Brit spex amateur cocksucking cop outdoors reality

Brit spex amateur cocksucking cop outdoors reality
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This is my 1st attempt at writing this style of fiction.


I hope you enjoy it. __ You wake up surrounded by soft sheets after your long flight. Having been asleep since the second your head hit the pillow last night, I let you sleep for as long as you need. You open your eyes, but can't see anything, you try to move your hands to your eyes, but you can't.

Finding that your hands are loosely bound behind together with rough hemp rope, you struggle a little, only to realise that you have ropes around your thighs too, and that you can't move on your own. You call my name. I don't speak nor do I make any noise. Simply, I put a cigarette in between your lips. Spitting it out, I gently slap your face and return it to your beautiful mouth. You suck on the tip gently, inhaling the acrid smoke.


You realise that this isn't just a cigarette. Inhaling the smoke readily now, you take three or four hits in quick succession, relishing the flavour and unmistakeable taste of Jamaican pot.

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I take the joint out of your mouth and you hear me toke on it too, inhaling and exhaling the smoke into your open mouth. Kissing you deeply, I whisper, 'you might enjoy this.' Whimpering, you reply, 'I hope so.' I take the sheets off you as the dope hits your system and I see your eyes glaze slightly. A slight smile appears on your face. 'Shit, that's good gear,' you say, giggling a little.

THWACK! I slap your right breast with the palm of my hand, leaving a slight red imprint. Your nipple hardens to my rough touch. 'Hhmm,' you whisper. I put the joint back into your mouth. You begin to toke on it feverishly, holding the smoke in your lungs until you have to let it out, coughing and choking violently. As you cough, I notice that the joint has fallen onto your neck. I leave it for a second before picking it up and putting it back between your quivering lips.

The joint has left a little mark on your skin; you feel the heat and try to ignore it as best you can. I run my fingertips across your tits, brushing your nipples as I cross your alabaster white skin, working my way down to your wispy thin pubic hair.

At my request, you've grown it in a little. I comment that it looks perfect to my eye and you smile as you take yet another deep toke on the joint. After I take the joint from between your lips, you tell me, 'it itched like fuck for ages. I hope you like it.' I tell you I am very pleased, and slap your other nipple as a reward, leaving another red palm print for the world to see. You are mine; you are my plaything, to do with as I please.

What I want and where I want. Running my dry finger across your clit, and down your sopping cunt, I linger by your asshole, before poking it up there to the knuckle. I hold it there for a minute before slowly pulling it out.

I press it between your lips. You refuse to taste yourself, so I slap your cheek and whilst your mouth is open, I push my finger into your mouth forcing you to suck it, and taste yourself. 'Slowly,' I say as you suck on my finger, 'there's plenty of time.' With my other hand, I pat your clit, gently at first, but as you want me to use you like my slut whore, I hit you harder and harder. I can see the pleasure on your face, so I slap harder. My cock is rock hard now and even though you can't see it, you can feel its presence, as I move it to your cheek, tapping your face.

You instinctively open your mouth to receive it. I brush the tip of my cock against your lips, but don't let you taste it. I don't want you to do that yet. I'm teasing you by running my cock head against your cheek and your chin.

You flick your tongue at me lots. I laugh. Your pussy feels wet. That's good. I rub my finger in your pussy juice and rub your brown ass hole, lubing you up slightly. When I enter you there, I don't want it too comfortable for you. I take hold of your legs and pull them upward toward your head. It's uncomfortable for you I think, with a smile on my face.

I place the restraining rope that's tied to your wrists and thighs around your head and neck, so that your legs will stay in position with out either of us having to hold them. Then I move around to your side of the bed, haul your ass a little to the side so it's on the edge of the bed, slightly hanging out. Getting on my knees, I part your pussy lips with fingers and admire your erect, throbbing clit.

I can see your juice glistening in the morning light in contrast to your pink flesh. I lean in and flick my tongue against your clit, sending little shockwaves of pleasure rippling through out your body. Rubbing your clit a little harder now, I bend down to lick your juicy cunt.

It tastes like nothing I've ever eaten before. Sweet as honey with a hint of salt. Yummy! Knowing that your cunt is tight, I push in my finger as deep as I can get it. When I remove it, it's covered in a thin film. I lick it gleefully.

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Repeating the fingering, I tell you to open your mouth so that you can suck my finger too. 'Hhmm,' you say after licking my finger clean.

