Tia Sweet Gets A Load Shot In Her Mouth

Tia Sweet Gets A Load Shot In Her Mouth
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The next morning, Mary awoke to find the sun slipping into her room through the blinds of her French doors. As to be expected, her husband, Dan, was not in bed with her and she felt a pang of jealousy as she realized that he was not there because of their daughter.

Their daughter and her tight pussy captivating his full attention. She sighed with contempt at the thought as her thoughts returned to the night before, thinking about her daughter getting fucked by her husband, her fingers pushing inside of her gushing pussy as she looked in on the depraved situation.

The thought of last night's events made her stomach stir, the old tingling sensation boiling in the pit of her stomach and warming her depths.

As her walls awoke, Mary felt conflicted: she desperately wanted to kill and run away from her family, but she wanted to be included in the sick, demented love affair that had been going on behind her back.

Her mind's eye recalled the shockingly hot image of her daughter being plowed on the kitchen table and Mary let a small moan float from her lips. Knowing that the other occupants of the house were either sleeping or out of the house, she pulled her nightgown up to her waist and let her hand go to the top of her exposed slit, rubbing her clit in large circles.

The circles became smaller and smaller with each circle, her breasts heaving with desperation, her body ready to release another flood of orgasmic juice from her pussy. Her right hand continued to rub her sensitive clit, her hood pulled back under the shaft of her finger, as her left hand went between her legs and slid along her pussy lips. Within a few strokes her finger and slipped between her already soaking pussy, some of her lubrication still lingering from her climaxes the night before.

Only a few strokes up and down her slit and Mary found her finger resting at her entrance, ready to stretch her pussy to another sexual peak. She pushed her digits into the hole and let herself smile at the satisfaction of being filled washed over her being. Her finger stroked into her sleeve on its own before one of its brethren joined in the strokes, both fingers curled enough to massage Mary's sponge-like g-spot, her body lurching at the powerful pleasure that it caused her.

A third finger entered her, stretching her to her limit as she continued to stimulate her proud clit, her orgasm so close that she could already feel her juices sliding over her asshole. Out of nowhere, Mary conjured the image of herself licking her daughter's tight asshole as her pussy was ravaged by her husband and Mary felt her walls grip her fingers forcefully, trapping them within her body as she shook with overpowering pleasure. It had taken her such a short time to come that not even a hint of perspiration present on her skin.

Mary found her composure within a few minutes and threw the covers from her body, getting up to get ready for the day.

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In the kitchen, she found a note left by her child explaining that her and her father had gone out for the day, each doing some sort of menial errand. Mary scoffed and instantly concluded that the two had gone off to get some sort of hotel room for the day so they could fondle and fuck each other without the worry of being caught. She was shocked when her daughter walked into the house, carrying groceries and looking perfect, not a hair out of place or shadow of a sweat on any of Anna's skin.

"Morning, mom. Have you had any breakfast, yet? Dad still at Home Depot or whatever? About damn time he got to fixing that closet," Anna said, putting the groceries on the granite counter and beginning to put the things away. "I suppose," Mary replied in shock, honestly expecting her daughter to have come home with nothing but sweaty skin and a cum-filled cunt.

"It's been broken forever." "I saw that we didn't have any cool whip, so I bought you some. And I got you a couple boxes of cake mix—I know how y'all love my cakes. Tim and Rob, especially," continued her daughter, the fridge's bright lights fading into the sunlight. The sun kissed Anna's bare legs and Mary couldn't stop herself from staring at her daughter's flesh. She imagined the young woman's legs wrapped around her husband's waist and felt a mix of jealousy and lust run through her spine.

Mary stared into space as her daughter continued to store away the groceries, her mind thinking of nothing but the carnal sex she had witnessed between her daughter and Dan. "Mom?

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Mom?! Ma!" Anna yelled, snapping her fingers in front of Mary's face. Mary startled to attention and looked into her daughter's blue eyes. "You alright?" her daughter asked with furrowed brows, true worry painted over her face. Mary blinked, her face still blank with expression.

She saw her daughter standing in front of her, bending forward to reveal the sloping curve of her breasts. "I saw you last night," Mary blurted out, shocked that she had even let the words fall from her lips.

Anna pulled back in surprise, her face painted with worry for herself instead of her mother. "Of course you saw me last night; I just got in then," Anna reasoned, hoping that her guilt wasn't creeping over her face and shining through her eyes.

