Group of voyeurs watch Mormon lesbians stripping

Group of voyeurs watch Mormon lesbians stripping
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My and my buddies get together once or twice a year to trap and fuck some unsuspecting bitch. We've never been caught in 15 years because we're real good at it. We're professionals! We take turns locating a suitable victim and then we spend lots of time researching and planning. By the time we're ready, we know all about her habits.

We map out how to catch and rape her without being caught, leaving no useful evidence behind. Sometimes, though, we leave a few red herrings. Red herrings like a few years ago when we watched a girl's boyfriend fuck her a few times so we would know what she liked.

Then, we took her (blindfolded) and fucked her in the same way as her boyfriend. Later, when she managed to climb out of the old well we had stuck her in, she called the police and had her boyfriend arrested. The judge gave him 5 years plus another 3 because he wouldn't name his accomplices. He's still in jail. We had a good laugh over that one. This story is about a number we pulled last year. We got two girls that time.

Since it was my turn to find a victim, I drove to a nearby city because it's safer than doing it in our home town. The day was a scorcher so I stopped at a large, forested park on the outskirts to drink some water and enjoy the scenery.

By a happy coincidence, it was just the right scenery and saved me a lot of time scouting for a victim. Sitting under a picnic table under a shady tree in a wide, grassy clearing, I absently looked around at the various people: moms pushing baby strollers; old people getting fresh air; a few joggers; some kids enjoying ice cream.

Then I saw them.

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Two college girls wandered into the clearing carrying book bags. The bags said, "Ste. Marie's College for Girls". One was black with smooth, glossy skin. She wore a white blouse, short, brown tartan skirt, white socks and red running shoes.

Her dark skin made a nice contrast with the white blouse and white socks. The other girl, a redhead, had very freckled skin and wore the same school uniform. As they walked past me I could see the black girl had brown eyes while the redhead had green eyes.

"OK, Sarah, let's play," said the black girl as she dropped her book bag. "Get ready Chantal. I'll beat you just like the last two times." The redhead replied. They both pulled badminton racquets out of their bags and started batting a birdie around while giggling every time they missed.

These two looked ripe for the picking. I particularly liked the way their short skirts gave a tantalizing glimpse of white panties whenever they jumped the skirts were about 6" above the knees.

Nice legs. Nice knees. After an hour they stopped and packed up. "See you same time tomorrow, Sarah," said Chantal, as she walked toward a narrow path on the far side of the clearing. I casually followed Sarah out to the street and watched her enter a small coffee shop. She stayed for about 3 hours, studying, before going home on the bus. I went home and googled Ste. Marie's College for Girls; just curious. It's a private college for 18-20 yr. old "ladies" to help them get into good universities.

Next day I went back to the park at the same time. Again, both girls arrived, played badminton for an hour then left. Again Chantal went down the path while Sarah went to the coffee shop to study. This time I followed Chantal, at a discreet distance so she wouldn't notice. After about 15 minutes she stopped in a small, remote clearing, sat under a tree and started reading.

Shortly, a boy arrived and she eagerly jumped up to greet him. I enjoyed watching their passionate kisses as they held each other tight. The boy's hand kept wandering to her ass but she kept pushing it away. Maybe a half hour later, they got up and walked, hand in hand, out of the park. One turned left while the other turned right blowing kisses to each other as they went. This continued for the next two weeks, me watching them come to the park to play badminton. Each time, Sarah went to study while Chantal met her boyfriend.

Poor guy never got past first base. My problem was which girl should we catch? The black girl had nice tits (i.e. big), medium-length hair in a ponytail and would be in a remote part of the park.

But what could we do about the boyfriend? The redhead had average size tits, long, loose hair and delightful freckles. But she walked in public areas and stayed at the coffee shop. How could we lure her to a secluded spot?

I discussed my dilemma with my two buddies over a few beers. Joe solved the first problem we would fuck them both. Brad solved the second problem we would just invite Sarah over after we finished with Chantal.

Here's the plan we made: Joe and Brad would shoot the boyfriend in the ass with our dart gun (we had a set of drugged darts). He'd be out for two hours at least. I would come up behind Chantal as she sat reading, gag her and blindfold her while Joe and Brad held her arms and legs. Then we would drag her further into the forest and enjoy her hot, pussy.

We would fuck her on some blankets so there would be no messy evidence for the police. During the action I would mimic the boyfriend's voice so she would think it was set up by her dear beloved. I'm good at mimicking voices. Second, we would force Chantal to phone her friend Sarah and have her come to the remote clearing saying she'd had a fight with her boyfriend.

