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Hot Athletic Female Teen Track Star Fucks New Girl To Orgasms
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BB-136 RAPE A VIRGIN AUNT by Blake Garfield CHAPTER ONE "Come on, Aunt Donna, give me a kiss!" "What?" Donna gasped, trying to push her handsome young nephew away. "What are you guys even doing here?" Donna tried to back away from the boy and bumped into his older brother almost immediately.

Mark was the oldest of her sister's three sons. He leered at Donna with open lust as he closed his hands around the firm cheeks of her ass. It was all Donna could do to keep from screaming. A moment later she was sandwiched tightly between the two boys. Wayne, the middle brother, closed his strong young hands over her full tits and squeezed until Donna thought she was going to pass out from the pain. She glanced around the deserted street for help and saw only the youngest of the three brothers, Tony, opening the back door of her treasured BMW, the keys to her house and car clutched in his hand.

"What are we doing here?" Mark mimicked her mockingly. "Why you told us to drop by any time we wanted to, Aunt Donna. We're just doing like you asked." "Forget it," Wayne said, handling Donna's round, sensitive tits as though they were a couple pieces of fruit he was testing for firmness.

"Mom told us that she was a fucking tease. Always letting the boys take her out to the drive-in, then getting them so hot their balls ached and they came all over their pants." "Then telling them she was waiting until she got married," Tony said.

"Making them go home with swollen balls to beat off in the bathroom." "No," Donna said, tears springing to her wide blue eyes as Wayne and Mark wrestled her toward the door Tony was holding open. "Your mother isn't telling you the truth. She's always been jealous of me because she was the best-looking girl at the school until I got there.

You can't believe her! I wasn't a tease! I wasn't!" "Right," Mark said with a smirk and stuffed her into the back seat of her expensive car. "Well, we're going to take you on a little field trip to the drive-in. I guess we'll find out who the liar is." Donna gasped in pain and shock as Mark and Wayne threw her onto the floor of the car. She tried to squirm up onto the seat, but before she could move more than a few inches, Tony and Mark had slid into the back seat with her and pinned her to the floor with their feet.

Mark settled one of his big, dirty boots right on the side of Donna's beautiful face, and the gritty feel and filthy smell almost made her vomit. The tall, sexy blonde's heart beat fast as Wayne slid into the front seat and started up the car. She knew the boys weren't kidding. They were actually going to take her to the old Eastport Drive-in. Now it was a dangerous place where only the most dangerous kids went.

Even the police were afraid to go in there at night, and the only movies it showed were bloody horror movies and even more disgusting pornography. Donna didn't even want to think about what the boys were going to do to her once they got her there.

Donna had teased boys when she was in high school, but it hadn't been her fault. She was four years younger than her sister, who had gone through school with a reputation for doing anything with boys and girls alike. Donna was even more beautiful than her sister, with the kind of smoldering blonde sexiness that drove boys and men out of their minds.

Every boy in the school wanted to go out with her, and a lot of them she had liked and said yes to. But the idea of having sex had always filled Donna with a sick, scared feeling.

She had watched her sister fucking boys one or two or three at a time, her sexy young body speared by huge, ugly cocks. The sight had made her sick. So she had developed a reputation as a tease, and her years in school had been unbearable because of it. Now Donna Davis was successful and wealthy, while her sister was dirt poor and raising three wild teenage boys on her own.

But Donna was still a virgin. At thirty-one years old she had never let a man stick her with his cock. The idea of being fucked still made her want to retch. "Hey, boys, what's happening?" a new voice asked. Light slanted in through the car.

"Where the fuck you steal this car?" "Steal shit," Wayne said. "We're just using our fucking aunt's car to see some movies." Trapped on the floor of the car by Mark and Tony's feet, Donna's heart soared with sudden hope. She hadn't thought of the fact that the boys would have to buy tickets to get into the drive-in.

Surely the manager would call the police when he realized that her nephews had kidnapped her. "Sure," the gravelly voice said, obviously not believing Wayne.

"How many?" "Four," Mark answered, and both he and Tony slipped their feet off Donna's trapped body. Mark wrapped his hand in Donna's hair and pulled her up into the light.

"The three of us and this fucking cock-tease." Donna gasped with shock and squealed with the pain of having her hair yanked so savagely. Her spirits dropped at the sight of the gross, evil-looking man who stood inside the glass ticket booth. He leered at her openly. When Donna recognized him, she began to cry. "So it is your aunt," Buck Anderson said, his cock getting hard. "Bitch gave me blue balls ten times before I stopped asking her out. You boys go on in.

No charge tonight. But I might come back and visit for a spell during the third feature." "Sure thing, Mr. Anderson," Mark said, slamming Donna back down to the floor of the car. "I think she'll be pretty broken in by then." "Good," Buck said. "You have a real good time, Donna. You've had this coming for fifteen years." "Oh please!" Donna whimpered as Mark settled the heavy weight of his foot against her face once more. "Please let me go! What are you going to do to me?" "Fuck you, Aunt Donna," Tony said, his handsome, boyish face alight with excitement.

"Fuck you in every hole you've got!" "We're going to teachyou a lesson, you sorry cunt!" Mark growled, rubbing his dirty boots all over Donna's beautiful face. "We're going to teach you what it is that sluts like you are made for. What kind of a dumb cunt are you, wasting a hot body like yours for all these years. You should have been getting fucked since the day your tits started popping out." Wayne slid the car into a spot on the front row of the drive-in.

Mark grabbed Donna by her hair again and hauled her up onto the back seat between him and Tony. While Wayne put the speaker on the door of the car, Mark slammed Donna's head against the rear window a dozen times.

By the time he let go of her silky blonde hair Donna was too dazed to do anything but slump weakly between her two nephews. She looked from boy to boy, unable to believe that these were the ones who would be ripping the cherry she had protected for thirty-one years. The oldest, Mark, wasn't even a senior yet. He had a square face and dark hair, and in spite of his foul language and rough manner, Donna could see a bright light of intelligence in his eyes.

Wayne, looking over the front seat at her, was as blonde as Mark was dark, his chest hairless and bulging with muscles. Tony, the youngest and barely more than a child, had jet black hair and fine, almost delicate features. The three brothers were so different that Donna had often thought they each had a different father. But they were all looking at her with the same lust now. "Turn on the light," Mark said. The moment the overhead came on Mark tore open the front of Donna's friliy white blouse.

Donna gasped with fear and shock. Mark shredded the blouse from around her shoulders with two more quick jerks of his powerful hands. Donna cried out as her expensive white blouse was torn to rags. The boys gasped at what they saw. All that was left of Donna's blouse was half of one sleeve hanging down her right arm and a string of ragged white that draped over her left shoulder and trailed down between the deep cleavage of her tits.

Dressed in rags, Donna looked sexier than ever. Donna had the kind of face that drove men wild. Her mouth was wide and full-lipped and inviting, her teeth perfect rows of gleaming white. Her wide, blue-gray eyes smoldered constantly, seeming to forever hold a promise of animal passion just waiting to be released. But the beauty of Donna's face was just an appetizerfor her other charms. Donna was the kind of tall, willowy blonde men dream about.

She was almost six feet tall, taller than either Wayne or Tony and almost as big as Mark. But she was as lean and finely muscled as a thoroughbred racing horse.

Her broad shoulders tapered down to an upper body that was long and lean. There was only one thing about her upper body that wasn't skinny -- her tits -- and that was what made all three of her nephews gasp in shock.

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Donna tied down her tits in the most restrictive bra she could find to make them look smaller. Now that her blouse hung about her in rags, though, the deception failed.

Wayne reached over from the back seat and ripped the tight cotton bra in half, spilling her big, sweet tits into the open. "No!" Donna gasped as her tits tumbled free. Tears ran twin tracks down her beautiful face. "Oh please don't do this!

I don't want this to happen!" Donna's tits weren't huge, but they were more than a handful-full, perfectly round melons that stood high and proud on her chest. Her nipples were sharp-tipped pink projectiles, and they stood out hard and straight in the cool night air, well over an inch long.

"You dirty, beautiful bitch!" Wayne hissed, slapping his hands over her full tits and mashing them flat against her chest. "Hiding these big pretty tits all these years! You dirty fucking whore!" Mark yanked her skirt up her legs, then tore it in half when he couldn't drag it out from under Donna's ass. The sexy blonde tried to fight her three nephews, but Tony grabbed her wrists and wrestled them back behind her head.

She cried out in frustration and horror, watching helplessly as Mark tore her skirt to pieces. She screamed even more loudly when Mark tore off her panties and Tony used her bra to tie her hands at the same instant. "Look at her," Wayne said. "Aunt Donna's a real fucking beauty. What the fuck's she been doing wasting this body all these years?" "Don't worry," Mark said. "It's going to get plenty of use from now on." Donna's legs were impossibly long and impossibly shapely.

Her ass was a perfectly rounded bubble, soft enough for a man to sink his fingers into, tight enough to drive him wild. Her cunt was a tiny pink slit that was fringed with gold hairs.

Mark freed his cock and Donna screamed in terror. She hadn't seen a cock since those longago days when she had watched her sister fucking. She hadn't remembered pricks being so long and thick and strong-looking, or so hairy and ugly. Mark's cock looked gigantic, big enough to kill her, and the head was dripping with fuck-lube. Wayne popped his cock out next, his prick almost hairless but every bit as long and ugly as Mark's.

Tony opened his jeans last, and Donna almost lost her mind when she saw the size of the cock he pulled into the open. It was at least as thick as her wrist, and it looked almost a foot long. "Please, boys!" she whimpered, glancing wildly from one cock to another, unable to tear her gaze away from the hardened, dripping lengths of fuck muscle the boys were pointing at her.

"Think of your futures! Think of your mother!" "Shit," Mark said with a little laugh, "it was Mom who told us to give you a try." "Nooooo!" Donna cried out. She thrashed helplessly, her hands tied behind her head, as all three of her nephews pawed her lean, sexy body. "Feel these sweet little tits," Wayne said, tugging the firm, silky mounds all over Donna's chest. "Give me a kiss, Aunt Donna," Tony said, his hands rubbing over her sleek flanks and the flawless white flesh of her back.

"Such a sweet little pussy!" Mark hissed into her ear, pinching and grabbing at her sexy ass with one hand while he teased the other over the fluttering lips of her virgin pussy. Donna gasped for air, tears streaking her beautiful face and sobs wracking her sexy body. There was nothing she could do to keep her nephews from mauling her. Tony clamped his lips tightly to hers and Donna squealed in fright as he crushed her lips and forced her jaws wide apart. His tongue whipped into her mouth like a fat, wet worm, and Donna almost vomited.

She had never been french-kissed before, and the thought that her mouth was being filled with a teenage boy's spit made her stomach toss and heave.

Without warning, Mark plunged a finger up the tiny, pink mouth of her cunt. Donna jerked up off the car seat, her ass clenched tight with shock. Her cunt flexed too, trapping the slender intrusion of Mark's finger deep inside her. She could feel the scratch of his fingernail on the delicate skin of her cherry.

The thought that she was about to lose the cherry she had protected for over thirty years drove the sexy blonde into frenzied action. She kicked and squirmed wildly, throwing herself at Mark and Tony. She tried to bite Tony's tongue, but before she could damp her jaws together the boys were responding to her rebellion.

Donna had never imagined that she could feel so many different kinds of pain at the same time. Wayne closed his tit-mauling hands into tight fists. He dug his fingernails into the tender flesh of her tits while he crushed the full mounds against her chest. Tony raked his strong fingers over the soft flatness of her silky stomach. He tore at her long blonde hair with his free hand, jerking her head back, then catching her lush lips between his teeth and biting down until she shook with the awful pain.

Mark fought his way between her long, lean legs, puffing them wide apart. When he bit down on the pink lips of her pussy, sinking his teeth deep into the flesh, Donna whimpered like a beaten schoolgirl and gave up her struggles. "Dirty cock-tease!" Mark growled. He spun Donna around on the long, leather bench of the car's back seat.

"Now you're going to get it, you sexy ball-buster! Time to lose that fucking cherry, Aunt Donna!" "No," Donna whispered, her wide blue eyes filled with terror. Her cunt was tight and dry. "Please don't rape me!

I'm not a cock-tease! I just don't want to have sex! Please don't." "Shut up!" Wayne screamed, slamming his fist into fffst one and then the other of Donna's full, round tits.

"Hurry up and fuck her, Mark! I can't wait for my turn!" Donna writhed in agony as the pain from her tit beating burned its way into her bound, helpless body. She didn't try to escape when Tony slipped from the back to the front to give Mark more room to work on her.

She didn't resist when Mark opened the window a crack, fit her already bound hands through the tiny space, then closed the window tightly against her wrists. Only when she felt the rub of his hard, dripping cock over her pussy did she beg again.

"Oh please," she whimpered, looking up at the cruel face of her oldest nephew. The pain in her wrists was terrible, but she tried to keep her voice from shaking. "I've never done anything to you. I've never done anything to deserve this." "You do deserve this, bitch," Mark said cruelly. "Because you've never fucking done anything with anyone." Donna cried then, her courage broken by the boy's cruel logic.

CHAPTER TWO "Spread those legs!" Mark growled, grabbing one of Donna's long, sexy legs and hooking her knee over the back of the front seat. Pain from her widespread legs knifed up Donna's back. Her wrists felt as though they had been sliced to the bone and her hands were almost numb from being trapped in the car window.

Her tits still burned from the beating Wayne had given them. And now Mark was going to hurt her even more, hurt her worse than she had ever been hurt before. Donna thought he might even kill her sticking his huge cock inside her tiny dry pussy. Mark spit on his hand, then rubbed the slobber all over his cock.

Wayne laughed at the sight and spit on Donna's face. The beautiful blonde cringed at the wet slap of spit on her cheek, and she tried to turn her face into the seat, away from the leering stares of her three nephews. Wayne grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her back around, then drooled slobber all over her perfect features. Donna gagged and begged, but Wayne just laughed and soaked her face in his spit.

"Get the fuck back," Mark said after a couple minutes. "I'm going to fuck her now." "No, Mark," Donna said pitifully, but as soon as she opened her mouth Wayne spit right between her parted lips, and her last plea ended in a choked, sickened gurgling.

"Yes, slut," Mark said, and slapped his giant cock right against the quivering pink lips of her tiny cunt. At first Donna couldn't feel anything. It was as though she had gone numb between her legs. Then she felt her cunt-lips being slowly stretched. It felt as though hands were pulling her pussy-lips far apart. The stretching didn't hurt at first, it just felt strange and new.

Then the pain started, and Donna's hips jerked from side to side in a wild, vain attempt to escape the pole that was impaling her. Her long, lean legs kicked wildly into the air, until Wayne grabbed her by her feet and rolled one foot up in the front window and one in the back.

Donna gasped wordlessly at the pain Mark's cock was cawing her. Even the cutting, crushing pain flaring from her trapped ankles was nothing compared to Mark's barbarous intrusion of her tiny cunt. She could feel his cock inside her now, or at least the fat, dripping head, and, the thought of that filthy, slime-dribbling cock penetrating her body made her sick. Worse was the tearing pain in her cunt-lips, the slow, brutal stretching of the tiny pocket of her pussy.

Donna wished she could pass out, even wished she could die if that would put an end to the horrible pain Mark was causing her.

"Tight!" Mark gasped, digging his strong hands into his aunt's sexy round asscheeks and pulling her toward him. The fat head of his cock popped fully inside her, and Mark almost came from the unbelievable friction of her tight pussy on his big prick. "You fucking, tight-assed whore! Loosen up and juice up, bitch, or I'm going to tear you up bad!" Mark thrust forward and Donna felt the fat head of his cock brush the fragile fold of her cherry.

Already her cunt felt as though it had been torn in half, as though it had been pulled so far apart that it would never fit back together again. Now she realized that Mark had barely begun to penetrate her. "Here goes," her oldest nephew said, smiling tightly and gripping her silky thighs tight in his hands. "I'm going to bust her cherry now, guys! Fuck, her pussy's tight!" Donna bit her lips as Mark plunged deep inside her.

She dug her fingers into the palms of her hands and squeezed her eyes tightly shut. Nothing she did could stem the wave of pain that drenched her beautiful, captive body. The tiny curtain of her cherry held tight under the plunge of Mark's cock. Inch after inch of the boy's fat, hard cock slid into Donna's cunt, but her cherry held tight, stretching farther and farther under the hellish assault, refusing to give way. Donna screamed until her throat was raw as the pain shot like lightning through her cunt.

It was as though her whole cunt was being pulled loose from its mooring inside her body by the brutal stabbing of Mark's prick.

"Noooooo!" she cried, whipping her sexy, svelte body from side to side. "Stop! You're killing me! Stop! Please stop!" "Shut up!" Mark shouted, his handsome face a mask of exertion as he tried to rip through her cherry.

His cock was buried inside his aunt almost to his balls, and her cherry was still in place. "Shut up, you worthless fucking cow!" Donna gasped, her face turning white as Mark bottomed out inside her. She felt his balls slap against her rounded asseheeks. It seemed impossible, but her cherry had withstood the assault. The pain was terrible, as every inch of her pussy was subjected to a brutal stretching, but her cherry hadn't torn.

"Bitch!" Mark screamed, pulling his cock back and then slamming it in again. "Whore! Dog! Pig! Slut!" Donna fell limp against the car seat, only her hips moving as Mark started fucking her in earnest. He pounded into her as hard and fast as he could, sending shockwaves of agony shooting through her tiny, tight pussy.

Her cherry stretched under his repeated jabs like a trampoline under the weight of a heavy gymnast. After a few dozen fuck strokes Donna could feel the sharp, keen agony of it starting to tear. Soon after that, Mark's cock stained red with blood, and the cruel teenager pointed in ghoulish pride at the evidence of how brutally he had violated his beautiful aunt.

Donna had always imagined that her cherry would tear all at once. Some man's cock would fuck inside her, tearing her cherry away with a single, graceful push. She had never imagined it like this, ripping tiny bit by bit under the savage hammering of a boy's fat prick.

She felt her silky inner thighs soak with blood and she wanted to be sick. It seemed to her that her nephew was mortally wounding her with his cock. "Fuck her! Fuck her!" Wayne cried, stroking his own hard cock. "Fuck, you're really ripping that cherry apart, Mark! Look at that fucking blood!" "Bitch!" Mark shouted, out of his mind with pleasure.

Donna's blood was lubricating her skin-tight pussy, giving Mark the wildest fuck he had ever experienced. "Whore! Cunt! Beg me to fuck you!" Donna wasn't even crying now, just gasping for air like a fish out of water. Her full, round tits heaved on her chest as she struggled for breath, and Mark threw himself across her body, squeezing her tits like tubes of toothpaste until her nipples stood up fat and full of blood.