Whilst you were licking my finger, I've moved in between your legs and positioned myself at the entrance to your hot, wet love hole. Leaning forward, I kiss you on the lips, pushing my tongue deeply into your mouth. At the same time the head of my cock pierces you, rubbing up against your clit as it slips inside. I nibble on your neck, leaving a red mark. You gasp as the head inches past your clit and begins to fill you up. Because you are so wet, my cock slides into you with ease, and I find my balls banging against your asshole.

I hold still for a second or two, relishing the sensations I'm getting through my dick. You start to rock your hips, gently at first. You can feel my cock scraping against your womb, and you giggle. I begin to rock my hips now, but in opposition to you, making us uncoordinated, but you enjoy fucking like that, as you prefer to stray from the norm.

My movements speed up and so do yours; our bodies begin to find a rhythm of their own as we start to sweat slightly. Our bodies mingle together as one as we fuck. Our movements increase as the pleasure builds, causing us to gasp and moan at regular intervals. 'Cumming…' you tell me. I bite your nipple hard, making you gasp and moan once more as you spend. I can feel your cum mixing with mine as I shoot my load deep into you. I secretly pray that I get you pregnant.

I try to withdraw from you, but you tell me to stay put. My cock is still hard within you you turn me on so much. We lie still like this for a moment or two longer, then when my soft cock flops out of you, I stand. You try to move, I slap your thigh, hard and tell you to stay put. Crossing the room I take an object out of a cupboard, I see you have cocked your head to one side, listening to me, trying to work out what I am doing.

When I return to where you are lying, I turn you onto your stomach. Move your arms into a more comfortable position for you, letting your legs lie flat on the bed. I run my hand down your back, tickling your spine from neck to buttocks. You giggle as I repeat this.

THWACK! I splay our cat 'n' nine tails over your back! You jump a little off the bed, wincing in pain. 'Thank you,' you whisper to me as I whack you again. I whack you several times, with differing amounts of strength. From your heels to your neck, nothing is left untouched.

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I turn you over and raise your arms above your head telling you to keep them there! Then I smack your breasts with my hand, leaving a palm print on both. You wince again, thanking me. I kiss your mouth and earlobe, your neck and your breasts. My mouth envelops a nipple, and I bite it, gently, stretching the nipple with my teeth. You give me an 'Ahhh' and I am pleased that you enjoy my ministrations concerning your body.

Letting your nipple go, I lick downward; my tongue lingers around your belly button piercing it several times, as you moan your gratitude. Moving my tongue downward once more, I lick your wispy pubic hair, the hair that you grew for me specially. I am the only one allowed to trim you there, I forbad you to do it yourself, even though you begged me to allow you to shave it.

I remember having to chastise you for your repeated begging, and even then, you continued to plead. My head moves slowly downward, teasing you as I approach your clit. Purposefully, I ignore it and lick your slit from top to bottom over and over again, you moan as my tongue delves deeply inside your inner self. 'Lick my clit please,' you beg as I suck your warm, sweet juice from your pussy to my mouth.

I swallow and lick my lips. I ignore your requests for me to pay attention to your clit and continue south. My tongue circles your brown anus. I lick, kiss and eventually push it into you. Pulling your bum cheeks apart with my hands, I spread you apart as far as you are able allowing me to do as I please. You beg again for me lick your clit. I stop licking you and stand up. I lightly slap your clit, causing you to wince once more before I move away from the bed again.

You hear me rustle in a drawer before I return to you. Pulling your head up by the hair something you enjoy, I place the ball gag in your mouth and then tie the strap behind your head. Pulling your legs back toward your head, I link your arms to your legs so that you are wide open for me to do as I will.

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My hands run over your lithe body as I move myself down to your pussy once more. I hold your hips as my head buries itself between your legs and I resume my licking of your sweet ass hole. Your butt is open now and I savour the smell of your skin, the sweet taste of you and the way your ass winks at me as I tongue it. My cock is stiffening again and I start playing with myself, to harden it, ready to enter your body again.

I lick upward now, lingering when I reach your slit. You are so wet, your juice drips out of your pussy and sizzles as it touches your glistening skin.

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Eventually, I start to nibble on your clit and you explode all over my face as your orgasm washes through you. Little jets of hot, sweet nectar wash over my face, soaking it and the bed below us. This is not the first time you have squirted on me; the very first time we fucked, you squirted after months of anticipation of the event, your urges, your body and your emotions proved too much for you to cope with and you fainted.