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On Sarah's arrival we would give her the fucking of her life. Brad figured Sarah was a virgin cause she spent all her time studying. I hoped Sarah's pussy hair was as red as the hair on her head. Later we would leave them tied to a tree. It would be an awesome afternoon! We targeted the following Wednesday because few people came to the park in midweek.

My backpack carried the blankets and ropes. Brad carried the dart-gun in a small canvas bag. The three of us watched the girls play badminton. Brad liked their uniforms.

He especially enjoyed glimpsing their white panties when they jumped. "Jeez, I can't wait to get into those!" Joe complimented me on my choice.

"They sure do look fresh and delicious. Think one of them has a cherry for us?" Joe and Brad sauntered up the path about 10 minutes before the giggling girls finished their game so they could intercept Chantal's boyfriend. As usual he was waiting by a small bridge over a stream. The dart worked perfectly; the boy grabbed at his ass and slowly collapsed. Joe and Brad dragged him out of sight behind a tree and removed the dart so there would be no evidence.


When the girls packed up, I followed Chantal at a discreet distance. Just before reaching the clearing, I left the path and started circling to reach the spot I had pre-selected and laid out the blankets.

Then I came up behind Chantal's favorite tree making sure she didn't see me. She had lain down on her stomach and was reading a book. Creeping closer, I carried the gag, blindfold and the rope for her wrists and paused to admire the way the light breeze flicked at her skirt giving me another peek at her chocolate legs sticking out of her thin white panties.

I pounced on the girl, forcing her head down to the ground so she couldn't shout. My knees pinned her arms. Since she was already face down she was unable to struggle. I gagged her in mere seconds then easily tied the blindfold around her head. Joe and Brad arrived to help me tie her wrists. Then they each grabbed a bare, smooth chocolate leg while I hoisted her by the waist.

We calmly carried the struggling cutie, face down, about a 100 yards into the bush. Her struggles gave us a great view of her panties hugging her sweet, firm, round black bum. Beautiful. This would be fun! As we walked, I mimicked her boyfriend, Jamal, saying, "You kiss me but won't even let me squeeze your ass.

We're going to teach you a lesson." Her body stiffened at the voice. We dumped her on the blankets and, when she tried to jump up and run, I grabbed her ankle causing her to fall flat on her back. That must have hurt because her arms were tied behind her.

The way she fell gave a fantastic view of her panty crotch with its coarse black hair. Joe and Brad held her legs again while I unzipped her little, brown skirt and pulled it down her smooth legs.

Then I slowly slid her panties down revealing her neat dark thatch. Nice, brown pussy. I finished taking off the skirt and panties and tucked them into my backpack as a souvenir. We let her keep her white socks and red running shoes but spread-eagled her with her ankles tied to a couple of nearby saplings.

Joe took a couple pictures of her black-haired cunt with bare, brown shiny legs ending in red running shoes. Beautiful! Then I unbuttoned her white blouse slowly one button at a time, letting my fingers brush the bare flesh underneath. I started from the waist and worked my way up feeling her soft belly pulsing as she breathed hard in her panic. The fourth button up was centered between her ample, heaving breasts.

I lightly passed my hand over each breast before undoing this critical button revealing her thin, white bra barely restraining her ripe dusky melons. Finally the last button was undone and her blouse lay open fully exposing her sweet, soft belly and her adorable black bosom straining against her pretty bra. Putting my hand on top of her left boob, I felt her heart pounding wildly in fear. I couldn't pull the blouse off because her hands were tied so I just tucked it behind her and unclasped the front of her bra so her supple melons could bounce out.

I pulled the bra off (no shoulder straps) and stepped back to have a good look. She was truly delectable; hair in a ponytail, blindfold soaked through with tears, full quivering breasts with wide, black tits, smooth, silky dark skin covering her tasty belly. And of course, let's not forget that dark patch waiting for our close attention, or those soft, tender legs spread apart for our pleasure ending in cute red running shoes.

This was absolutely mouthwatering! Whirr, click. I heard Joe and Brad snapping more pictures. Turning, I saw they had already doffed their clothes. Both had rock-hard erections ready for action. I whipped my pants and shirt off too and, looking down at our yummy dish, said to Chantal (in Jamal's voice of course): "You look beautiful, Chantal, my love." Again her body stiffened at my words.

I heard sobs trying to escape from behind the gag. I motioned Joe & Brad to wait a moment while I shaved Chantal's pussy. They knew I liked smooth, bald pussies. I pulled out my portable electric razor and quickly shaved her pussy smooth just like a plucked chicken!

