeling against my shaved cock and balls. "Don't you dare question me, Lil' one. I'll make the rules around here and your compliant will only make things worse. Now strip you naughty little bitch and get into that tub," I berated as her eyes averted mine. She always did this when I gave her shit.

I could tell that it humiliated her, embarrassed her and made her heart sink. Krissy was none too glad to be free of her sopping pee stained panties and began to lower herself into the hot soapy water. "Aaaaaaah!" she grimaced as the waters temperature bit into her tender just spanked ass. "Aaaww. What's the matter? Is the water too hot?" I said mockingly. "Yes Uncle Pat.

It huuuurts me so," she winced as she hovered over the surface, using her arms on the edges of the tub to support herself. "Well that's just too bad Krissy, maybe you should have thought of this before you decided to wet yourself on my rug". With that I pushed her down into the hot water by placing my hands on her shoulders, losing her grip she simply fell into the bath, squeezing her eyes shut tight as the pain ripped through her. Soon enough though, she became used to the temperature and laid back feeling a little more relaxed as the soapy water soothed the piss covered skin.

As per our usual routine, I had her lean forward to washed her back and her hair first before moving around to smooth the wash cloth over her plump tits. I don't know what it was but tonight I felt like paying a lot of extra attention to her tits and hard nipples.

"Mmmmm" Krissy sighed as I washer her soft tits. "You like that don't you, Lil' one?" I asked. "Oh yes, Uncle Pat, I just love it when you wash my titties for me," she cooed, wrinkling her nose in a very cute smile, arching her back to let her tits stand out proud from her body. "Well, Lil' one, I have some special plans tonight for your big titties and nipples.

I'm not going to tell you what I have in store for you, that is all part of the surprise." Still looking like the cute little girl that she is, Krissy pouted somewhat, sticking out her lower lip making her look the part of the little girl that lived within her.

Feeling I had paid enough attention to her tits I had her sit up on the edge of the tub so I could wash and shave her pouting full pussy. I made sure Krissy was shaved daily if not by me, she would see to this herself. When I wasn't able to do this for her I always inspected her work to make sure she was kept hairless at all times. The slightest sign of stubble would not be accepted and the suitable punishment would ensue. This consisted of at least 50 pussy spanks with my riding crop.

I new she hated this more than anything else so she always made sure that she never skipped a day and kept her pussy just how I expected. "Spread your legs nice and wide for me, Lil' one" I ordered as I picked up her razor. Krissy was incredibly nimble and I was always amazed at how much she could contort her body. It was nothing for her to pull her legs up over her head giving me full access to her exposed pussy and tiny little rose bud.

I loved the way her rose but would wink at me when ever I had her tied up with her legs over her head. Knowing she loved the feeling of a fresh razor smoothing across her pubic mound, I always took my time shaving her. "Mmmmm. Oooohh that feeeels sooo nice, Uncle Pat" she cooed again. "I'm glad you like it when I do this for you, Lil' one," I answered as I used my free hand to slip two fingers deep within her blood rich lips and into her wet pussy hole. This caused her eyes to roll back in her head as the lust swept over her filling her to the core with sexual desire.

"I see you're just as wet on the inside as you are outside, Lil' one. Your pussy juice is soaking my fingers," I teased as she began to grind her hips down onto my invading fingers. "Now you're going to have to clean them off for me" I ended, retracting my two very wet fingers and offered them to her waiting lips.

Without hesitation, Krissy opened her mouth and took my two fingers in sighing out loud as her own pussy essence danced across her tongue. "Mmmmm I taste sooo good, Uncle Pat. I can't wait to taste your cum too!" Krissy quipped with her sly little smile. "You will, Lil' one. You will. But not just yet. Don't forget that you are still to be punished for pissing all over my rug" I cautioned her as I had her stand up and step out of the bath.

Lovingly I dried every inch of her body. I had purposely washed some towels without fabric softener so that they would feel extra course as I dragged them across her tender skin. Krissy wasn't expecting me to cuff her hands just yet so she was taken a little aback when I roughly spun her around and cuffed her wrist behind her. She also wasn't expecting me to blindfold her either. I wanted her to be in a total state of surprise the rest of the evening.

