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Bukakke babe pleasures pussy at the gloryhole
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My Polish Neighbour Chapter 3 (Maria's been neglected by me awhile!) A holiday away with my parents intervened. We had hired a boat to go on the rivers and lakes about 100 miles from where we lived. It was bliss with my Mum and Dad both ecstatically happy. I could hear them every night getting off with each other in the room at the rear of the boat, whilst I had a bunk and room to myself at the bow of the boat.

We all swam in the water which wasn't too deep. Mum was at her most relaxed in her one and two piece swimsuits. I don't know which I preferred. But occasionally when we were alone, she would flaunt her body a little at me, casually allowing the tops of her breasts to show when she bent down. She had been more at ease with me since she had apologised for being angry with me about my 'wasteful' wanking and since she had provided me with tissues.

One morning when Dad had gone shopping we were lying on the deck in our cozzies and Mum was lying directly in front of my head with her feet quite near. Her legs were open and her thighs were wide. She had on her one piece cozzies. She had just been in the water. The crotch of the cozzies, also wet, was tight and drawn between her thighs.

The effect was to make me stiffen immediately, but on my tummy she could not observe the effect she had.

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The crotch was folded narrowly between her so that hairs jutted on either side. Then I noticed darker flesh also exposed on each side of the wet material.

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I could not imagine she was not aware of what she was doing. Only much later did I come to know what these were called and how they varied from woman to woman. But the effect was almost immediate on me. I had been lying on a thick towel in my wet trunks with a hardon.

I had an instant orgasm and tried to keep it and me quiet and still. But just then Mum looked over her shoulder and must have seen the after effects of my spasming. She had the grace not to comment, but I saw her just turning her head away again.

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After about ten minutes I got up and went to shower, ostensibly to wash off the river water. She did too. On her return she went to get us some drinks and brought them to the seating area on the deck. As she put them down she gave me a slow hug almost in recognition of what had happened.

I was in total love and awe of her. We returned after the holiday to the usual routine. I was still off from school. My thoughts were still with Mum and the wonderful holiday but I was beginning to wonder again about Maria. She did not appear to be around and I thought she too must be away.

Mother meanwhile continued to be very warm with me as well as giving me glimpses of her that were, I was sure, designed to excite me. She frequently left the bedroom door open whilst she was putting on her stockings as she attached them to her suspenders.

They were just flashes as I passed. I didn't dare stand and watch, but the effect was to provide nights of steady wanking. She also took to going braless in the evening with careless buttoning to make it excruciating yet delicious to view surreptitiously. A friend Stuart had also leant me a porn book with no pictures but delightful stories that added to my rapacious knowledge about all matters to do with sex, a more or less continuous preoccupation with me by now, at 14½.

I came home one evening to find Mum alone with the book beside her having put it down as I came in. I was caught totally unawares. I had got in earlier than I said I would and she had not anticipated me then. But there we were in each other's searchlight so to speak. I was more embarrassed then she. I was totally nonplussed and blushing at being trapped. She smiled at me. "Well Ian, can you explain this?" "Er Mum not really, what can I say?

"How did you get it?" "A friend leant it to me." "I won't ask who." "Actually Ian, for porn it's quite good. You should learn a lot from it. But you are a bit on the young side for this aren't you?" I was astonished at her change of tone toward me and managed a slight smile. She returned the smile with, "Just don't let your father see you with it though." "Come here and stop looking so scared.

I know what it's like at your age." She then held me close to her hugging me against her braless breasts to reassure me she wasn't mad at me. She even gave my bum a little squeeze which got me going at the front. She felt it I was sure. Then on a completely different tack she referred to our holiday and said how lovely it was that morning just ourselves on the deck. "You just loved looking at me didn't you Ian?" I beamed and gave her another squeeze to mirror hers.

She had seen me cum and wanted me to know she had seen me and for it to be known between us. I felt like we were colluding with one another and she was instrumental in us being so.

What with this and the porn it felt like we were secret allies. Just then we heard the key in the door. It was Dad. Mum quickly handed me the book and I disappeared to the bedroom to hide it. After I had gone to bed Mum came into say goodnight even though I had done so earlier. "I thought you might be reading your book Ian." Smiling I deftly produced it from under the sheet.