Tasty! Bending down between her soft legs, I caressed her naked pussy and slowly spread the waiting lips. She twisted and turned, struggling to dislodge me but to no avail. My tongue darted between the sweet lips tasting the delicious young cunt.

A bit dry, but that wouldn't last long. A few licks would moisten it just right. I stuck my tongue in as far as possible while enjoying her frantic thrashing. Searching, I found her precious love button and flicked it once, twice with my tongue before seizing it with my own lips and sucking hard.

Boy! Did she buck when I did that! Looking up I saw Brad squatting on her face with his swollen cock stuck between her big tits. His cock was almost hidden by Chantal's big, fleshy boobs but the head of his cock was just visible. He squeezed the two tits hard with his thumbs pressing down on her nipples making deep craters. He was fucking those tits like there was no tomorrow. Fast and hard! I wondered if Chantal liked the smell of his ass, he had a tendency to fart when excited.

Her boobs were getting puffy from the squeezing. But back to sucking. I sucked that love button hard, thrashing it with my tongue in between sucks. Her thighs wrapped around me as she tried to dislodge me from enjoying this sweet treat. No matter, Joe slapped her thighs a couple times till she stopped. Her cunt was now wet from my saliva. Such a sweet taste! I kept pushing deep inside her pussy to taste everything I could. When my tongue tired, I alternated between flicking her love button with my fingers and just jamming my fingers deep inside and wiggling them around.

Looking up, I abruptly jumped back to avoid getting hit with the sudden squirt of cum jetting out of Brad's cock. Joe took my place, kneeling between her legs, his cock vibrating in anticipation of entering that juicy, bald pussy hole. He rubbed the head of his cock on her pussy lips before leaning forward and pushing it in. He entered slowly, savoring the feel of this sweet, struggling pussy. Well, the pussy itself wasn't struggling, but you know what I mean.

His shaft went in an inch at a time. When it was fully in, I went to Chantal's bag, got out her cell phone and looked up Sarah's number. Before pushing "Call", I removed Chantal's gag and told her, in Jamal's voice of course, "Chantal I'm calling Sarah on your phone. Talk to her." Chantal tried to scream so I just slapped her mouth and told her, "Any screaming and my friends cut off your tits.

Understand?" She nodded while sobbing hard. I pushed call and waited for an answer. "Hello." Sarah's voice. I put the phone to Chantal's ear and she instinctively, sobbed "Sarah, its Jamal. He's, he's," Just then, Joe thrust hard into her pussy. "Uhhh. Oh god help me.

Please." "What's happening, what's going on?" Sarah's voice. "Help me! Please!

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Ohhh!" Chantal sobbed as Joe thrust again. "I'm coming!" Sarah fearfully replied. At this point I switched the phone off and slapped Chantal's face. Why did I slap her? Just felt like it, that's all. I wanted to see a purple mark on the face I was about to fuck. "Chantal," I said, in Jamal's voice, "You're going to open your mouth. I'm going to stick my cock in and fuck your mouth. If I even think you're going to bite, I'll tell my friends to cut your tits right off.

Understand?" More sobs, followed by a nod. I poked her cheeks to get her mouth to open then stuck my throbbing rod in as far as her warm tongue so she could taste me. I was facing Joe who was ramming her for all he was worth.

I know its awkward fucking a mouth from this angle but I wanted to watch her tits bouncing as Joe fucked her. Big boobs always bounce hard. Chantal's black ones gyrated up and down, around and around.

It almost made me dizzy. My rod jabbed at Chantal's tongue which tried to push my cock away but that just stimulated me even more. Then I pushed my swollen cock into her cheeks rubbing on the warm, soft flesh. I tried to fuck her mouth in time to Joe's pussy fucking. When Joe made a final, almost violent lunge followed by a sudden intake of breath, I figured he was done so I turned around to a normal mouth fucking position and shoved my cock deep into the back of Chantal's mouth.

She almost gagged but I didn't care, I just wanted to shoot my load so I could recover before her girlfriend arrived. Vigorously ramming my cock forward a few times brought the sudden release I sought. My juice squirted down her throat causing her to choke and cough.

Pulling out, I slapped the gag back over her mouth. We hauled her to her feet and retied her arms and legs to the nearest tree.

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In the process, I removed her blouse and let it join her panties and skirt in my bag. Facing forward and still wearing her neat white socks and red running shoes, Chantal's dark body looked delectable with her newly shaved cunt. Her firm, ripe boobs pointed straight forward; no sagging at all. A few drops of red trickled down her inner thigh and I wondered if Joe realized he'd had a cherry.