Then he bit them savagely, bringing hoarse cries of pain from the beautiful, shell-shocked woman. Donna stared at the ceiling as her young nephew assaulted her sleek, sexy body.

Over the drive-in speaker she could hear a man and woman crying out in pleasure as they fucked each other. Mark was tearing up her cherry a little more with every punishing plunge of his cock inside her. The pain was so bad now that she could barely move. But there was something else, too. There was a friction inside her, a painful itching rubbing that made her hips jerk and sway beneath her nephew's savaging assault. It was part pain, but it was also part pleasure. And for the first time, the rezation hit her that she was being fucked.

Fucked. This time the boy hadn't given her a choice. He'd slapped her ass, tied her down and fucked her. Donna felt something changing inside her. "Beg me, you dirty whore," Mark said, gnawing on Donna's stiff pink nipples. "Beg me to fuck you bloody!" "Fuck me bloody!" Donna moaned, her voice little more than a whisper. "Fuck me until I scream!" CHAPTER THREE "Fuck me!" Donna gasped, unable to control the words that were spilling from her mouth.

"Fuck me until I can't stand up! Fuck me until I can't take anymore! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me to death!" "Listen to her," Tony whispered, his voice cracking with excitement. His big cock was throbbing, fuck-lube drooling from his piss-slit in a steady stream. "Aunt Donna's begging to get fucked." "Fucking right!" Mark growled, pistoning his cock into the gorgeous blonde with every ounce of strength he had.

"She knows it feels good. Aunt Slut here has been waiting her whole fucking life for a guy who wouldn't take fucking no for an answer." Gasping and shuddering beneath the hulking, powerful body of her nephew, Donna wondered if he was telling the truth.

She couldn't deny the horrible, burning itch that was crawling through her tits and stomach and pussy. Was it possible that for all these years she had just been waiting for a man to take her against her will, to force her into brutal, degrading sex? Did she need pain and depravity to turn her on? The idea was so humiliating that Donna cried like a baby and wished she was dead. Donna's cherry was shredded now, but tatters of it were still hanging in place. She could feel her cunt juicing up, the pussy-cream mixing with the blood from her wounded pussy, and she shuddered with shame.

Now when Mark whipped his cock from her cunt it was stained pink with the mix of her blood and pussy-cream. Mark raised his head from her tits, biting his way up over the graceful arch of her throat while he mashed her tits with his strong hands. Donna turned her head from side to side, trying weakiy to avoid his mouth as he bit and licked his way over the strong curve of her jaw, but Mark wouldn't be denied.

He smashed his mouth to hers, crushing her lips and wrapping his tongue around hers. Donna retched as his spit filled her mouth, as his tongue teased over her cheeks and teeth. Mark groaned with pleasure as he crushed his mouth over his sexy aunt's. He had never felt a pussy as tight and juicy as Donna's, had never even dreamed of fucking a woman as beautiful and classy.

"Tell me you're a whore!" he growled into her mouth, running his tongue over her lush, trembling lips. "Tell me what a whore you are!" Donna gasped with each new spearing of Mark's cock deep inside her helpless body. She cringed back into the car seat away from his tit mauling hands. Her lips were swollen from the brutal kiss he had just forced on her. But her battered, tattered cunt was leaking pussy-cream almost as fast as it was leaking blood, and her tiny clit was buzzing with an excitement she had never felt before.

"Tell me you're a whore!" Mark growled, punctuating each word with a savage thrust of his cock inside her tiny cunt. "Tell me you're a whore!" Donna babbled wordlessly, her voice a mix of pain and fear. Her body shook with every hammer blow of Mark's cock inside her. Her tiny cunt was stretched past endurance by his assault. Even the tender pink lips of her pussy felt bruised and injured by the repeated pounding they were taking from Mark's hard groin.

Her cherry was torn in a dozen places, hanging to the inside of her cunt the way her ruined blouse clung to her sexy body. Wayne almost came at the sight of his sleek, sexy aunt being pounded to ruins by his older brother. The big, lithe blonde looked as though she was going to pass out at any second.

Her wide blue eyes were glazed and she was gasping for breath as though she was suffocating. She winced back from every pummeling thrust, but the seat didn't give her very far to go. Her slim, sultry body bounced and vibrated with the aftershocks of every punishing fuck-thrust, and she moaned as though in terrible agony. "You're a whore, Aunt Donna, you might as well admit it." Mark bit her nose until his svelte young aunt writhed in agony. "Tell me you're a whore, you cock-tease!

Tell me you're a dirty whore!" Donna lay silent and unresisting as her teenage nephew demolished her helpless body. Every shattering thrust of his cock ripped her cunt to shreds. Mark's hands closed around her full tits until the silky flesh bulged all around his fingers.

He bit at her cheeks and lips and throat like a wild jungle animal. Donna was terrified that he was going to take a bite out of her, that she was going to be eaten alive by her wild nephew. Her tiny, battered cunt clutched around his bruising cock. Every flex of her punctured pussy caused waves of piercing agony to knife through her body, but she couldn't control the treacherous slit.

Her clit throbbed wildly under the crushing advance of Mark's cock. Her pussy dripped with fuck-cream even as Mark brought more blood pouring out of her by fucking the last of her cherry away. A strange tingling was filling up her pussy, then spilled over to run into every inch of her svelte, sexy body.

"I'm a whore!" Donna cried, her delicate voice cracking with sorrow as the words left her mouth. "Fuck me like a whore, because that's all I am!

I'm nothing but a dirty whore!" "Fuck you," Mark said, biting her slender white throat so hard that a trickle of blood ran down her neck. "I'm cumming, you sexy old cock-tease! Here's your first load of jism, you tight-assed bitch pig!" The lean, sexy blonde shivered uncontrollably beneath her hard-fucking young nephew.

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Her injured bloody cunt clutched spastically at his ravaging cock. Pussy-cream dribbled down from the reddened crack of her cunt, painting her silky, shuddering asscheeks a pale shade of pink. Her clit jerked back and forth, moving like a miniature cock in perfect rhythm with Mark's bludgeoning prick. "Take it, whore!" Mark bellowed, battering his sexy aunt's long, lithe frame. He let go of her tits and grabbed handfuls of her silky blonde hair, twisting her head from side to side as he beat her pussy with his cock.

"Take that first sweet load of jism, you tight-assed old cunt! Tell me what it feels like! Tell me how much you love it!" Donna hissed like a wounded cat as her nephew pummeled her with his big, hard cock.

He bit at her tender white throat like a vampire, the sharp pain of his tearing teeth raising gooseflesh all over Donna's flawless white skin. His cock jerked inside her like a firing gun, and Donna knew that he had to be teliing the truth.

He was going to fill her up with his filthy jism. "Oh nooooooo!" she shrieked, her eyes bulging as she felt the first firehose blast of cum shooting up inside her tattered pussy. "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh yes! Oh yessssss!" He was filling her up with his filthy cum! He was pissing his dirty jism up inside her precious, pretty cunt! The thoughts flashed inside Donna's dazed mind like some maddening mental strobe light.

She had spent her whole life fending off boys and men who wanted to soil her, who wanted to ruin her with their cocks and cum. Now a boy half her age was ripping her to pieces with his cock, polluting her insides with his foul jism.

Donna's cunt was wriggling with excitement, but her mind was reeling with horror and revulsion. Then she felt the agony. Mark's jism was spraying up inside her like water from a broken pipe, soaking every square inch of her torn and battered pussy. The salty, clotted jism was burning into Donna's wounded cunt like acid, streaming into every tear left from her ripped cherry and Mark's brutal, reaming fuck.

The pain crashed down like a tidal wave over the tickling pleasure that made Donna's cunt squirm. "Nooooo!" The gorgeous blonde struggled wildly.

She bucked her ass so violently off the car seat that she almost knocked Mark off her. "Nooooo! I can't stand this! I can't stand it!" She was burning up inside.

It was as though Mark was splashing gasoline up inside her, gasoline where there was already a fire raging. Donna arched high off the car seat, every muscle in her lean, limber body standing up in bold relief.

Sweat poured off her sleek, squirming body, even though the night was cool. Her eyes were alight with the fire of the pain she was feeling.

She thought the agony was going to drive her out of her mind. "Take it, you dirty bitch!" Mark shouted, beating her with his fountaining cock and slurping his tongue over her beautiful, fevered face. "Suck all that sweet jism up inside your stinking, dirty cunt!

You love it, don't you, whore? Tell me what it feels like!" Donna's hips jerked from the burning pain that washed her cunt. Her pussy twisted in a wild, vain attempt to escape the agony that filled it, milking her evil nephew's cock as though she wanted every last drop of his torturing jism. Her clit was still jerking and wriggling, and for some reason the cock-juice that was burning up every other spot in her pussy felt cool and welcome on the tiny nub of flesh.

Then Donna climaxed. She screamed as the orgasm overtook her holding her ass a foot above the car seat. Her perfectly rounded asscheeks flexed rapidly. Her swollen pink pussy-lips fluttered wildly. Against her will her lips parted and her tongue whipped out to lick her nephew's face.

The fiery agony that burned her cunt flared hotter yet, the pain a constant spurt that made her jerk and thrash like a wild woman.

But the whipping of her clit brought lots of pussycream rolling into her pulsing cunt, brought waves of pain-filled pleasure splashing through her sweat-soaked, squirming body.

"You sweet little boy!" she whispered, licking and kissing Mark's face like a wonderful slave. "I love you! I love you! I love you fucking me! I'm such a fucking whore!" "You sure are," Mark said with a cruel grin, grabbing her stiff nipples and pinching them until she squealed with the pain. "Time for your next customer, bitch." Donna slumped back against the seat as Mark pulled his still hard cock from her ravaged pussy.

She almost threw up at the sight of her oldest nephew's cock. It was glistening with blood and cum and pussy-cream, the hairs on its long, thick shaft plastered with the gooey mix. The pinkish slime drooled from the fat prick in long, sticky strands. Her orgasm subsided, but it didn't disappear, and to her shame, Donna couldn't completely stop the surging of her hips up off the juice-soaked car seat.

She craned her neck so that she could see her pussy, and she moaned in shame and horror at what she saw. Her crotch was a swamp of virgin blood and fuck-slime, her cunthair soaked and matted, her satiny inner thighs and firm round ass glistening with ooze.

Her pretty, delicate pussy-lips were the worst, though, swollen and reddened by the brutal fucking. Mark crawled up over her sexy body, and Donna cringed as fat drops of blood and fuck-slime splattered down on her flawless white skin. He finally settled by her face, and Donna almost threw up at the tacky, musky smell of his cuntsoaked cock and balls. He slid his hairy, muscular legs under her head and laid his filth-soaked cock against her cheek.

Just the feel of the dirty cock on her skin made the vomit rumble in the willowy blonde's stomach. "Round two, Auntie Slut!" Wayne chortled happily, flinging himself over the front seat. He dropped one knee in the satiny soft hollow of Donna's stomach, almost knocking his gorgeous blonde aunt unconscious. "Get ready for some real fucking now!" CHAPTER FOUR Through a haze of terrible pain, Donna looked up at her nephew.

Wayne had stripped naked for the fuck, and Donna couldn't help but admire the hard tines of his physique. He looked like a young bodybuilder, muscles bulging all over his almost hairless body. He was tanned a bronze that was almost red, and his cock was a long, thin spear of muscle. His cock wasn't nearly as big around as Mark's, but it was longer. To Donna's lust-soaked, pain-soaked mind her nephew's cock looked like a long, sharp stiletto. "No more!" she whimpered, beaten to submission by the pain the boys had inflicted on her, sickened by her own lusts and the smells of violent animal passion that filled the car.

"Please, no more!" "Just a few more," Wayne said, slapping the head of his long cock down onto the matted thatch of her golden cunt-hair. "Just a few hundred, anyway." "See, Aunt Donna," Tony said from the front seat, still stroking his cock, "Mom thought it would be wild if you caught up on all the cocks you should have had.

Mom figures you should have gotten fucked a couple hundred times by now, even if you were a prude or something." "So you've got a fucking busy night waiting for you," Wayne said with a mocking, superior smile. "I guess you better get started." Donna gasped as Wayne fucked his spear-like cock all the way inside her in one steady, punishing thrust.

His cock sliced into her already-battered pussy, tearing a path even deeper than the one Mark had already drilled. It was like being stabbed, like being stabbed with an icicle that cut her and filled her with shivery pleasure at the same time.

"Open your mouth, Aunt Donna," Mark said, slapping his cock across his blonde aunt's beautiful face. "You got my prick awful fucking dirty. Better clean it up before I take it fucking personally." Donna moaned at the painful pleasure Wayne's stabbing cock was bringing her injured cunt. She turned her face away from Mark's slime-dripping cock, swearing to herself that no matter what the boys did to her, how much they debased her and abused her, she would never be reduced to taking their horrid cocks into her mouth.

That was something only the lowest tramps and sluts would do. Donna refused to let herself sink that low. "Okay, bitch," Mark said, swishing his cock across her face, painting her cheeks with a coat of blood and cum.

"Got to do everything the hard way, don't you? You're a dumb fucking cunt, Donna, but we're going to educate your sexy little ass!" Donna quaked with fear as Mark leaned across her body, reaching for something in the front seat. Wayne was jolting her body all over the back of the car with the savagery of his fucking, and it was all the sultry blonde could do to keep her mouth shut under the wet rubbing of Mark's cock.

The big, wet prick rubbed across her nose and the beauty retched violently, her svelte, sexy body jerking with the force of her sickness. Then she saw what Mark had reached for, and she screamed in terror.

"That's it, Donna-whore," Mark said happily, holding the car's cigarette lighter a few inches above her stiff pink nipples. "Just hold your mouth open like that and you're not going to get fucked up!" Donna clamped her jaws tightly shut at Mark's mention of her open mouth, but then she parted her trembling lips wider than ever. She watched Mark's eyes as she waited passively for him to plunge his soiled cock into her mouth, shamed beyond endurance by the superiority and contempt she saw there.

Her cunt began to spasm around the piercing length of Wayne's cock, and that made the luscious blonde feel like even more slut. She really was a worthless, pain-loving slut. "That's a good whore, Aunt Donna," Mark said mockingly, teasing her pink, hard nipples with the blistering hot cigarette lighter.

"Stick that pretty pink tongue out a little. I want to wipe my cock clean all over it." Donna knew she was going to be sick, but there was nothing she could do but obey her cruel nephew's orders. She stuck out her tongue as he passed the lighter just inches away from her tender, vulnerable nipples.

She could feel the awful heat from the lighter, and she knew that he would ruin her pretty tits forever if he touched the horribly hot metal to them. "Fuck me back, you sorry-assed whore!" Wayne growled, digging his strong hands into her softly rounded asscheeks and yanking her back onto his long cock with his every cunt-piercing lunge. "Shake that lazy ass before I beat the shit out of you!" Donna cried in frustration, unable to believe how heartless her nephews were.

Wayne was jerking her all over the back seat with his brutal fucking, jerking her arms and legs until her muscles burned from the strain and her shoulders and hips felt as though they were separating. She flexed her battered, burning cunt around her blonde nephew's ravaging cock and tried to flip her ass up off the car seat to meet his thrusts.

Wayne laughed at her feeble attempts to obey him and fucked her even more brutally, slamming her down into the seat with all the strength his muscular young body could muster. Donna thought he was going to kill her. His cock was stabbing up farther inside her than she had ever thought anything could reach. The pointed head of his cock pressed against her cervix, stretching the tiny soft pocket of her pussy farther than it had ever been meant to stretch.

His hard chest and stomach and thighs smashed down against her helpless, tender body, jarring her with impacts that stung her flesh and rattled her bones. It was as though someone had tied her to a wall and was slamming a thick oak door into her over and over. Wayne was beating her with not just his fists, but with his whole body. "Here you go, sweet whore," Mark said with a grin, and he rubbed his blood-stained, cum-stained cock all over Donna's wet, pink tongue.

"Suck down a cherry cocktail, you dumb old slut! Won't be long until you're not a virgin anywhere!" Donna turned her head and gagged, almost throwing up at the first awful taste of Mark's dirtied cock.

The blood was bitter, the cum and pussy-juice so fishy and salty and earthy that it brought her gorge racing up her throat. And beneath it all there was a pissy, meaty flavor that the gorgeous, captive blonde knew was the taste of a boy's hard cock.

"Fucking bitch," Mark said, a tired, contemptuous resignation in his voice. And then Donna plunged into a world of hellish agony. Mark plunged the still hot cap of the lighter down right over the pink bud of his gorgeous aunt's right nipple. He held it there for a few seconds, then plunged it down on her left. Donna screamed in agony, her long, lean body writhing madly on the fancy leather seat of her expensive car. "Shit, that was hardly hot at all," Mark said, handing the lighter back over the front seat to Tony.

"Warm that up for me, will you, bro? I want to teach our aunt here a real fucking lesson!" "No!" Donna cried, her svelte, sexy body still thrashing from the pain of her fffst nipple burn. She turned back to Mark's tacky cock, her mouth open wide and her tongue wagging. "I've learned my lesson! I really have!" Desperately she rubbed her beautiful face all over Mark's filthy prick. She gagged repeatedly as blood and jism and cunt-cream smeared all over her perfect features.

She slithered her tongue all over the filthy pole, sickened with herself for licking the slime from the cock that just fucked away her innocence but unable to stand the thought of having her nipples burned again. She even caught the fat head of Mark's cock between her full, soft lips and sucked it into her mouth.

"That's it, Donna-cow," Mark said with a sneer. He grabbed her by her delicate ears and plunged her face forward on his big, stiff cock. "You've got the right idea now, you dirty fucking old whore! Suck some more jism out of my big beautiful cock!" Donna gagged again, this time from the unnatural intrusion of the giant log of cock-flesh being forced into her gullet.

Her lips stretched tightly around the obscene girth of Mark's throat-raping cock. Her lipstick smeared off on the long, hard bar of prick, while the last remnants of cock slime and cherry blood painted her lips a new shade of pink. "That's right, man, fuck that bitch's throat!" Wayne groaned as he nailed Donna's sexy, battered body into the car's leather seat.

"Choke the sexy bitch with that big fat log! I'll meet you in the fucking middle!" Wayne grabbed Donna's tits as he fucked his long cock into her squirming pussy.

