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Lara Takes the Retards to Sea World Written by: Mr. Mongo 7/10/2012 No retards were hurt in the writing of this story, but they sure do fuck and humiliate the hell out of Lara.

One of Lara's co-workers told her that his aunt hurt her hip before she was to take several mentally disadvantage men to see Aquatic World. They really needed replacement volunteer as soon as possible.

He said the guys all had downs syndrome, but were well behaved. Lara was known for volunteering with underprivileged inner city youths, so he decided to ask Lara to help. Lara sat at her desk when Jack came up to ask her for help. She gave Jack a big smile and agreed to take the guys to Aquatic World. It had been ages since Lara went there to see the dolphins; she was dying to see it again.

Besides what's the worst thing a bunch of guys with Down syndrome do to her except give her hugs, "Thanks for helping Lara! My aunt Helen loved going on road trips with these guys, she claims they kept her young and vigorous," Jack said.

He was so excited he gave Lara a big bear hug that lifted her off the ground. "Every person I met with Down syndrome was an angel, they're sooo sweet to be around," laughed Lara. "That's what my aunt Helen always says about them," laughed Jack. "What should I wear for the field trip," asked Lara. "I'd wear a dark t-shirt and some shorts, you're going to be pretty close to tank, so you'll be getting splashed with water a lot," warned Jack.

Lara spent the rest of the day reliving fond memories of when she went to Aquatic World on a school field trip when she was a kid. She and her classmates had the best time of their lives watching the killer whales and dolphins perform tricks and swim with their handlers.

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She could not wait to make new memories with guys. The day to take the guys to Aquatic World finally came. Lara got there early before bus even showed up. She wore a loose fitting dark blue t-shirt with no bra. Even though the shirt was a little big on her it hung to C-up breasts. She kept her dark blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. It was just going to get messed up by the waves anyways, why bother doing her hair when it was going to get messed up. When the little bus pulled into the parking lot Lara walked over to it.

She hoped the bus driver could fill her in on the guys' behavior before she meets. Lara was worried there would be some troublemakers on the bus. Mack the bus driver looked more like a seventies porn star than a bus driver for the disabled. He had dark brown hair with a bad perm job and a thick Tom Sellick mustache. He had on khaki shorts and a loud Hawaiian shirt that he kept to open which exposed too much chest hair and gold necklaces.

This guy had sex predator written all over him. Lara made sure to not get onto the bus with the sleazy looking man alone. She stood in front of the bus door and knocked until he opened the door. "Hey are ya Lara," Mack said with a horse voice. He looked Lara up and down like wolf checking out a sheep before it attacked. The second he licked his lips Lara's stomach went queasy with anxiety and disgust. "Yes," Lara said sheepishly. Lara looked up at him like a scared little girl.

Thoughts of what this guy might do to her ran through her head. "Ya can get on if you want, I won't bite ya too hard," laughed Mack. "No…that's okay, I want to meet the guys before we board the bus," Lara said with a forced smile. "Suit ya self, but its hot as fuck out and I got some air conditioning going in here," said Mack. He looked disappointed, but Lara remained outside.

He made sure to blast the A.C. so Lara's nipples would be popping out of that blue t-shirt she had on for when she got on the bus. After Lara turned around Mack mentally undressed Lara with his eyes.

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He would easily give a million bucks to see her naked. He always wanted to fuck some hot tall blonde bitch like her. He never got the hot sluts of his dreams, Mack had to settle for the fatties or old bitches who all made him work for it. A slow moving gray van pulled up along side of the little yellow bus. The side door opened with a loud thud and out poured the guys with Down syndrome.

There were six of them. Each one of them was built like a professional linebacker and just as smart Lara thought. These guys were not the cute cuddly retards you see on TV. These were the scary mentally disabled, like Lenny from Of Mice and Men. Lara swallowed hard when she saw the size of them.

"Don't make assumptions Lara, just because these guys look big and mean doesn't mean they act that way," thought Lara. Lara plastered a fake smile on her face and began to wave at the guys. When the guys saw Lara, they all ran up to her and each gave her powerful bear hugs. Lara could not believe how strong these man-children were.

Each one of them felt like they could easily tear Lara in half as they hugged her. Lara swore at least two of them grabbed and squeezed her butt cheek. Someone really needs to work on these guys' boundaries Lara thought. She decided not to make a big deal about it.

