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Gothic boy gay sex and boys cute porns first time Teen folks are just
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Kentucky Family PROLOGUE: This is a little lengthy introduction but is necessary to set the stage for my story. My name is Joshua, but everyone calls me Josh. I am the oldest of seventeen children. My mother had me when she was fifteen and it is hard to remember when my mother wasn't pregnant. My Father was sixteen at the time and they got married.

The ages of my brothers and sisters are approximately 11 to 22 months apart. After me came Mary Lou who came 11 months after I was born; next was Peggy Sue 21 months, followed by Bobby Joe 18 months, and then the twins Shirley May & Mary Shirley 16 months. The next three were each 18 months apart, Sissy, Fanny Mae, and Beth followed by Billie 20 months, then Tommy 19 and Teresa 20 months.

Mom then had two more sets of twins one after the other; Martha and Sara after 22n months and Peter and Mathew were 18 months. The last one so far was Missy 18 Months. Mom just turned 33. We live in a small valley called Lou's Holler high in the Kentucky Mountains. It isn't a town and only has a general store. The nearest town is fifty three miles from us. My grandfather was a bootlegger during probation made enough money to buy us the farm we live on.

It is approximately 40 acres. The farm is self sufficient. We have two milk cows, a bull and keep 3 to five steers on the place for feed. We have chickens, ducks, pigs and 12 sheep plus a mule and two horses. We grow our own vegetables and feed for the animals. There is no electricity or hot & cold running water.

My Grandfather made a wind mill that provided our water from a spring. He also made a large holding tank that held the water and devised a system that brought the water to the house. If you wanted a hot bath you had to heat the water on the stove and we had a cold shower off the back porch that was not enclosed.

Mom took a shower at least twice a week and beginning about age eleven I began watching her wash her hairy pee hole and when she rubbed her big tits I noticed how her very large nipples would pop out. I caught her a few times rubbing her pee hole until she got all rubber legged. Mom also made sure her children got a hot bath once a week The only time I have ever been out side the Holler was when I got drafted during the Korean War for three years in the Army. None of us kids had ever had more than a sixth grade education but evidently it was good enough to get me in the Army.

When I got to boot camp I was amazed that they had hot and cold running water coming out of a faucet and heat that came out of a vent. Korea was very cold and most of the people lived like we did at home. I was wounded in the leg and they gave me a purple heart but it wasn't serious enough to send me home. They extended my enlistment an extra year. I fucked a few of the Korean whores but didn't like it that much. They always smelled like fish.

STORY: I was thirteen when I first fucked my Mother. It was not planned by either of us it just happened. While I was growing up we witnessed my Dad fucking Mother all the time.

Day or night, any time he got the urge he would fuck her. He didn't care if it was in front of any of us kids or even when she would be nursing one of us. She could have one of the babies sucking on one tit and Dad would be sucking on the other while he fucked her. She must have liked it because she made all kinds of noises while he was in her.

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Mom had big breasts and her bra's said she was a 39DD but she seldom wore one. She was a big woman like all the men and women in the Holler. She was 5'8" and she told me she weighed 170lbs. Most of the people living in the Holler were related to us. Most of the men were at least 6'1" or bigger and the women were big and mostly rawboned with big tits.

The average family in the valley had about eight kids and there was some in-breeding in the valley but occasionally someone would go out side the valley and bring in new woman that would keep the situation in hand. I remember all the time I was growing up Mom's tits held milk. She would allow any one of us kids to suck her milk as long as the babies got theirs first. She said she loved it when one of us would lie next to her and suck on her breasts because if she didn't get the milk out it became very painful.

When I was nine years old I stayed home from school because I had a fever and I caught my Dad's brother, my Uncle Ted fucking my mother while my Dad was in the field. My sister Beth looks just like Uncle Ted and he was always partial to her as we grew up.

I found out much later that Mom would only let Uncle Ted fucked her when she was pregnant again after Beth was born. It usually happened when Dad was gone or in the field working.


Uncle Ted had a large cock, maybe seven and a half inches and Mom really seemed to like it inside her. One day when I was about four months past my 13th birthday I was working in the field with Dad and I told him I was going to the house to get some lunch and did he want me to bring him back anything. He said no only to bring back a jug of water. When I got to the house I happen to look into Moms bedroom because we had no doors on any of the rooms. Mom was lying there nursing Teresa who was only five months old and she was on her back with her house coat wide open.

