After Party Masturbation This Babe Knows Exactly How to Make his Boyfriend Crash the Car

After Party Masturbation This Babe Knows Exactly How to Make his Boyfriend Crash the Car
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Before I tell you about my day, let me explain what has happened in the past two years or so. The world finally came to its senses as it stripped away woman rights and giving them only one job, to please men. While men learned how to run businesses, become lawyers, etc. girls were taught how to please men, wear clothes that showed their asses and tits, and how to wear makeup to be attractive.

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They were graded on how hot and fit they are, how big their boobs are, how tight their pussies are, and how well they can please their superiors. Obviously the job of teaching them was given to men and they knew how to take advantage of the new sluts. Every day they always had one girl to demonstrate to the class how to suck a dick, and another on how to take a dick in her ass. I am the principal of this school, and because of my position I oversee the entire education of both girls and boys.


During break times I'd always see the girls on their knees sucking the boys off, or a group of boys gangbanging a single girl. It makes me proud knowing they are learning even during the their free time. Today I found two girls sitting around and gossiping so I took them to my office.

They knew that not pleasing a man during their break could get them expelled, so obviously they were pretty nervous.

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But I am feeling merciful so I pardoned them after fucking both of them up the ass and making them blow every guy in the school before the day was done. After school I found them in the boy's locker room blowing the last two boys. They deposited their loads all over their faces and left without saying a word.

I told them that if I ever see them during break without a cock in their holes I'll make them blow every guy for a week. Of course I took a nice long piss over them to wash away their cum stained bodies, and then told them to go home and think about today. When I come home I see my slut wife and my two teenage daughters kneeling in front of the door as I walk in.

I've made sure that all of them are excellent in pleasing their master. My son is upstairs on phone talking with a client. He's only seventeen and already becoming a successful businessman. He has my drive for power and sexual desire.

Almost every night he makes one of my daughters his personal fuck doll to release stress. Back then it was illegal as it was incest, but now women have no other purpose so it's the norm. It shows that men are the bosses inside and outside of the house.


Anyways I walk over and sit on my chair in the living room and delightfully see my pieces of property crawl to me. Women aren't allowed to walk in the house, they need to feel inferior to men so they only crawl.

Tonight I wanted some teenage pussy so I told my wife to start cooking dinner and told my daughters to suck me off. Of course my wife didn't like when I did this but she had no say so she left to prepare dinner.

Then my two eager sluts instinctively go for my zipper.

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They were always competitive thanks to me. Whoever was able to swallow all my cum was allowed to sleep that night. The other would be tied up, stripped, and left on the street for any stranger to have his way with her.

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I would come pick her up and would always see her with dried up cum all over her, and some cum oozing out of her holes. It always turned me on to see my daughter used so I usually gave her one last fuck before taking her home. Today was no different they were each sucking my cock and trying to please me to the best of their abilities.

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Tonight they worked really hard to please me. In the end the younger one (16) ended up swallowing my cum. The 18 year old knew what would happen, with a smile on my face I tied her up stripped her and started driving to find an ideal spot for a slut.

I drove up to a gang of 30 men all wearing their gang colors. I got out and gave them my daughter. They were pretty fucking happy seeing a hot teenage girl, defenseless ready for them to fuck.

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I said just leave her there after you fucked her, this is her punishment so treat her anyway you want. As I started to leave I saw her take a cock in her mouth and ass through my rearview mirror.


In the morning when I came back I saw her lying on the ground like a ragdoll. I picked her up and saw cum ooze from her asshole and pussy. Her eyes were glued shut from all the dried cum, so I guided her to the car. It always turned me on when my daughter told me what happened so I made her tell me everything. She told me how they stuffed her mouth with three cocks at once, and how it made her mouth sore. She said they stuck two dicks in her ass and two dicks in her pussy and kept going.

Then she told me about the fact that she wasn't able to swallow one guy's load so he started to slap her and then went off to get a gallon. When he came she said they all made her cum out all the semen in my pussy and ass. It filled up almost half of it, but then they started to piss in it. After it filled up they stuck the gallon in her mouth and made her drink it.

When she couldn't they poured it all over face. By now I was about to cum from masturbating to her story so I took her head and shoved it on my cock right before exploding my load into her throat. After she swallowed we went home to start the next day.