Poor fellow lets kinky pal to nail his companion for cash

Poor fellow lets kinky pal to nail his companion for cash
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The story begins on freshman orientation day a few years ago. I had come from a private middle school where bullies verbally excruciated me. I was glad that I could relax, forget about that messed up past, and make some new friends at this wonderful private high school that I had heard so many wonderful things about. It was the school my brother attended. I arrived at school that day, on time, ready to go. The faculty introduced us to themselves.

We were also asked to introduce ourselves.

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At that moment, I saw her. Her wonderful black hair complimented the curves of her body. It was an almost black brown color, and wavy-straight. She was a rather pale girl, with a clean, smooth, and innocent looking face.

Her lips were a medium red, but they looked very kissable. She had brilliantly white teeth, as I recall. She was about 5'5" in height. The girl had, at the time, very nice C cups, and I instantly thought that people would tease her and call her a slut for this. She had a nice butt from what I could tell, and I enjoyed watching her hips sway in her grey skirt as she walked by.

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I will call her Linda in this story. When we were all asked to introduced ourselves, we did it with us introducing our names, an interesting fact about ourselves, and an adjective that that began with the first letter of our first names.

It was her turn. I forgot what she used to describe herself, because at the time, I wasn't infatuated with her. I had simply grown fond of her quickly (based on her looks only). When she spoke though, her voice was so soft and sweet. I knew that I would like her from that day. She was so sweet. When we were done with that, our class ate pizza and then proceeded to play a game outside. Her and I were not in the same group for the game. But I wouldn't let that discourage me. I had and still continue to have a regrettable problem - I am shy.

That prevented me from really talking to her until about November that year. November came round, and I just so happened to have the guts to sit at the table she and some of her friends were at. They happened to be doing a cracker stacker contest, where someone tries to stack as many salty crackers in their mouth as possible without swallowing or chewing.

I decided to take on the challenge, and perhaps get her attention in the process.

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I think I did, and I introduced myself to her during that lunch. I could say that were new acquaintances, because friends are people that you want to talk to every day and who want to talk back with you. I wanted to elevate us to friendship, but I knew that would difficult with her established semi-clique of another guy in my class and a girl once class above us and herself.

It sort of continued like that through freshman year.


I knew I liked her all that time. I managed to get a little closer to her through my best friend (who is also a girl, but we mutually established that we would never date.) Sophomore year Sophomore year is where the action happened and also started to decline.

During an annual school fall cookout gathering, most of the kids in my school gathered at a place with a pond next to some wooden tables and a few small facilities, a sort of suburban gathering place. Me, my two female friends, and her were all there.

After we got our food, I asked her and my two friends if they wanted to go on the bouncy house. This, I thought, would be such a great opportunity to spiritually bond closer with the love of my life.

My desire was for her, and it ruled over me. I often fantasized about a loving embrace and fathership with her as my future wife. My love for her was very deep, and she hadn't done anything in particular to receive that love. So, we all got in the bouncy castle (with all our shoes off, of course.) Linda was her happy, laughter filled, cheery self.

She was smiling and had a lot of fun. My friends and I continually tried to jump over the air poles in the bouncy castle and crashing down into the blown up floor. We had a LOT of fun!!! Friends can make even the most immature of activities fun and cool! After that, we walked around the pond, and went through the tunnels under a road nearby (which weren't too dirty, I must say.) When she got to the other side, and couldn't climb to the road level, I lifted her up with my strong arms (that I had been working on for a few months.

I could row 150lbs 50 times in sets of ten, and was steadily growing. This may sound weak or strong to you, but for me, it was progress.) She loved that and commented to my best friend later within my earshot, "He's strong!." :) I loved hearing that from the love of my life. As the year progressed, we got closer.

I would sometimes join her and her semi-clique, which now included another girl. I loved the conversations they had. They would always make me laugh. Now, she was friends with another girl, who was blond. I was also friends with this blond girl.

I was close to her, let's called her Mickster. Now, Mickster and I had been texting.

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I'm glad that I could talk to her about mostly anything. One day, Linda, Mickster, and their mutual guy friend, Aussie, I will call him, were all talking during a logical studies class.

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I joined in. Linda had a necklace between her boobs and was talking about how warm her boobs, or her "babies" as she called them, were.