"Follow me, Lil' one I whispered into her ear as I once more squeezed her stiff nipples in my fingers, using the hard nubs to guide her back to the bedroom. I could tell by the way she was biting her lower lip that she had no idea what to expect and I could tell that her apprehension was growing. Now in the bedroom, I lead Krissy to the foot of the bed and had her stand between the two upright tall black wooden posts. The foot board is quite low, reaching only her mid-thigh, just about the knee.

The room was quite as neither no of us spoke. With her being blindfolded at the moment, hearing was her strongest sense. I wanted to raise her suspense levels by being able to move without her seeing. I wanted her to feel panicked and surprised when I spoke. At one moment I could be whispering in her ear and the next I could be calling her from across the room. Taking away her sight was just another way for me to show her that I was in control of things.

She would have no choice in what I did, where I was or where I touched her, or what I touched her with. With quiet deliberation I retrieved the first of the ropes I had earlier laid out and secured her ankles to the foot of the posts.

"Spread," I said, indicating to her in one word telling her what I wanted her to do. Using one word commands to instruct Krissy took away any intimate notions between us.

This heightened awareness had Krissy obeying my commands without thought. With her ankles now tightly bound with her arms still held behind her with the hand cuffs, she had to make sure she kept her balance.

I stood back and watched her teetering and swaying as she struggled to remain in one spot. One wrong move or twitch might see her falling forward onto the bed or even backwards, which would more than likely have broken her ankles, they were bound that tight. "Oh Uncle Pat, I'm having trouble standing up like." Krissy started to complain. I quickly cut her off in mid sentence with two sharp slaps to her still pink ass flesh Smack, Smack.

"Aaaaghhh," she cried as the force of my blows did knocker from her stance, forward onto the soft mattress in front of her. Wanting her to understand what I expected from her, I laid myself across her back letting my body weight crush her into the mattress.

This was a rather awkward position for her to be in with her ankles tied she was more or less bent in half and my body weight now on top of her, the strain in the backs of her thigh muscles was causing her much distress. "Stay quite Lil' one. Do you understand?" I whispered directly into her ear from my position of being on top of her. She only able to respond in short gasps as she struggled to pull air into her lungs with my weight crushing down on her compressing her entire upper body.

"Ye- Yes" She gasped understanding how I wanted things. I pulled myself up off of her and stood there looking at her now splayed ass for a moment or two before I moved on to secure her wrists. I gazed at her ass, it was spread so nice like this. Her full pussy lips shone in the light as her juices leaked freely from her excitement. Seeing her like this had my cock straining against the tight fabric of her pink thong I was wearing, so much so that I could feel the thin back strip roughly pulling itself through my ass cheeks and scrapping at my own twitching man pussy.

I like to call my ass hole this, it add my own sense of humiliation reminding me how much I love having either a rubber toy cock fucking me or even on occasion a real cock pounding at my centre.

Calling my ass my man pussy kept me on even terms with Krissy, reminding me that we were not all that different. I, too, liked to be controlled at times. I, too, liked having my freedom taken away as I was forced to surrender my body, ass, cock and mouth. Doing this allowed me the perspective that Krissy has and only made it easier for me to understand.

It is my firm belief if you cannot take it, then you should not give it. I watched her tremble for a few more minutes before moving around onto the bed in front of her. Leaning forward on my knees, I un-fastened her cuffs causing her to let a subtle groan escape her lips as her arms came to rest at her sides. Without a word spoken, I reached behind me to pick up the ropes I had slung through the brass rings at the top head board end.

"Give me your left wrist, Krissy," I calmly said. Again, in robotic function, she raised her left arm, allowing me to wrap the thin rope around her wrist several times. Once I felt the rope was secure enough. I instructed her to do the same with the right.

The ropes hung loose for now, letting her rest on the comfortable bed. I didn't want her to feel too comfortable for too long, so I climbed back off and made my around behind her, pulling the long ropes with me.