He moved his tongue over her burning nipples, and Donna shivered at the strange, cool sensation of having his tongue wash the burn away. Her svelte, athletic body still thrashed about on the narrow seat, but now her hips were moving slower, grinding up and down in time with Wayne's punishing cock-thrusts. Donna cried with the realization that another orgasm was starting to simmer inside her savaged little pussy. Mark fucked her face as brutally as he had fucked her cunt, and she gagged helplessly with every plunge of his cock into her throat.

It was as though he was scouring her gullet with a long-handled brush. When she felt the scratchy push of his crotch-hair against her nose and the slap of his heavy balls against her cheek, she wished she could die.

Neither shame nor pain could keep the second orgasm of her innocent life from burning its way through her. Her pussy clutched at Wayne's wounding cock in desperate embraces. Pussy-cream slicked down her fluttering pussy-lips and soaked her round, flawless asscheeks. Tickling fingers of pleasure reached up into her tiny, flat stomach, raising gooseflesh beneath the sheen of glistening sweat that covered her. She squirmed beneath Wayne's savage fucking even as he pounded her into insensibility.

Against her will, she tightened her lips around the mouth-raping shaft of Mark's cock. She whipped her tongue along its shaft as it plunged deep into her gullet. She tightened her throat around it as it pierced the narrow tunnel. Mark moaned with pleasure, his cock drooling fuck-lube to mix with the saliva that was filling his aunt's talented mouth.

Soon slippery trails of spit and pre-cum were drooling from the corners of Donna's mouth, and Mark's cock pulled out of the tight ring of her luscious lips glistening with a wet mix of saliva and fuck-juice. "That's it, whore!" Mark growled, easing the blossoming head of his big cock back into the warm, wet pocket of his aunt's mouth. "Suck on it! Lick it!

You dirty, sexy bitch! You're making me cum again!" Donna cried helplessly as she smooched and suckled on Mark's cock, as she pumped Wayne's long, thin prick with her pussy. Her cunt felt as though it had been ground up into raw hamburger, but somehow the brutalizing fuck-thrusts Wayne was dealing her were making her burn with desire.

She was taking cock at both ends, sucking and fucking her way through a gangbang like some common whore. Her orgasm was driving her mad. She whipped her ass up off the car seat to meet Wayne's brutal fuck-thrusts. She hollowed her cheeks and slurped on Mark's leaking prick as though it was the world's sweetest candy.

She knew she was acting like a whore, that she was letting the boys destroy everything she had believed in for thirty years, but it didn't matter. They were driving her crazy with their cocks and their abuse. And she wanted more. Mark and Wayne came at the same time. Wayne hosed his jism into the already-swampy sheath of her cunt, adding his cock-slime to that of his brother.

Wayne's jism burned Donna's tattered pussy even worse than Mark's had, making her twitch and wriggle while her orgsm pounded through her. Before Wayne had shot half his load, his fuck-slime was pouring back out of Donna's saturated pussy, gooey white streamers mixed in a broth of pussy-cream and blood. Donna choked on her first mouthful of Mark's jism.

Fresh cock-cream was hot and tangy, and Donna had never tasted anything like it. She coughed and choked on the cum Mark was pouring down her throat, but he used his cock like a plunger, fucking the viscous wads of fuck filth right back down. Donna thought she was going to throw up. She thought she was going to choke to death.

She felt so degraded that she wouldn't have minded dying. She really was nothing but an old whore. Finally the two brothers fell back away from their sexy, captive aunt. Mark's still-hard cock was webbed to her lush, trembling lips with lines of spit and cum. Wayne's jism belched out of her swollen, peeled-back pussy.

Donna twitched and trembled uncontrollably for a few moments, and then she fell back limply against the soiled leather seat. She watched her nephews with dazed eyes. "My turn," Tony said. "Let's get the old whore outside," Mark said. "I want to see you bust her other cherry." "With his big cock?" Wayne asked, his voice filled with wonder.

"Hey, he might fuck her up real bad." "So what?" Mark said with a shrug. "Mom said we had to take her back home when we were done. She didn't say what shape she had to be in." It wasn't until Mark released her and ran his middle finger down the crack of her perfect ass that Donna understood what her nephews were talking about.

She tried to fight then, but the rape had left her too weak to do anything but cry. As the boys tied her face-down over the hood of her own car, she couldn't even do that anymore, so she just waited passively for her youngest nephew to fuck his giant cock up her asshole. CHAPTER FIVE Donna always carried a tow chain in her trunk, just in case she passed anyone on the road who needed a tow. Now Wayne and Mark were chaining her face-down over the hood of her car with it.

Wayne looped the chain around her chafed wrists, then tossed Mark the other end beneath the car. While Wayne pulled her arms taut Mark looped the tow chain around Donna's thighs, pulling her right leg over the corner of the hood and chaining her foot to the fender, then trapping her left leg to the right front tire by wrapping the chain around her calf and the car's axle. By the time they stepped back, satisfied with their handiwork, Donna was pulled tight over the hood of her car. Her legs were spread obscenely wide, shamelessly displaying her swollen cunt and virgin asshole.

Once more she could move neither her hands nor feet. Once more she was completely helpless. "You ready to get your asshole fucked?" Tony asked. He touched the head of his big cock against the silky curve of Donna's firm ass. "What's the matter, Aunt Donna? Aren't you going to tell me that you're ready to get your ass fucked?" Donna groaned with shame and arousal. The thought of having Tony push his foot-long cock up her tiny, virgin shitter terrified her. The picture of how she must look, chained down over the hood of her car, naked and with jism running down her long, lean legs, made her feel utterly degraded.

But her horrible, treacherous cunt was still itching. Her sexy, innocent body was shaking with need for another fuck. "Tell Tony you want him to fuck your ass, you whore," Wayne said, slapping his soaking cock down across her beautiful face.

"Tell him you're ready to take a fuck-meat injection up your dirty little asshole!" Donna trembled at Wayne's filthy jeering. Her tiny cunt twitched and leaked. She knew that all three boys could tell that she was turned on.

Knowing that made her more ashamed than ever, but somehow that only made her hotter. Donna could hardly bear to make the admission even to herself, but she was beginning to understand the truth -- the degradation and pain and young, hard cock were enslaving her more completely than any chains they could wrap her in. "I'm ready to get fucked up the ass," Donna said, shaking her head so her blonde hair would curtain her blushing face. "I want to get a fuckmeat injection up my dirty little asshole -- what are you doing to me?

What are you turning me into?" "A tramp," Wayne said mildly, pulling Donna's silky blonde hair back from her beautiful, flushed face. "Here, tramp, suck on my cock for awhile." Tears sparkled on Donna's pretty cheeks, but she parted her moist red lips for the advance of Wayne's long, thin cock.

She tasted her pussy-juice and virgin blood on his cock, and her cunt burned with passion while her stomach rumbled with disgust. She slithered her tongue all over the spear-like cock, slurping away the fuckjuices that coated the hot, hard flesh. Her mouth started watering immediately. Tony slapped her lush, round ass with his big cock, giggling at the way the firm flesh jiggled around.

He whipped her ass harder, banging his fat cock down like a club, setting off tiny waves of motion across his gorgeous aunt's flawless ass. Donna moaned under the assault, unable to believe the weight of the cock that was banging down on her ass. Pussy-juice dribbled from her red, swollen cunt-lips, running in gooey streaks down the side of her car.

Her cunt wriggled and twisted with every blow Tony dealt her, and before long she was rubbing her cunt across the hood of the car. "Look at that," Tony whispered, surprise and admiration and contempt all fighting for space in his voice. "Look at the way Aunt Donna's rubbing her pussy on the car.

Look at the way she's moving her ass! Shit, Aunt Donna could be a pro stripper!" All three of the brothers watched as their sultry aunt did an obscenely sexy bump and grind on the hood of her car.

Her cunt left a slick stain of pussy-cream wherever it brushed against the metal. Her perfectly rounded asscheeks flexed as though she was already being fucked. She rotated her hips in wide, sensual circles. When she hunched her ass back and up off the hood of the car, each of her nephews' cocks jerked in response. Watching the blonde beauty squirm in chains on the hood of the car was the hottest thing any of the boys had ever seen.

"Looks like you guys have everything well in hand here," Mark said at last, tearing his gaze reluctantly off the spectacle of his willowy blonde aunt writhing across her car. "I'm going to run up the concession stand and see what's happening there.

Mom's going to be expecting us in a few hours. We better get this fucking show on the road." Donna couldn't keep a groan of disappointment from bubbling past her lips as Mark and his beautiful fat cock left her.

She whimpered with frustrated lust, trying to grind her twitching pussy into the cool metal of the car. She sucked Wayne's cock like a pacifier, slurping and smacking in a frenzy, making wet, shameful sounds.

Tony and Wayne laughed at her, but their scorn only made Donna hotter, made Wayne's cock taste even more delicious. She craned her neck forward, skinning her lips down his long, thin prick. She took his throbbing cock into her throat, unwilling to settle for anything less than swallowing every inch of burning prick he had to offer. "Piggy bitch," Wayne said with a laugh, pulling back to poke his cock over Donna's tongue and into the soft hollows of her cheeks.

"You're a pig, Aunt Donna, did you know that? You're nothing but a fucking pig." "A fucking skinny pig," Tony said, stabbing his huge cock into the soft flesh of Donna's ass and upper thighs.

"Oink like a pig, Aunt Donna. Oink like a pig and I'll give you your cock-meat injection." Donna's cunt trembled and leaked at the idea of oinking for cock. Her clit throbbed. Donna cried out in lust and despair at the thought of what the boys had turned her into. She was nothing but a degenerate slut now, a masochistic nymphomaniac.

She had been her nephews slave for only a few hours, but already the rest of her life was nothing but an unimportant memory. She had to have Tony's giant cock in her virgin asshole!

"Oink!" she whispered, wriggling her perfectly rounded ass back at her youngest nephew. "Oink! Oink! Oink, oink, oink! Please! Oink!" Every time she opened her mouth streams of spit and fuck-lube spilled from her lips to course down over her chin and the long spike of Wayne's throat-stabbing prick.

Donna drove her face forward on the long cock even more frantically as she oinked for her ass-fuck. Her throat was raw and burning, but she didn't stop. When she felt the wrinkled hairiness of Wayne's balls against her chin, she breathed a sigh of relief and satisfaction.

"Oinking with your mouth full isn't very fucking polite, Aunt Donna," Wayne said, pulling his cock back until his prick-head was resting on her tongue. "You've really got to pay more attention to your fucking manners. Tony, hand me your belt." Donna cried like a child, knowing what was about to happen, knowing too that there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Tony pulled his belt out of his open pants and handed the thin strap of leather to his brother. Donna squirmed in frustration and lust on the hood of her car, her cunt spasming with lust.

Wayne levered Donna's jaws wide apart and poked the head of his cock into the satiny soft hollow of her right cheek. He joked to his brother about how the head of his prick was outlined through the soft skin of her cheek. Donna whined at the new debauchery, tears rolling down her beautiful face as Wayne started fucking his cock along the tight hollow between her teeth and cheek. "Oink!" she whimpered, her spit and Wayne's fuck-lube drooling all over her perfect features.

She wasn't sure whether her young masters still wanted her to oink, but she couldn't bear the idea of having gone through the degradation of having acted like a pig for nothing. "Oink! Oink! Please give Aunt Pig her meat injection now! Oink!" "You're pretty fucking eager, Aunt Donna," Tony said with a snicker, his young eyes alight with lust as he watched the lewd blow-job his brother was forcing her to perform.

"Let's see just how fucking long that lasts!" Tony's cock was young and strong and jerking with need. Donna's pussy was a swamp, but the young boy didn't want any lubrication. He just laid the fat head of his cock against the tiny pink bud of Donna's asshole. Then he started pushing. Wayne smiled as the glazed look of lust his sexy, slutty aunt was wearing turned into a mask of pain.

He grabbed the head of his cock through the thin sheath of her cheek and jerked on the head, thrilling at the soft friction of her cheek. He watched the color fade from Donna's face, pinching her cheek brutally as he neared his second climax. "No! Oink! No!" Donna tried to raise her head up off the hood of her car, off the mouth-fucking stalk of Wayne's prick. "Aunt Piggie made a mistake! Oink! Oh shit! Oh shit!

You're killing me!" "No I'm not, you dumb old pig," Tony said, digging his strong young hands into her silky haunches and driving his huge cock harder into her tiny shitter. "I'm just fucking you up the ass, just like you asked me to." Donna howled as her youngest nephew drove his cock up her tiny, virgin shitter.

The gorgeous, innocent blonde had never felt anything like the gradual intrusion of Tony's big cock up her small asshole. It was like shitting in reverse, but the muscles in her tiny, tender asshole had only been meant to guide things in one direction. The tiny pink mouth of her asshole stretched slowly against the advance of Tony's foot-long cock. Donna squirmed in agony against the slimy hood of her car, grunting and twitching as Tony forced her asshole open.

She felt something tear in her just as Tony's giant cock-head popped inside. "That's the hard part," Tony said, patting Donna on one trembling asscheek as though she were a favorite dog. "See, that wasn't so hard, was it? Now get ready, Aunt Donna, 'cause here comes the rest of it!" "Time for that meat injection you've been asking for," Wayne said, fucking his cock into the hollow of Donna's cheek. "You're getting all that protein you've been missing all these years." Wayne's mocking words were lost on his sultry blonde aunt.

Even the pain he was inflicting on her cheek as he fucked it and pinched it was alniost beneath her notice. Her asshole throbbed like an open wound as Tony's giant cock-head spread it wide open. Lightning bolts of pain shot deep inside her writhing body from the unnatural penetration.

And then Tony fucked the rest of his cock in. CHAPTER SIX Donna screeched like a dying bird as Tony fucked his fat cock up her ass. The only thought that penetrated the haze of pain that encompassed her was that her nephew had lied.

The hard part wasn't over. It was all hard, all stretching, tearing agony. It felt as though she had been fatally wounded. Donna's voice was unnaturally high and clear as she shrieked in agony.

Her sexy, supple body froze like a statue atop the hood of the car. Sweat glistened on her ivory skin. The muscles in her arms and ass and long, lean legs stood up like steel cables about to snap under some unbearable strain. Her wide blue eyes rolled, and spit and fuck-juice poured from her lips.

The pain-drenched blonde felt as though her firm, silky ass was a melon being pulled apart by strong hands. She could feel every inch of Tony's big prick stretching and tearing her shitter. When his balls swung up against her swollen cunt and his fuzz of crotch-hair tickled her tensed asscheeks, the beaten beauty thought she was losing her mind.

Tony couldn't believe what he was feeling. He had only fucked a couple girls in his life, and he'd never even touched a woman as beautiful as Donna. Now he was sticking his cock up her asshole, and the hug of her virgin shitter around his prick was the most wonderful thing he had ever felt.

He pulled his big cock slowly from her clasping, humid asshole. He felt a little wave of pride at the slight smearing of blood he saw along the fat staff of his cock. Donna's skin-tight asshole sucked wetly at his prick, and he had to jerk his hips back hard to pull his cock free. "Shit, Wayne, she's really tight," he said, leaving just the bulging head of his cock inside the tortured tunnel of Donna's asshole. "I'm going to have to fuck her really hard to loosen her up." "Loosen her up good, little bro," Wayne said, his eyes slitted with pleasure as he rubbed his long cock all over Donna's unresisting mouth.

"A whore like her has got to be able to take a cock up the ass on cue. Fuck, we're having to teach her everything." Donna's dazed, pain-filled mind had a hard time grasping what her nephews were saying about her. She looked up at the giant drive-in movie screen and saw a young actress not nearly as beautiful as she was taking cocks in her cunt and mouth. Donna wondered how much the girl would shake and scream if the man behind her pulled his cock out of her cunt and shoved it up her ass.

"Move your ass, Aunt Donna!" Tony gasped, fucking his cock back into her. He almost came from the unbearable friction of his aunt's clasping shitter. "Fuck me back, Aunt Pig! Aren't you any good for anything?" Donna cried at the depth of her degradation. The boys raped her and tortured her, used her in any way that came to their perverted young minds, and they still weren't satisfied. They had to make her feel worthless, too, unworthy of the terrible assaults they committed on her helpless, beautiful body.

"Here," Wayne said with a grin, poking his cock into Donna's other cheek now. "I'll get that lazy ass to shaking for you." Donna screamed around Wayne's cock the first time he brought the belt whipping down against her vulnerable asscheeks. She jerked beneath the assault, but that only caused her shitter to flex around Tony's rampaging cock. Donna almost passed out from the agony her movement sent flaring through her legs and back, and she froze as still as a frightened rabbit on the hood of the car.

Wayne brought the belt lashing down again and again, striping Donna's silky white ass with streaks of fiery red. He hit her with all the strength in his muscular young body, causing her to jerk and wiggle.

Every move the tortured beauty made sent ice picks of agony knifing out from her asshole. Donna panted rapidly around the slippery, throbbing mass of Wayne's cock, gasping like an exhausted dog. Her beautiful face was a mask of pain. She tried to keep still, but every savage blow Wayne dealt her made her jerk and shudder.

Tony gasped with pleasure, powering his big, fat cock faster and faster up the clasping chute of his sexy aunt's asshole. Her asschute was wet with blood and fuck-lube and its own dank moisture, and the wet sensations made Tony's cock flex uncontrollably.

The sight of Wayne turning Donna's pretty ass bright red was turning Tony on too, and so was the sight of the sexy blonde's lips moving over his brother's long cock. Donna had thought that the fuck would stop hurting so much once Tony had stretched out her asshole. Instead it seemed to be hurting more and more. The muscles in her shitter felt as though they had been torn loose.

The tight pink ring of her asshole felt as though it had been torn open. Tony's cock seemed to be reaching all the way up into her stomach. "Cunt!" Wayne shouted, slamming the belt down even harder as he fucked his cock brutally into the side of Donna's mouth. "I'm cumming, you sexy whore! I hope you're ready to swallow some more cum!" Before the words were out of Wayne's mouth, cum spewed from his cock.

The jism filled Donna's cheek, making it swell like a balloon. Then the cock-slime spilled out over her lips, pouring over her face in a great sticky wave. The taste and smell of cum filled Donna's senses. Wayne lashed her even harder with the leather belt, welting her asscheeks. Tony moaned with pleasure at the sight of his brother's cum bubbling out over his aunt's sexy lips, and his ass blurred as he fucked her even faster.

Donna screamed like a lost soul as an unexpected orgasm shot through her tortured, captive body. She jerked her head back until the jism spewing head of Wayne's cock sat on her lush lower lip, and she howled at the moon like a maddened dog.

