Teen Hiyoko has her big tits squeezed and then hammered by a throbbing dick

Teen Hiyoko has her big tits squeezed and then hammered by a throbbing dick
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This is suppose to be a curious boys diary well Im going to start off by saying my name is Jesse Im 6' weigh 180 cuban. well ive always been involved in sports, so being around boys had never been weird for me! In middle school i would shower at the school with other guys without any problems!

but things started to change my senior year of high school when i was at my uncles house visiting in south florida. I stayed in his maids room for the weekend since she was out of town. i got bored late at night after having a few beers and decided to go through her drawers until i found her panty one. (now things get good lol) Well i went in the bathroom with my favorite pair i found. A purple lace thong with a cute little bow on the front of it.

i put on the thong and had an instant erection!

biggest ive probably ever had! the material rubbing between my ass cheeks felt amazing. I felt like a slut for some reason. That night something got sparked in me that kept growing. A few months later I find myself at my cousins house in town, and when i walk into the bathroom i see a tiny gold thong on the bathroom floor.I got hard just thinking about how the material would feel rubbing against the skin of my ass.

The next year i started college! Im happy you know im going to be independent all on my own what could go wrong right?

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soo i move into my dorm room and i get a cute mexican guy. he was a soccer player with a sexy body and cute mohawk. so anyways we got along good for a few weeks we usually were in boxers ahh i loved it but i was so confused on why?

i don't like guys! or do i?. A few days later my roommate ends up dropping out of school! i know what a disaster. but being alone i watched a lot of porn and saw a lot of girls get fucked by a big hard juicy cock! I downloaded an app that allows you to chat with other people and soon enough i was chatting but one night i got bored and hit up a cute black guy i saw.

I had a few crushes on black men before something about them is to die for! but anyways this guy said she he was a top and i thought that was perfect i just felt like i wanted to be his bitch. Im not a fem in other way (except the panties) but i just have a fantasy of getting pounded.

Me and the black guy talked for a long time but never met!

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but after this i felt confident in talking to guys, so i would hit up a few guys on craigslist to come over to my room and just destroy my ass! The first guy was a mexican i met him actually from the gym.

he looked gay so i hit on him a little and he was hooked.


I told him i could show him some ab workouts in my room since i had my own room and we were off. When we got to the room he made the first move to kiss me.

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WOW was i shocked his kiss was so aggressive so manly loved it! he grabbed my ass like it was his property! I had never kissed a guy so this was all so new, so exciting i wanted more!

I immediately dropped my pants to my ankles and bent over. i wanted it doggy style its my favorite position. He spread my cheeks and spit on my asshole. i felt two fingers go inside it hurt a little. then i felt the head of his 7 in. cock enter! i could feel my ass hole stretching!

as time went on the pain turned into pleasure nothing like i have ever experienced before. i soon caught myself yelling "fuck me, papi" "I love your dick in my ass!" i even said the said the classic "HARDER, HARDER!" i don't know what came over me but i was on it, all my porn watching experience was coming in handy! The harder he went the more i felt like i was going to explode my load from this amazing feeling ive never had.

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In the end he ended up cumming all over my ass and left while i fell asleep. when i woke up the next morning i thought to myself did i really just do that last night?

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but I surprisingly had the biggest smile when I thought that. The next guy i had come over to my dorm was a stranger from craigslist i thought it would be fun to sleep with a stranger and explore each others talents. When he came over i wanted to surprise him by wearing a sexy thong to show off my ass and I also was playing what i call baby making music! When he got there it was on right away! I got on my knees to try and suck his big cock! the thing was like 9 inches ahh i loved every inch too.

i would stroke his cock while i played with the tip in my mouth it was a constant spit and stroke.

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then when his cock was wett enough i knew the drill i got on my hand and knees and it was his time to do work on me. I remember him grabbing me by the hips and thrusting his cock deep in my ass. i let out a little yell but kinda sounded like a moan! it didn't matter my door was locked and it was my weekend! i then got on his cock to give it a ride. I had never done this before so i went off of what i remembered from porn movies.

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i was bouncing my ass on his cock i could feel his cock smoothly coming in and out of my tight little ass hole. I wanted anew experience, so i wanted his load to be shot in my mouth! I lay next to him on hand on his cock stroking it making that cum ready to explode all in my mouth when it did oh my i wanted more!


the taste the texture everything felt so right!