I put on a ski mask and walked, naked, to a large oak tree where the clearing narrowed and hid behind it to await the arrival of the second half of today's entertainment. Sarah reached the clearing soon after and called out, "Chantal, Chantal. Where are you?" Stepping out from behind the oak tree, I grabbed her from behind, one hand cramming a sock into her mouth as she attempted to scream; with the other hand I slapped a large piece of duct tape over her eyes so she couldn't see.

Sarah swung wildly at me trying to scratch me but I just kicked her feet out from under her, knelt on her arms and tied her hands together behind her back.

She started kicking so I sat on her belly while I rummaged around in her backpack looking for a bottle of water to quench my thirst. No water but I found a folded piece of paper and idly pulled it out to look at her school work. It was a carefully folded print-out from some internet site entitled "After School Ravishment".

That caught my interest so I read a bit of it. It was a poorly written story about some guy raping a girl. Sarah had highlighted words like "cunt, cock, balls, etc". At the bottom she had drawn a crude picture of a naked guy showing a long arrow coming out of his crotch with 2 balls drawn underneath.

The arrow ended at the crotch of a picture of a girl. The crotch had red dash marks like hair. The head had red hair and dots like freckles. The girl was labeled "ME" and a bubble from the mouth said "Help! Help! He's raping me! NO! No. YES! YES!" Sarah, the scholar, obviously had some interesting fantasies. I held my knife to her neck and said, in Jamal's voice, "Scream and you die." Then I pulled the sock out of her mouth and hauled her to her feet.

Her hand brushed my naked thigh and she gasped. "Are…are you naked, Jamal?" She stammered. I replied, "Of course. Me and my buddies just finished with Chantal and now it's your turn." I started marching her toward the bush. "What did you do to Chantal? What are you going to do with me?" Sarah's breathing quickened. "What do you think we do with girls who wear short skirts like you?" "This is my school uniform.

I have to wear it. What are you going to do? Are you really naked? Are you going to rape me?" She panted the last few words. "You'll find out in just a few minutes." I replied noticing that her face had started to flush a bright red. Reaching the blankets in the bush, I made her kneel down. Joe and Brad grinned and whistled at the virgin red-head we would have for dessert.

My cock was still pretty limp after Chantal so I told Sarah, "Lean forward and suck my cock my little freckle-faced cutie." I grabbed her hair and pushed her face forward until her lips brushed against my limp cock.

"NO! Please don't make me do that! Anything but that! Please let me go!" Sarah pleaded as she opened her mouth and closed her lips on my floppy noodle. Her lips closed tight and her head started rocking back and forth as her tongue caressed my cock causing it to harden and rise. Soon my cock became solid, thick and long. Suddenly, Sarah pulled her head back and announced, "You're not Jamal!" I said, "Of course I am." "No, you're not!

Jamal's cock is skinny!" She protested. I said, "Speak louder so Chantal can hear." Sarah gasped, "Chantal is here? Oh shit!" and then she went back to sucking my now rigid cock. An idea came into my head so I pulled her to her feet and walked her over to Chantal's tree, pushed her back to her knees and said, "Here try sucking this instead." I pushed her head forward till it bumped into Chantal's shaved pussy.

Sarah's tongue darted out, touched Chantal's naked pussy and stopped. With a sharp intake of breath, Sarah blurted, "This is Chantal!

You can't make me do this! I won't!" and leaned forward to poke her tongue again at Chantal's pussy. Joe and Brad started taking pictures of Sarah munching on Chantal's cunt. Chantal squirmed but Sarah kept on licking, eagerly apparently, at her bare black cunt. She seemed to really enjoy cunt-lapping! I held her long red hair back so my buddies could get a better view. Her face was pressed hard against Chantal's crotch and we could hear some pretty clear (and loud) slurping sounds.

But here we were with three cocks waiting so I grabbed Sarah's hair and pulled her back to the blankets. Joe unzipped Sarah's short, brown tartan skirt, letting it drop to the ground revealing her red bikini panties while Brad unbuttoned the white blouse and ripped it off so he wouldn't have to untie her hands.

She was wearing a dainty white bra with shoulder straps. Cute. Her freckles went from her face all the way to the tops of her tits. The rest of her skin was just very pink. We watched her boobs heaving as she panted. Then Joe pulled the red panties down and my cock leapt up even harder than before; Sarah pussy was covered in real curly red hair! Fantastic! Joe tossed me the skirt, panties and blouse so I could stash in my bag with Chantal's clothes.

I cut off her bra so I could add it to my collection too. Her delicious mid-size tits popped into view and I discovered the freckles actually covered the tops of the boobs although there were no freckles on the bottom of her red-flushed boobs. Her sweet little nipples stood out hard and red. She cried out, "Please don't rape me.