Wayne's cock-juice splashed all over her face, pouring from her lips in a bubbling, spit-soaked mixture. Tony shouted with pleasure and surprise as his sex-crazed aunt bucked her welted ass back toward him. She twisted her ass in wide, wild circles, meeting Tony's punishing fuck-strokes with a demented excitement.

She squeezed her fractured asshole around his plowing cock, ignoring the pain that burned up her back and down her impossibly long, shapely legs. Her cunt belched a wave of pussy-cream over the already-slimy hood of her car.

"The sexy cunt's losing her mind," Wayne said, pulling his still-spewing cock out of her mouth and slapping it against her pretty face. "I think Mom was right. Aunt Donna might just be the kind of bitch to catch up on a life of fucking in one night!" Donna pulled wildly at the chains that bound her wrists and ankles, thrashing wildly on the hood of the car. Cum and spit streamed down from her beautiful, soiled face to puddle on the hood of the car.

Donna saw it, and with a groan of shame and hunger she ducked her head to lick up the slimy brew. Wayne jerked her back up by her shimmering blonde hair and speared her scummy lips with his softening cock. "Lose your mind some more, Aunt Floozy," he said, and then he started pissing.

"Oh shit!" Donna screamed as the piss blasted into her helplessly waiting mouth. Donna's mind exploded with shame and disgust as Wayne pissed into her mouth.

She had never dreamed anyone could do such a perverted thing. He was pissing! Pissing in her mouth! She gagged, and then she started gulping the piss down. Every swallow made her cunt burn hotter. "Aunt Donna's drinking your piss!" Tony suted, fucking his cock savagely into the bionde's shitter.

"She's really drinking it down!" "Dirty whore!" Wayne growled, as though he was insulted by his sexy aunt's docile submission to this newest degradation. "You don't fucking deserve to drink my piss!" Wayne yanked his cock from Donna's mouth and sprayed his piss over her soiled, upturned face.

The squirming, sexy blonde whined in complaint at having the piss-spewing cock pulled from her mouth. She gulped down a last swallow of the burning yellow fluid, then opened her mouth wide and wagged her tongue under the weaving, firehose spray. A small, sane part of Donna's mind screamed out in horror at what she was doing, but that part of her was disappearing fast, drowned under the cum and piss of her three young nephews. Donna trembled at the thought of how totally she was letting the boys degrade her, at how much it excited her to be debased and abused.

Wayne pissed on her silky blonde hair, matting the golden tresses to Donna's head. Donna caught a mouthful of piss-soaked hair in her mouth and sucked it, relishing the burning, filthy taste of her nephew's piss. Her stomach was still tossing in outrage at the smell and taste of the piss, but every drop was causing her clit to explode with pleasure.

"Filthy fucking whore!" Wayne growled, shaking the last of his piss off in his aunt's soiled face. "You like drinking that piss, you dirty old slut? Suck some ass, then, you sexy cow! Stick that slutty tongue up my asshole!" Wayne grabbed Donna by a handful of her piss-soaked hair and dragged her beautiful face over the muscular cheeks of his ass. Donna gasped with pain and shock as her lips and cheeks dragged over his ass. Tony shouted with lust and excitement when he saw Donna plant a wet, lingering kiss on Wayne's ass.

His cock was jerking out of control in her reamed out shitter, and he leaned over her sleek, writhing body, hugging her tight as he shot his cum inside her.

He squirmed his hands under her and grabbed her tits like handles, jerking them up and down in rhythm with his fuck-strokes. "Oh yes!" Donna shrieked as Tony's first jet of cum shot deep into her asshole. "Oh yes, you beautiful, nasty boy! Fill me up with cum, you dirty little bastard!" Tony crushed the woman into the hood of her car, hammering his cock up her madly flexing asshole.

With every inward stroke, he shot another thick stream of jism up her shitter, and soon he could feel it squishing back around his pistoning cock. He squeezed her tits tighter and yanked her helpless body violently against him. Wayne used Donna's hair as a handle, jerking her face all around his ass. Wherever he pulled her face, she kissed him, her lush lips lingering moistly on his rock-hard asscheeks.

She brushed her tongue over his skin in teasing strokes, and Wayne's cock started getting hard again. Finally he pulled her nose into the crack of his ass.

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Donna whimpered in shame and excitement at her fffst whiff of her nephew's dirty asscrack. The smell was musky and dank, almost too much for her to stand. Vornit rumbled in her stomach again, but that didn't bother Donna anymore. She had done so many degrading, disgusting things that she guessed one more wouldn't matter. Wayne bent over, spreading his asscheeks wide apart. Donna saw the filthy brown bud of his asshole and the sprinkling of dark, wiry hair that surrounded it.

She gagged at the sight, but she didn't try to fight when Wayne pulled her face toward it. Instead she parted her full, moist lips and let her tongue slip over her teeth. "Oh shit!" Tony gasped, pumping the last of his jism into Donna's wrecked asshole. "Aunt Donna's going to eat out your asshole, Wayne! Fuck, Aunt Donna will do anything!" "And she's not even started yet," Wayne said darkly, jerking Donna's head up and down, smearing her pretty face all over his asscrack.

"Shit, I might never use toilet paper again." Donna moaned with disgust and delight as Wayne used her face to clean his dirty asscrack. She kept her lips parted and her tongue flapping while Wayne ground her beautiful face into his filthy ass. She smelled shit and she tasted shit. And when Wayne pulled her face deep enough, she planted her lips over his asshole and tongued his shitter.

"Oh yeah," Tony said, pulling his cock out of Donna's shitter. It was streaked with blood and shit and jism. "I can't wait to get in on some of this action.

Take a piss shower, Aunt Donna!" Donna's head was swimming as she plunged her tongue deep up Wayne's dank shitter. Her own asshole felt as though it had been ruined by Tony's huge cock, but it also felt terribly empty now that he had pulled out.

His jism dribbled out of her asshole to slide down over her cunt, and Donna moaned with shame. She was leaking cum from all three holes now. She was like some cheap whore who had just finished a gangbang. She squealed with disgust when Tony's piss splashed over her back.

She squirmed in agony when he directed the fiery stream over her welted ass, then writhed in pleasure when he aimed the blast lower, at the reddened lips of her swollen cunt. The beat of Tony's burning piss against her pussy sent Donna into a firecracker string of climaxes. The sexy blonde shook and gagged as she sucked on Wayne's asshole. She fucked her tongue as far as it would go up his filth-crusted ass-chute, and she sucked on the brown bud of his asshole as if it was a straw.

Her mouth filled with the filthy taste of his ass. It made her sick, but it also made her cum. Tony soaked her supple, squirming body in his piss while she sucked the filth out of his older brother's ass. After he'd squirted the last of his piss across the delicate flesh of Donna's shoulder blades, he stepped up beside her head and pulled her face out of Wayne's ass. He slapped her shit-stained cheek with his slimy cock.

"Suck me clean, Aunt Donna," he said. "Lick your nasty shit and blood off my nice big cock!" Donna sobbed at the sight of her blood on Tony's big cock. The pain that still flared through her ass was enough to tell her that he had hurt her, but she hadn't known that he had made her bleed. Still, the submissive beauty took her youngest newphew's cock in her mouth and sucked it clean. When she tasted her own shit on his prick, she almost threw up, but she also trembled with excitement.

By the time she finished cleaning Tony's huge prick she was burning up with her need to be fucked. "Fuck me!" she moaned, tears sparkling in her blue eyes. "Please fuck me! You said you were going to make up for all the fucking I've missed! I've probably missed hundreds of fucks! Please get started! Please!" "Thousands," Mark said, walking in front of her and taking the chains off her wrists. Tony released her ankles. "And we're ready to get started. But first you're going to have to learn some fucking lessons.

Right, guys?" "Right!" a chorus of voices answered. Donna turned her head, not trusting her legs to support her if she got off the car hood. And then she saw that Mark and his brothers were serious about having her make up for all the fucking she had missed during her lifetime.

And she cried, unable to bear the newest degradation her nephews had brought her. Dozens of boys stood beside the car, some younger than Tony, others older than Mark. They were all looking at her. "Say hello to your new boyfriends, you fucking slut," Mark said. CHAPTER SEVEN Donna stared at the crowd of boys that Mark had gathered, unable to look away, unable to believe the feelings that were skittering through her lean body.

There were at least twenty boys mobbed around her, many with their cocks already in hand, all wearing the same look of violent desire. Donna knew they were going to assault her helpless, sexy body, that she was about to become the victim of a gangbang that might ruin her gorgeous body forever.

Her cunt was on fire. Mark pulled her off the hood of her car and Donna tumbled weakly to the ground. The repeated rapes and cruel bondage her nephews had subjected her to had taken their toll on the sultry blonde.

Her legs felt like limp strands of spaghetti and they didn't seem to fit to her body quite right. Mark spun her around in the dirty gravel and spread her arms and legs out wide.

Boys gathered around her, blocking out hervision of the movie screen and the dark night sky. Donna looked at their cocks instead, and listened to the running of car engines all around her.

Strong, cold chains were circled around Donna's wrists and ankles, and her arms and legs were pulled even wider and tighter. Donna smelled car exhaust and she wondered what was going on. There seemed to be an awful lot of engines running just beyond the circle of boys. She screamed when Wayne pushed the boys back and she saw what was happening.

She screamed again when Mark gave the signal to start. Icy fear knifed through the lust that tickled her captive. The chains that looped around Donna's wrists and ankles led to the rear bumpers of four different cars, each one pointed to a different point on the compass.

They all moved forward at once, and Donna squeezed her eyes tightly shut, unwilling to believe that she was going to die in such a horrible fashion. Pain scissored through her slender arms and long, lean legs as the chains were pulled taut. Tearing, rending agony tore at her shoulders and hips as the tension pulled her off the gravel, suspending her in midair a foot and a half off the ground. Her full tits pulled flat on her chest and the tendons stood out in bold relief down the insides of her silky thighs.

"Okay, guys, switch them to neutral." Mark stepped up and patted Donna affectionately on her tight, flat stomach. "Don't worry, Aunt Bitch, the ground's pretty flat here. Fuck, we don't want to tear off any of the good parts." "Oh fuck," one of the new boys said. "Look at her.

How'd you guys ever get a bitch as beautiful as this? This is the fucking sexiest thing I've ever seen!" It was the truth. Stretched out as she was, every inch of Donna's magnificent body was on open display. She looked even taller and leaner with her slim arms and sleek legs pulled so wide.

Every perfectly toned muscle stood out beneath her velvety skin. Her flat stomach and lush asscheeks were pulled tight by the stretch. Even Donna's full tits were pulled flat by the terrible strain. They looked more sexy than ever. Her silky, flawless skin was flushed with strain and bathed in sweat.

Her head dangled backward, her long, golden hair trailing down to the ground. She looked like a virgin, ready to be sacrificed to some dark God of sex. Nearly fifty boys had gathered by now, and every one of them wanted to the the first to make her service his cock. Mark grabbed Donna by her long, blonde hair and jerked her head up so that she could see the swarm of hardcocked boys who were waiting for her. Insanely grateful to her nephew for not having torn her apart, Donna rubbed her soiled cheek against his hip.

"Thank you," she whispered gratefully, turning her head to the side so she could kiss and lick Mark's fingers. "I'll fuck anybody you want me to! I'll suck anything! I'll eat anything! You can do anything to me you want! I love you! I love it! I love everything!" "Listen to this old whore," Mark said with a sneer, pushing his fingers between Donna's lush lips until her mouth was stretched obscenely wide around his hand and her words were incomprehensible.

"Fuck, you'd think she was telling us something we didn't know." "When can we fuck her?" one of the boys asked. His cock was dripping fuck-lube like a leaky faucet. "In a little bit," Mark said, tucking his thumb in under his fingers and fucking his whole hand into his sexy aunt's mouth.

"Look at the slutty whore! This sexy old bitch is hotter for fucking than any of you jerks! I want to make her squirm a little before she gets to!" "Let me help you," Wayne said, snapping the radio antenna off Donna's expensive car. He swished the metal switch through the air with a flick of his wrist. "I think I can make her squirm a bit." Donna screamed as Wayne whipped the antenna down across her velvety, flat belly.

She looked down at her stomach, half expecting to see a deep bloody gash. Instead there was only a thin red welt. "You like that, Aunt Donna?" Wayne asked, an evil gleam in his eyes as he whipped the antenna down across her thighs.

"You like the way this old antenna feels whipping down on your slutty body?" Donna moaned in agony from the pain of the lashing. Wayne brought the antenna singing down across her legs a half dozen times, each blow harder than the last. She struggled helplessly against her chains, maddened by lust and pain and the knowledge that no matter what the boys decided to do with her, there was no hope for escape.

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"Let me hear you beg," Wayne said, whipping the tender insides of Donna's thighs. "Beg me to whip you, bitch. Tell me how to whip your sexy little bod." Donna twisted vainly against the chains that held her spread-eagled in midair.


Every slash of the antenna against her soft white inner thighs drove her a little more insane. She looked around and all she could see were lusting male faces and stiff cocks. She whimpered like a beaten animal, the purring in her throat half pain and half desire. "Here you go, bitch," Mark said, stepping back up beside her with his cock in hand.

"Here's a little something special for you." "Yes!" Donna moaned, her voice throaty with lust and frantic with pain. "Fuck me with your big, beautiful cock! Stick it inside me! Fuck me to death!" "Fuck yourself, whore," Mark said, and started pissing. Donna wailed in shame and frustration as the mob of boys laughed and Mark emptied his bladder all over her long, lean body. Mark splashed piss over her big, stiff-nippled tits.

He let his piss sizzle into the silky, welted skin of her flat tummy and shapely thighs. He pissed in her face, and hard as Donna tried, she couldn't keep her mouth closed to the burning yellow liquid. Wayne whipped the antenna over the silky, rounded cheeks of Donna's ass, bringing the metal wand up against her bouncing cheeks with vicious underhand blows.

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Donna's swollen cunt snapped open and shut like a mouth with every stinging lash, drooling pussy-cream in a steady, trickling stream. She gulped on Mark's piss as though it were the sweetest nectar she had ever tasted. Every burning swallow made her tits tingle and her cunt burn.

The boy who had shouted stepped between Donna's legs and aimed his hard cock at the peeled back lips of her swollen pussy. For an instant, the delirious blonde's heart soared at the thought that he was going to fuck her, but her nephew started pissing instead, blasting a blistering spray of piss directly between the fluttering folds of Donna's cunt-lips.

"Piss on me!" Donna screamed, thrashing against her chains unffl her shapely body swayed and bounced in the air. "Piss on me! Piss in me! Oh fuck me, please fuck me! Why won't anyone fuck me?" "You did without it for thirty fucking years, you piece of shit bitch!" Wayne growled, whipping the antenna across her bouncing hips and soft, flat stomach.

"You're a cock-teasing cunt, Aunt Donna! Now we're giving you a little cunt teasing so you'll know what it feels like!" The blast of piss inside her cunt was pushing Donna over the edge. She fucked on the stream of piss, her ass arching up at machine-gun speed. Her cunt snapped open and shut. She whipped her head from side to side, her long golden hair splashing abou her piss-soaked face.

"Fuck me!" she moaned desperately, her eyes wide and wild, her full lips quivering with passion. "You all want me! Look at your cocks! I'm beautiful, don't you want to fuck me? Please fuck me!" "Shit, bitch," one of the boys said, rubbing his rock-hard cock. "This is almost better than fucking. I've never seen a slut put on a show this good." Donna begged the boys to fuck her, pleaded with them, tried to entice them by shaking her tits and ass and shoving her pussy high into the air.

She did a wild dance as she hung in the air, ignoring the tearing pain at her wrists and ankles. Mark sprayed the last of his piss over her tits and the other boy dribbled the last of his into the furry blonde triangle of her cunt-hair, and Donna shrieked, caught just moments away from an orgasm. "Hi, ass-sucker," Wayne said, grabbing Donna by a handful of her shimmering blonde hair and jerking her head up.

"I want you to get a good look at this." Donna screamed for mercy as Wayne brought the car antenna slashing down. Even before it laid a thin track of fire across her big, soft tits, she knew that the pain was going to be unbearable. When the antenna hit her tits, Donna couldn't breathe. She couldn't stop shaking. It felt like Wayne had sliced a piece of her tits away.

Then he hit her again. And again. And again. Donna's face went pale and her screams quieted to silence as Wayne scored her tits with the antenna. She watched as if she was mesmerized as he methodicaly turned her tits a fiery shade of red. The first time he whipped the antenna down over one of her stiff pink nipples Donna bit her lip until blood trickled down from the corner of her mouth.

After that she endured the cruel lashing in silence, her ragged breathing the only sound she made. "You like that, cunt?" Wayne asked, bringing the whip down onto Donna's tits again and again. "You like that, piss-face? You like that, shit-licker?" Tears streamed down Donna's pretty, dirtied face.

Her perfect features were twisted with agony and stained with cum and piss. Her lush lips trembled as she opened her mouth to answer, but another slash from Wayne's whip cut off her voice. Her slender, sultry body became still. She hung silently in midair, her shallow breathing her only movement. But slippery pussy-juice was trickling from her cunt in a waterfall torrent, and her pussy was crushing in on itself, clenching like a powerful fist.

"Tell me you like it!" Wayne shouted, slashing the antenna down into Donna's tits with every word he spoke. Donna had been beaten almost unconscious, but her body was stffl alive with pain-filled passion. "Tell me you like getting your tits whipped, you dirty guttercunt!" "I love it," Donna whispered, her voice an urgent, lust-filled rasp.

"I love getting my tits whipped! Oh shit, I love it when you hurt me! I love it when you fuck me! I love it all!" "Right," Wayne said, straddling his sexy aunt's flat little tummy. "Now let's use these pretty tits for something a little different." Donna walled in agony as Wayne settled his ass down on her stomach. His added weight on top of hers made the chains that circled her ankles and wrists bite deep into her tender flesh. Wayne slapped the car antenna across her haunches, making her buck and twist and causing the chains to hurt her even more.

The strain on her tired muscles was unbelievable. The gorgeous, conquered blonde felt certain that her arms and legs would be pulled from her body by the added stress.

Even the pain Wayne dealt her by slashing the antenna against her hips and ass faded against the terrible, pulling agony of the chains. "Give me that," Mark said to a boy holding a nearly full bottle of beer. When the kid handed it to him, Mark shook it violently, keeping his thumb over the top. "Don't get off on this, slut.