She smiled at me and lifted the tit Teresa was not occupying and gave it a little squeeze causing some of her milk to come out. "Want some honey," she asked. It had been a couple years since I had last sucked on one of Mommas tits so I said it looks like it does needs a little attention. To my surprise Mom lifted her knees up and spread them, giving me a bird's eye view of her pee hole that I later learned was called a pussy.

I just stood there for a long moment and then it came to me, Mom was giving me permission to enter her. I quickly pulled off my shirt and dropped my Jeans to the floor. I got between her legs and laid on top of her. I began to suck the milk out of her breasts making sure I didn't harm the baby. My dick became hard and the head of my dick was pushed into the upper portion of her slit. Mom began to move her hips so that my dick moved up and down the out side of her upper portion of her slit.

Mom lifted her Ass a little and I slid inside her. I was amazed at how warm she was.

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I remembered how I had seen Dad and Uncle Ted fuck her so I began to move in and out of her just like I remembered. My dick at that time was only about 5" long but on the thick side. I was 5'6" at the time. I would later grow to 6'4" and weigh about 230lbs. But for now it was only 5" and it took me about five or six strokes when suddenly I felt this wonderful surge in my balls and I began to shoot some liquid out of the end of my dick into my Mom.

I felt Moms pussy lips tighten around my dick and she moved her Ass up and down milking my dick like you milk a cow's tit. I was so excited that I just kept on fucking her. This time I lasted about five minutes and I heard Mom moan and whisper "Oh Joshua you made Mommy cum." I laid on top of her for about another five minutes sucking her tit and kissing her. "Did you like that honey?" she asked. Are you kidding, yes I did like it. When can we do it again? "Well how about tomorrow during lunch time when your Dad is in the field.

I want to teach you how to make love to a woman. As we talked my dick became hard again and I fucked her again. It is almost impossible to explain the feeling I have when my dick is inside my Mother pussy. This was my first fuck, and my first orgasm. She told me to go slow and to move higher up so my dick continually rubbed her clitoris, as she explained it.

I could hardly believe what was happening the feel of the insides of her pussy sliding up and down my cock was wonderful and I knew right then that I wanted to fuck her for the rest of my life. Mom had two more climaxes and we came together on the last one. I remembered the water and told Mom I had better get back outside before Dad came looking for me. I decided I better forget about eating. Dad asked me what took me so long. I told him Mom had asked me to do a couple of things for her.

Because we had no electricity the family went to bed soon after dark and usually got up just at dawn or a little before. The following morning we had breakfast about 6am and we all had our chores done by eight. Mary Lou the oldest next to me hustled the children off to school to Aunt Mildred house.

My Aunt taught all the children in Lou's Holler the basic grades one to six. Dad told me to get a move on that there was plenty of work to do but Mom said she needed me for a couple of hours to help her. Dad left mumbling to himself. Mom watched him from the window and then turned and grabbed me by the hand and led me to her room. She told me that she wanted to teach me what a woman likes and also she wanted me to experience some pleasures too.

First she showed me how to play with her pussy and how to stimulate her by rubbing her clitoris as she called it. She showed me how to insert two fingers into her pussy and finger-fuck her while stimulating her clit with my thumb. When she asked me to kiss and lick her pussy I wasn't too fond of the Idea so she had me smell her pussy and then taste my fingers after inserting them inside her.

She tasted a little salty and smelled like peppermint so I got between her legs and began to lick and suck on her clit, inserting my tongue as deep as I could into her warm wet hole.

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I must have been doing it right because she was moaning and her hips kept going up and down pushing her pussy into my face. "Oh Josh baby, that's nice honey, just like that and then she reared her hips into the air and she grabbed my head and mash it into her pubic hair screaming Oh shit yes, ohhhhhhhhhhh damn that was a biggy, Oh damn but you have a talent for it" she cried.

I kept her going like that for about a half hour when she made me quit and fuck her. She fucked me back like I might not ever come back. We laid there exhausted for awhile, then she took my dick in her mouth and began to suck it until it got nice and hard again. She said, "since you are not full grown yet I want you to fuck me in the Ass. I occasionally like it that way but your father is way too big and he hurts me. I stupidly asked what about with Uncle Ted.

She just looked at me and then said "Him too." Now Mom's Ass was big and round and after showing me how to stretch her sphincter She had me insert my dick into her pussy and get it all wet. Then she bent over the bed and I shoved my cock into her Ass hole. She gave a grunt but pushed back at me. I began to push my dick in and out of her Ass.

