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What's the old saying? power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, well if it's true then Melanie has been corrupted by the power of the Death Note. She believes that she is more powerful than the man who gave her the page because she has the eyes so she isn't afraid to act on her own even if Bobby doesn't approve.

She goes on a killing spree murdering all the wives who blamed her for their husbands cheating on them and all the Police that busted her when she was working the streets.

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She doesn't just kill all these people she humilates them before they die. For example: she has one wife drive down to the beach in the middle of the day when the beach is usually full of people, the woman parks her car and walks to the sand just infront of the water.


She takes 2 huge dildos from her purse and then she takes off all her clothes and lays down on her back, of coarse all the men on the beach are happy to see it and starts laughing and cheering her on. The woman then slides one of the huge dildos deep inside her pussy and she forces the other dildo down her throat, she chokes on the dildo and dies, the laughing and cheering soon stop followed by screams and some people yelling call the ambulance, the life guards try preforming cpr but it's too late.

Another example is Melanis has a wife walk into a bar at midnight and strip completely naked and she says " Come on boys, this whore needs as many cocks as possible so come and get it " it doesn't take long before it turns into a bukake party.

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For hours the men take turns fucking all her holes again and again, cumming on her and in her until 1:30am when the woman dies of a heart attack. The news has stopped displaying the names of criminals but not the names of people who die of mysterious circumstances so it doesn't take long before Bobby and Near figure out what's really going on.

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Bobby isn't very happy, Kira is supposed to be a god who punishes evil but Melanies actions have many asking why is Kira killing innocent house wives and Police officers but he reminds himself that she is just making it easier for Near to find her and just to make sure she doesn't tell Near that she isn't the only one using a Death Note he'll make her write her own name in one of the many pages he's given her so that it would appear that she commited suicide.

Near has noticed the death of all the pimps, abusive Johns, Strip Club owners, etc so he concludes that the new Kira is a prostitute or former prostitute wich is exactly what Bobby wanted to happen. After months of investigating Near and the Montreal Police close in on Melanie, with all the news stations reporting that Kira has been found and is about to be caught, Bobby { knowing Melanies real name } writes in his Death Note that Melanie writes her own name in the pages he's given her so that when the Police do find her dead body she'll be holding the pages making sure that Near believes that Melanie had commited suicide rather than spending the rest of her lif in jail.

Bobby along with the rest of the world watch as the police enter the motel where Melanie is staying only to come out later with a black body bag on a stretcher and the media stating that Kira has been found and killed.

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Believing that Kira is dead the media starts showing the names of criminal and no longer blurs their face when showing them on tv, Bobbies plan has worked perfectly leaving him free to carry on his mission of quietly cleaning up the world one name at a time and at the same time with criminals around the world still being killed the legend of Kira will live on. As the years pass Bobby gets closer and closer to achieving his goal of creating a perfect world free of crime and filled with good, honest hard working people.

There hasn't been any wars and the world crime rate has been reduced by 95 percent and a the church of Kira has replaced all other religions.

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The worlds Police lead by Near have come close to catching Bobby on multiple occasions but always end up finding the dead bodies of people Bobby has given pages of of the Death Note too just like he did with Melanie. After a few years Near and the Police are ordered to stop trying to catch Kira when the president of the United States makes a speech and says " While we as Humans will never condone murder we realize that Kira is exactly what our world needed, he or she has done in a few years what Humans have failed to do since our species rose out of the oceans of Africa, he or she has ended all wars and crime is almost non existent so as of today all law enforcement will stop trying to catch Kira and if one day he or she decides to reveal him or herself to the world then he or she will not be prosecuted ".


THE END I know this was a short one but I had to end the series, as much as I love Death Note it was really hard to include sexuality in it. As always please leave comments.

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