I'm just cleaning out your scuzzy little cunt for some fun." Donna whimpered with ecstasy as Mark shoved the fat neck of the bottle into her cunt and slipped his thumb off the top. The beer blasted up inside her pussy, filling the overheated cunt with bubbling pleasure. Donna's cunt clamped so tight on the neck of the bottle that for an instant she pulled it from Mark's hand. She almost came from the stab of the boffle and the frothy splash of beer, but just as her pleasure was cresting, Mark jerked the bottle from her pussy.

"I told you not to get off on that, you sorry old whore!" Mark yelled, pouring the rest of the beer all over Donna's crotch. He pounded the bottom of the bottle into the soft pit of Donna's stomach, almost causing her to pass out. "You better learn to do what you're told, you worthiess fuckow! Just having a hot body and a pretty face isn't enough, and don't think you've made up for all your years of shit just because you want to get fucked now! You're nothing but a whore now, and a whore does what she's fucking told!

Do you understand?" "Tell Mark you understand," Wayne said, pinching Donna's stiff pink nipples between his fingers and twisting them until she gasped with pain. "Yes, Mark!" Donna whimpered. "I'm a whore! I understand! But I'm so hot! Please let somebody fuck me! I'll fuck him real good!" "Fuck me real good," Wayne hissed, grabbing the satiny mounds of Donna's tits and pushing them together. "Fuck me good with these pretty little tits." Donna twisted under her nephew's weight, lost in a world of pain as he clapped his hands together over her rounded tits.

The pain of having the full, silky mounds smashed together was almost as bad as that of having them whipped. Wayne still held the antenna that had tortured her so horribly, and Donna sensed that he wasn't finished assaulting her with the awful weapon.

"Oh yeah," Wayne said, driving his cock through the silky soft tunnel of Donna's tits. "That's sweet as your pussy, slut! You're sweet all over, aren't you, bitch? I don't think I'm ever going to get tired of fucking you up!" The pain was too much to bear. Wayne jerked his hips back and forth over her stomach, riding her as if she was a racehorse.

The fucking made Donna's body rock like a hammock, tearing her wrists and ankles and pulling her slender arms and long legs past the breaking point. She could tell from the look in Wayne's eyes that he knew how much he was hurting her, and that the knowledge was turning him on even more. It started to turn Donna on too. Her tits felt as though they were swelling, and the reddened skin prickled from the heat of Wayne's hands and cock.

Every muscle in her long, lean body felt as if it had been set alight from the strain of being suspended in midair. Beer still bubbled inside her cunt, some of it pouring out now, soaking her sexy ass. The beer carried along jism and cunt-cream and piss, leaving her cunt clean and burning with need.

"Got to cum!" she moaned, no longer caring how much she shamed or degraded herself. She couldn't sink any lower than she already had. She was a slut now, a sex slave for a flock of teenaged boys.

She might as well act like what she had become. "Got to cum, got to cum! Fuck me, you bastards! You're killing me! I can't stand it anymore!" "Let me make you feel a little better," Mark said, and dropped to his knees between her legs. "The whore wants us to help her, guys. Who wants to give her a kiss?" Donna shuddered with anticipation at the thought of her oldest nephew sticking his fat cock up her burning cunt.

When she felt his tongue on her, she squealed in shock and delight. Mark was licking her cunt-lips! "Fuck my tits!" she gasped, urging her pain-wracked body up against Wayne's hard fucking. "My tits are cumming, Wayne! Fuck them harder!" "Crazy cunt," Wayne said, releasing one of her tits to lay three quick lashes of the antenna against the silky curve of one hip.

"Mom's never going to believe how fucking easy it was to turn you into a whore." Donna wailed in shame at her nephew's words, bucking her hips toward Mark's talented tongue. Dozens of boys were crowded around her now, and she stared at their hard, throbbing cocks and lusting faces. Mark was slithering his tongue up and down the swollen outer folds of her cunt, and Donna was sure she was going to climax any second. A boy leaned over her head, twisting her face toward his and smashing his lips down over hers.

He speared his tongue past her unresisting lips and kissed her so roughiy that her head ached. A boy knelt down at her side and clamped his mouth into the satiny hollow beneath Donna's right shoulder.

The sleek, captive blonde jerked at the maddening tickle of his whipping tongue and nibbling teeth. A boy leaned down to lather his tongue over Donna's fevered cheeks, painting her beautiful face with a shiny coat of spit. Everywhere boys were following Mark's lead and using their mouths to drive the subjugated beauty even wilder with passion. Teeth scraped over the velvety rise of her ribs, tongues traced odd designs on the shuddering flat plain of her stomach.

Boys bit her nipples, holding her tits tight around Wayne's fucking cock so that her nephew could continue whipping her with the car antenna. Boys bit her creamy asscheeks until Donna squirmed in a desperate, futile attempt to escape their demonic biting.

Boys licked and kissed and bit up and down the slender lengths of her arms and legs. A mouth was on either side of her throat, biting and sucking until Donna felt sure she must be bleeding. Boys were sucking her fingers and toes.

Boys were biting at the hollows of her elbows and knees and armpits, and at the soft curve where her thighs met her ass. The boys flocked to every sensitive spot on her helpless, gorgeous body, inflicting pain and pleasure on her in such a crazy guilt of sensation that before long Donna couldn't tell them apart, could only squlrm and buck and whimper in endless, mindless delirium.

Worst of all was the action in her vulnerable, wide-spread crotch. Half a dozen mouths were pressed into the tiny pocket, biting and licking and sucking and kissing, driving the last bits of reason from Donna's dazzled mind. Mark was at the center, nibbling at her clit and fucking his tongue deep inside her pussy. But there were other mouths at work as well. A boy on either side of Mark's face was biting and pulling at Donna's swollen pink cunt-lips.

A mouth was plastered to her tiny pink shitter, a tongue fucking the reamed-out channel. Boys were gnawing at her inner thighs and tearing at her golden cunt-hair. Donna thought she was going to explode. She hadn't thought it was possible to be any closer to an orgasm than she already was, but somehow the gang-licking the boys were giving her was pushing her even closer.

And somehow they were keeping her from tipping over the edge. Donna thrashed and trembled with the overpowering lust that filled her body.

The pain that flowered down through her arms and legs meant nothing to her now, and the whipping Wayne was giving her with the antenna only spurred her to greater heights of passion. Even with five mouths at work sucking up her pussyeam, her cunt-juices splattered the ground like a waterfall. Her clit throbbed frantically in Mark's mouth, and her pussy-lips qulvering between the lips that nursed on them. She had to cum, but somehow the boys were keeping her from orgasm.

"Slut!" Wayne shouted, fucking a red groove through the satiny white cleavage of Donna's tits. "Cumming, you dirty old whore! Gonna soak your filthy tits with some cum!" "Me too!" Donna cried, her pleas muffled by a boy who was biting at her upper lip and lashing his tongue over the sliver of flesh he had trapped inside his mouth.

"I want to cum too! Please let me cum!" Wayne groaned as his first spurt of jism leapt through the tunnel of Donna's tits. Boys scattered as the long string of cock-slime drew a thick white line right down the center of the squlrming beauty's perfect face. The line of jism reached from the top of her crushed tits all the way to the bridge of her nose. Wayne's cock jerked again, and this time a fat wad of jism splattered over his gorgeous aunt's right cheek.

His third blast bounced off her chin and soaked her throat with fuck-slinie. Other boys lost control of themselves as they watched Wayne douse his writhing aunt in jism. A boy milked his cock right down on Donna's face, pouring cum down her left cheek until she looked as though she had been painted in dirty white. Two boys pushed their cocks against the dazed beauty's lushly parted lips and filled her mouth with cum.

Donna swallowed jism and drooled jism, and the taste of cock-cream made her even hotter, but somehow Mark still kept her from climaxing. Boys pelted Donna's squirming, sexy body with cum. Jism slapped against the shuddering hollow of her stomach. Jism splattered over Donna's full, silky tits. Boys streaked her golden hair with clotted, dirty silver and submerged her big blue eyes under lakes of cum.

Donna's slender arms and long, shapely legs were striped and spotted with flying cock-slime. "I'm ready!" Tony cried. It seemed to Donna that he was calling from a million miles away, and she wondered where he had been while the other naughty boys had been teasing her so badly. He was such a sweet boy that she was sure he would make her cum.

She just needed to call him over. "Tony!" she gurgled around a throatful of jism. "Where are you, Tony? Aunt Donna needs to cum! You'll make me cum, won't you?" "Say pretty please," Tony said in his boyish voice, knowing now that his sexy aunt was completely broken, her personality shattered under the pain and lust and degradation he and his brothers had given her. "Say pretty please with sugar on top!" "Pretty please with sugar on top!" Donna gurgled desperately, her hips surging wildly through the air as Mark and the other boys stepped away from her.

"I'll be your piggy whore forever!" "Well for the next five or ten years," Wayne said, tossing the antenna away. "Once you get to looking old, we'll toss you out on your smelly ass." "Pretty please with sugar on top!" Donna screamed, burning with shame at Wayne's contempt and scorn, but burning much more fiercely with lust. "Please make me cum! Please, please, please, please!" "Well," Tony said doubtfully, "if you're really sure.

I've got the wires rigged up to the batteries, guys. Anytime you're ready, we can start shocking the shit out of her." Through jism-clouded eyes Donna saw the dozens of rubber-coated wires with their dangerous, bared ends. There were enough of them for half the boys at least, and all of them were connected to the runmng cars that pinned her in place.

Even through the cloud of lust that surrounded her, Donna knew that she would never survive what the boys were about to do. CHAPTER EIGHT Mark was the first one to take a wire from Tony, being careful not to touch the exposed metal tip.

Even through the rubber insulation he could feel the pulse of electricity massaging the tips of his fingers. "Tony, are you sure this isn't too much?" He looked over at his brother, who was handing a wire to one of his buddies. "We don't want to kill the sexy old whore. Especially when we haven't had a chance to share her with our friends." "I think it'll be okay," Tony said with a mischievous grin. "As long as we don't all shock her at once.

If she goes into convulsions or something, I guess we can stop." "Fuck," Wayne said with a thin, evil grin. "Aunt Donna's already having convulsions." It was the truth.

Mark looked down at the sleek body of his aunt, watching with pleasure as she writhed and trembled with lust. She had the body of a young cheerleader and the face of a movie star, and just looking at her made Mark's cock throb with lust.

"Fuck?" she whimpered in a broken voice. Pussyeam rolled down her qulvering cunt-lips in fat, juicy globs. "Cock? So many pretty cocks! Please stick some inside the whore!" Donna's svelte body bucked and twisted against the tightly drawn chains.

The sleek muscles in her arms and legs bunched with effort, and her flat little stomach was taut with strain. Sweat glistened in a sparkling sheen on her flawless skin. She looked like a jism dumping ground, and she was criss-crossed with welts and stained with piss, but she was still exquisitely beautiful. She was aiso out of her mind with lust. Mark wanted to drive her a little crazier.

He touched the wire to her cunt. Donna squealed in pain, her hips bucking insanely under the electric touch of the wire. Fire crawled through her nervous system, filling her with a pain that felt like it might go on forever. Her hips whipped up and down and from side to side in a maddened frenzy of desperate motion. The muscles in her long, lean legs stood out like steel cords beneath her velvety skin. Her eyes rolled back in her head and saliva drooled from both corners of her mouth.

She couldn't seem to catch her breath, and her chest heaved as she gasped desperately for air. "Shit," Tony said, watching the electricity course through his aunt's long, sleek body.

"We better get her out of those fucking chains before we start letting her have it." "Shit, she ain't going nowhere," the boy said, and bent down to do as Tony ordered. Donna hit the gravel still squirming, the pain of her impact nothing compared to the fiery anguish that was burning its way through her body. She looked up and all she could see were cruelly smiling boys holding lengths of wire.

"Look at that," Wayne said with a laugh. "I didn't think the old bitch had any fight left in her." Donna pushed herself to her feet, feeling strangely naked with no chains holding her body. She staggered in the midst of the crowd of lusting boys, too dazed to know what direction she should walk, too weak to do more than weave drunkenly back and forth. Bolts of agony were shooting down her long, tapered legs.

Her thighs no longer seemed to connect to her body quite right, and her cunt and asshole felt as though they were a foot wide and completely hollow.

"Not this!" she sighed, trying to muster the last shards of her shattered dignity. "You can all fuck me!

You can fuck me to death for all I care, but not this! I'm not some kind of torture doll!" "That's just what you are, Donna," Mark said, stepping in as if to embrace her. Instead he pressed the tip of his wire against her stiff right nipple. "A torture doll and a fuck doll and a toilet doll and anything else that turns us on. You're our slave, you dumb old cunt! If we want to cook you up and eat you for dinner you couldn't do a fucking thing about it!" Donna barely heard what Mark said, but she understood all she had to.

Her nerves caught fire under the burning scratch of the wire, the flames making her nipple pulse like an electrical transformer and the rounded mound of her tit vibrate with pain.

Then another boy plunged his wire against the rounded curve of her right asscheek, and Donna didn't know anything anymore. She lost her balance, but she didn't fall. Instead she danced drunkenly in the midst of the crowd of boys, bouncing with the bursts of electricity that were sizzling through her sexy frame. Wires touched her everywhere. They touched the silky triangle of Donna's cunt-hair and the trembling softness of her thighs.

Wires scraped her jiggling tits and slender arms and soft, quivering stomach. A boy touched his wire to her full lower lip, and another stuck his against her ear.

A boy stuck his wire between the tensed cheeks of her ass, and as the electricity sizzled into her through the tender inner flesh, Donna leapt a foot in the air. Wayne was the first boy to touch his wire to the fragile lips of Donna's cunt. He caught the inner fold and then drove the wire relentlessly into the soft, pink flesh. Her cunt-lips looked as if they were moving at light speed as they flapped desperately around the wire.

Her pussy-cream poured out of her as though somebody had flushed a toilet inside her, bathing her thighs and Wayne's hand with a quart of sticky wetness. The pain was more awful than anything the boys had yet done to her. It was as though she had been submerged in a pool of agony.

Her hair stood up on end and gooseflesh swept across her creamy skin in waves of sensation. "Dance, you dirty whore!" Wayne shouted, plunging his wire deeper inside her clasping, drooling cunt. "Shake that sexy ass! Make those tits bounce, you piss-drinking cow!" Donna was jerking and shaking. Her head rolled on her shoulders, her long blonde hair trailing down her back.

The muscles in her arms and legs quaked, pushing her body first in one direction and then another. Her hips bucked and jittered, her asscheeks flexing and her tiny stomach heaving. Spit drooled down her chin and her eyes were glazed and deadened.

She looked like some kind of unearthly sex fiend, a seductive vampire ready to seize her prey. She was the prey, though, and the boys who surrounded her were more turned on than ever watching the lewd spectacle of her sexy body's contortions.

A boy touched a wire to the tip of Donna's nose and pain enveloped her head. As she screamed, another boy planted the end of his wire on her wet, pink tongue, and Donna's head jerked up and down. Then Mark plunged his wire right up against the pink, winking bud of her ashsole, and like some tall, sexy oak felled by a lumberman's ax, Donna tumbled. Donna hit the gravel hard, her tits and face all pounding deep into the gravel. Mark followed her down with his wire, actually managing to drive it a few inches up her clasping shitter.

Donna's asshole went completely lax as Mark fed it the punishing electricity, and she let several loud, long farts. The boys laughed at her, jabbing her harder with their wires. They laughed even louder when Donna shit all over herself, staining her creamy thighs with filthy waste. The boys flipped her over, rolling her lush ass in the pile of shit she had just dropped. Wayne stuck at her cunt again as soon as Donna rolled over on her back, and this time he stabbed his wire right against her twitching little clit.

Donna's hips shot a foot into the air. Mark stuck his wire into her cunt, too, spearing her clit right next to where Wayne had hit her. Other boys shoved their wires at her fluttering cunt-lips and into the jerking muscles that traced her velvety inner thighs. Squads of boys stabbed their wires against her silky, heaving tits. Wires touched on her throbbing nipples and scraped along her plush, trembling tit-mounds. A boy stabbed his wire into the tiny cup of her navel.

Boys scraped their wires over the backs of her knees and into her armpits and over every other sensitive spot on her shattered, captive body. Wires pushed inside her quivering nostrils and traced her trembling lips and rested in her palms and on the soles of her feet. Everywhere the boys touched her with their tiny wires liquid fire poured through her, and Donna felt the world slipping away. Without warning piss arched up out of her cunt to splatter the gravel between her kicking legs.

Boys shouted and cursed as they were splashed with her piss, but no one gave up his position to avoid being splattered. Boys laughed and called Donna filthy names, but the shame of having shit and pissed all over herself was nothing compared to the pain the boys were inflicting on her.

Convulsions wracked her sinuous, sensual body. Her arms and legs trembled and jerked like the limbs of a puppet whose strings have been cut. Her ass whipped back and forth a foot off the ground in a maddened effort to escape the streams of electricity the boys were feeding her cunt and asshole.

Her head jerked madly from one side to the other, her blonde hair flying about her face, her eyes glazed, her teeth chattering. Spasms wracked her long, lean abdomen, causing the muscles in her stomach to roll and quake like a belly dancer's.

Every part of her body was alive with pain-filled movement, but nothing she did could free her from the agony the boys were dealing her. "Piss on us, bitch!" a boy growled, standing up over her and unzipping his pants.

"Whores don't piss, they get pissed on!" The boy pissed all over the flat, shuddering plain of Donna's stomach, and while the stinking yellow juice was still pouring over her sucked-in tummy another boy touched his wire to the puddled piss.

Donna shrieked, her body heaving and jumping as the piss helped conduct the electricity. She hadn't thought it could get any worse, but somehow the boys had found a way to torment her even more. Tony watched his aunt, proud of what he'd managed and wondering how much more she could take. She looked as though she was possessed, her eyes rolling in her head and her lean, sexy body pitching and surging with the flow of electricty through her.

"Watch out if you piss on her!" one of the boys shouted. "The electricity could travel back up the stream and shock the shit out of your cock!" "That's a chance I'll fucking take!" another boy yelled, and squatted so he could soak the blonde's face with his piss. Mark grinned viciously as he stabbed his sexy aunt's clit with his wire.

Her pussy-lips fluttered in pathetic defense of her cunt, and her clit wriggled like a worm on a hook in a futile attempt to escape the horrible buzzing jolts of electricity it was being fed.

Donna's cunt poured pussy-cream in a pitiful attempt to save her precious little cunt from torture. "Give me those!" he shouted, grabbing wires from a dozen other boys. He never took his eyes off his squirming, sweat soaked aunt as he gathered them up in one hand. "Watch this, boys! Now we're going to make her really shake that shitty little ass!" Mark plunged the joined wires into Donna's tiny pink cunt, fucking them as far up inside her as he could push them.