They probably did not know what they were doing anyways.

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Mack stood in front of the bus as the retards got on the bus. The whole time he gave Lara a cheesy smirk that gave Lara the shivers. She was so glad there were some other people on the bus with them. She would absolutely die if she had to deal with Mack's perverted advances for the whole trip.

Lara figured she would sit in the back with guys so she could pretend she could hear what Mack said to her. "Okay, everybody on the bus," asked Mack. "I'm the last in line," said Lara. Mack sang a little part Ronny James Dio's song, "The Last in Line" off key and high pitched when Lara got onto the bus. While she got to about the second step, Mack assisted her up by cupping Lara's tight right butt cheek to help boost her up and catch a little squeeze.

"You're such a pig," Lara yelled. "Come on, I only helped you up! I was afraid you would fall or something," chuckled Mack. Mack laughed at Lara as he checked her out in his mirror. All Lara could do was give him the stink eye and the bird, that only made Mack laugh harder. As she sat with the retards, Lara noticed how the guys checked her out. They were all dim wits, but they were still guys after all. It was not like how kids stare at her, it was like how drunk guys in bars check her out.

Lara wished she brought a sweater. She could feel her nipples standing erect through the thin fabric of her shirt. Worst still, the retards also seemed to notice her nipples poking out.

The retards whispered amongst themselves and giggled evilly. They made Lara nervous, but she decided to get to know them better and maybe they would behave a little better.

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"My name is Ms. Catallina, What's yours," asked Lara slowly. "My name is Duncan," said a smiling a three hundred pound giant of a retard. He had on a white and red-stripped t-shirt and tan cargo shorts. "I'm Ricky, I'm Ricky," said a short chubby retard dressed in a blue shirt and blue shorts. If it were not for his brown curly hair he would look like a slack jawed blueberry.

"You can call me Vick," said a tall retard wearing an orange "who farted" t-shirt and red shorts. He wiggled his eyebrows at Lara when he said his name, which made Lara giggle and blush.

"I'm, Hector," said a Mexican retard with a smile and a vigorous handshake. He wore "Aquatic World" t-shirt and black shorts. "They call me Skippy," said a blonde retard wearing a snoopy t-shirt and khaki shorts. "I'm Walther," said a muscle bound retard with red hair.

This dope wore blue plaid shorts and dark blue shirt. Lara remembered he was definitely one of the retards who grabbed and squeezed her ass. Lara could not believe how these guys all looked alike, even the Mexican retard looked like the white ones. They all had sad droopy eyes, the same slack jaw, long tongues, and puffy faces that all people with Down syndrome seem to have.

It was like they were made from the same cookie cutter. As he drove, Mack made sure to hit every bump or pothole on the road to make Lara's boobs bounce all over the place. Mack knew his driving on every rut he saw paid off when the retards cheered and yelled "Boobies," at the top of their lungs. Each time this happened Lara blushed. She knew these guys were immature, but they did not have to mean about it.

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She wished she wore her bra every time the guys laughed when her breasts bounced. The retards mocked Lara's bouncing boobs by holding up their hands to their chests and made bouncing movements.

Lara blushed as they made fun of her tits. She wanted to give them the finger, but she knew they were like little kids, so she didn't dare pop her finger up at them. "Can I sit next to you Lara, you can sit by the window if you want," asked Ricky sweetly like a chubby retarded angle. He asked so sweetly Lara flashed him a big smile then moved over closer to the window so he could scoot in next to her. Ricky just about leapt into the seat with Lara. He moved so quickly it made Lara jump with surprise.

Ricky had a big smile on his goofy face. Lara smiled back then ruffled his curly hair. After Lara did that Ricky began awkwardly petting Lara on top of her head.

Lara was afraid to say something to Ricky about petting her like a pet dog. She began to think back to "Of Mice and Men," how Lenny killed the mouse petting it too hard. "Lets play paddy cake," Lara said. She tried to sound excited to get Ricky interested, so he would have something else to do with his hands instead of petting her blonde hair.

"Okey dokey," Ricky said as he applauded ridiculously at Lara's request. Everything went well with their game of paddy cake, until Ricky missed Lara's hand on accident.

