Young boys just sucking and iran gay boy suck penis If you

Young boys just sucking and iran gay boy suck penis If you
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Two Sexy Neighbours. (Part-1) Hello Desipapa Readers, First of all I would like to introduce You myself. I m "Pagal", due to some personal reason I would like to hide my name so excuse me.

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Sorry for that so I m a young, Handsome and Smart Boy, 20 years old, Student of Inter. This is the story of me and my two neighbors, which are sister in laws there self in each other.

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How I fuck them this is the main story so leave it to later, now I introduce u with them. They both are married and live in same house cause they married with both brother, Hope u understand me. So The elder one is NABEELA and She got 3 Kids which are all girls but She is too much sexy due to their pregnancies She become healthy but not enough so She got about fig of 40-30-40, with milky skin.

I love her Ass And Boobs. And the Younger one is GUDIYA and she got one Kid and that is Boy But she is also too sexy but I was not interested in her cause she is not too much good looking but she has also a good fig so I fuck her too she is about 40 28 38, with light milky skin. I love her Ass cause her Boobs are too loose then her body.

Main story started about 2 years ago when I was app 18, and newly passed my matriculation examination so these are my rest days. So whole day I used to visit cites and read stories from desipapa, and after that gave a mischievous hand job which app satisfy me just for the day. So one day when I feeling lonely reach upstairs on the roof and enjoy there with shiny day, In the mean while I see Nabeela 1st time on the roof washing clothes. Then I gone to nearer Balcony and stand there and seeing her washing clothes, Then 1st time I was seen her Big Boobs totally wet and moving here and there due to her erection and whenever he try to hang clothes on wires, Her big Ass jumps like mountains and I feel earthquake in my chest and also in pants.

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I just watch for about 2 hours and she feel it also but no response. So after that I just keep in mind to see her again, And after that day I just reach on roof in hope to see her in that position but all in vain.

She was not came for a weak. But my Good luck come Good and Same day after a weak when I reach on roof She is there God I can't explain u my feeling that time cause I don't have words So I reach at that place and stand for good view, At that time I notice that she has wear her underwear as before and her big boobs trying to come outside. In the main time she gave a look at me and keep doing her and don't take any attention to me, But I stay there and she doing her work after a half an hour I see her going in bath so I think she take time in washing clothes so I light my cigarette and inhale a big smoke and in the mean time she appears again and Ohh My God I notice that she loosen her bra and her big milky juggs thrum ling in her shirt, I feel a tent on my pant, Then she turn down to take some clothes from tub to hang on wires and I see the marvelous seen of my life the big mountains moving opposite here and there as well as I see her cleavage but due to her short neck shirt I can't see more than that and just thanks God on that and keep watching her washing clothes she never turn to me whole time and after finishing her work she move down.

I came back to my room and gave a big hand job to my cock and release my fluids on my sister-in-laws bra.

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(That was another story which was I told u before in another story). So after a weak I reach on roof before time and waiting for her, On right time she came up with clothes and take a look at me and gave me a marvelous smile which tear me and I was just admitted that she has magnetism in her body as well as her face, So she starting her work and in the mean time I got an idea and get a ball from my room and threw it to her house's balcony and reach her door-step and rang the bell. And waiting for response her sister-in-law open the door and I apologize to her and ask her for my ball, she gave me a smile and gave me a way to move upstairs then I see that she is pregnant so due to this reason she give me way to get ball myself cause she can't move upstairs.


So I got a chance and reach top or roof and salam to Nabeela and after seeing her nearer and wet, which visible her nipples also gave me hard rock erection. I asked her for my Ball and she smile and see my bulge but I ignore that and just keep watching her Big Boobs And Big Ass. Then she pointed me to place where ball placed and then ask my name and I tell her whole detail about me and then she ask me about staying on roof So I became a little bold and tell her that I was staying there for watching her.

She smiles and asks why? Then I say Because I like u and mostly ur body saying this she became angry and speak in heavy voice what u looking at my body why u do all this I ll tell ur parents.


On hearing this my whole erection calm down I feeling shy and tense. Cause if she tell my parents about this they must send me out for study so I apologies to her and came back to my home and waiting for punish but after many days no response came then I feel it was just a joke and I forget all this also her.

Cause she is dangerous for me. And just gave a hand jobs on her name. After Two Weeks When I was passing out in front of her home, She unfortunately call me and I was dare that any other tension must came by her.

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Then I reach nearer to her and ask what's the pro then she ask about V.C.R repairing I just tell him that I don't know but she insist me to come inside and check it out.

Then I just went inside and reach near to V.C.R. The cassette is hold on in the V.C.R. I just push the cassette and it automatically reaches in and turns on Play. I move my head towards her and say Is it OK but she is busy in watching movie then I turn my Head to T.V and shocked that is the XXX film.

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I just try to get up but she caught my hand and say sit other wise I tell ur parents the whole story of that day so I sit and turn my head down with shy. Then she raise her hand and place it on my laps and touch my under thighs and say that there is too much pain in my thighs and legs will u plz press them for comfort so after saying this she lay down and up her shalwar and show me her half legs, I just touch them and feel hotness and softness of her legs.

Then I slowly slowly press them and she says press upside, press upside, press upside and I trying to reach up and up till the thighs.

Then she says that wait I got some oil u must massage them so she reach outside and came with oil and give it to me, I just take oil and apply on her legs but due to her tight shalwar bottom her shalwar not reach up till the thighs and due to this her shalwar became oily so she get up and loosen her shalwar and cover her self with a piece of cloth and loose her whole shalwar and order me to apply oil now and I do that but due to her hot and soft body my cock just trying to tear out and want to tear her pussy also but I was bit afraid so I close my eyes and just applying oil in my thinking, and in the mean time I feel hairs and when I just open my eyes I see that the clothe is move away and she is half naked laying in front of me and inviting me so this is enough for me and I just got a chance and see her face, her eyes was close so I just take my cock out and apply some oil on that and reach in between her legs and forget all beats and punishes push my cock in her pussy and in one stroke I just tear her pussy and my whole cock in one full power push reach near her navel.

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And she just cry with pain and angry on my that what r u doing and leave her but all in vain I was just gone mad so I do my work and after a few min she became relax and enjoy also, so after a few min I just release my whole fluid in her pussy and lay down near her for relaxation and after a half an hour I just got up with new passion and fuck her tits and bit them also and fuck her Ass too much and she just crying with pain and after a half an hour I just release my whole fluid in her Ass and she just kisses me too much and one thing in that woman is most important that her pussy is so soft like her boobs I love her pussy also after that incident, I fuck her too many times and how I fuck her sister-in-law that is it's part-2, So also check it out "Two Sexy Neighbours:Part-2".

Send ur comments and regards to my mail [email protected] And any of Aunty or young girl wanna fuck by me plz inform me by mail, I m waiting for ur responses.

THANKS. Just Ur "Pagal".