'Ass or pussy,' I ask knowing that you can't answer as I bite and chew on you between lascivious licks of your clit. I can hear you moan more and more as I tend to your pussy and clit. You know I enjoy my work and enjoy nothing more than pleasing you, teasing you and worshipping your heavenly body.

You wriggle and worm about the bed as you orgasm again and another starts to build. Your thighs and legs start to shake as you uncontrollably cum, splashing me with it yet again. Your juices flow down my face like a waterfall, I lick up as much as I can get into my greed mouth, eating you whole.

Lifting myself up, I kiss you, allowing you to taste your sweet juices. I repeat, 'pussy or ass' knowing that you still can't answer. I whisper again in your ear, 'pussy or ass' you nod your head because it's all you can do. I reach over to your bedside table and take hold of one of your many toys that lie there.

Turning it onto maximum, I insert it, slowly and gently into your anus, as far as I can. I can see from your eyes that you weren't expecting me to do that. Grabbing another, similar sized, yet differently shaped toy, I again, turn it to max and push it into your pussy the small thumb shaped add-on begins turning as it comes into contact with your clit, sending you into yet another orgasm! 'Okay then,' I say, 'I'll let you think on it,' as I stand walk to the door.

Opening it I say, 'I'll be back in an hour… I hope you've made up your mind by then or there will be consequences!' After an hour and a half of playing on my Xbox 360, I grow bored of the repetitive nature of the game I'm playing. After switching off the console and the TV, I role a joint laced with the coke that you somehow managed to sneak through customs. I venture into the kitchen and grab an almost full bottle of vodka from the fridge.

From the freezer, I take a tray containing small ice cubes. From a cupboard, I collect two tall glasses, and empty almost all of the ice cubes into the glasses. Then I pour a generous amount of vodka into each, topping them off with Pepsi from a can. Picking up the joint, I approach the bedroom, pausing to listen to the noise coming from beyond - I can hear you moaning and groaning. Slowly and carefully, I open the door; your moans fill my ears. Mixed with your moans, I hear the buzzing of twin vibrators.

They have been working overtime on your pussy, clit and anus. As I approach, I notice that the bed is soaked! Pools of cum cover the bed-clothes, the wooden floor and the small carpet that sits at the foot of the bed. I can smell sex in the room and it immediately turns me on. Gently, I place the two glasses on the bedside table and lean over your body.

I tenderly lift your blindfold, and smile at you. You roll your eyes as yet another orgasm races through your body, and a small squirt of cum flies out of your pussy, splashing the edge of the bed, before falling on to the wooden floor below.

"I thought you might like a drink," I say to you, and you nod your head. I lift your head; undoing the clasp that holds your ball gag in place. "Thank you, Sir," you say to me as another orgasm begins to build. I undo the ropes that bind your hands to your legs and arms, freeing you totally. The full force of yet another orgasm hits and your body starts shaking uncontrollably. I can see that you've enjoyed yourself by the amount of cum in the room. "Will you remove the vibrators please Sir?" You beg as you ride the orgasm fully.

After a while I nod, and slowly take both vibrators out of you. You shudder as the tip of each leaves your quivering body. Turning the vibrators off, I lay them on the floor near the bed. You gingerly sit up, taking the glass of dark liquid offered to you. Sipping at the liquid, you smile at me, whispering, "Thank you, Sir." I nod, and take a drink from my own glass. I offer the joint to you, which you gratefully accept and light.

Inhaling deeply, you hold the smoke in your lungs for as long as you can before exhaling. Blue smoke fills the room, causing a small layer of fog to linger near the ceiling. Taking another hit, I see your eyes begin to glaze over as the concoction of grass and coke hits your blood stream and your brain.

Your eyes close for a few seconds as you relish the feeling of the smoke in your lungs and the chemicals racing through your body. You pass the joint to me as your body slowly begins to calm down. I toke a few times and sigh in pleasure. Carefully, so as not to spill my drink, I climb onto the bed next to you you cuddle up to me.

I wrap my arm around your shoulders, my fingers coming to rest on your breast. Leaning in, I give a warm, lingering kiss. My tongue pokes through your lips, entering your mouth as I search for your tonsils. You turn slightly so that we can press our bodies together as we kiss. You hand finds and caresses my backside. I moan my appreciation and return the favour. I can see that you're tired from more than an hour of constant orgasmic pleasure, so after kissing you gently on the fore-head, I say, "sleep my darling, you'll feel better for it later." "Thank you, Sir," You nod, closing your eyes, still holding me.