She smiled and grabbed it from me to see where I had got to. She blushed just slightly. It was the first time I found her looking a little sheepish.

It was the story about a Mother and her adult son. The chapter had echoes of us hedging round each other alluding to sexual attraction but undeclared at least so far in the chapter. She read a paragraph and then out of nowhere, "I trust this won't give you any ideas Ian?" How to respond to that.

"She's much older than you Mum." "And you're much younger Ian. Oh and Ian I don't mind you glancing at me when I'm getting dressed. I often see you passing by, so you can take a glimpse you know. But not when your Father's around ok?" This was getting even more conspiratorial and I found myself completely locked in the sheer dirty little secret of it all. "Here Ian it's time I returned to your Father, he'll be wondering what we're up to. Come here and I'll give you a hug." She held me to her breasts again and rubbed them against me across my chest.

My prick suddenly sprang up out of my pyjamas in front of her as she drew back from me. "I'll leave you to look after that Ian you little devil." Smiling she got up and rushed out of my room, leaving me to wank myself silly at her teasing.

I saw Maria in the street the next day returning with a man her own age. She saw me and gave me a polite smile but did not introduce me.

I was torn with mild jealousy and affronted she hadn't at least mentioned she knew me. He was around for about a week then disappeared as he had arrived. Then one day Mum announced to me, "I see your friend from round the corner was with a bloke the last time I saw her.

She not normally with someone is she Ian? You told me she just had cats." I must have blushed and she clocked it but didn't call attention to it. She had detected my embarrassment and possible jealousy. My head told me such a feeling was ridiculous but I still felt it and wondered if she would ever be a friend again. My concern was allayed the next morning, a Saturday, after Mum and Dad had gone to work.

I got up to find a letter addressed to me on the doormat. It was from Maria. Hi Ian You haven't called to see me and I have missed your company. I cannot understand why. But then I thought it might be about the man I was with last week. That couldn't be the reason could it Ian? Let me tell you that man is my older brother. He has been very much a father figure to me over the years he helped me when my own father died and my Mother went off with someone else. He was over from Poland just to see me and it was lovely.

But I hope that this does not put you off me. I'm home today and would love to see you and tell you more about myself too.

Maria XXX By the end of her letter I was shaking with emotion and relief. Relief that she must have realised my parents had gone out as they would have been merciless with me had they seen the letter. More I was pleased that she had not forgotten me and wanted us to continue seeing each other.

I quickly donned my clothes and found myself knocking at her door within 15 minutes of the arrival of her letter. Maria opened the door and welcomed me in her flat. As soon as she closed the door she gave me a very tight hug. I was overwhelmed. She was wearing a clinging nightgown made of dark blue soft nylon material that clung to her body emphasizing the soft shape of her breasts slightly hanging, her nipples and her lush hips.

The nightgown was held up by two thin straps from her shoulders revealing her shoulder flesh. Nevertheless despite the nightgown, I noticed the marks of a garter belt under it holding up stockings. And yes she was wearing low heels as well. She seemed to be subjecting me to the biggest come on.

I was beside myself at how erotic she looked. We managed to disengage and she took my hand and led me into her living room. She sat me in the armchair whilst she sat opposite on the sofa. No cats. She relayed to me how her brother was allergic to cats so she had put them into a cattery and hadn't had time to collect them. "So, Ian what have you been up to?" I regaled her with our boat holiday, but not the incidents with Mum, though I did want to tell her.

Whilst she listened she crossed and recrossed her legs tantalising me even though I was trying to concentrate on her face. I then crossed my legs as I was stiffening and didn't want her to see. But she did notice. She smiled at me glancing just a moment at my groin and then back to my face. She was teasing me maddeningly. "I am so glad I sent you the letter Ian, I couldn't bear not to have our friendship. As you know I don't have many friends, particularly men friends.

I just find you so gentle, unlike men I've known in the past." Glad at her changing the subject, I asked what was it about men in the past. "Where do I begin Ian?" Maria then started to tell me about most men, apart from her brother, had been brutal with her as had her father in the years before he died.