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Mickster wanted to see for herself so Linda took out the necklace from her chest and let Mickster feel how warm it was. Mickster said, "WOW, you're right!

:)" Then Aussie was talking about how he had sexted and how one of his friends had stumbled across one of the photos of him on his phone. He nicknamed him "big cock miggie" for some reason. But Mickster and Linda laughed, and so did I. The conversation then proceeded to penis size.

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I remember the last statement from that conversation from Linda was, "Yeah, black guys have BIG suckers." We all laughed at that. I later texted Mickster about the conversation and enjoyed talking with her over text. I thought to myself that night, "this is gonna be a great year." Little did I know. Linda and I became closer over the year.


I became depressed at points, and visually showed it sometimes. One day, it was so bad, and I sat alone, not wanting to disturb Linda and her friend's conversation. She came up to me alone in the halls later that day at 3:30 and asked, "Marcus, what's going on?" I told her some about how I felt lonely inside and such.

Yeah she comforted me, and I will never forget that. I will love her as long as I can for that. A month later, I foolishly decided to let Mickster know some of my sex dreams and what happened in them. I told her about one with Linda. Mickster thought Linda knew the next day, and told her about it.

Linda was surprised, and I later found out that she was waiting for me to make a move. I, shy as I am, believed that she was offended by the story. I only found out way later that she wasn't.

I really wish I had made a move that day. The dream went something like this - I dream of Linda being beat up by some asshole guy my age on the street at night.

I saw the two, and proceed to challenge the asshole for her. He said, "bring it!" I beat his ass as I let instinct and rage take over. "My girl will never be abused by you again, asshole." I thought to myself.

I won, and the guy fled. I picked her up, and carried her in my arms. She was beat up and bruised badly. She said, in her weakness, "thanks, Marcus." I took her to my home, and set her on my bed, as I proceeded to sleep on the floor after I had tucked her in.

A while later, she woke me, and said, "Marcus, I'm kinda cold here. Would you sleep next to me?" I, trying to be the gentlemen and kind, accepted, secretly jumping with joy inside that I got to spoon sleep next to the love of my life. I got a boner shortly after, and it was poking at her bubble butt cheeks. She said, "Oh, someone's excited!" She started to grind on my cock.

I just got harder, and it felt so good. Then Linda, under the covers, started taking my clothes off. I proceeded to start rubbing her nice D cup boobs (at the time.) We both got fully naked eventually. She got wet, and nodded her head to let me in. And we had passionate sex, romantic, awesome sex. I was on top, and she was moaning my name in pleasure. She eventually came, and I came shortly after into her, making us one (in a spiritual sense.) Linda then said after catching her breath, "I love you." I replied, "I love you, too, Linda." We fell asleep in each other's warm embrace.

Later that week, we were talking again as if nothing had happened. I would sit in the room she would normally sit in a lot during lunch, and I loved talking to her. She was so sweet. I wish I had told her that I liked her and that I wanted to date her, no matter how much she didn't deserve me (she said this to some other guy at our school, which really confused a lot of us guys, as we had expected her to say vice versa, I mean, she was THE girl at our school, no doubt.) I regret not speaking up and telling her that.

Here's why A few months later, before the some sophmore-junior-senior dance, some of the senior dumbass guys decided to play a prank on one of the girls that used to attend the school. They decided to send a girl named Abbs porno pictures they had found on the internet during school! What I think happened then is that Abbs told her parents, her parents called the school, and the school searched their phones (as they could, its a private school.) One of the dumbass guys, whom Linda stole away as her own boyfriend from one of her former clique friends (bad move) had tons of photos of her and him naked with both their faces in them, and even one with them having sex together.

The schoo found out, and she and the guy got kicked out, to my distress. I didn't know why they got kicked out at the time, though. I only found out through a friend later. I called her two weeks later to just talk with her and tell her that I loved her greatly as a friend and also that I liked her. I don't fully know how she reacted to it. Hmm. I tried calling again a few weeks later, no answer.

She got a new phone, and I didn't know her number. So I tried calling her home phone. no answer. I called every 3 weeks or so, and still no answers. A few weeks ago, (I am a junior now) I even left a message saying that I was an old friend of her's and wanted to talked to her with my number.

Still no response. Not even a "don't call us back." That's where I am at today. Trying to contact her in any way. There's gotta be someone who is able to. Tell me whether you like or don't like this writing. True Humanity out.