Angel Marie used to run track so she really knows

Angel Marie used to run track so she really knows
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I knew it was going to be a long trip when my girlfriend and her niece was already Late, we were to leave an hour ago. Thankfully I have lived with my girlfriend For 4 years so I knew what to expect.

My name is Kyle I am 24 years old, not a geek but I am able to hold my own in most intellectual conversations, gear head shop, or sports bar. My girlfriend Danielle is also 24, and is quite intelligent, and quite beautiful, we had just graduated from college and got job offer across the country in small adjoining communities.

After the intense spring schedule we arranged to start in 3 weeks, giving us a break and a chance to see the scenery as we made our way across 11 states and 3 time zones. This brings us back to the beginning, Danielle's niece, Bethany is going help us move, she is 18 and graduated from high school herself a month ago. Danielle is the youngest in her family, so when her sister had Bethany, they had grown up more like sisters then aunt and niece.

We had gotten up and Danielle went to pick Bethany up while I finished with the final preparations. With 2 vehicles we accepted Bethany's help as a driver and help set up our new apartment.

Bethany thought it would be a great break from her parents and would be fun to see new country, too. We got under way a little after noon leaving Savannah, heading south towards Jacksonville. We traveled following the ocean highway. Danielle and Bethany were following me in our car while I was driving our pickup.

I had my music cranked and was enjoying traveling alone in my vehicle and the knowledge that company was only a vehicle away. We turned west at Jacksonville and drove until arriving at Tallahassee. After locating a small motel and getting checked in, we decided to go for a swim. Changing first I headed to the pool while the ladies changed, they arrived a short time later, WOW!

Both were wearing Bikini's so small I had to look twice to make sure they were wearing anything at all. Both women snickered at the look I had on my face, Danielle even commented about how I should close my mouth before I had a bug enter. We enjoyed the pool and whirlpool before heading back to the room.

We all stayed in the same motel room to conserve money, so Bethany showered first, Danielle and I kissed and I was able to even get a little heavy petting in. After we all showered we headed to a nearby restaurant to get something to eat. We decided to call it an early evening with wanting to get on the road early tomorrow.

We arrive back at the motel, taking turns getting ready for bed. I slipped into a pair of gym shorts while Danielle just through on an oversized T-shirt and panties. Bethany was the last to exit the bathroom wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a white Camisole.

Danielle jokingly commented that if Bethany kept dressing like that they would have to put my eyes back in my head. If you looked close enough you could make out her nipples. After watching TV for a while we turned the lights outs and retired to our beds Danielle and I in one and Bethany in the other.

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In a room partially lit up by parking lot lights, I tossed and turned for nearly an hour. I was trying to think of things I could do or go to be quite until I was tired, when Danielle back against me spoon style, and began gently stroking my growing erection. Turning to me she whispered that she was horny and that she was sure Bethany was asleep. Taking the hint I quickly slipped out of my shorts, and rolled on top of Danielle, and while kissing her cheeks, eye lids and lips, my hands were roaming over the rest of her body, working my way down the outside of her T-all the way down to her hips then back up again only this time under her shirt sliding it up over her breasts.

With both of our breathing getting heavier, I flick my tongue across her nipples causing a moan to emit from her lips.

Working first her right then her left breast, with each time my tongue crossed her nipples her moans grew deeper and her fingers to tighten in my hair. I worked my way down across her abdomen pausing at her naval only long enough to start sliding her panties down. I then proceed to her pussy, lightly kissing to her inner thighs, then back to her pussy. When I slid my tongue past her outer labia she gasped sharply. When I slid my tongue across her clit she moaned and pulled at the back of my head, trying to bury my face deeper into her pussy.

Danielle swung her legs up over my shoulders squeezing my head at the same time. She was biting her lip to keep quiet. As her orgasm hit she let out a low guttural moan, her body severely shuddered as her orgasm peaked. As her orgasm eased I worked my way back up her body leaving light kisses until my lips were pressing against her lips. As my cock was pressing against her outer pussy lips, Danielle inhaled sharply as I slowly pierced through her folds and penetrated the full length of my shaft into her hot depths.