A belch of pussy-cream soaked his hand all the way to the wrist, but that didn't stop him from driving the wires in even farther, then yanking them out to set up a fucking rhythm.

Donna's eyes jerked wide open and for an instant she felt completely aware of everything that was going on around her. Most of the other boys hd stopped shocking her now, stepping back instead to watch Mark wire-fuck her Donna stared down between her wide-flung legs, and when she saw what her oldest nephew was doing to her, she screamed insanely. "Yes!" she shrieked, her body bouncing on the sharp gravel from the huge dose of electricity Mark was feeding her.

"Fuck me, you sweet boy! Fuck me to death! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" The pain was so awful that Donna wasn't sure what she was feeling anymore. There was just raw, unbearable sensation coursing through her helpless, flopping body.

She could no longer control any part of her body. It was the electricity that made her thrash and writhe across the ground. Donna wailed deliriously, no longer able to work her tongue and lips to form words. She babbled incoherently, tears running down her pretty face to mix with the sweat and piss that already sparkled on her flawless skin. Boys pulled off their belts and whipped her, knowing the leather wouldn't conduct the killing dose of electricity Mark was feeding her.

They flattened her tits under their savage assault, and striped her gorgeous face with lines of fire. But Donna loved it all. Mark fucked her as fast as he could, powering the bunch of wires up inside her clutching, swampy cunt. Her hips jerked and twisted through a maddened ballet of random motion, sometimes flipping two feet off the ground, sometimes pounding so hard into the gravel that sharp edged rocks dug deep into her tender flesh. Her cunt clutched around the wires with maddening irregularity, moved by the shifting currents of electricity that flared through them.

Donna didn't know whether she was cumming or dying. She thought that she might be doing both at once, because every cell in her body was on fire from the electricity and her mind was hazing over.

Two boys stood over her head and took turns slapping her face with their belts. They started her nose bleeding and split her lips, but Donna didn't mind. Two more boys were taking turns beating her poor, battered tits, but all Donna felt was thrilling, tearing pleasure burning out from her nipples.

Without warning Mark jerked the wires from her cunt and waved off the boys with the belts. Donna collapsed on the ground like a puppet whose strings had been cut. Her arms and legs twitched a little and she muttered a few nonsense words, but after that she lay completely stffl, her eyes glassed over and her body limp.

Only her ragged, shallow breathing proved that she was alive at all. Donna wasn't sure what had happened. An instant before she had been overloading with sensation. Now she was feeling nothing at all. She tried to raise herself up, tried to turn her head so she could see what was happening, but she couldn't move.


It was as though her body had been short-circuited by all the electricity the boys had fed her. Mark stared down at the limp, sexy body of his beautiful aunt.

She was stained with shit and piss and cum. Her hair was a wild tangle. Her tits and ass and legs and stomach were all striped with welts and dotted with bruises. She wore hickies where the boys had bitten her and tiny cuts from thrashing in the gravel.

She was still the most beautiful woman Mark had ever seen. She was still so gorgeous that Mark's balls ached with cum again after dropping two loads inside her.

He smiled when he saw her hips start to twitch and hump. His smile grew wider as fresh pussy-juice glistened on the swollen pink lips of her cunt. When her pussy-lips started fluttering and a low moan escaped her full lips, Mark started laughing. "Haven't cum yet, have you, you sexy old cow?" he asked, nudging Donna's beautiful face with the dirty toe of his boot. "What's the matter? Wasn't getting fucked with electricity enough for your slutty little ass? Do you want something else?" Donna's sleek, sultry body began to writhe against the gravel.

Her movements now weren't the spastic convulsions she had suffered while the boys had shocked her. Instead they were sinuous, sensual squirmings.

She slithered over the ground like a snake, her eyes glazed with growing lust, her full tits heaving with passion.

"I want cock!" she hissed, her voice deep and throaty and sexual. She rubbed her pretty cheek over the toe of Mark's filthy boot, then whipped her tongue over the soiled leather. "I've got to cum! You've got to make me cum!" "Act like a whore," Mark said pleasantly. "Act like a whore trying to get some customers.

If a dirty-assed slut like you appeals to any of these guys, I guess they can fuck you." Donna had thought she was past shame, but there was enough of her old self left to burn with humiliation at Mark's mocking words. She felt like a worthless slut, like a woman who had handed over every part of her life to some cruel pimp. She was like some sorry bitch mutt, crawling back to lick her master's foot after every time he kicked her.

She wedged the toe of Mark's boot between her lips and sucked on it, her hands pulling on her nipples and scratching down the soft hollow of her stomach.

She rolled over onto her knees and fucked at the air, bucking her sexy, shitstained ass high while she slurped at her oldest nephew's dirty boot. Pussy-juice splattered the gravel beneath her. "I said act likea whore!" Mark shouted, kicking his sexy aunt away from him.

"Not shine my shoes with your slutty tongue! You'll be doing plenty enough of that later, believe me! Now get to begging, if you want to get fucked!" Donna trembled with shame and frustration, barely able to believe that she had so quickly sunk to such disgrace.

She was hardly even human now, smeared with her own shit and the piss and cum of a mob of boys. And now she was begging them to gangfuck her, to assault her helpless body even more savagely than they already had. But the burning in her cunt would not be denied. She had to have cock.

"Look at these tits, boys," she said, her voice trembling with humiliation and passion. "Have you ever seen tits this high and firm on a thlrtyyear-old woman?

Have you ever seen tits this perfect on any of the silly little girls you fuck? And come on, boys, what about my nipples?" "I bet you've never seen nipples as long and hard and sweet-looking as mine.

Are you going to pass up a chance to suck on these nipples? A chance to fuck your cocks through these big, pretty tits?" "Pretty good," a boy said. "Let's get her." "No yet," Mark said, and Donna wanted to scream with frustration.

"What about this waist, boys?" she asked, her voice trembling. "Just right for a man to wrap his hands around. And my ass? Well, it's a little dirty right now, but have you ever seen an ass this tight and firm and still be this soft?

And let me tell you a secret. I was a virgin my whole life before tonight. I've only had my ass fucked one, and my pussy fucked twice. They're so tight they can strangle you, so sweet and hot that you'll think you've died and gone to heaven!" Donna touched her body as she talked about it.

She pinched her nipples until they stood put longer and harder than ever. She cupped her tits and pushed them together, making a deep, inviting valley, then pushed them up, offering them to the boys. She ran her hands down over her stomach, scratching at her creamy skin.

She pulled her asscheeks far apart to show the boys her asshole, then pulled her cunt-lips wide open to give the boys a good look at the inside of her cunt. "So who wants to fuck me first?" Donna asked, the sexy smile on her lips and smoldering look in her blue eyes masking a need that was killing her. "I can take on more than one. Maybe we could try five or six for the first round." "Good," Mark said. "All right, boys.

Let her have it." "Wait," another voice said, and Donna's composure broke when she heard it. It was Buck, and he was carrying a huge bucket in each hand. "I've got something that might make the show a little more interesting. A couple buckets of hot butter we use on the popcorn." "All right," Mark said. Donna shrieked. Her body shook with the force of her sobbing. "Cock!" she whimpered, broken totally at the feet of her masters. "Cock!

I tried so hard! Cock, cock, cock!" Mark watched the writhing slut who had once been his uptight aunt. Now she was a fuck-slave, his fuck-slave. And he intended to share her with anyone who asked. CHAPTER NINE The boys lifted Donna into the air and carried her through rows of darkened cars to the drivein concession stand.

They carried her around to the back of the building and into the men's restroom. She moaned incoherently as they carried her along, writhing and twisting and pawing at her swollen pussy whenever she got a chance.

When the boys tossed her onto the cold, dirty floor, Donna clamped both her hands over the burning pocket of her cunt, fucking two fingers up inside the squirming sheath. Mark yanked her hands away from her cunt, and Donna hissed at him like an angry cat. She was little more than an animal now. The frustrated need of her cunt had destroyed her rational mind, had left her a bitch in heat, operating only on dark, sexual instinct.

Mark wrapped a chain around her narrow waist and then chained her hands at her sides, and Donna growled in frustration, able to move her hands in almost any direction except toward her squirming pussy. Then Mark put a collar around her slender throat and leashed her to one of the pipes that jutted out across the bathroom. Tony and Wayne moved in with the buckets of popcorn butter. They splashed the slippery hot butter all over their writhing, sexy aunt, covering her in a gleaming coat of gold.

Donna slipped and slid all over the slick floor of the bathroom, her body so slippery with the butter that she couldn't stay in any one position.

Mark smiled at the sex-crazed bitch who was squiring on the drive-in's bathroom floor. She looked sexier than ever covered in the popcorn butter.

As she writhed around on the floor, every inch of her sleek, creamy body was covered in the yellow grease. "Slide your ass over here for your first cock," Mark said. Through the sexual haze that encompassed her, Donna heard her nephew's words.

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She tried to turn over and she slipped in the butter, cracking her knee hard on the bathroom floor. Her legs were so wobbly that she didn't think she could walk to him anyway, so she turned over onto her hands and knees and crawled across the floor. The boys laughed and pointed as the grease-soaked beauty crawled to her hard-cocked nephew. She was leaving a trail of butter and cunt-juice behind her. Donna's arms and legs were shaking by the time she reached Mark.

She stared up at his hard, fat cock, wanting it fucking somewhere inside her more than she had ever wanted anything else in her life. But she was so used to being a slave that she only stared at the big prick, drool slipping from her lush lips and pussy-cream soaking the floor beneath her. "Ride me, bitch," Mark said, sitting down on the floor in front of her and pointing his giant cock skyward. "If you want a cock so much, then you can work for it a little." Donna whimpered at the thought of having to straddle Mark's big cock and fuck herself up and down.

Her arms and legs felt like so much spaghetti, and every muscle in her long, lean body ached with exhaustion. But there was nothing that was going to keep her from Mark's cock now that he had offered it to her. Mark smiled as his beautiful aunt moved the last few inches to him. Her leash pulled tight as she straddled over his big cock, the collar making it almost impossible for her to breathe.

Mark's cock jerked with excitement at the expression of pain and despair on her gorgeous face. He was almost ready to cum before she even lowered her volcanic cunt onto his throbbing prick. "Bitch!" Mark shouted, grabbing Donna's full hips and jerking her all the way down on his rock-hard cock.

"Your pussy's burning me up, you hot-assed whore! Oh fuck me, you sexy fucking slut!" Donna screamed with relief as Mark fucked his big cock up inside her waiting cunt. Flares of pain shot through her battered pussy as his big cock filled her and stretched her pussy wide, but the pain felt good. She gasped with ecstasy when her full, round ass settled against his swollen, hairy balls. Donna's cunt squeezed at Mark's cock like a strong hand. Her pussy was so wet and soft that it felt like a sponge.

Mark fucked her with short, powerful strokes, barely able to keep from blasting his load up inside her. He dug his fingers into her silky hips, holding her in place so he could really pound her with his fat cock. Donna whimpered and cooed like a mindless slut, her sexy ass bucking back and forth over Mark's hard-plunging cock. She squeezed her thighs tightly around his hips and squirmed her soft ass all over his crotch, smearing his balls and stomach with butter.

"Whore," Mark said, ducking his head to bite and chew on her proud, silky tits. "Slut! Cunt!" "Slut!" Donna sighed, transported to a world of pleasure by the big cock that was shredding her cunt. "Whore!

Tramp! Cunt!" "Keep talking," Mark said, grinding his teeth ver her hard pink nipples while he smashed her welcoming cunt with his big cock. "Tell us what you are, Aunt Donna! Tell us what kind of slut you are! Tell us all the things you want to do!" Donna writhed slowly atop Mark's punishing cock. She looked like some wildly sexy snake woman, her body sleek and sensual, her creamy skin gleaming with the greasy popcorn butter.

She raised her arms as far above her head as the chains which bound her wrists would allow, twisting in a wanton display of pure sexuality. "I'm a slut!" she whispered, her blue eyes smoky with lust, her face flushed with shame. "I'm a dirty, groveling whore! I'll fuck any man with a cock! I'll grind my dirty little pussy all over his prick, and I'll suck up every drop of cum he shoots inside me!" Donna's hips blurred as she rocked them back and forth over Mark's plunging cock.

Her satiny thighs trembled as she clutched them against Mark's hips. Her pussy-lips flapped around his cock like the wings of a dying butterfly. A glut of pussy-cream poured from her spasming cunt, soaking them both with sticky warmth. Donna uttered a tiny cry of passion each time Mark's cock bottomed out inside her tight, convulsing cunt. She jerked as if she was being stabbed, her long, lean body tensing with each fuck-thrust.

She pulled at her own hair, dug her fingernalls into the silky skin of her thighs unffl she drew blood. Her nostrils flared and her tongue flickered out to lick her swollen pink lips. "Cumming!" she gasped between tiny yowls of pleasure.

"Sexy cock, big cockoh, fuck me hard!" "Yeah!" Wayne shouted, dropping down behind his sexy, squirming aunt and pulling her asscheeks wide. "Fuck you hard, Aunt Cock-sucker! Fuck you until you've made up for all those fucks you've never had!" Donna wailed when she felt Wayne's long, thin cock press against the tiny pink bud of her asshole.

Her shitter had shrunk back down after the horrible ass-fuck she had gotten earlier, and the first push of his cock into her tiny shitter almost raised her up off Mark's rabbit-fucking prick.

Wayne wrapped his strong hands around her tiny waist before stabbing his cock up again. Slowly, painfully, Donna's tiny ass-ring gave way beneath his brutal assault. Donna trembled helplessly between her two nephews as Wayne bulled his long cock up the tiny chute of her asshole. She felt as though her insides were being ripped apart, as though the tiny wail between her cunt and asshole was being torn apart by the two huge cocks that were plowing her helpless body.

Wayne held her tightly in place as he plowed his cock up her asshole. He gritted his teeth against the pleasure of her hot, humid shitter, determined to stab his cock all the way up her almost virgin asshole in one single thrust. Donna's shitter fought a hopeless battle to keep out the awful invader, but the already-stretched rings of muscle were no match for Wayne's rock-hard cock and Wayne's powerful, muscle-bound young body.

Wayne stilled all of Donna's squirming and trembling with his hands, and fucked his cock right up the stationary target he had made of her ass. Mark fucked Donna harder as his brother pierced her backside. He jolted her body back against Wayne, knocking the air from her lungs and making her whimper and yelp with pain. He raised his head from her spit-soaked tits and pressed his mouth over hers, sticking his tongue deep inside the soft, wet cavity.

"There!" Wayne shouted in triumph as he pounded Donna's soft, round ass with his rock-hard cock. His cock was buried to the hilt inside his aunt's clasping shitter. "You want some fucking, Aunt Donna?

Well here we go, cocksucker! We're going'to fuck your slutty ass right off!" "Yes!" Donna moaned, her voice breaking with pain and ecstasy. "Fuck me! Fuck my slutty ass right off!" The boys pounded her between them, fucked her with all the savage strength they possessed. Donna slipped to her knees between them and they battered her as she knelt on their cocks. They fucked her in rhythin, so that there was never a moment whan a huge, wrecking cock wasn't puncturing her helpless body.

Mark would slam her into Wayne and Wayne would slam her back against Mark, and Donna was helpless to stop the battering, shattering fuck. The sexy blonde made tiny animal sounds as the boys pounded her between them. Her hands fluttered at the air and her thighs trembled with every shattering fuck-punch.

Her tits bounced wildly with every bruising impact, and Mark covered them with his big hands and smashed them flat against her sleek, sexy body.

Her tiny, flat stomach pooched out with the girth of the drouble load of long, fat cock, and Mark punched her silky tummy and moaned with pleasure when shockwaves from the blow reached his thrusting prick. "Boys!" Donna whimpered, her face drawn with pain and lust and exertion. "Killing me! You're fucking me so hard! Oh please -- please don't stop! Fuck your slutty aunt to death!" Burning, grinding pain was flaring up through Donna's sleek, butter-soaked body.

Every thundering fuck-thrust her nephews dealt her felt as though it was ruining her two tiny sex holes. Every time one of their hard young bodies slammed against her soft, captive frame, Donna was jarred almost unconscious.

She felt like a body bag being worked over by two championship fighters. The double-fuck felt as though it was tearing her up inside, puncturing vital organs deep within her sexy, squirining body. But she was cumming. Her orgasm was so powerful that it shook every inch of her sultry body. Her cunt clutched at Mark's cock with wild abandon, ignorning the awful pain that speared through it from every direction.

Her asshole clamped tight around Wayne's pummeling prick, pulling on it so forcefully that it was all Wayne could do to power it back and forth in her shitter. Pleasure exploded through Donna's sexy body, mixing with the shattering pain of the double-fuck until she could no longer tell the feelings apart. "Slip down," Tony said, standing behind Wayne, massaging his huge, thick cock.

"Fuck her cunt with Mark. I'll take over her ass." "What?" Wayne asked, and then he smiled. "Fuck yes! We'll split her wide open!" Donna gasped with loss when Wayne jerked his cock out of her moist, clasping asshole. She whined with shock and sudden, rending pain when he lodged his fat cock-head against the already wide-stretched lips of her pussy and started pushing upward. A moment later she felt a new cock pushing at her reamed out asshole, and she screamed in heart stopping, mind-blowing terror.

They were sticking three cocks inside her at once! Boys gathered all around to get the best view they could of the three brothers triple-fucking their beatiful, captive aunt. No one in the drivein bathroom had ever seen anything nearly as perverse as what was taking place in front of them now. There wasn't a limp cock in the bathroom, and everybody present wished that his prick was one of the three violating the gorgeous blonde's helpless body.

Donna was losing her mind. Her cunt was nowhere near big enough to accept the doubled stalks of Wayne's and Mark's cocks, but there was nothing she culd do to keep them from sliding deep up inside her. Before Tony had fucked three inches of his wrist-thick cock up her shitter, she knew that it was her youngest nephew who had added his cock to the rape.

Her mind exploded with the thought that all three of her nephews were fucking her at the same time, that all three of their hard young cocks were tearing their way into her sexy, slutty body. Her cunt-lips stretched like a rubberband around the doubled intrusion of Mark's and Wayne's cocks.

