Bigbooty european babe gets footworshiped

Bigbooty european babe gets footworshiped
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Earning My Place- part 4 I have just finished cleaning Kend up from one the most dominating session we have had when I hear Sir call for me. I leave Kend covered up and going back to sleep as I walk towards Sirs room. I desperately need to go to the bathroom however I don't stop. I'm sure this would be allowed, but I don't want to keep Sir waiting. When I reach his door, I drop to my knees and wait for him to acknowledge me and invite me in. Is this required?

Not in the least; however, I believe that a submissive should not enter a room without permission to enter, even if called. Sir looks at me and I can see the confusion, then understanding go through his eyes.

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You may enter he says. Sir, before I do, may I step back and go to the bathroom? Yes, you may. I quickly stand up and walk back to the bathroom, use it and clean myself up at the same time - including brushing my teeth and using mouthwash.

I remember from a long time ago, and probably one of the 1st times he ever shared me, of me coming back into his room after sucking one of his best friends cock and allowing his fingers in me. We finished and I walked back into Sirs room and had dropped back to my knees and he said to me "go brush your teeth, rinse with mouthwash, and wash your pussy - never come to me with another man on you." Although he has shared me infrequently during our time, I follow this rule meticulously.

Re-entering Sirs room, I kneel beside his bed waiting for the next set of instructions.

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"Come lay beside me." This is one of my favorite things to do. I love being held in his arms or my head on his stomach looking up at him. How's it going with Kend? He ask me.

"He's different then you. I have known you a lot longer, your criteria are different, and I'm in love with you. I haven't known him or spent as much time with him. Sexually no issues, luckily his size is compatible to yours, so I am able to take him in all 3 holes without a problem". He laughs and ask if that was a problem. "Well Sir, you are a nice in both length and width. Very few men I have been with have had the same. There are a few but not many." What else then.

"Mentally we are still working through parts, almost everything. Likes/dislikes, wants/needs, rules/requirements." "Turn around and suck my balls". I lift up and scoot under his leg. My mouth going to his balls, I slide one in and start sucking on it.

My tongue running over top to bottom moving to the other. In and out sucking gently but with enough force to make him gasp. He reaches down and grabs my hair pulling me back up to him. He pulls me to his shoulder and rest my head there. I lift my leg and scoot do my clit is laying directly on him while lifting my boob so that he has easy access to my nipple if he wants. "Can you be shared with 2 men, plus service anyone we bring home?" "Yes Sir I can. As long as I know that I belong to you, I can do anyone you set my mind too." Laughing, he ask "What about other women?

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Jealousy or any other issues?" I paused before answering this one "Sir, I told you in the past that I choose you to be in my life, that you are the most important man in my life. Like you said, I'm not the woman I used to be - and that includes jealousy. No one can take you away from me, if they can, I wasn't yours to begin with. I don't own you, although you might own me (laughingly said).

I am not jealous of any other female. The only thing I might get jealous of is the attention they are getting from you that I would want.

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Even that is a blimp in time. If we are meant to be together, then it will happen regardless of where our paths take us." I say all of this with trepidation as there are a lot of feelings here that I want Sir to know and as he listened, his eyes were closed and his breathing was shallow.

I don't know if he is absorbing the information or if he fell asleep. I can't worry - the words were out of my mouth.

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Laying there quietly wondering, my hand is on his cock lightly rubbing and massaging as I am drifting off to sleep. Suddenly, I feel Sir lift my hand and smack it.

Touching is fine, no rubbing without permission. Stand up and go stand in the corner. Upset I jump up and go to the corner. I hear Sir moving around the room, but I don't dare look.

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Next I feel something placed around my neck - it's my collar. "You will get to wear this now, and today while we are home.I still haven't decided about rest of the time or permanently yet though." Sir puts a blindfold on me and then tells me to put your hands behind my back and I feel him wrapping rope around my hands, through my collar ring and around my boobs.

He then guides me to another area of his room and spreads my legs apart. I feel him slipping a cuff around each ankle and then he snaps them and I can't move my legs. The rope around my wrist is then pulled taunt causing me to lean forward to take the pressure off. Essentially I am now attached in a manner that my ass is pushed out and I can only assume that I will be receiving some form of punishment. I feel Sirs hands on my ass rubbing lately. "I see Kend has already taken advantage of your ass this morning." Yes Sir I replied.

"Well then he has only warned you up for me, but I have some more warm up to do. Have you received all of your punishment for the last year?" No Sir "I think it is time to add to the count, don't you?" Yes Sir What Sir doesn't know or understands is that this is what I have been craving from him.

I don't care about other women, I can sex anywhere, but I have been missing the dominance. That is his gift with me. No one else has taken me to that high - no one else knows my soul like he does. I know the punishment is going to hurt, I know that I deserve it, I know I want it! Sir starts with his hand - the sting is immediate.

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These aren't playful smacks, these are definitely punishment and I will be feeling these for a while. Next is the paddle. I hear the swish right before I feel the wood smacking my ass cheek.

Over and over alternating side to side. The pain is getting unbearable when Sir stops. He knows my limits, I don't have to use a safe word with him.

However, I know he isn't finished. He leans over me and whisper "how are you doing?" Fine sir I answer."I know you are in pain, I can see it. Do we need to stop?" No Sir, if I may have a moment to catch my breath .Sir pulls my head back and lays a gentle kiss on my lips and continues in his low tone "you have come so far this year that I am proud of you.

I've always known you would make me a good slave, I just wish that you had lost the values." Yes Sir I am crying. I never want to hurt you again. I want to serve you properly, I want to be yours forever.

I want you to be proud of me.these are my wants I know just as I know I can't force my wants on you. I have to earn my position, I have to earn your trust." I feel another kiss on my lips and my pussy get wet. Sir runs his fingers down my pussy and slides them in. "Is my slut horny". Yes sir. Sirs hands wrap around my waist and I feel his cock head at my pussy.

So tight and he is large.I feel him slide slightly in and then a hard thrust as he yanks back on my hips. In and out in and out he is pounding my pussy. I've never felt him so deep and so hard and my muscles are clinching around him waiting to explode. "Sir may I cum?" Yes he growls.

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And I let myself go.the orgasm hits hard over and over as he is still fucking me. He reaches up and pulls my head up as he thrust hard 1 more time and he explodes in my pussy filling me full. Tears are streaming down my face as I feel Sir pull out. He ask if I'm ok and I say yes sir. This isn't the end for the day, but we are going to take a little break and recover. Kend has to be gone through tomorrow, so I will be taking care of you. Excitement builds through me as he goes on to say that I will still be receiving more punishment, more dominance, and more sex.

****To be continued.