What did she mean by brutal I asked quietly. "He treated me as if I was his wife Ian." I wondered what she meant and looked back at her rather puzzled. "Did he make you do the housework then?" "Not just the housework Ian. He used to come to my bedroom in the night and do things to me." I was both shocked and aroused. "He wasn't nice Ian. At first I was loving then he started to do things that I didn't want.

He was very forceful. Anyway Ian he put me off most men. I was only your age when he did those things. I don't want to go into it now it's too distressing perhaps another day." Well I was even more curious but didn't press it. She crossed her legs again, tantalising me with a little bare flesh above her stockings. "You're enjoying looking at me aren't you Ian?" As she said that she was staring at my hardon under my trousers.

I blushed slightly and smiled. "I'm flattered Ian. I feel very comfortable with you and I'm delighted the effect I have on you. I feel I'm teasing you but you're obviously enjoying it. I have an idea. Why don't you release that lovely thing and play with it while I continue. Maria watched me as I undid my zipper.

I had purposely left my underpants off so it sprung out and up in moments. I started stroking myself as she regarded me. She went off and returned with some lubricant which she squirted over my prick.

Resuming her place on the sofa she hoisted her nightgown up to her knees and stroked her thighs over the material. "Oh Ian I do love your cock, it looks so hard. Don't go too fast Ian I want you to last as long as you can." Maria played with her nipples through the material as her nipples stiffened before me.

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I stroked myself carefully to prevent my cuming too soon. I was totally entranced by her. Then she totally surprised me asking, "Ian how often do you play with yourself at home, you know masturbate?" I blushed but still managed to smile. "At least once a day sometimes twice depending on my being on my own Maria." "And what do you wank about Ian?" Another shock to my private world.

"You Maria and, and. ." But I trailed off suddenly worrying about telling even Maria about my darkest and dirtiest imaginings. "And Ian?" I hesitated. "Tell me Ian I won't tell a soul, I promise." "My Mother Maria." She smiled at that. "I've seen your Mother Ian but not spoken to her. I would like to know her she looks lovely. Would you introduce me to her Ian? "If you like." Knowing that Mum was already jealous of her. "Anyway Ian what do you wank about over me?" as she said that she was slowly opening her thighs so that I could see her beautiful white upper flesh above her stocking line.

She took one hand and stroked her stockings at the join with her suspenders and slipped onto her tender skin. She then opened up wider, exposing her hairy covered pussy for me to gape at. Licking her lips with her tongue she took both hands to either side of her cleft and slowly opened herself to me.

She was leaning back slightly on the sofa so that she was now totally exposed. "Is this what you wank about Ian?" It was too much. "Oh Maria I can't stop, I'm cuming. She continued rubbing herself furiously whilst she watched my spunk spew over my thighs and tummy.

Just as I was beginning to calm down she rubbed the top of her pussy very hard and brought on her own cum. She didn't utter any words but her body screwed up into a tight almost paralysed state as her eyes closed and her face looked tortured. As she came down looking at me again she just smiled and flopped in the sofa.

"Come here and let me cuddle you Ian. That was wonderful I didn't expect us to cum then. Becalmed and rather shyly, I sat beside her on the sofa. She took me in her arms and tucked me up against her. "Let's take off these clothes." She helped take off everything but my open shirt. I found myself close against her with an arm around my shoulder pulling me into her covered breast.

Maria pulled the strap off her shoulder releasing her slightly floppy breast to my view and then up against my cheek. "Lick my nipple Ian please." I looked at it sticking out from her tit and dark pink surround. She fed it to me as I tentatively wrapped my lips round the hardened firm tip. This was heaven, just what I had dreamed and wanked about.


Maria started to stroke my flaccid prick which didn't take much to encourage. "Harder on my nipple Ian. Bite me I love it rough." I lifted her breast with my hand to get more purchase on her tit and nipple. She yelped but said keep going as she increased the movement on my prick.

I was getting hard now. "I want you to do something for me Ian. Get down between my legs. I want to show you how to please me." I tucked down there as she pulled her nightgown up to her waist and slipped down the sofa a little to reveal her pussy to me really close. "I want you to lick me and tongue me here Ian. She held open her lips revealing her wetness.