"Get ready, Krissy," I warned as I pulled the ropes with all of my strength, causing her body to arch as she was raised up off the bed. "Aaaaghhh," Krissy squealed as her upper torso stretched to it's limits. Not wanting to let any slack appear in the ropes, I quickly tied off the ends, leaving her suspended and half bent at the same time.

Her body weight pulling at the tight ropes was digging into her wrists with such force that she couldn't help but wince out loud. A big part of my ritual with Krissy is to make her wait for things. Doing things straight away will not give her the suspense needed to teach her properly.

She must not know what is coming next. She must be held in that ever present sense of un-knowing. After letting her wait for a good ten minutes, with just staring at her beautiful ass, admiring the way her back arched inward, forcing her tits to stand out thrusting away from her body.

When I was done drinking in her beauty, I picked up the soft nipple clamps and made my way back up onto the bed in front of her. Wanting to give her a false sense of security, I gently flicked the tip of my tongue across each of her already stiff nipples, before taking each into my mouth getting them nice and wet.

Krissy let out a soft sigh of pleasure as I sucked on her nipples one by one without touching any other part of her body. With much care and precession I attached the first clamp to her right nipple causing her to gasp and pull her body rigid as her lungs pulled in as much air as they could. "Ahhh, ahhh. Ooooouch," she cried out softly not expecting this to happen. We had never really used much tittie play in our time together, so I knew she would be a little confused at first.

"Stay quiet, Lil' one. You will get used to the clamps in a second or two." I began to explain as I attached the second to her left nipple, causing her to grit her teeth as she once again sucked in her breath. "Why? Why are you doing this to me, Uncle Pat?" Krissy whined as she struggled against her bindings, desperately trying in vein to get away from the clamps.

"SLAP, SLAP" rang out through the room as I spanked each of her full tits on the side just once, letting her know that in no uncertain terms I wanted her to remain quiet.

"Ooooowwwww," Krissy cried with the sudden excruciating pain that was filling her tits. The sudden slaps I had given her had also caused the clamps to bounce around and pull at her nipples only increasing her discomfort. Prior to attaching the clamps I had removed the thin light weight chain that held them together.

I did this because I did not want the chain to interfere with the satin rope I was about to tie up her now aching titties with. The position Krissy was in gave me full and complete access to her beautifully ripe young breasts.

With just as much care as I had used when attaching the clamps, I picked up the soft satiny rope and began to wind under and over each of her tits in several loops that pulled her tits farther and farther away from her body. Almost instantly, I could see them changing colour, deepening in varied shades of red to soft purple as the blood in her body strained to keep them full.

Seeing this reminded me of how my cock and balls would do the same thing when ever I had surrendered myself to being dominated in the past. I sat back on my heels watching as Krissy struggled and twitched, trying to adjust to this new type of torture. The memories of my times at the mercy of my old protagonist came flooding back to me.

Like I said earlier I, too, have been on the receiving end of such punishment. My Master, Dave, made me wear a steel cock and ball ring, keeping me hard at all times. Even while we were not together. Being someone's sissy slut, dressed in silk stockings, garters and a very tight corset while having my ass raped time after time sent shivers down my spine just thinking about those days.

I couldn't help but feel something for Krissy at this moment, but I had to clear my head of these memories and concentrate on what I was doing. With just about all of the silk rope snugly squeezing her titties taught, I looped the loose ends around the back of her neck and tied them off. Once more I sat back and just watched her struggle. "Remember what I said, Krissy?" I started to explain.

"I'm doing this because I haven't paid enough attention to your tits since we've been together. They are just as beautiful as the rest of you and I don't think it is fair that they have been ignored for so long." Krissy simply nodded her head in reluctant agreement. Then again it wasn't like she had much of say in how and what I did to her. All she knew was that I loved her and this was how I chose to express my love to her. Seeing her like this had my cock aching almost as much as her tits must have been.

Almost. Feeling my cum boiling in my balls gave me an idea. With a devilish grin, I pulled my stiff cock out from one side of her tight thong that I was wearing and began to jerk myself off. My sudden movements made the bed shake and with this motion Krissy was being pulled back and forth against her ropes. Her tits bounce at will under the tight restraints. "Ahhh," she whimpered softly as she bit at her lower lip, feeling the weight of her tits pulling away from her, sending bolts of pain and pleasure all over her body.

