Gay animated porn blowjob Zach commences cute and slow pumping him

Gay animated porn blowjob Zach commences cute and slow  pumping him
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For a long time now since I was young I've had a fascination with girls panties.

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Over the years I've had chance to sneak around and get hold of ex girlfriends sisters panties but that just seemed too easy. This time was a real risk and was so exciting. To give you a bit of background, for my job I travel around a lot going to different people's places, whether it be there offices or home offices.


This particular one was home office. Its a typical family run business, mother father 2 sons and a young daughter. This is a man who has remarried so I only knew about the sons, until last week. I was there as normal.

I go every 3 months and it usually takes the morning until early afternoon to complete the work. I usually get left on my own in there while the others go to work.

Like I said it's a work place and a home. The father saw me briefly to go through what needs doing and he went out into the yard to work.

The sons were out somewhere contracting and the mother was away all day and the daughter was out. So it got to around 10am and the father came in for refreshments. We chatted for a while before his phone rang. He came off the phone and told me he needed to go out to look at some equipment and would be back around 1 ish when I was due to finish. He went and I was all alone, and then it hit me.Daughters bedroom! My heart quickly skipped a beat as the thought of finding a pair of used panties was making my mind race.

I watched as his car drove away and out of the yard and I knew then it was my moment.

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I got up and made my way up the stairs. My breathing was erratic and I could feel my cock getting hard. I got to the top of the stairs and there is 5 doors.

I had never been upstairs in the house so this was all a bit new to me. First door was the parents room, a huge room with great views out to the hills. Next was the bathroom. The next two were the boys rooms, typical boring stuff in those rooms and then the final door was the jackpot.

I eased the door open and straight away was hit by the sweet smell of perfume. I stood for a moment just looking around the room. It was all the usual girls stuff, small bed, school awards, make up and pictures.

I looked around and there it was on the wall. A picture of the daughter. So young and so cute and innocent. I got hard again just gazing at the picture.

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I was just about to look around for the one thing I was craving when I heard a vehicle. The father was driving back up the yard. I panicked!!! There was no reason for me to be upstairs as his office and other toilet was downstairs. I bolted out the room shutting the door behind me.

I ran downstairs and back to the office. I was out of breath and must have been bright red when he came back in. He sat and talked to me for a while.

It turns out he just forgot some paperwork and came back to collect it. So he said bye again and off he went down the yard. I knew now that my window of opportunity was closing fast if I was going to get my pantie fix. For all I knew the mother or sons could just arrive back without warning. With this knowledge I bolted back upstairs when I saw his car drive away again. As I walked back in the bedroom I quickly started to search for panties.


There was a small pile of clothes at the bottom of the bed. As I routed through them I realised it was just shirts and trousers. I then went over to the clothes hamper in the corner, surely there would be some in here.Nothing!

Just a shirt. This can't be happening I thought to myself. Just as I thought that my luck was out and it wasn't going to be my day, I spun quickly round to see a small pair of jeans on the floor.Could this be it! I picked the jeans up to find a small pair of panties in them. She must have slid them off with the underwear still in them if that makes sense.

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They were a set of pink ones. Almost like boys boxers. I instantly went to the part where her pussy sits in them. It had a little bit of dried discharge in them but not a lot. After all she is only young. My heart was beating like crazy and my legs were shaking. I placed the panties to my nose and instantly was swept away by the amazing musty pussy smell and a little bit of pee smell.

Trying to keep my self together I instantly shot through to the bathroom and stood at the sink. I unzipped my fly and top button and let my trousers hit the floor. My erection was trying hard to burst out of my boxers.

I pulled my dick out of my boxers, put the panties back up to my nose and started to stroke my cock.

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I was in heaven as I was inhaling this girls pussy smell. I moved my nose around to different parts of the panties. I smelt the pee smell part and then the ass part and then back to the musty discharge bit.

As I took my last inhale I felt by balls tingle and my sack tighten. I then completely shot my load all over the sink and almost collapsed as my legs were shaking and getting weak.

Load after load spurted out of my cock as i inhaled her sweet smell. I dropped her panties and cleaned my cock and the sink whilst getting my breath back and returning back to normal. What an experience that was. What a smell. What an orgasm. I picked up her panties and pulled my trousers back up and went back to her bedroom.

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As I was putting her panties back into the jeans, ensuring everything was left the way it was I stood and stared at the picture of her on the wall. I took a couple more inhales while looking into her eyes, just imagining her sat all day wearing these panties. Each time she went to the bathroom and wiped her pussy after peeing. Just sitting around, legs crossed with those panties pressed close against her young pussy.


I almost shot my load again. Everything was back in its place so I headed back downstairs. I made a cup of coffee, rolled a smoke and headed outside.

As I was drinking my coffee and inhaling the cigarette I had time to reflect on what had just happened. The risk, the challenge, the small window of opportunity.

What a buzz that was. And my final thought is this. Like I said earlier, I go to this place every 3 months so I'll be due to go again in January. As I sit here now I'm getting hard thinking about getting another sniff of her panties. I'm imagining her having masturbated in them before I find them, that would be heaven. We'll just have to wait and see.

Roll on January. To Be continued.