She was so tight I knew I would not last long at the pace I was going so I slowed down and pumped my five inch dick as deep as I could before pulling it out to the tip and then plunging back inside her. It took only about three minutes before I exploded deep into her anal cavity.

I'm not sure but I think she had a climax too. The next day at noon while I was fucking her nice and slow I asked her how come she got pregnant so much. "Well I love the feeling of nursing my babies it makes me all wet down there and I love making love. I was a Virgin until I fell in love with your Dad. He made me feel things that I never new existed.

I became addicted to making love and it seems like I can never get enough of it. Having babies keeps me busy and out of trouble. A month later Mom told me that she had made her second mistake. Her first mistake was letting Uncle Ted fuck her when she wasn't pregnant. She told me that after she got pregnant from Ted she only let him have sex with her when she knew she was pregnant and had intended that it be that way with me. She told me that she was pregnant and this time it was by me instead of my father.

She also admitted as I suspected that Beth was Uncle Ted's. For the next year I fucked mom every noon and it was as wonderful each time as that first day and occasionally late at night, especially when Dad got drunk on our moonshine whiskey we made.

On those nights I would fuck Mom Doggy fashion right next to Dad. One such night Mom was a little high herself and she wouldn't let me leave after the first one. She made me stay in bed and fuck her three more times before we both fell asleep. I woke up about 5am when Dad got up to go to the bathroom. He didn't see me lying there so as soon as he left I jumped out of their bed and ran to my room.

I was shaking because Dad woud have killed me had he saw me. Mary Lou I notice about that same time was beginning to fill out. Like her Mom she was a big girl and her tits were starting to really show. She only wore a thin cotton dress and no bra or panties.

I remember getting into a wrestling match with her when I was about twelve. Her dress came open and her small tit's that were just beginning to grow were exposed. Her dress was hiked up above her waist and I was between her legs. I held her arms spread eagled and leaned down and kissed her nipple and took one in my mouth and sucked.

I heard her suck in her breath and then she squealed and pushed me off. "Why did you do that Josh?" she asked me with a flushed face. I don't know Mary Lou I just felt like it I told her. "Please don't do it again," she told me. Ok I didn't mean anything by it. I sat up and I could see her small bald slit.

She saw where I was looking and she closed her knees and pulled her dress down as her face and shoulders turned red. One after noon when I was fucking Mom, Mary Lou walked by the door and saw us.

Oh shit I thought, I forgot that she was no longer going to school and that Peggy Sue had taken over taking the girls to school in the morning. That night about 1am I felt someone crawl in bed with me and they were naked. All the boys sleep in one room and all the girls in another. She whispered, "I want you to do to me what you were doing with Mom." Oh Mary Lou you're too young.

"I am not, my tits are bigger than Auntie B and she's 20." Well you could get pregnant and Dad would kill us both. "Josh I don't care I love you and I would love to have your baby but if you won't do it I will tell Daddy that you are fucking Mom" Now that scared the hell out of me. OK, I said but not here, we will wake up Bobby or the twins. If you keep real quiet I'll do something that you will like and tomorrow we can go into the woods and I'll do what you ask.

I slid under the covers and got between her legs and kissed her bald little slit. I ran my tongue up and down tickling the area where her clit was as Mom showed me. I could taste a faint bit of pee. Her Clit was very tiny hardly a bump but she reacted with "Ohhh Josh that feels soooo good," and giggled.

I lifted my head up and said shuuuush; I will stop if you don't be quiet. "I'm sorry I'll be quiet, please don't stop." I went back down between her legs and began to lick her pussy again.

I shoved my tongue between the folds of her tiny pussy hole and tongue fucked her. I slid a finger into her hole and it was very tight. I couldn't get another finger inside for quite awhile. Finally I was able to slip two fingers in and I finger fucked her for about a half hour, all the time sucking on her little clit mound. I kept hitting something inside her that wouldn't let me go any deeper.

Suddenly she grabbed my head and mashed my face to her and squealed, "Oh shit Ohhhhh damn" and her Ass reared up and she shuddered all over. I put my hand over her mouth and looked around and I saw Bobby sitting up. In a sleepy voice he asked "What was that" I answered in as sleepy a voice as I could, I don't know, I think one of the girls is having a bad dream go back to sleep.