Inch after endless inch of prick bulled up inside the tiny pink pocket of her pussy. Donna's cunt was a swamp of fuck-juice, but there was't enough pussy-cream in the world to ease the unnatural violation the boys were subjecting her to. A thin trickle of blood trailed down from her stretched-out cunt-lips. The boys started hammering their cocks inside her, and Donna's cunt stretched and pulled like so much dough, yielding under every savaging thrust of her nephews' pricks. Her torn cunt-lips hugged at the goring fuck-poles, trying vainly to slow the bruising impacts of the boys' fucking.

There was nothing she could do to save herself from the awful fucking. Tony seemed to be stabbing his cock all the way up the center of her back. It seemed to Donna's pain-drenched mind that she could feel his huge cock stirring her insides, poking up between her lungs and lodging in her throat. Pain ripped through her tight, tender asshole as Tony reamed her wide open.

"Shake that sexy ass for us, Aunt Donna!" Wayne yelled, pummeling her wrecked pussy with his long cock. "Your sweet nephews are all making you feel good, bitch! The least you could do is try to make it good for us, too!" The boys jerked Donna back and forth roughly, slamming their bodies against hers as they powered their cocks deep inside her cunt.

Wayne yanked her lush, silky hips back and forth, always shoving her in the direction of the cock that was fucking into her pulverized body. Mark sucked her tongue into his mouth and nibbled on it with his teeth, and Tony gnawed at the silky back of her neck. Tony's and Mark's hands swam all over her sore tits and lush ass, pinching and mauling her tender body. But the agonies the boys inflicted on her with their hands was nothing next to what they were doing to her with their cocks.

Wayne and Mark were pounding her pussy to mush. Tony was driving his cock like a train through her reamed-out shitter. Donna gasped and sobbed with the pain the triple-fuck was inflicting on her fuck-holes. It felt as though Mark and Wayne were smashing clubs up inside her cunt, and her poor asshole felt as though it had been stretched wide enough for a car to drive up inside it. But the pain wasn't enough to keep her from cumming. Donna whimpered like a beaten puppy as one orgasm after another assailed her helplessly squirming body.

Her fractured cunt clutched at the two mauling cocks that were fucking it. Her clit, bruised with every savage fuck-thrust of her two older nephews, twisted and wriggled with ecstasy.

Her tits tingled with pleasure, and her nipples grew as hard and sharp as tiny little knives. Her cunt splashed enough fuck-cream to soak her and all three of her hardfucking nephews. "Oh!" Donna shouted as Mark released her tongue from between his teeth and bit his way down her soft white throat. "Oh! Oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh!" The boys battered her back and forth between them, slamming her around like some sexy doll.

Donna whimpered with pleasure at every punishing thrust. She was completely helpless, unable to do anything but kneel between the boys and let them violate her body in anyway they wanted.

But she loved it. Orgasm after orgasm pounded through her shattered, sexy body. She gasped at the unendurable waves of pleasure, hardly able to breathe, completely unable to think in the face of such total ecstasy. Her nephews were demolishing her with their cocks, and it was giving her more pleasure than she had ever felt before.

"Whore!" Mark had been fucking her the longest, and he shouted with pleasure as he shot his curn up inside her tattered pussy. "Cunt! Slut! Cocksucker!" "Oh!" Donna screeched, her sex dazzled mouth unable to form any other word. "Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhhh!" Mark's jism burned like napalm as it flushed deep inside her wounded cunt. The salty fuck-cream sizzled its way into every cut and tear the awful double-stuffing had inflicted on her. Donna's ass shimmied as burning agony filled her tiny cunt.

She started cumming even harder. The fiery anguish that filled her pussy, the degrading knowledge that Mark and Wayne had torn her cunt ragged with their bludgeoning cocks, made her hotter than ever. Knowing that the boys would use her in any way they wanted, with no regard for how they might be injuring her, filled Donna with shame and lust.

She was nothing but a whore now, a sex-slave slut whose only reason for existing was to be fucked and tortured and degraded. "Shit!" Wayne growled, paddhng Donna's wildly jiggling asscheeks with the palms of his hands. "Take some more cum, you dirty bitch! Suck up some more jism, you sleazy slut!" Donna shrieked, completely out of her mind with pleasure as Wayne and Mark swamped her pussy with a double load of cock-slime.

She jerked and twitched uncontrollably as wad after wad of jism exploded against her stretched-out, torn-up cunt. Waves of cum flooded back out of her pussy, tinged pink with blood from her tattered cunt. When she licked it off her slimy fingers, every boy in the bathroom cheered. "Oh, Aunt Donna!" Tony gasped, goring her reamed out asshole with his wrist thick cock. "You really are a dirty bitch! What a nasty fucking slut! I'm cumming, Aunt Donna!

I'm going to fill up your asshole with cum!" Tony's jism blasted so far up Donna's shitter that the writhing, sex-maddened blonde thought she could taste it in her mouth. It felt as though his cock-slime was burning its way up her backbone, pooling like liquid fire between her shoulder blades.

Donna's full, silky ass twitched and danced wildly above the three jism-belching cocks, her mind unhinged by the burning, tingling pleasure the triple load of cum was giving her. Mark was the first to pull his cock out of her. Donna moaned with disappointment as he slipped his big cock from her cunt. Her pussy felt so empty and lonely that Donna couldn't keep tears from running down her pretty face.

"Suck some scum," Mark said, holding his filthy cock against his aunt's trembling lips. Donna shuddered with shame and lust, but she sucked Mark's cock into her mouth without a moment's hesitation. It was clotted with his cum and her blood and cunt-cream, but that was a mix Donna was used to eating now.

She came twice as she was licking his cock clean and his two brothers emptied the last of their jism inside her wildly sexy, desperately squirming body. Wayne made her clean his cock too, and then Tony. Donna gagged at the taste of her shit, and the boys laughed at her, but she still came as she licked Tony's cock. Tony pissed in her mouth after she had tongued his cock clean, and Donna swallowed almost every drop of his burning liquid waste. "Okay, guys, have some fun!" Mark said as Donna licked the last of Tony's piss from her lips.

"Don't break her, though! I still have to take her home to Mom!" CHAPTER TEN The boys knocked Donna flat on her stomach, driving the breath from her lungs and making spots dance in front of her eyes. Before the dazed beauty had a chance to recover, a boy jerked her head roughly to the side and shoved a fat, hard cock down her throat. Donna choked and gagged, but the boys only laughed and cheered the throat-fucker on. A boy pulled her firm, silky asscheeks wide apart and fucked his cock to the hilt up her reamed-out shitter.

Donna grunted with the impact of his hard stomach against her soft ass, but she took his cock without much trouble. Everywhere Donna looked there were more cocks waiting for her. Boys rubbed their cocks over her slender, silky arms, and long, sexy legs. A boy wrapped her golden blonde hair around his cock and jerked off with it, and other boys rubbed their cocks over every available inch of her squirming, sultry body.

Donna let her lips blubber limply around the hard-thrusting cock of the boy who was fucking her throat. She could tell by the way he plunged his cock down her gulict that he wasn't interested in the finer points of cocksucking.

Within a few moments he was choking Donna with a huge load of fuck-juice. Some of it shot out her nose to drool all over her upper lips, but Donna swallowed most of it. She couldn't believe how much she had come to love the taste of jism. The boy jacking off with her hair came before the boy fucking her asshole, and Donna rubbed her head back against his jerking cock as he soaked her hair with fuck-slime. The thought that her silky, golden hair had excited a boy to orgasm made Donna climax, and her shitter clamped down on the ass-fucker like a Chinese finger trap.

"Oh shit!" the boy gasped, pounding his fists into the small of Donna's back. He fired spurt after spurt of jism up her asshole. "Shake that sexy ass, you dirty old whore! Fuck, I've never seen a tramp as sleazy as this old cow!" Donna shuddered at the thought of how deeply she had been degraded, but the hot cocks that were rubbing over her shoulders and back and arms and legs kept her undulating with passion.

Another boy draped himself over her back, but as he fucked his cock into the sloppy tunnel of her loosened shitter, he toppled her over onto her side. Donna rolled easily, squirming her full, sweet ass back against the boy's hard cock as he fucked it inside her to the hilt in one long, fast plunge.

"Spread those legs!" an older boy shouted, and before Donna could do as he said, the boy fucking her shitter grabbed her ankle and looped her long, lean leg behind his ass. "That's it, whore. I'm going to see if your nephew's fucked all the snap out of your scummy old cunt." Donna couldn't keep from crying at how completely she had been defiled, at how totally the boys had reduced her from an in control businesswoman to a groveling fuck slut.

Donna grunted when the older boy filled her pussy with his fat cock. His cock had a weird curve that stretched Donna's ravished little pussy in ways it had never been stretched before. The two boys batted her back and forth between them like a senseless, sexy slab of meat. One orgasm after another rattled through her sleek, battered body.

A boy rubbed his cock all over the soft curve of Donna's hip, and when he came, he spurted jism all over the right side of her shaking body.

As his fuck-slime ran in streams down over Donna's silky, shuddering stomach another boy stepped up and twisted her head around toward him.

Donna parted her lips obediently, knowing what the boy wanted her to do. Her eyes glazed as the boys knocked her this way and that, clogged her every hole with thick, throbbing fuck-meat. Sparkling lines of spit and cum dangled from her chin and cheek, shaken from her mouth by the brutal pounding the boys fucking her cunt and ass were giving her. The boy making her suck him held her head in place by a handful of hair and fucked his cock into her mouth with quick short strokes.

Donna lathered his cock with her tongue, and her elegant cheeks hollowed as she applied suction to his long, thick fuck-shaft. Her wide, blue eyes crossed as she stared down the fleshy barrel of his cock, and she bobbed her head in perfect rhythm with his face-fucking lunges.

Donna twisted like a dying snake as the boy fucking her pussy shot his jism up her clasping, marshy cunt. Her pussy wriggled and twisted wildly around his hard-thrusting prick, catching fire again as his jism sizzled into her torn, battered cunt. A moment later the boy fucking her ass blasted ropy strands of spunk deep up her shitter, and Donna climaxed, screaming in pain and hellish lust around the cock she was sucking. She didn't stop screaming until that cock splashed jism down her throat, and then she babbled around the jerking prick-head, frothing spit and cum.

Two more boys slid down beside Donna's long, lean body, fucking their cocks into her sloppy fuck-holes. Donna's cunt and asshole squished wetly as the boys stirred their cocks inside her. Huge amounts of jism bubbled out over her squirming, silky thighs. A boy speared his cock into Donna's parted lips, and she started sucking him without even giancing at his face.

A moment later she felt her hands lifted and fitted over two hot cocks, and she jerked on them as though she had been pleasuring men five at a time for her whole life. Donna shook her head from side to side, swishing the cock she was sucking around in her mouth and rubbing her silky cheeks all over the two pricks she was masturbating.

Fuck-lube dribbled over her hands in cool, sticky waves, and Donna wiped the slick juice all over the burning cocks she was massaging. She tickled balls and teased tight assholes with her finger-nails. Soon both boys were fucking their cocks through her soft palms the way they would have plowed them through her cunt or asshole.

Donna dragged the fat pricks all over her gorgeous face, smearing her perfect features with slimy pre-cum and sending the boys hurtling toward their climaxes. Jism spurted all over Donna's face, fffst from one side and then the other. The sexy, maddened blonde, whipped her head from side to side, rubbing the spewing pricks all over her face. Fat balls of jism exploded against her cheeks and frosted her pink lips in silver. Heavy pearls of jism hung from her delicate ears like multiple earrings, and jism frosted her hair with streaks of white.

"What a sleazy whore!" the boy she was sucking panted. He couldn't take his eyes off the sight of her delicate, pumping hands, dripping with cum now but still flying up and down the jism-belching pricks they were holding. "Suck my cock, you dirty old slut! What a scummy, fucking nympho cunt!" Donna plunged her pretty, soiled face all the way down on the boy's cock, taking every inch of his burning fuck-pole.

Her eyes set with crazed determination, the sultry blonde squirmed her lush lips over the full, hairy bag of the boy's balls, taking them in her mouth too. First one fat ball and then the other popped inside the tiny, wet cavity of her mouth, and when she'd trapped them both she looked up at the boys, cumming with pride at what she'd accomplished. "Oh fuck!" one of the boys whispered, and other boys muttered and cursed in appreciation. "Look at the sexy old cunt! Fuck, she might be too much for all of us!" None of the boys had ever seen anything as lewd as the display Donna was putting on for them.

Her svelte body was being battered between two savagely fucking boys, her tits bouncing and her cunt and asshole awash with cum and pussy-juice. Her face was varnished in clotted jism, and it was distorted by the unnatural burden inside her mouth. Her lusb lips were spread obscenely wide and her cheeks bulged like a chipmunk's with the cock and balls she was holding inside.

Spit poured down over her chin in glistening waves, dripping over the soft hollow of her throat and down onto her tits. Suddenly the spit was joined by viscous streams of silvery white as the boy started squirting his jism down Donna's throat. The sultry blonde choked, coughed, and tried to pull back off the boy's prick, but he grabbed her by her ears and held her in place, keeping her full lips stretched wide around his pulsing balls.

Jism splashed from Donna's nose and belched from her tightly drawn lips. She panicked as she strangied on long, ropy strands of spunk, shaking and jerking in a wild attempt to pull her mouth off the boy's cock and balls. The other boys saw her sudden fear and anguish and they laughed and hooted.

A few stepped forward to kick her or spit on her. The boy plowing her swampy cunt and then the one violating her fucked out asshole started squirting their jism inside her. Donna was dripping cum from all three fuckholes. The cock-slime the boys fucking her ass and pussy shot into her washed out of her saturated fuck-holes almost as quickly as they shot it in. She was coughing up huge wads of cum from the boy who was fucking her mouth, and more trailed down from her long, straight nose.

She gasped with relief when the three boys ran out of jism, grateful for even an instant when her cunt and asshole were empty of cock.

"Pull away from me, you dirty bitch?" the boy with his cock and balls in her mouth growled. "Spit up my cum, huh? Well let's see you spit up this!" Donna's lungs filled with fire as the boy started pissing down her throat. Her lean, lithe body shook with wracking coughs as she strangled on the burning yelow fluid.

Tears filled her eyes and sizzling piss gushed from her nose and leaked over her lips. "Teach you a fucking lesson, whore!" the boy shouted as he squirted the last of his piss down Donna's throat and pulled away from her.

"You swallow my fucking cum when I shoot it in you!" Donna was still writhing and choking on the dirty bathroom floor when the next boy grabbed her. He turned her over onto her back and fucked his cock into her sloppy cunt with one brutal, rocking stroke.

A second boy started to stick his cock into her mouth, but he shied away when he saw piss still dribbling over her trembling lips. He straddled Donna's stomach instead, and fucked his cock through the satiny valley of her full, firm tits.

Two more boys knelt on either side of Donna's head and fitted her hands over their cocks. It seemed impossble to the sultry blonde's dazzled mind that she was serving so many boys so quickly. The boy fucking her cunt was fat, and his cock was only a couple of inches long. He hurled his huge body down at Donna, smashing her into the cold bathroom floor as he tried to drive his tiny prick deeper into her unresisting body. Donna, still choking on the piss the last boy had blasted down her throat, squirmed in pain and desperation, certain she was going to die before the boy spilled his load inside her.

She dragged the two cocks she was yanking all over her scummy, pretty face, smearing her cheek and forehead with more slimy trails of pre-cum. She urged her chest up off the floor and heaved her shoulders from side to side, driving the boy who was fucking her tits out of his mind with pleasure.

She wrapped her long, sexy legs around the fat ass of the boy who was fucking her pussy and tightened her fucked-out cunt into a strangle-hold around his tiny prick. She brought the boys off one after another, moaning with relief when the huge boy fucking her cunt added his load to the ocean of jism that soaked her pussy. She moaned with a different sort of relief when the boy fucking her tits and the two boys she was jacking off spilled their thick cock-cream all over her shifting, silky tits.

The cum felt like lava rolling down the satiny slopes of her tits, and Donna rubbed the fuckcream all over her upper body, spreading it into an even, sparkling sheen on her creamy skin. A boy rolled her over and made her hold herself up on her hands and knees. Jism poured from her cunt, and the boys laughed at her and called her names.

Several of the boys spit on her again, and Donna shuddered with humiliation as their spittle slapped her face and rolled down her pretty features. A moment later the boy who had turned her over fucked his cock up her ass, and the first time he pulled his long prick back out, Donna's shitter made a sound like a bathroom plunger.

Donna whimpered in shame and an orgasm whipped its way through her broken body. "What a fucking slut, a dirty fucking whore," a boy said. He got down on his hands and knees in front of Donna and spread his hairy asscheeks wide apart. "Plant a big, wet kiss on my asshole, you dirty fucking slut!" The boys hooted and laughed as the gorgeous, gang-banged blonde pushed her pretty face between the boy's dirty asscheeks. A laughing boy stepped up and hosed his piss all over her bowed back as she planted her lush lips over the kneeling boy's asshole and slithered her wet, pink tongue up inside him.

She shook with degradation at the image of how she must look, a cock fucking up her ass while she sucked a boy's shitter and a third kid emptied his bladder all over her squirming body. The image was so depraved that Donna buckled with a powerful climax. The sexy blonde gagged as she whipped her tongue up inside the boy's asshole. His ass was the dirtiest she had yet tasted, and she could feel his shit smearing all over her cheeks. Still she burrowed her face as deep into his asscrack as she could, plastering her lips right over the hot hole of his shitter and wiggling her tongue as far up the dirty tunnel as she could.

Boys lifted her hands and clamped them around their cocks. Donna beat them off reflexively, tickling their balls and rolling their leaking prick-heads under her soft palms. Her fingers were webbed together from the cum that had already been poured over them, but the boys didn't seem to mind. When they came their jism splattered into Donna's hair and across her shoulders and the back of her neck. While they were cumming, another boy pissed all over her back.

Suddenly something thick and awful struck the tip of Donna's tongue. Panic filled her, but just as she tried to pull her face from between the boy's asscheeks, the boy fucking her ass filled her shitter with another load of cock-cream.

He rabbit-fucked her as his cum spewed up her tenderized ass-chute, pounding her face deep into the other boy's ass-crack. "Grab the slut's head!" the kneeling boy shouted, grunting as he tried to shit. "Hold the dirty cunt right where she is!" Boys jumped up to do as he asked. Donna screamed as they wrapped their strong hands in her hair and held her in place.

She closed her lips as tightly as she could and tried to pinch her nose together. But there was no escaping what the kneeling boy was doing. The first turd pushed out right in Donna's helplessly trapped face. It smeared out over her lips and nose, finally sliding over her cheek before it fell to the floor. Donna retched at the revolting touch and smell of the awful turd, coming closer to throwing up than she had during her whole degrading ordeal.