"Wh-What are you doing, Uncle Pat? I can suck you," Krissy said when she realised that I was getting myself off. "Ahhh. No pet, it's okay. I'm, uuuhhgg. Gonna do it myself this time.

You just stay quiet for me". I grunted out as I quickened my pace, fisting my rock hard cock. I stopped just long enough to delay my cum from erupting from my swollen balls as I quickly pulled off the panties and wrapped the silky crotch around my thick aching cock.

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"Mmmmmaahhhhggggg.…" I bellowed as my balls contracted in spasms, sending my hot cum up through my shaft before spitting itself out into the panties causing my body to jerk violently as each jet forced more and more cum from my balls. "AaaaagggghhhFUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!" I screamed as my pulse made it feel like my heart was about to rip from my chest.

I heaved and panted, watching the last of my cum saturate into the smooth pink fabric. "Ohhh Uncle Pat. That sounded sooo nice. You came sooo hard! Are you alright?" Krissy sobbed out, wishing she could have watched me have such a terrific orgasm. I did cum hard. Her panties were drenched in my silvery white spunk, even more so than I had expected. "Shhhhh. Quiet, little one," I hissed with impatient at her letting her know that I was getting fed up with her chatter and comments as I still struggled to catch my breath.

Feeling more then satisfied with the amount of cum I had produced. I sat up on my knees in front of Krissy. "Open wide, Lil' one," I instructed. Without hesitation, Krissy opened her mouth as wide as she could. "Good girl," I praised her as I stuffed the now wadded up and cum soaked panties into her gaping jaw, effectively gagging her and giving her something to suck on in the process. She loved the taste of my cum and it was her duty to lick, taste and swallow every drop my balls spewed, no matter where it landed.

If I came in her pussy or ass she had to scoop it all out with her fingers. If I came in a condom, she had to squeeze out every drop then turn it inside out to get all of it. If I came on her body or mine she had to lick it all off.

Sometimes I would make her share my cum with me after cumming in her mouth we would kiss deeply, swapping my thick sperm back and forth between us. With my balls empty and her gagged with her panties soaked in my fresh cum, I climbed down from the bed once more. I was ready to punish her at will she could scream and cry all she wanted because with her so beautifully tied up and gagged there was nobody to hear her.

No one to rescue her. She was mine and I was going to teach her a lesson she would soon not forget. By looking at Krissy's ass I could tell that it was starting to cool from the hand spanking I had given her earlier while she so boldly disobeyed my orders to hold her pee while she stood in her corner.

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I could tell the only comfort she was finding at the moment was sucking her panties soaked in my cum. Her tied and clamped tits were now a deep shade of purple. Half slung over the back of my bed caused her strangled tits to pull away from her body under their own weight. This was the time I liked best.

Her being blindfolded and gagged left her no way of knowing where I was. I could leave her there for hours on end if chose to. I could continue her punishment for her most recent misgivings but I decided to make her wait.

With my balls now empty and satisfied, I quietly slipped into her room to get myself a fresh pair of her panties, or as I should say, "My" panties. I chose a white lace thong this time. Not all of her panties were thongs but I just couldn't resist the way the thin back strap of a thong tickled my tight puckered man pussy. After slipping them on I crept back into my room without Krissy knowing I had even left.

She looked so beautiful like this, her head hung low, strung up and ready for me to do my bidding. Feeling like I could let her wait, I quietly dressed in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I knew we needed a few things for the house and I could think of no other perfect time to go shopping then right now. Not wanting Krissy to know I was gone, I slipped out the back sliding glass door and walked the half mile to our local grocery store.

I figured that by the time I picked up the things we needed and made my way back, I would have been gone for just under an hour. With a sly smile on my face, I walked along feeling sexy as hell wearing Krissy's thong, knowing that anyone I might meet would have no clue. They would also have no idea what I had at home, tied up and waiting for me.