His hand went right to Lara's left boob. He grabbed a whole handful of Lara's firm c-cup breast. Lara gasped, but she knew it was an accident, so she let it slide. Ricky was as shocked as Lara was, but he really liked the way Lara's titty felt in his hand. Lara did not freak out so Ricky tied it again, but Lara deflected his awkward grope with a well-placed quick slap of the wrist.

Ricky recoiled with a smirk on his face as he stared at Lara with a dirty smirk on his goofy face. "No," Lara said firmly. She put up her hands to continue to play paddy cake with Ricky. If Ricky made another attempt to grab her breasts again, Lara planned on hitting him again.

"Come on ms. Catallina, let me touch them again," whined Ricky. "Are you kidding me, no freaking way Ricky? I don't like you like that," said Lara. Two of the retards got behind the seat behind Lara. She was too busy scolding Ricky to see them sneak in behind her. "I won't hurt you, I promise," said Ricky as he moved in closer. Lara put up her hands to stop Ricky from grabbing her breasts but Vick and Hector grabbed her by the wrists with iron tight grips.

It was like Lara had boa constrictors wrapped around her wrists. The retards laughed at Lara's pathetic attempts to free herself. All she could do was squirm and whine. She looked up to see if Mack could see her in his rear view mirror. To Lara's horror Mack was listening to his I-Pod with both buds jammed into his ears and his music turned all the way up.

The other three retards watching Lara began singing the old Tony Basil song "Mickey Your So Fine" except they replaced Mickey with Rickey and they sounded way off key which added insult to injury.

The whole thing seemed to pick up a scary and surreal feel to it. Lara screamed for help from Mack, but he did not know what was going on in the back of the bus. Idiot drivers on the road were zipping in and out of traffic, Mack had to keep his eyes on the road to avoid any collisions. Lara began to breathe hard; her belly kept rising then contracting rapidly.

Lara felt like she was going to wet her shorts from the fear. The retards seemed to stop singing at the same time.

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During the lull in the insanity Ricky started to look Lara over, then began to rip Lara's blue t-shirt off her body. He tore at Lara's shirt like a child opening a wrapped Christmas present.

Lara's exposed c-cups breasts were fully out in the open for the drooling retards to see. They all began making happy moronic mewing sounds, as they looked Lara over. Lara's erect dark pink nipples became their playthings. Each retard took a turn playing with her nipples.


No sex act was left undone on Lara's hard nipples. They sucked, teased, rubbed, and pulled on her nipples. Lara was so ashamed of how good it felt, she did her best not to moan, but she was weak.

She let out a low guttural moan as the retards continued to work her nipples into a sexual frenzy. Without unzipping or unbuttoning Lara's shorts, Walter began tearing her shorts right off Lara's body. She was left with her black panties that Walter ripped off of Lara like they were made of toilet paper.

The retards gave a loud cheer when they exposed Lara's shaved pubic mound. Her dark pink clit stood erect and throbbed with ecstasy.

The juices from her pussy made her labia glisten with excitement. Lara prayed that the retards would be satisfied with playing with her tits and leave her tight asshole and pussy alone. Before Lara could beg them to stop Walther began undoing his zipper to release his hard cock.

Lara's eye just about popped out of their sockets when she saw how big Walther's erection was. Lara never had an erection that big in any of her orifices before. The mere thought of that thing penetrating her sent chills up her spine. "No, please stop," Lara, begged. "Put it in her pussy, put it in her pussy," chanted all five of the retards over and over again. Walter tried to figure out how to get his penis into Lara's wet pussy.

He rubbed it up and down her slick vaginal slit until he slid his cock into her tight pussy. Lara gasped from a combination of pain, humiliation, and pleasure.

Lara could not believe how long and thick the cock was. Lara was surprised she could take it without screaming her head off. The other retards continued to play with Lara's nipples and tits as Walther thrusted his cock in and out of Lara as fast as he could.

With each inward thrust Lara could feel the chubby retard's hairy testicles bounce off her asshole. While Walther gave Lara a fucking of a lifetime, she looked out the bus window.

She was surprised to see how low the window on the bus went. Someone outside of the bus could see the passenger inside the window sitting there. They could see Lara's upper face, upper torso, and abdomen.

There was no doubting they could see Lara getting fucked by the massive horny retard. The only thing that saved Lara from complete mortification was the windows had a dark tint to them. People who looked in could tell someone was getting fucked, but could not tell whom it was.