I cuddle up to you and finish the joint. I sometimes blow the smoke into your mouth as I lean in and kiss you repeatedly. You stir, your fingertips brushing my body as you move to find a more comfortable position. Eventually you turn completely over so that your back is facing me as I lie close to you, watching you sleep.

I'm quite tired myself now as the joint has worked its magic on me. Before I fall asleep too, I lift you slightly, and pull the duvet cover from under your body. I pull it back so that when I cover our bodies, we will both be under it.

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I can feel the dampness caused your cum near my feet. It has soaked through the material and my nostrils fill once again with the smell of sex.

I smile to myself as I spoon your naked form. Thinking, 'what a lucky bastard I am.' I awaken several hours later, its growing dark outside, and the central heating has kicked in, warming the room.

You are still sleeping soundly, snoring gently. I have an erection, as I need to pee badly. Rather than waste it, I position myself near to your ass and gently at first push myself into you. 'Did she groan,' I think to myself as I work my cock into your unlubed anus. I can feel the warmth of your body spreading through my dick. I'm still stoned and my cock is raging as I push myself roughly into you.

As soon as I feel my crotch hit the small of your back, I pause for a second, savouring the feeling that your tight ass gives me. Then, I withdraw almost totally from you, leaving just the reddened head of my cock inside you. I hold your throat almost choking you as I begin my fucking of your sweet body.

Thrusting now with all the strength I can muster, I fuck you in long, hard strokes, ramming my granite erection deep into your asshole. I can feel your ass expand and stretch slightly as I force my way into you over and over and over again. My cock expands, screaming for me to fuck your ass faster. I try to ignore it as best I can, but eventually I have to cum. I coat the insides of your body with my white-hot sperm. It feels to me as though I'm pumping gallons of cum into your ass as thick hot jets shoot deeper and deeper into you.

Even after I've finished cumming, my cock stays hard, lodged tightly in your asshole. It's then that I start to pee. My warm urine mingles with my cum, and I can feel your bowel expand as I fill you up. It seems to me as though I'm peeing for England. Your ass tightens around my cock, and my hand tightens around your throat as I sigh my relief into your ear. You wake up, coughing, but you don't struggle, or say anything. You feel my cock wedged deeply in your ass, and the muscles start to contract you are trying to force me out of you, but only succeed in making your ass tighter and tighter.

After what seems like minutes, I stop peeing and my cock flops out of you, a little squirt of pee escaping with it. Quickly getting onto your hands and knees, you look at me expectantly. "What do you want me to do, Sir?" You ask.

I smile and kiss your breast, which just happens to be at mouth level. I take my time in answering. "Please Sir, make a decision, I'm going to loose this, and soon!" You exclaim. I nod my head approvingly, but don't say anything. "Please! Sir!" You almost scream. I still haven't replied. "Turn around," I eventually say. You comply and turn one hundred and eighty degrees so that your beautifully swollen ass is pointing straight at me.

Little droplets of cum and piss escape from your body as you kneel in front of me. I inch closer and lick your asshole. You almost scream as my tongue pierces your flesh. A small river of cum pee mixture fills my mouth, and I swill it around, savouring the taste. With my mouth full, I quickly stand and move around so that I am facing your head. Again, I lean in and kiss you full on the lips, squirting the cum pee mixture into your mouth as I do so.

"Swallow," I order, smiling as the last of the mixture leaves my mouth and enters yours. You hesitate, swilling the mixture around in your mouth involuntarily before gulping the salty, hot liquid down. "Please, Sir, I need to pee." You urge after you regain the power of speech. I smile an even bigger smile at you and nod my head toward the door.

Scrambling off the bed, you rush to the door and pull it open. You rush to the bathroom and I hear the sounds of your bowel evacuating as you fart long and hard.

Eventually, I hear the toilet flush and a few seconds later you return to the bedroom. I'm stood with the cat 'n' nine tails in my hand at my side of the bed. Saying nothing, you close the door and stand with your hands to your sides. "Clean the floor," I order, "lick up every drop!" You drop to knees on the cold wooden floor and being to tongue your cum up. I flick the whip at your backside and catch you on the thigh. You grimace as the sweet pain flows through your leg and ass.

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"Thank you, Sir." You remark timidly between licks. I swipe at you again, this time catching you fully on the ass. "Thank you." You repeat.