Carmen Callaway In Breathtaking POV Stream

Carmen Callaway In Breathtaking POV Stream
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.*********************************************Snow Storm ************************ We got hit a few days ago with about 18 inches of snow.


my wife and I were shoveling our driveway when a neighbor drove by in his 4x4 and stopped to help.He had a snow blower in his truck, I helped him unload it and he did our driveway and walkway.After about a hour or so we finished. We wanted to pay him but he said no.

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So i said he could at least come inside and warm up and get some coffee. He agreed. My wife told us to go in the laundry room and take off our clothes and put them in the dryer and she would bring us some towels. We were both down to just our boxers when she walked in with the towels, she said to throw our boxers in the dryer also as they were probably wet too, then she left.

We were in just towels, when she returned two minutes later with a towel in her hand. She walked over to the dryer and started to take off her wet clothes. We both just stood there watching her. When she got down to her panties and bra she turned around with her back to us and took them off, then wrapped the towel around her.Brian had a big smile on his face and looked over at me and I said Honey I think Brian liked the show.

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She laughed and we went to the kitchen to get some coffee. We were sitting at the table in our towels talking when my wife winked at me(i knew what she was getting at). I said Brian we really appreciate you helping us, it would of taken us forever to do it ourselves.He said no problem. And I said no we REALLY appreciate what you didwe owe you big time, He blushed and said glad he can help. We sat there talking about weather and so on. Then my wife got up to get the clothes out of the dryer.

She returned with a big pile in her arms, Brian jumped up and said let me help you, as he took the clothes my wifes towel(she did it on purpose) came off with the clothes Brian grabbed. She stood there naked in front Brian and me he apologized and handed her the towel. I took the towel and said "Brian, I would like to repay you for doing our driveway, and now let you do my wife"And I kinda chuckled to see his reaction.

He didnt say anything, he just stood there staring at my wife. I then got behind her and kinda pushed her towards him, she reached for his towel and removed it and he had quite a erection. She said did I cause that?. His face was beet red and he said he was embarrased.

She touched his cock and it twitched in her hand. He looked at me kind of puzzeled. I told him it was ok i dont mind him having some fun with my wife. He said I didnt know you guys were into this. I told we never did anything like this before,( a total lie) but have always fantasized about it. We all walked into the living room with my wife guiding him in there by his cock. Once in there he sat on the couch and my wife knelt in between his legs and started to lick his cock and balls.

I went into the bedroom to get some rubbers.


When I returned he was playing with her tits as she was deep throating him and really getting into it. I stood her up and started to eat her pussy as she sucked him. I know my wife was close so I handed her a condom and asked Brian if he would like to fuck my wife.

He said yes.I said what? he said yes a little louder. I said i dont think you really want to do you? He said Yes I want to bad. Nope im still not convinced, then my wife says "dont you want to fuck me Brian?". Then he starts begging me. man Im so fucking hardI want to fuck your hot wife hard and deep.

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and if I dont soon my cock is gonna explode. Please let me fuck her. Mandy then puts the condom on Brians dick and climbs on him facing him as he stays sitting on the couch.

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she is so wet and close that his cock easily slides into her wet cunt. She rides him good and starts bouncing up and down on his cock. I tell him Mandy loves dirty talk, tell her how it feels. Then he starts telling her how fucking hot and tight her pussy feels, and his cock is getting harder as he grabs her tits as she rides him. That sent her over the edge and she starts cumming (my wife cums hard and long, and her pussy muscles grab your cock and pulls it in deeper when she cums.its an incredible feeling).

She just sits there on top of him and lets her pussy muscles jerk him off.

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He is going wild and then he starts bucking his hips up like crazy and unloads a huge load. As he is cumming my wife bends over and shoves her tit into his mouth and he sucks it hard. I am next to them jerking off watching, this gets me so excited my dick starts to throb, I stand up on the couch next to them and my wifes sucks my cock maybe fifteen seconds before i unload a hot load into her mouth.She swallows it all.

My wife gets off Brian and goes into the bathroom, he is just sitting there spent with a limp dick and condom filled with cum. She returns a minute later with a warm washcloth. She takes off the condom gives it to me and she washes his cock with the warm cloth.

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Then she gives him a really deep kiss, then they start french kissing. I notice his cock starting to rise again as they kiss and with my wifes hand going up and down on it.

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Seeing this my cock starts to jump a little.My wife instructs me to sit next to brian on the couch.She gets back down on the floor and starts sucking and jerking us off going back and fourth between us.

She says the first one to cum she will deep throat. I purposely held back. Brian starts to throbso my wife goes to him and deep throats him as he unloads down her throat with her milking his balls dry. She cleans him up with her tongue. She then helps him get dressed and kisses him goodbye and we thank him for his help.


He says he would love to come by again. I tell him we both had a great time and thank him again for fulfilling our fantasy, but dont think we will ever do this again.Its just a one time deal for us.(SO NOT TRUE).He understands and says he was glad it was him we chose, then he left.After he left we went into the bedroom and reminised what just happened and fucked like usual after we encounter "one of our fantasies".