People in the cars next to the bus used their cell phones to video record Lara getting a workout by Walther. All Lara could do was moan and stare at the car passengers in disbelief this was really happening to her.

A mother talked on her cell phone while her ten-year-old son in the passenger seat laughed at Lara. The boy's cell phone was held high as he recorded Lara's rape.

Walter began to breathe harder as he pumped away. Lara feared the chubby retard was going to cum inside of her pussy, but to her relief he pulled his erection out and began masturbating. Lara looked down the barrel of Walther's massive veiny cock as he jerked off franticly. She prayed the tard would not cum in her hair or eyes. Before she could finish her prayer, Hector pushed her head closer to Walther's cock.

Lara opened her mouth to say, "No," but it was too late. Walter let loose a loud moan as he shot his heavy thick load into Lara's open mouth mid "No!" Lara coughed and sputtered, she got ready to spit it out, but Hector grabbed her hair to pull her head back and then said.

"You better swallow that," Hector threatened. Lara swallowed hard and did her best not to throw up as Walther's thick load went down her throat like a raw oyster.

"Bend over Ms. Catallina, it's my turn now," Duncan said. When he got out of the seat behind Lara almost falling over the other gathered retards. To Lara's relief, he only had a five-inch cock. Walter grabbed Lara by her waist and began thrusting into Lara completely missing each hole by inches.

Lara would flinch with each missed place thrust. All of the other retards laughed at Duncan's bad aim as he swore to himself.

Right when Lara reached between her legs to guide Duncan's penis into her pussy to avoid an accidental ass fucking, Duncan rammed his cock deep into Lara's asshole. Without the aid of lubrication, Duncan's erection stung Lara's anus with each thrust.

Lara jerked her head back to let out a scream. "No! Not there you fucking retard! Wrong hole, wrong hole!" Lara sobbed as Duncan showed her asshole no mercy. She hated herself for calling him a retard, but damn it that hurt her asshole in a way she never felt before. Her anus began to cramp up when Duncan repeatedly slammed his cock into Lara's no no spot. "Please, put it in my pussy, Duncan," Lara begged. Duncan reached down to pull his cock out of Lara's tight ass.

When he plunged it into Lara's pussy, both Lara and Duncan let out a moan of relief. Lara could feel her anus throb with pain as the retard stuck his filthy cock in her pussy. She was just grateful the retard should some mercy towards her poor little anus. Lara was so afraid to have Duncan cum in her pussy, she begged him when she said, "Please don't cum in me!" "Ok Ms.

Catallina, I'll put my peepee in your mouth," said Duncan. Without warning Duncan flipped Lara roughly around so her mouth was facing his cock. Lara clamped her lips shut to keep her mouth from being violated. Hector just pinched her nose shut so she would have to open her mouth to breathe. Lara gave into her basic need for oxygen allowing Duncan to slip his cock into her mouth.

Lara had no choice but to suck the big retard's cock to get it over with. She began to run her mouth up and down Duncan's cock to get him to cum praying each suck would make Duncan cum. He grabbed Lara by the back of her head as she sucked him off. She tried to pull her head off his knob after she realized how sour the retard's nuts smelled. Before Lara knew what happened, it felt like a firehouse went off in Lara's mouth with a massive spurt of yogurt choking her. Lara tried to take Duncan's cock out of her mouth, but the retard made her milk the last bit of cum that was left in his shaft.

Lara could not believe how low she has sunk; she prayed the bus would get into an accident or a flat tire, anything to stop the bus so she could get out. Duncan yanked his cock out of Lara's mouth with a loud schlump sound. Lara coughed and sputtered as she tried not to puke up her breakfast after swallowing such a big load. "My turn, my turn," whined Ricky. "I took her clothes off, she's my girlfriend!" When Ricky pulled down his shorts, Lara could see Ricky's cock throb with excitement.

He was rock hard and planned on giving Lara a good fuck. Lara could not stand having another cock up her ass or in her mouth. While the retards watched Ricky drop his shorts Lara laid onto her back and spread her legs.

She knew no matter how much she would fight she was still going to get.


This way she can take it in her pussy and not be seen out the buss's windows. Ricky wiggled his eyebrows at Lara when he saw her wet spread open for him. The retard did not know much, but he knew he wanted inside Lara's tight pussy. Lara sobbed as Ricky smiled at her as he approached with a big smile and an even bigger erection. Lara gasped for air when the heavy as fuck retard laid on top of her.