As I strolled the aisles filling my shopping cart I, noticed a very good looking woman of about 40 with short spiky blond hair. She was dressed in a tight lycra bright yellow mini dress that left nothing to the imagination.

Her small, perky tits pressed into the fabric leaving a perfect impression of her very stiff looking nipples. Feeling quite confident, I made my over to where she was standing looking over the fresh vegetables. As luck would have it she was holding a large cucumber in one hand while looking over the rest. "Hi.That looks like it might hurt.

Need any help with that?" I questioned giving her a slight wink. "Ha! No. No, I think I can handle this one," she quipped back with a big smile. Her reaction was not quite what I expected but that is not to say that I wasn't pleased with her reply.

"Are you sure?" I pressed on. "I have the perfect recipe for cucumbers that large you know." She turned and looked me in the eye, paused the looked me up and down. I stayed calm and confident, wanting her to know that I was definitely hitting on her.

"Hi. I'm Victoria" She answered, extending her free hand to shake mine. "Hi Victoria, I'm Pat. If you would like to come back to my place I can show you how to properly used that cucumber," I said while gently holding her hand. "Hmmmm?" She sighed. "I would love that but I have to be somewhere in a while. Can I get a rain check?" Again I was surprised with how interested she was. "Do you have a pen?

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Give me your number and I'll call you tomorrow," I answered as she opened her hand bag to find something to write on. She looked a little flustered as she scribbled her number on that back of a match pack and them handed it to me. I was sure I noticed her hand tremble. "It's nice to have met you Victoria. I will be calling you tomorrow so keep things open.

Oh and don't forget your cucumber!" I joked playfully causing her to blush as I walked away. This was an exciting prospect. the thought of having two girls and a big fat cucumber to play with had my cock pulling at Krissy's thong as I paid for my things and made my way back home. I knew that even though I was on my way to dole out more of Krissy's punishment, Victoria and her cucumber would be on my mind.

Krissy was yet to experience lesbian sex and meeting Victoria told me a this was about to change. Once back home again, I slipped through the back door, put away the groceries and made my way back to my room to check on Krissy. It had been almost the hour I thought it would take me and I'm sure she was in agony wondering what the hell I was up to, leaving her tied up as she was for so long.

I silently stripped down to the tight white thong of hers and made my way over to the bed. Gently, I ran one finger down her back, causing her to jerk with sudden surprise. "Did you miss me, Lil' one?" I whispered in here ear.

A soft groan came from behind her panty gag, as she nodded her head up and down in agreement. By now her tits looked very sore so I decided to show here a little mercy and untied the satin rope behind her neck. I knew that once I untied her swollen breasts the pain of the blood rushing back would hit her hard.

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Now on the bed in front of her she began to squirm and twist her hips, moaning and groaning louder as her tit's were freed. Once the rope was off, I removed both of her nipple clamps at the same time. Again, this caused her to jolt in sudden pain. "Aaaww poor, poor Krissy. Does that feel better?" I mocked. "Hmmmmummmffff," she grunted through her gag as I made my way once again to her backside.

Her body jerked as I plunged two fingers deep into her very wet cunt from behind. I twisted them around, feeling her wet girl cum leaking out onto my hand in a steady stream. "I think you like being tied up like this, Lil' one. Can you feel how wet your pussy is?

Can you feel my fingers sliding in and out of you so easily?" I asked, knowing she could not really answer me. "You should be ashamed of yourself, Lil' one. A girl should not get this wet tied up like this. You must some kind of naughty slut. Is that what you are, Krissy? A naughty slut?" Krissy nodded her head to say yes, just as I knew she would. She loved it when I called her names like this so much that I could feel her getting even wetter by the second.

Fearing she might cum like this I pulled my fingers out of her with a sloshing wet pop. "My oh my, Lil' one. I don't think I've ever seen you this wet before. My hand is soaked with your girl cum. Here, smell it for yourself" I said to her as I reached around to run my sticky fingers under her nose, leaving a slick trail of her cum across her cheek.

