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Amateur milf vegas we were finally given the plumbing respect we deserve when the perp
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Sharing Cindy Chapter 22 "Meeting Up With an Old Friend" Any of you who have read the first couple of chapters of my tale, are familiar with my friend David.

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He was the first guy I had my wife (then girlfriend) show her body to. He was also the first person who I watched fuck her. He was from the neighborhood we had all grown up in and once we moved away we never lost touch, but we didn't see a whole lot of each other. David had lived on our street and his grandparent lived there as well. We really liked his grandmother as she was a very sweet and generous person. His grandfather, on the other hand was a functioning alcoholic.

While he wasn't a complete drunk, he did drink a lot every day. Needless to say, his health began to fail and he died a couple of years after Cindy and I had moved away.

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David got an apartment and he decided to have his grandmother move in with him to take care of her. Out of the blue, we got a call from David. He wanted to catch up and Cindy said she would like to go say hello to his grandma as she missed her.

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We made plans to go see them the next evening and have dinner. After spending a couple of hours visiting with them, David mentioned that he wanted to go smoke a joint, so he suggested we go take a walk around the golf course nearby.

This course happened to wind through the woods and was very secluded. We walked around the golf course until we were far away from any houses or streets. We came across a small shelter that is used by the golfers if bad weather comes up while they are out on the course.

We sat down and fired up the joint.

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We were feeling very good afterwards and started talking about all sorts of stuff. Basically sharing what all had happened in our lives since we last were together. Eventually I mentioned to David about the wet t-shirt contest Cindy had been in at a motorcycle rally.

He said he was sorry he missed it as he always loved her tits. I scooted up behind her, reached around her and cupped them in my hands. I told him I always loved them too and like them even better out in the open.

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She leaned back and let me play a little and when I began to slide her top up without protest, I knew we were going to have some fun. I told David to slide over and help me out. He didn't need to be asked twice. He bent over and took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it. She moaned and said that it felt really good and then leaned back into me even more.

She turned her head towards me and asked if I was sure about this. I leaned over and kissed her and said to just go with it. She reached out and ran her hands through David's hair. He doubled his efforts on her tits and started to make her moan even louder.

Eventually David moved his hand down to stroke her on the outside of her shorts. He managed to slip a finger into her and I could tell it was really turning her on. He licked and sucked on each nipple in turn and kept up his assault on her pussy. He pulled his finger out and reached up and undid her shorts.

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She raised her hips up and allowed him to slide her shorts down her legs and off. Once she was naked, David appeared to be ready to go down on her but she stopped him by pushing him back and began to undo his pants and pulled them off of him.

He looked over at me and his eyebrows went up questioningly. I just smiled at him. She then stood up, told him to lie back on the bench and then straddled his head. She then lowered her pussy down onto his mouth. I could hear David begin to slurp up her sweet nectar. I knew that taste well and knew just how sweet it was. I was playing with her tits from behind and was just getting ready to offer her my dick to suck on, but she had something else in mind.

She leaned over and took David's cock in her hand. She stroked it a few times and then lowered her mouth onto it. I watched as they gave each other oral pleasure.


I then stood up and stepped back to watch. It was surreal to look around and see the vast green spaces of the golf course and then see two people engaged in a sixty nine in the moonlight.

I could only take so much before I pulled off my clothes and decided to join in. I scooted up behind her and watched as David licked at her dripping pussy. He saw me there and he reached his arms around her hips, grabbed both cheeks of her ass and spread them out. It was a very erotic sight. I ran my hands all over her body as she ground her pussy hard onto his face. I then stepped up behind her and began to rub my cock across her wet pussy.

David began to concentrate on her clit as I pushed into her. She let out a guttural moan as I did. We settled into a good rhythm. As I stroked in and out, I was imagining what type of view David had of my cock sawing in and out of her. I made a mental note to see what could be done so that I could experience that view in the future.

Before too long both Cindy and David were ready to cum. David came first and began to shoot into Cindy's mouth. This seemed to set off her orgasm and she began to cum herself. She began to buck and squirm and then I started to feel as the muscles in her pussy squeezed me tightly.

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I was able to hold off my own orgasm as the two of them were cumming. As Cindy released David's dick, I picked her up off of him and came up with a devious plan I decided I wanted to fuck her in a sand trap.

I pulled out of her and took her hand.


We walked over to the nearest green and then into the nearest sand trap. Had her lie down and proceeded to slip back inside of her wet pussy.

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I know that watching her sucking on David's dick had me right on the edge. I managed to get a good foothold in the sand and began to really pound into her. It wasn't long before I felt my balls begin to tighten and knew it wouldn't be long.

We both began to grunt as we got closer and with one big final thrust I buried myself deep within her. She was clinging to me as this triggered her orgasm. I leaned over and kissed her deeply, telling her I loved her. As we stood up I happened to look down and saw that we had made an impression in the sand that left little doubt as to what had happened there.

You could see her body's impression and her legs spread out. You could also see where my knees were located right between them and where my hands were on either side of her body. We laughed and David said he wanted to see what it looked like if he fucked her doggy style. We went over to another sand trap and he had her get down on all fours.


He stepped up behind her and proceeded to give Cindy another hard fuck inside that sand trap. I gave stepped up to her face and put my cock within reach. She took it in her mouth and gave me a nice tongue bath as David rammed into her.

In a few minutes David said he was ready to cum and when he did this time he was shooting deep inside of her. This impression wasn't quite as obvious as the other, but you could tell that there were three people involved. I wonder what the grounds keepers thought as they came across those sand traps. I hope made his day.