He bag forcefully drove his cock into Lara. He was not big enough to rip her pussy apart, just big enough to sting just a little.

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With each thrust Ricky grunted like a slow-witted ape. Lara cringed with each grunt. To Lara's horror she could feel her pussy getting ready to cum. She felt a trembling in her belly and thighs while the tard jack hammered her pussy. Lara felt her body betray her as her orgasm came to her in waves, each one stronger than the other.

Lara convulsed and moaned when she was violated by fat retard. Before she knew she was doing it Lara caught herself thrusting her pelvis into Ricky's cock.

When Ricky felt Lara do this it flipped the retard's lid. It caused him to fuck harder with more vigor. When he finally came he pulled his cock out of Lara's pussy. He left a thin line of semen that went from her belly button to her chin.

Lara was even impressed with Ricky's cum shot. Right when Lara went to wipe the semen off her belly and chin she looked up to see a completely naked Hector jump onto her body.

His body order hit her before his body did. He smelled of onions, garlic, and unwashed balls. All of this funk mixed with the aroma of Ricky's cum.

Lara's belly turned as the Mexican retard violated her with his thick brown cock. He mocked her Spanish and English as he rooted around in her pussy. It was all Lara could do to keep from puking. "Please get off me por favor, I'm gonna puke," begged Lara.

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Without warning Lara turned her head to vomit all over the back of the seat in front of her. Each retard laughed at her sobs as she coughed and spat out the reminder of the vomit.

In between laughes and thrusts Hector began to make wheezing sounds and then proceeds to fill Lara's pussy with cum. "Nooooo! You fucking retard! I asked all of you not to cum in me," screamed Lara. Unable to stand the smell of Lara's vomit Vick and Skippy dragged Lara by her left arm and her ponytail to drag her to the center aisle of the bus near the rear emergency door. Lara looked out the back window to see a semi truck driver laughing at her plight. He was giving Skippy and Vick hearty thumbs up as they positioned Lara, so they could double-team Lara.

Lara screamed when Skippy slid his cock up her ass. Vick put his cock into Lara's pussy, then the two retards began fucking Lara as hard as they could. Lara wanted to cover her face, but the retards were fucking Lara so hard she had to hold onto the bus seats on either side of her to keep from falling over. The truck driver got to see Lara's complete humiliation at the hands of the horny retards.

It was all he could do to keep his truck on the road as he video recorded the whole rape that was going on in front of him. With each thrust into Lara's anus, Lara let loose a loud fart to the amusement of the other retards watching her rape. Lara was mortified, how could her humiliation get any worse.

Then she realized if anyone found out she was gang raped by a wild pack of retards they would never want to with her again. Now Lara prayed Mack would never find out what happened to her in the back of the bus. Lara knew the tards were ready to cum when they turned Lara around to face them. They forced Lara to her knees so they could cum into her mouth. Lara could see out of the corner of her eye that the truck driver was still behind them and recording the whole rape.

Vick and Skippy came with in a few second of each other into Lara's mouth with loud spurts. With each hot load shot into Lara's mouth made she flinched and said, "Ewww!" After each cum shot went down her throat the other retards and the truck driver cheered. When they were done with Lara, she ran to a near by seat and said, "Please find me something to wear!

I can't go into Aquatic World naked, they won't let me in!" Duncan reached into his cargo shorts and pulled out a white t-shirt for Lara. When she put the shirt on it went past her knees. "Perfect, this thing is like wearing a dress!

No one will ever know I was gang banged by a bunch of retards," thought Lara. Using the remnants of the clothes Ricky tore off her, Lara cleaned up her vomit as best as she could then threw them out of the bus window. All of the retards were tuckered out from the fucking they gave Lara. Each one of them slept like babies as the bus made it's way to Aquatic World.

Lara had to get her story ready to tell Mack so he would never find out what happened. She made her way to the front of the bus to tell Mack her version of what happened. "Hey Mack, one of the guys threw up all over me! So I threw my puke covered clothes out the window and put this on," Lara said. It was all she could do to keep from sobbing uncontrollably. "I'm sorry you got puked on Lara.

For what it's worth you're still fucking hot looking in that T-shirt," laughed Mack. NEXT STOP AQUATIC WORLD!