"There, now you can smell your cunny as you suck on my cum in you gag. I know you like pussy juice, Lil' one and I think you will be tasting a lot more of it very soon," I suggested, thinking of Victoria. If my feeling was correct, Victoria was a hot slut just like Krissy and she would be willing to do what ever I wanted once I had her firmly in my grasp.

But that was tomorrow's task. Right now I had to finish Krissy's punishment for coming home late and pissing on my rug. "Okay, Lil' one. It's time for me to spank you again for what you have done today," I warned her as I ran both my hands roughly all over her jutting ass, squeezing and pinching at her still slightly pink flesh. Making her pull tightly against her binds. Because she had behaved so badly earlier, I went to my closet, or tool chest as I call it, and picked the wide wooden paddle I had hanging on it's hook.

I knew Krissy was expecting me to hand spank her again so the first swat was sure to be a much more painful surprise. A very loud crack rang out through the room as the paddle made it's first contact forcing Krissy jerk forward violently as the sharp sting hit her. "WACK, WACK, WACK" three more swats came in a row this time making her strain every muscle in her body.

Hear head shook back and forth as she screamed through her cum and spit sodden panty gag. "I'm sorry it has to be this way, Lil' one," I said to her before laying down three more hard swats, paying attention to her sit spot this time. Krissy convulsed as if she were being electrocuted as the pain ripped continuously through her. "Maybe this time you will learn from your mistakes but somehow with you, Krissy, I don't think that is going to happen," I cautioned her as I put the paddle down, feeling she had suffered enough for now.

With a hand spanking she would usually get 15 to 20 good hard slaps but the paddle did all that and more with just a few.

All of this action and meeting Victoria had my balls full of a fresh lode of boiling cum. The front of Krissy's thong was soaked in my pre-cum, leaving a big wet spot as my more than ready cock stretched the thin material to it's limit.

I was dying to slip my cock into her over flowing pussy but before I did there was one more thing I wanted to introduce her too. My butt plug. Most of the time that we spent fucking and sucking I had this plug firmly wedged deep in my hungry man pussy.

I loved the extra pressure it provided when my cock was buried in any of her welcoming holes. I didn't fuck her in ass much and this was another thing I wanted to do more of. The plug is only a medium size, not like some of the ones I've been eyeing in our adult store. "Are you ready to be fucked, Lil' one?" I asked, as I pried her quivering sore cheeks apart with my hands.

"Ummmhuummm," Krissy sighed again nodding her head telling me she was more than ready. Without telling her, I pushed the plug into her overly wet cunt to get it wet enough to slip into her unsuspecting rose bud. "Ugggnmmm," she gurgled as I twisted the plug into her, letting the fat base force her sticky outer lips to part and accept the flesh coloured toy.

Feeling she had lubed up the plug enough to work it's way deep into her ass, I slipped it out of her cunt, trailing the tapered head up to her puckering anus. I'm sure her eye's went wide with surprise as I wedged the toy into her tight hole. Her slippery pussy cream providing all the lube I needed to easily spread her open and allow the wide lower section to stretch her tight ass muscles around it before closing in around the thin base, locking it in place. I love the feeling when this happens.

Her ass feels so full but as the muscles contract and try to force it out, it stays put. "Mmmmmmfff," Krissy cried softly once the plug was in place. "I know you don't like things in your ass, Lil' one, but that is all about to change. From now on you will wear a plug all day and night. The only time I will permit you to remove it is to use the toilet. You can complain and fuss as much as you like but it will do you o good. My word is final. Understand?" I explained to her as she struggled to get used to her new invader.

As sipped off the tight thong, my aching dripping cock sprang free at last allowing me to fist my hardness a few times as I gave Krissy a minute or two to adjust to the feeling before I stepped up behind her and rubbed my cock head along her gaping wet slit. Krissy sighed softly as I did this knowing that I would soon be inside of her using my cock to scrape along her throbbing pussy walls, giving her the cum she so desperately needed.