PLEASE! Please don't touch me all over. Please!" As she pleaded, her legs spread apart a few inches. Sarah was a delightful looking dessert standing there in just white socks and red running shoes, her body trembling as she "pleaded" for mercy.

Joe put his hands on her waist from behind and drew her back. Her hot, naked body pushed hard against his muscular body as she panted, "NO! Don't touch me. Don't make me do this!" Joe put his hand between her legs from behind, cupped her red-haired pussy and slid his two fingers into her wet cunt hole.

He started working them in and out while holding her waist tightly and Sarah shakily moved up and down her breath coming in quick gasps. "Don't touch me! Please, touch me!

Oooh! There! Yes! Aaah!" She continued bucking against his fingers. I had a great view of her red cunt hairs as Joe finger-fucked our school-girl dessert. Brad started pulling her cherry-red nipples while kneading her boobs. Her tits stretched at least two inches. "Pull harder! Please!" Sarah panted as she struggled for breath.

Brad obliged stretching her tits three inches now. I pulled her forward causing her to fall to her knees, her face on the ground. Joe took the opportunity to doggy fuck Sarah from behind. Kneeling he stuck his raging hard cock into her dripping wet red cunt and rammed forward. Sarah pushed back hard and kept shoving back as he rammed her. This caused her cute titties to gyrate back and forth rapidly as she panted and puffed with each heave of his pelvis.

Brad reached under, took hold of her tits again and continued to pull and knead them. I sat down, slid under her until my hard cock was sticking up right in front of her face, took hold of her cascading red hair and positioned her mouth over my cock before forcing it down onto my throbbing member.

Gravity and Joe's thrusting did the rest. Sarah's mouth just grabbed hold of my cock and, each time Joe banged her, her mouth plunged down my cock. When Joe drew back, her mouth tugged up on my cock.

I didn't have to do anything. I just laid there while Joe's thrusting forced her mouth up and down. My cock loved the sensation. Sarah's hot, wet mouth rode my cock up and down until I finally convulsed as my cock tried to shoot its load. Chantal had already got my entire load but that didn't matter. My cock felt like it was sending volley after volley anyway. About this time I heard Joe yell as his cock blasted away inside this hot cunt's wet hole.

Joe pulled out and we let the red-haired cunt roll onto her back which must have been uncomfortable with her hands tied behind her back. She whimpered in an excited way, "You've ruined me! You brutes! Please, no more! Please!" Brad, standing there, his cock still swollen, waiting his turn, just winked at us, crouched down and started rubbing his cock juices onto Sarah's tits. He was actually whacking her tits with his cock until he moved down, stuck his finger in his cock and pulled her toward him with the assistance of her wiggles.

Looking at the red hair covered in Joe's gooey juice, Brad stuck his cock straight in with a mighty heave. Then he just plunged in over and over as Sarah's hips rose to meet him in a frenzied, wild manner.

We waited, watching him fuck her hard, watching her fucking right back. We got a few more pictures. When Brad finally blasted what was left of his wad after Chantal, he pulled out and grinned, "OK. Let's tie this one to the tree facing Chantal." So we did. We tied the hot red-head to a tree about 5 feet from Chantal and positioned her directly in front of her chocolate friend. We gagged her again, stepped behind the tree, reached around and removed the blindfold so she could ogle her friend's naked, shaven pussy as we quietly wandered off.

That was last year. The boyfriend was released when his sperm didn't match. We didn't hear anything more about the case.

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I was sitting on my back porch working on my laptop putting the finishing touches on a slide show of the many rapes we've conducted over the years.

I was trying to put it to music before Joe and Brad come over to discuss our plans for a black chick Joe's had been watching. Brad had called to say some cops had asked him a few questions but nothing to worry about. As I watched my slideshow, listening to the music I had added, Edward Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance", I heard footsteps. Looking up I saw two cops staring, jaws wide at my slideshow.


Two days later I woke up in hospital. A cop told me I was under arrested for 15 rapes. The doctor told me I'd had a massive heart attack and probably wouldn't live another 6 months. Later I learned that Joe had tried to escape by jumping to a tree from his third floor balcony. He missed and broke his neck. Brad fled to Thailand but got arrested by Thai customs because the idiot had a bag of cocaine in his pocket. Drug offences are a hanging crime there! He wrote me a letter telling me about the squalid prison full of mother-fuckers and father rapers.

He's very popular with the father rapers and is looking forward to being executed. I got a letter from Sarah asking me to run away with her. Hell I can't even hobble to the bathroom without help!