The second piece of shit slithered out over her trembling lips and tumbled past her chin. The boys yanked her lower for the third, and it smeared her forehead with shit before it splatted against the floor. "That's all you are, whore!" the boy screamed, turning around just in time to bathe Donna's scummy face with his jism.

"A fucking toilet! A fucking piece of garbage! You're not even a woman, just a scuzzy slut slave!" Donna wasn't surprised when the boy started pissing in her face. She didn't bother closing her lips, and the boy filled her mouth with his piss before waving his cock to soak her face with his stinking yellow waste. Donna climaxed as he pissed on her, climaxed as tears of shame ran down her filthy cheeks. More boys came at her, turning and twisting her limber, sexy body and fucking her in every one of her cum-dripping holes.

They came at her in gangs, fucking her three, four, five, and six at a time, making her squat and stand and sit and lie as flat as a board. Donna did everything they told her to, her will completely broken to their command.

She served the boys like an obedient puppy, fucking and sucking and taking their abuse like the mindlessly submissive sex puppet they had made her. It went on for hours, and when the drive-in's last movie had faded to black, the boys were still assaulting Donna's luscious, exhausted body. The sexy slave had had her cunt double-fucked a dozen times during the endless night of rape and torture. Once two boys fucked her ass at the same time, and Donna screamed like a lost soul but came five times before the boys emptied their jism up her shitter.

There were other things the boys did to her that Donna couldn't even remember, things so horrible that her mind had blanked them out. Buck was one of the last to use her body. By the time he stepped up to her, a lot of the boys had come back for seconds, and some of them had even had thirds. Buck got a solo with her though, both because it was his place the boys were using and because Mark thought it was only fair that after fifteen years of having the hots for Donna's sexy body, Buck have her all to himself.

Buck stepped up to Donna with his cock in one hand and a pair of pliers in the other. Donna babbled incoherently as he used the pliers on her sultry body and made her suck his cock and ass and balls. When he used the pliers on her cunt and the fucked out bud of her asshole, she screamed in agony. But she climaxed with him when he filled her mouth with his jism. And she drank down every drop of his piss when he shot it down her throat. Donna was barely conscious by the time the gang-bang ended.

Her cunt and asshole were swollen almost shut from the brutal, nonstop fucking they had taken. Her face was a mask of wet and dry jism. Cock-slime poured from her ass and cunt in giuey, clotted waves. Every inch of her long, lithe body was stained with cock-cream. She was lying in a puddle of piss and shit and sex juices. Her blue eyes were half lidded and glazed with fatigue and lust. Her long, shapely legs were squirming weakly over the filthy floor, and she rubbed her quivering thighs together.

"Great night at the drive-in," one of the boys said as he left, shaking Mark's hand. "You guys are wild," another one added. "That's a once-in-a-lifetime slut back there, man. They don't make too many that fucked up and crazy for cock." "Great surprise, boys," Buck said when all the other kids had left. "Your mom's a fucking genius, and you guys did a real good job on her. You going to carry it through all the way?" "That's what Mom says," Wayne said with a smile.

He stepped up to his aunt and pissed up and down the length of her weakly thrashing body. "She hasn't been wrong yet." "All fucking right," Buck said. "It's going to be a lot of fun getting paid back for all those fucks I never got." Donna heard everything Buck and her nephews said, but none of it made any sense.

The only thing that mattered was that she was getting some rest. No one was beating her or fucking her or using her for a toilet.

Donna was more exhausted and hurt than she could ever remember being in her life. All she wanted to do was close her eyes and sleep forever. By the time Mark and Wayne dumped her into the burlap bag and tossed her into the back of her car, a nuclear blast wouldn't have brought her around. But cocks filled her dreams. CHAPTER ELEVEN "Here she is, Mom," Mark said, opening the big burlap bag and dumping Donna onto the floor like so much garbage. It took the dazed blonde almost a minute to realize that she was heaped at the feet of her older sister.

It took her another to realize that she was lying in her own bathroom. "Thelma?" she mumbled, vainly trying to pull herself to her feet. She was so battered and exhausted she could barely even lift her head. "What are you doing here. your kids. they -- they hurt me! Oh shit, Thelma, they made me do such awful things!" "Shutup, cunt!" Thelma yelled, kicking Donna so hard in her full right tit that the broken beauty sprawled limply across the bathroom floor.

"Mark, you and your brothers had better head home. There's school tomorrow, you know." "Please, Mom," Mark said, staring down at his sexy slave aunt, "can't we stay and watch? I mean, it's only one day." "You already had her all night long," Thelma said, swatting her oldest son on his ass to get him moving.

"You'll have all the time you want to fuck over my dirty bitch sister. But you're not going to miss school to do it. Understand?" Mark groaned, but he obeyed his mother and left the bathroom. Donna watched him go with a strange mix of emotions. She thought that she should hate him for what he'd done to her, but instead she felt abandoned by his leaving.

She was also frightened of what was going to happen next. She had the horrible feeling that her torment had barely begun. Thelma looked down at her sexy, blonde sister, a thin, cruel smile tracing her lips. Donna was slimy with half-dried cum, smeared with dark-brown shit and soaked with stinking piss. Clotted jism and cunt-cream leaked from her cunt and asshole, and jism-garnished spit dribbled from her lips. Donna's creamy skin was welted and bruised and filthy.

"Look at me!" Thelma hissed, stripping off the conservative blouse she was wearing and stepping out of her skirt. "Tell me what you see, you worthless piece of shit!" Donna gasped when she saw her sister peel off her outer layer of clothing. Beneath, Thelma wore a leather corset with bright red tassels hanging from the nipples.

She als wore a leather bikini bottom, and it took Donna a moment to realize that its crotch was an open slit, baring her cunt and asshole. Black mesh stockings decorated Thelma's long, lush legs, and spiked heels made her seem even taller and more impressive. Thelma looked more beautiful than Donna had ever seen her before -- but she looked more terrible, too.

"You're beautiful," Donna said, shocked and disgusted to discover that her ravaged cunt was squirming with lust. "You're sexy and wonderful and much more beautitul than me! You're so pretty, Thelma! So pretty!" It was mostly the truth. Thelma really wasn't nearly as beautiful as Donna, but she was still a very attractive woman. Her hair was cut short, framing a face that resembled Donna's but was rougher, leaner, more hardedged.

Her tits were even larger than Donna's, and the corset lifted them and shaped them into bullet-like torpedoes. Her legs were meatier than Donna's, but they were still long and shapely.

At thirty-five, Thelma was far more beautiful than most women half her age. "You dirty slut," Thelma said almost sadly. "You really thought you were virgin, high-class stuff. Now look at you. Thirty years of playing bitch, and you took more cock tonight than most women get in their whole lives." Donna moaned in passion, remembering the stiff cocks that had so brutally pounded her body.

She rubbed her thighs more quickly together, and her swollen cunt spasmed with pleasure. She felt more degraded than ever, becoming so shamelessly excited in front of her sister, but there was nothing she could do to stop the rising passion within her sexy body.

"You sorry slut," Thelma said in the same tired voice. "I'm really disappointed in you, Sis. I thought you'd put up a little more fight than this.

I think to punish you I'm going to kick the shit out of your scummy little ass." "Thelma, please, no!" Donna screamed, as her sister drove her pointy-toed heel into one silky haunch. "I'll do anything you want! You don't have to hurt me!" Thelma screamed with rage, lashing out with her foot time after time. Donna writhed on the floor in horrible agony as her beautiful sister kicked her downy stomach, jiggling ass, and full, bouncing tits. The sexy, captive blonde rolled over on her stomach and tried to squirm away from the brutal kicking her sister was giving her, but Thelma slammed the bathroom door shut and easily blocked every possible route of escape.

"Fight me, you silly cunt!" Thelma screamed, kicking Donna so hard in her ribs that the pain-dazed blonde felt the bones sway and almost snap. "I've been waiting all my life to show you who the fucking boss was! Get up so I can kick your scrawny ass!" Thelma kicked Donna's thrashing legs wide apart and kicked her right in the pooching, scummy pocket of her cunt.

Donna whooped with the terrible agony that iced its way through her battered, sexy body. Thelma kicked her again, and again, driving the pointed tip of her shoe repeatedly into the defenseless pocket of her younger sister's pussy. She kicked Donna until the broken beauty lay limp and still on the bathroom floor, and then, to get her moving again, Thelma lashed her foot right into the crevice of Donna's full, sweet ass. "Thelma!" Donna cried, begging her sister the way she had done when they had fought as kids.

"Please stop! Please, I don't want to fight you! Please stop hurting me! I'll do anything you want!" "You lousy whore!" Thelma growled, kicking Donna's inner thighs high up next to her cunt. She kicked first one leg and then the other, taking careful aim at the tendons that trailed down her sister's inner legs.

"I'm going to make you pay for all the shit you've been pulling all these years! You haven't even started hurting yet, you stuck up cunt!" Thelma circled her beaten sister like a stalking tigress, lashing kick after kick at the helpless beauty.

Donna squealed with pain when her sister kicked her in her shoulder, thrashed in hopeless, despairing agony when her sister kicked her right on the point of her chin. "Why are you doing this to me?" Donna cried. "I can't stand it, Thelma! I'll do anything! I'll be anything! Only please, please stop!" Thelma snickered, kicking her half-conscious sister over onto her side. She lashed kick after kick into Donna's silky hollow of a stomach and full, rounded tits. She kicked Donna's arms and even aimed a few more kicks into the prostrate blonde's pretty face.

She was cumming as she kicked the shit out of her sexy younger sister, climaxing harder than she had in years.

She thrilled at the thought that from now on she was going to have her sexy bitch of a sister for her personal slave. "I'll suck your pussy!" Donna mumbled, staring up at her sister with adoring, pleading eyes. "I'm good with my tongue, Thelma! Really! You can ask any of the boys! If you let me suck your pussy I'll make you feel so good!

It's such a pretty pussy!" "What's this, you dirty slut?" Thelma shouted, laughing at her shattered sister's pitiful begging. "I thought you were a classy virgin bitch, Donna! Now in one night you're not just a slut, but a lesbian, too!" Thelma kicked Donna to punctuate every word she spoke, lashing her pointed shoe into Donna's stomach and tits and pussy and thighs.

She kicked Donna over on her back again and stomped on her sleek, sexy body with her spiked heel. Donna cried and shuddered, but that only excited Thelma more, and she drove the sharp heel right into the squirming beauty's jiggling tits. "I belong to you!" Donna gasped, her sexy body sprawled beaten and defenseless at her sister's mercy.

"You and your sons own me! My tits, my pussy, my mouth -- I belong to you now! Just tell me what to do, Thelma! Please tell me what to do! I'll do anything!" Thelma stared down at the sexy, soiled body of her younger sister. She looked into the younger woman's crystal blue eyes, alight with pain and lust and submission.

With a groan of lust, she straddled Donna's beautiful face and slapped her wet cunt down right atop it. Donna was in so much pain that she came at just the realization that Thelma had stopped kicking her.

Then she felt the spongy wetness and warmth of her sister's overheated cunt smearing over her face and she started to gag. "Eat that cunt, little sister!" Thelma moaned, riding Donna's head as though it was a horse. "Make me cum really good and then we'll get you ready for your coming out party!" Donna trembled with fear at her sister's words. She couldn't take much more of the kind of abuse she'd suffered at the hands of her nephews and her sister.

She felt that if she didn't get a rest soon she would simply die. Still she opened her mouth under the leaking mouth of Thelma's cunt, and when her sister's pussy-juice dribbled past her parted lips she swallowed it right down. Donna wasn't sure if she liked the taste of pussy as much as she did that of cock, but just the idea of how degrading it was to eat our her sister's cunt made Donna squirm with reawakening lust.

Her body ached horribly as she squirmed on the bathroom floor, but the fires lighting up in her tattered, swollen pussy overpowered her feelings of exhaustion and pain.

Thelma moaned and slapped her ass against Donna's trapped face. Just the brushing of her sister's breath inside her cunt doubled Thelma over with excitement. Thelma had made it with women before, and Donna wasn't the first slave bitch she had broken to her will, but something about the fact that it was her sexy cunt of a sister with her face plastered to her pussy made Thelma jerk and twist with pleasure.

Donna moaned with pain as Thelma's fullass bucked against her face. Donna's head felt like a basketball, being dribbled powerfully against a hardwood floor. She slithered her tongue into Thelma's clutching, leaking cunt, and her older sister went even wilder with passion. A wave of cunt-juice washed over Donna's face in a wave that almost drowned her. Donna grabbed at her own cunt with both hands as she licked and kissed her sister's pussy. She pulled and scratched at her swollen cuntlips with one hand and fucked three fingers from the other, deep into her swampy, pulsing cuntgash.

As her own pussy bubbled more hotly with excitement, Donna squirmed her face deep inside her sister's frothing cunt. She fucked her tongue like a miniature cock into the humid depths of her sister's pussy.

"You good little whore!" Thelma gasped, riding Donna's face like a pogo stick. "You're making me cum, you dirty little piece of shit! Stick that tongue way up deep, you good-for-nothing slut! Lick your sister's beautiful cunt!" Donna cried out in ecstasy and despair into the soaked pocket of her sister's pussy. Her flicking tongue found Thelma's clit and she licked it the way a dog would a bone, making the leather-clad blonde buck and twist with lust.

At the same time she tore at her own cunt as though she wanted to tear it from her body, fucking four fingers from her left hand deep inside the swollen, swampy pocket and yanking at her swollen cunt-lips until the fragile folds of flesh stretched out paper thin.

"You're not going back to work, Donna!" Thelma gasped, her voluptuous body rocking with a string of firecracker climaxes. "I always thought it was fucking stupid for a cunt with a body as sweet as yours to work in some stupid fucking office! Besides, you've got this fancy-ass house, and that gives us a place to live! And you've got two fucking cars, and I checked your bank shit, and you've got more than enough money for us to have fun with for a long time!" Donna whimpered at the thought of losing her whole life.

Now Thelma and her sons really had stolen every last bit of her life. The Donna Davis who had lived for the last thirty-one years was dead. She had been replaced by a groveling sex slut, a pretty whore who craved sex and pain.

An orgasm tore its way painfully through Donna's beautiful, beaten body at the thought of how completely she had been debauched. "And I can always whore you out for spending money," Thelma said, moaning as her orgasms began to slow. She still kept her marshy cunt plastered over Donna's pretty face.


"Shit, we could turn this fancy place into a whore house! I can always rope in a few more sluts. You could make me rich in a month, you sleazy little slave bitch!" Thelma started pissing in Donna's mouth, and Donna exploded through one orgasm after another.

Her mind shattered with the realization that it was her own sister filling her mouth with piss. It was her own sister who was going to whore her out, turn her into the lowest species of gutter slut.

Donna climaxed again and again, every thought of her old life washed away by her sister's stinking yellow piss. "Tomorrow we'll take you out and get you some new clothes," Thelma said, wiggling her ass as she used her beautiful sister as a piss pot. "Bikinis and corsets and garters and teddies. The kinds of clothes a slut like you needs to keep men interested." Donna kept her lips planted tightly around her sister's cunt. She gulped piss as quickly as she could, drinking down every drop Thelma squirted into her mouth.

"And guess what we're going to do tonight!" Thelma whispered, her cunt squirming with excitement again as the last of her piss squirted into Donna's waiting mouth. "Tonight we're going to have a little high school reunion." Donna lashed her tongue deep inside Thelma's cunt, lapping up the pussy-cream that had once more started leaking from her sister's squirming cunt-slit.

Her face was sticky with cunt-juice now. It dripped from her chin and rolled down her cheeks. She wagged her tongue as deep as she could in Thelma's cunt and gathered up more to swallow. "Remember all those guys you went out with in high school?" Thelma asked, her voice throaty with pleasure as Donna's talented tongue brought her to another climax.

"Well I've gathered up every one of them I could. I even got some of the guys who had moved out of town to come back for this. You see, Donna, I just used my boys to break you in. You haven't even gotten started on your night's work!" Donna tried to remember all the boys she had gone out with in high school, tried to imagine what they would look like now -- what their cocks would look like now.

Donna's hands were soaked with her pussy-juices. Now more cunt-cream splashed out, drenching her shuddering, silky ass and puddling underneath her. She jerked her hips up into the air as though she was fucking a huge cock, and knifed her four fingers into her cunt faster and harder. With a tiny moan of desperation she balled her hand into a fist and drove it brutally into her swollen pussy. She bit down on her sister's clit at the same instant, and both of them screamed as powerful climaxes rocked their sexy bodies.

"Dirty cunt!" Thelma hissed, dragging her wet pussy all over Donna's pretty, scummy face. "Dirty little whore! Dirty little slut! I'm going to grind your slutty little ass to pieces!" Thelma batted Donna's hand out of her cunt and dropped down over her fouled, sexy body.

Donna gasped with shock and sickness when Thelma kissed her, smashing her lips hard and driving her tongue deep inside her mouth. She squirmed with horror and delight when Thelma's strong hands closed over her tits and mauled them more roughly than any of her sons had done.

"Scrawny little bitch!" Thelma gasped, trapping one of Donna's long, lean legs between her lush thighs. "My boys really fucked you slutty, didn't they? They're going to be fucking you for a long time, bitch!

You'll love that, won't you?" "Yes!" Donna cried, squirming with lust as Thelma rubbed her knee all over the swampy slit of her cunt. "I loved them fucking me! They all three fucked me at once!

I wish they could fuck me forever!" Thelma fucked her, rubbing her leg over Donna's cunt and dragging her cunt up and down Donna's captive thigh. She bit and kissed and licked her way all over Donna's dirty, beautiful face, not seeming to mind the filth that splotched her creamy skin. Before long both women were cumming, and Donna clutched at her cruel older sister as though she were hugging the world's sweetest lover. "Pretty little Donna!" Thelma whispered at last. "You finally got your fucking, didn't you?

You finally got your dirty little ass fucked right into the dirt!" "Yes!" Donna gasped, her voice shaking. "In the dirt! Right where I belong! Thank you, Thelma!" Thelma smiled, knowing that she had made the most beautiful, sexy woman in town her personal slut slave. She pissed again, having to force the piss out this time, but savoring the look of mixed disgust and passion that filled her sister's face.

That was a look she wanted to keep seeing for a very long time. And Donna smiled too, a tiny orgasm quaking through her body as her sister doused her with piss.

She was tired and hurt, but she was looking forward to the cocks that were waiting to fuck her, the men who were waiting to hurt her. She deserved everything she was going to get. And she knew she was going to get everything she deserved. THE END