Her mother paused, wondering if she could bring herself to finish the confrontation; if she started it, though, she could certainly finish it. She finally spoke, "With your father. I saw you with your father." Anna stood in silence, facing her mother as she fished for the right words to say; desperately searching for the words that would make everything okay and the awkwardness to disappear. Mary stood against the wall, her arms folded as she stared at her daughter, feeling the silence echo in her bones, her stomach stirring with her lust from just a few minutes ago, her eyes flitting to the table that she had seen her daughter get defiled on the night before.

Her daughter looked down, her feet fidgeting out of habit. "I'm sorry, mom," Anna whispered impishly. "Sit down," her mother ordered, walking over to the table and pulling out a chair.

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Anna followed her and sat down on the pulled out chair, pulling her blond locks to the side of her neck and crossing her tanned legs. "Do you want to explain how it happened?

How long has this been going on?" Mary sighed with a frown on her face. "For a while.

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Since last year. When I was still working at the grocery store.

He took my virginity, but I'm the one who started it. I swear! I'm the one who went up to him one day after he watched me masturbating for him, and I climbed on top of him and &hellip.

And we didn't do anything until last night. He and I were just sitting around, flipping through the TV, when a hot scene came on. Dad started looking over at me and started reminding me of how good it felt for him to be inside me and when I went to the kitchen to get some ice to cool down, he followed me in and started to kiss me and fondle me and turning me on and we just ended up on the table," Anna blurted out, barely taking time to replenish her lungs and feeling indeed after her explanation.

Mary nodded with pursed lips, her mind reeling with images of her daughter masturbating for her father, her daughter riding Dan's cock, and of how her husband had worked Anna into a horny frenzy before pounding her until she came all over his cock.

Each picture aroused her, liquid beginning to ooze out of her heated pussy. "What else?" she asked of her daughter, her voice shaking with intense arousal. Anna looked up at her mother with a quirked eyebrow, realizing the strain behind her voice was filling the air with the familiar scent of wet pussy. "Are you getting wet from this mom?" asked the young woman with a smile, a sparkle of mischief beginning to form in her blue eyes. Mary was taken aback at her daughter's forwardness and could only stutter as Anna pushed her mother onto the table.

"Do you like thinking about daddy working my little pussy over mommy?" Anna smirked with evil intent, her fingers riding up her mother's thigh to find the apex of Mary's legs. The flimsy material of Mary's jeans were cool from her soaked panties and Anna smirked knowing that her mother had gotten so physically aroused in such a short time. "You're a naughty girl, mommy," Anna whispered before letting her lips danced against her mother's mouth, plunged her tongue into Mary's mouth as her fingers undid the clasps to the jeans.

Mary melted into her daughter's form and moaned at the gentle feel of her daughter's lips against hers, her body quite aware of Anna's fingers dancing so close to her moistened petals, cloth being the only barrier. Anna's tongue massaged Mary's as her young, expertise fingers pulled open the denim and were thrust onto Mary's wet mound.

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Her mother shivered at the touch and moaned into her mouth as Anna began to circle the top of her mother's damp lips. "Do you like that mommy? Huh? You like it when your little girl plays with your pussy?" Anna asked Mary while her fingers stroked up and down the outline of the older woman's slit, pressing down on Mary's hard clit. With each flick of her clit, Mary moaned and shivered, her eyes shut as she focused on the pleasure that she was experiencing.

She felt her daughter's fingers pull her sheer panties away from her crotch and her manicured fingers immediately plowing into her warm sheath. "Oh my!" Anna gasped with mock surprise. "Your pussy is so wet mommy!" Her stiff fingers pushed in and out of Mary's hot pussy as Anna leaned forward to kiss up her mother's neck. Her luscious lips trailed butterfly kisses up her mother's jugular until she reached her mother's lobe.

When she reached Mary's ear, Anna whispered huskily to her, "Your pussy is almost as wet as mine was when daddy fucked me." Mary bucked her hips forward, her inner walls gripping her daughter's fingers ferociously as her orgasm ripped through her being, Anna's seductively depraved words sending her over a sudden edge. "Mmm, moan for me mommy," Anna whispered into her mother's ear, her fingers still attempting to plow into Mary's snatch. "That's it, let it all out for me." When her mother had been reduced to a shivering pool of cum, Anna ordered her to lay on her back.

Mary obeyed and stared at her daughter through tired eyes.

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She saw her daughter pull a cum-coated hand from out of her jeans and offer the hand to her. "Lick your cum off," Anna told her mother. Mary stuck out her tongue and moaned at the taste of herself, cleaning each of Anna's fingers with a smile on her face.