I had not really imagined this properly before but was totally entranced by the vision before me. I moved forward and placed my tongue to her entrance and slid up the crack.

Immediately I cherished her smell and taste and tried to push as far as possible.

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She took the back of my head in her hand and held me close. "That's it Ian just slide your tongue up and down my cunt. Yes oh yes that's lovely, lovely. Up a bit more. Yes perfect, on the edge there. Just run your tongue round there. Oh Ian beautiful just beautiful." I had found what I knew to be her clit. I had read about clits in porn books and learnt their significance. It was true what I had read. I suddenly realised I could give pleasure to.

"Keep going Ian that's fantastic. I just love being sucked. I shall cum if you keep doing that. Don't stop will you? You darling yes wonderful. Oh God I'm near so near.


Yes. Yes oh yes Ian I'm there. I'm cuming Ian." She lifted as did I with her in unison as she went over the top and froze for moments before collapsing back down to the sofa again.

It took her awhile to come round. Meanwhile I just stroked her gently with my tongue until she stopped me as it became too much to take. "Ian that was just wonderful. That was your first time wasn't it?" "Yes Maria, my first time." "Well you can do that again any time my lovely man. Let me take care of you now Ian." I had little idea what she meant except that she seemed to be promising bliss.

She lifted me up to the sofa and put me in her place. Removing her nightie revealed her naked but for her heels, stockings and suspenders. She was smiling at me taking her in with my eyes. Her breasts were flopping nicely with her nipples at the ends, full and stiff. She moved forward and on her knees as she took a cushion to rest them on for comfort.

I reached forward to stroke her tightened nipples which protruded about half an inch from her dark pink to brown surrounds.

"Yes Ian be hard on them. I love it hard. You can almost hurt them.

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I'll tell you if it's too hard." I did and her face contorted slightly but she didn't stop me. I felt a twinge of extra excitement as I squeezed them really hard as I looked at the effect and her eyes. I would look back on this in future and realise she had set me on a route I would love and look for in later life. She then moved her head down my body and stopped at my groin and took in my hardness. Cupping my balls she stooped further and graced my tip with just a flick of her tongue.

Just then I looked at her right hand envelope my prick near my balls whilst continuing to hold my balls and flick across the head with her now very wet tongue. I leaned back still just lightly running my hands across her breast. My prick had the residue of the lubricant she had poured on me earlier. She just ran her tongue all over my hardon until she had removed it all.

I was in sheer heaven. Sitting back she started to wank me with both hands.

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I thought then that she would take me over simply with her hands. She watched as I got close, then stopped.

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Resuming again when I had regained my composure, she took me close like that a few times. I was getting deliciously overwrought and that I thought that was it, she gripped the base of my prick with one hand hard and broke my impending cum.

I found I was breathing as if I was in my last moments as I came down. Maria just smiled, saying, "That was a bit close Ian." She let me rest a moment, then, stooping down again took me fully in her mouth enveloping my stiffness as if it was her first meal for days.

Settling her mouth round my head I felt her warmth and wetness as she sucked and worked her mouth round my head whilst continuing to hold my shaft with one hand and stroked my thigh sliding with the other. I felt her move her free hand under my groin until she reached my bum and hole. Without even moving her mouth she managed to reach the lubricant and squeeze a little onto her hand and return to my bum.

I felt a sharp pierce as her fingernail and first digit began to press into my arsehole. The effect was electric. She wound her way in as she rolled her mouth round my head and still slowly wanked me.

Suddenly I did not realise the effect she would have on me as her finger made its way in me. I just grabbed her shoulders and clung there as I let out an almighty scream as my spunk shot out of my prick right into her mouth which remained tightly closed whilst I went through my throes of cum. Coming down, Maria watched me whilst still holding my prick with her hand and mouth, a smile crossing her face.

Maria lifted herself up in front of me opened her mouth to show me my spunk still on her tongue and then slowly swallowed it. She joined me on the sofa and held me as I came round from my first ever mouth in a woman. I left Maria in a state of complete bliss. As I turned the corner Mum saw me as she was opening the front door to the passage way leading to our flat.

She had just got home from work and knew exactly where I had been. She continued through the door having given me a cold glance.