He laid back down and was asleep almost before his head hit the pillow. I whispered to Mary Lou, dam it I told you not to make any noise. "I'm sorry Josh but it just came out. What happened, I have never felt anything like it in my life, but it was wonderful." I think you had your first orgasm. "What's that?" Well when a man makes love to a women and he does it right she has those orgasms.

A woman can have several whereas a man usually has only one. "Oh Josh do it again, please do it again you made me feel so good." So I did and for the next two hours I made her cum several times. Finally my jaws were so sore I told her to go back to bed and tomorrow we will explore your pussy some more. She giggled and snuck back to her own bed. I laid there for awhile wondering what I was getting my self into.

I was dead tired but got up at 7am anyway. Mom had to shake Mary Lou several times to get her up. While having breakfast Mom made sure her tits would graze over my face as she bent over and dished up the scrambled eggs and bacon. Mary Lou kept looking at me and smiling. Dad said, "Lots of work to do today Josh so we better get with it.

Mary Lou looked at me and was frowning. As I got ready to go I whispered to Mary Lou, after dinner tonight. That brought a big grin on her face. Dad and I worked all morning mending fence. The bull had broken out the previous day and it took Dad most of that afternoon to get him back. Just before noon I told Dad I was going to the house for lunch and that Mom wanted me to fix something so it might be an hour or so before I got back.

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"Well bring me back a tongue sandwich and some water when you get back," Ok I told him. As I headed back to the house, Mary Lou came storming out. What's the matter I asked? "Mom wants me to go to the general store and get some thread. Shit I know she just wants me out of the house so she can fuck you." Now Mary Lou, don't be like that if you want me to teach you about sex you have to learn to share. "Ya I know, but she gets all the fun.


She gets Papa you and Uncle Ted." How do you know about Uncle Ted? "I've seen them fucking when Papa was in the fields working. As soon as you teach me I'm going to let Uncle Ted fuck me too," She said. Slow down Mary Lou, first Uncle Ted is way too big for you.

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He would hurt you. Second if you want to keep living here you must learn to be silent about things you see and hear and to share yourself with out resenting others. "I know, I know, but I just want to enjoy sex as much as Mom does, but without so many babies," and she giggled. Mom was waiting for me when I came in the house.

She had just put the twins in their cribs and I could see milk leaking out of her tits left over from their feeding. As she stood there naked I couldn't help but admire her body. I noticed that I was now the same height as she was and my dick became very hard.

She told me that today we are going to do a review of what she had taught me. We started with the 69 position and it was hard to concentrate on eating Moms pussy because her mouth was so warm and her strong sucking got me on the edge quickly.

I didn't want to cum yet so I pulled my dick away and turned around so I was in between her legs. I started sucking on her large clit and at the same time I inserted two fingers into her cunt and began to finger fuck her.

I soon had three then four fingers up her pussy and furiously hand fucked her. Mom was moaning louder and louder.

"Oh shit Joshua, oh yesssssss that's it boy faaaaster, faster." I lifted my face off her pussy and began to pump my hand in and out of her. I folded my thumb across my palm and my whole hand went deep into her hole. I really started pumping then, like a piston. I hammered her pussy like a crazy man. "OHHHHHHH GOD YES, OHHHHH SHIT JOSH you are making me CUMMMMMMMM like, like I have never UUMMMMM, ohhhhhhhhh, DAMN JOSH you have to stop I don't think I can stand any MOOOOOOOOR, OHHHHHH BABY, STOP, PLEASE STOP, I'm going to go mmmmaaaaaddd." She then just fainted.

I couldn't stop; I was in a state of madness myself as I kept hammering her pussy with my fist. She was out but I knew she was still cumming by the way her Ass kept jerking and the way her pelvis would jerk up into my fist every time I drove deep inside her.

Finally my arm became so tired that I fell on top of her with my fist still buried deep inside her cunt. It took Mom another ten minutes before she came out of it. She looked at me and smiled and said "Oh Josh that was the most, the most, oh how can I describe it. It was by far the most exciting sexual experience I have ever had." I felt like King Kong and I leaned over and kissed her deeply. I squeezed her breast and bent down and gave it a quick suck filling my mouth with her warm milk.

I got up and told her I better take Dad his tongue sandwich before he comes looking for me. As I put my shirt on I realized I was soaked with sweat. I better wash myself off I thought before going back to help Dad.

As I went back to the field I was thinking about how to handle Mary Lou tonight after dinner. I wondered how I could fuck her without getting her pregnant. (continued) All rights reserved to the Author.