Then without any warning i thrust my hips forward and buried myself into her sopping cunt until my balls were slapping against her. "Uuuuummmff," Krissy hissed into her gag as I started my see-saw action of pistoning my cock in and out of her. My hands gripping her hips to give me even more leverage. I wasn't all that far off myself and knowing I was going to cum soon I told Krissy to cum with me. "Ummff Agggghhh," Krissy cried as her orgasm mounted, climbing through her faster and faster.

"Ahhh. heeere it cu-cuuuums, Lil' one." I hissed through my tightly clenched teeth as my balls tightened and contracted letting loose several powerful vollies of cum deep into Krissy's quivering cumming pussy. Both of our bodies went rigid as our cum hit us at pretty much the same time. Just as i had wanted. I could feel her pussy flooding me, washing my cum back out of her pussy along my stiff pulsing shaft, covering both of us in a wonderful sticky mess.

As my cum subsided, I slumped over Krissy's back, huffing and puffing, trying desperately to breath. Krissy was feeling much the same. As we panted together, wrapped in the warmth of out earth shattering mutual orgasm.

Spent and feeling tired I pulled out of Krissy's pussy and began to untie her wrists. We were both covered in a fine layer of sexual sweat, the kind that only comes from complete satisfaction. as Krissy's arms were freed, she fell forward on the bed in total exhaustion. Once I had her completely freed, I removed her blind fold and panty gag and had to help her onto the bed where we laid in each other's arms. We were quiet for some time until I told her about meeting Victoria. I asked if she would like another girl for a playmate and knowing Krissy her eyes lit up.

We fell asleep not long after that, feeling tired and worn but even more so. Satisfied. (EPILOGUE) As Krissy and I lay there in each others arms, I couldn't help but feel a sense of calm wash over me. I know I have at times made things rough for her in the past few years, but our life together is the culmination of two halves becoming one. Her tears and pain are evoked with the love and understanding that only we can understand. Along with the pain and sorrow, we share in each others joys as well.

I will always remember the joy and love we share on special occasions like at Christmas and her birthday in January. The look of joy on her face when I removed her blindfold on Christmas morning so that she could see the new Barbie's dream house "Santa" had given her.

How she played happily for hours with her dolls as I lovingly watched over her while preparing our special little Christmas dinner. Her birthday comes right after Christmas but not like a lot of kids born at this time of year, I always made sure to go out of my way to make her day very special. For most kids born on or around Christmas their parents or guardians would wrap the two together and give them a "Merry Birthday" present.

With Krissy I refused to do this. I have no doubt that Krissy is a very special little girl, but she just needs a little more attention then most to keep her in line. For her birthday, I put together a proper party for her, the kind any girl her age would love. She was allowed to have all of her little friends come for the party and sleep over. We played games and sang songs, ate too much cake and ice cream.

My heart was filled seeing her and all of her playmates squeal with delight as she opened her gifts one by one. I am also sure she even enjoyed the paddy whacks I allowed each of her friends to give her on her bare bottom as she lay across my lap.

The laughter could be heard for miles around. It was all I could do not to cry when she came into the kitchen and simply threw her arms around me, gave me a big kiss on the lips and said, "Thank you, Uncle Pat. I love you," before toddling off back to her friends. It was moment like this that made all of the punishment and training worth while. I was having an impact on her life where at one time she had no love.

She came to live with me as a broken and empty little girl needing the guidance and compassion that she so rightly deserved. I did cry that night. Once the girls were bedded down in the "mini-camp" I had set up in my living room.

I stood in the door way looking over them, filled with pride and joy as they all slept with beautiful smiles on their faces. The tears that lined my face that night were not only mine but hers as well.

As we lay there on my bed, I couldn't help but cry once more know that I was doing right by her. I was raising her the best way I knew how. Sometimes it had to be with an iron fist but at other times I showed my love to her in ways that were as soft as a spring flower emerging from the cold harsh winter, making our world a beautiful place once again.

"I love you, my sweet Lil' one," I whispered in her ear as she slept peacefully beside me.

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Even in her dream state she must have heard me because she snuggled in closer, wiggling her bum against my body as I cradled her like two spoons that were meant to fit together. Some may not understand our life together but it is not theirs to understand.

It is ours and ours alone.