Bangbros busty babe katrina harlova looks absolutely perfect on wheels

Bangbros busty babe katrina harlova looks absolutely perfect on wheels
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When I walked into the dining room for breakfast this morning, the first thing I noticed was my little sister Mikaela in her sheer nightie.


It stays hot here in the summer, and to keep the electrical bill low our Mom doesn't really crank down the A/C enough. I noticed that Sis's nightie was ripped in the front at her waist, and I could see scratches on her stomach, but best of all it gave me a peek at her cute little bush. My little sister doesn't wear panties, and I enjoy seeing the dark patch underneath.

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It wasn't that long ago that her mound was pretty much hairless, but it looks as if puberty was beginning to kick in on her too. I commented about her nightie and she said, "Your dog jumped up on me and tore it". Duke is our rambunctious Australian Shepherd. Not feeling like arguing about Duke not being just "my" dog, I just let it go. I wasn't feeling the best when I left to walk to school this morning.

It's not a long walk, but it sucks walking a couple of miles alone. My 14 year old bookworm sister had complained to Mom that she wasn't feeling well, and Mom let her stay home because her grades are all straight A's, but since I didn't at least make Honor Roll last grading period, Mom said, "You have to go".

I think Sis was really just feigning sickness, which sucks because I did really feel sick (maybe it's because I stayed up late playing video games til 2 a.m). Oh well, that's life. Mom is single, and has to work a day job, and I really wondered if she just didn't want her horny son staying home with his sister alone. Mom is not dumb. She's seen the way I have started looking at my rapidly developing sister in the pool, and since Mom is single now and has to work to support us, I guess she felt it safest to not leave us alone together at this point of raging hormones.

Sis has a great young body that's starting to turn a few of my friends heads.

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Their verbage has changed from "your little sister" to "your hot little sister". It kind of annoys me at times to know that other guys are beginning to lust after her. She hasn't gotten a clue yet, or so it seems. At least her interests seems to be solely in books, not cocks.or so I thought. After four classes of boredom I couldn't stand any more.


I was about to fall asleep, so rather than get ragged on by a teacher for falling asleep I decided to call Dad to pick me up.

He dropped me off at the house and quickly left.

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That's Dad- he never sticks around long. Anyhow, even though I wasn't really trying to be quiet I guess I didn't make much noise when I entered the house. I was headed to my room to crash, but as I neared my sister's room I heard what sounded like moaning. There was a trail of water droplets leading from the bathroom to her room, so I assumed she had taken a shower, and being curious, I hoped I'd catch my sister playing with her pussy, so I crept up to her door.

What I saw when I peeked through the keyhole blew my mind! Beside the towel tossed on the floor was Mikaela and Duke was on top of her. At first I thought he was attacking her, but within a split second I realized that my hot little sister getting her pussy pounded ferociously by Duke! She moaned, writhed, and moved her sweet little ass back and forth against him, and then rotated it in circles, and bucked against him like a mule. As Duke continued to pound her mercilessly, my cock began stiffening.

"That's it boy! Unnngh.Good Boy!", she moaned. Her hair was wet, making her look even sexier. After several minutes, Duke stopped slamming into her, repositioned himself by prancing about on his hind legs, and then pulled her tightly against himslef with his front paws.

Suddenly Mikaela arched her back and trembled. I watched in awe as cum began dripping from between the two and onto the floor. Mikaela continued to moan and tremble, and I realized that Duke had made her cum. My cock throbbed as Mikaela moaned loudly because Duke was pressing his swollen knot inside her tight little love box.

He tried to turn around, but Mikaela reached back and grabbed one of his paws, forcing him to stay on top of her.

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She then fucked the knot buried inside her slowly until she reached another climax, obviously enjoying it's larger size filling her completely. My cock was aching, and seeing my opportunity to get in on some sex, I opened the door and walked into the room and in front of my sister.

I could see on her face that she was horrified that I now knew her secret and she started to say something, but before she could I unzipped my fly and held my erect cock out to her mouth. She looked up at me, and without a word, she opened her mouth. I put my cock between her lips and she closed her warm mouth over my cock.

She didn't really know what to do, and neither did I, but as I began pumping my cock over her tongue and she started sucking, we both figured it out.

I didn't last long because I was so turned on by what I'd just watched- It was better than any porno magazine or video I'd ever borrowed from Dad and Mom's room! When Dukes knot slipped out of Mikaela's pussy, she moaned, and the vibrations emanating from her throat sent me over the edge. My knees buckled as streams of hot cum shot into my sister's mouth.

She gagged momentarily, but to my surprise, she swallowed my cum instead of spitting it out. She continued to suck my cock hungrily as if she were starving for it, until I finally went limp. I fell backwards and we just lay there panting for a few moments.

Suddenly I heard Mom's car pulling into the drive and I scrambled out of the room as Sis kicked Duke out of her room, and then closed and locked her door. I ran and jumped under the covers on my bed. Dad had apparantly called Mom to tell her that he'd picked me up from school and had taken me home.

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When Mom walked into my room she said I looked "drained" and commented that I hot and sweating. She even apologized for not believing I was sick. "That's okay, Mom" I said with a smile.

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"I feel much better now". <Comments welcome and appreciated>

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