I began slowly withdrawing until the head was all that was left inside then I proceeded to push it to its full depths, slowly increasing my speed with each stroke. As I approached the point of no return our lips locked in a kiss in an attempt to muffle the moans emitting from Danielle. She started to spasm again pushing me over the edge, my first streams shooting deep inside her womb, I grunted as each stream was being deposited deep inside her.

After the last of my seed left my body I collapsed on top of Danielle both panting trying to catch our breath. As I rolled off Danielle, a meek voice radiated in the dark saying "You are in serious trouble if that happens again and I am not asked to play too." We giggled at being caught as we drifted off to sleep.

We woke the next morning to the smell of fresh coffee, and the sight of Bethany's long legs stretched out between 2 chairs reading a book. She looked at us as we stirred, smiled saying "it is about time you two wake up, Thought you were going to sleep all morning." We ate a quick breakfast and got on the road heading west and after a few stops made it to Galveston.

We had planned on staying for a couple of days at Bethany's friend summer home; it was on the beach and not being used until the end of the month. We arrived after dark and with a little help located the place.

It was right on the Gulf and was pretty much secluded being the last house on the Island, there was only a bird sanctuary beyond the residence. And the nearest neighbor was a good ¼ mile away. We just locked up our vehicles and just found an empty bed to crash for the night.

We woke in the morning to a beautiful sunrise coming up over the Gulf, on the horizon you could see several fishing boats and an oil tanker or 2 skimming along through the water but even they looked like dots on the horizon. I was the first to rise finding a few supplies in the house I whipped up a quick breakfast, coffee was just finishing as the ladies entered the kitchen. Each grabbing a cup I sat there admiring how beautiful they were without their makeup or styling their hair.

Bethany had dark hair and almond shape deep blue eyes. Her skin tone is beautiful, her father is Asian descent and her mother Nordic and the combination made her strikingly beautiful. Danielle had the Nordic features, light colored hair except her eyes were hazel. Both women had petite figures and Bethany was about 2 inches taller than Danielle but Danielle was more endowed, Bethany was about 34 c and Danielle was a 34-36 D either way it didn't matter they were both beautiful.

Oops I got caught staring, I know that I blushed. About 11 it started to warm up enough to head to the beach. I sat reading a book while the ladies walk along the beach and enjoying the nice day. About a half hour they came up to me and asked me to put lotion on them, I gave Danielle a sheepish look and she smiled and said "Don't be a stick in the mud and put the lotion on". With that comment I obliged starting with her rubbing the lotion all over her bare skin and that was a lot considering they were again wearing the small bikinis from the other night.

When it was Bethany's turn I was a little more cautious rubbing only her back and legs. Bethany then turned over and seemed a little disappointed, Danielle piped up saying "Oh, you coward" she then took the lotion squirted some into my hands and some into hers. I started with her feet and slowly worked my way up. Danielle started with her face and worked down to her neck and shoulders.

As I approached her bikini bottoms I started to get a little nervous and shake a little, I looked a Danielle to find her slowly massaging Bethany's exposed flesh around her bikini bra, when I looked back to what I was doing I found my hands at the top of her thighs right next to her bikini, I also noticed that Bethany had spread her thighs allowing a nice view to a very prominent Camel Toe.

I looked at Danielle who was looking back at me with a large smile on her face. After I worked the lotion into Bethany's legs, I added more lotion to my hands and started massaging Bethany's stomach starting just below Danielle's hands and working down towards her bikini bottoms again. Danielle never stopped massaging Bethany's breasts and from the breathing I could tell Bethany didn't want her to either. I took my time getting back to Bethany's bottoms making sure the lotion was worked in completely and enjoying the contact with her.

As I finished I couldn't help but notice how damp Bethany's bikini had gotten and how she flushed when I noticed that fact, she still made effort to hide it. I stood only to find that she was not the only one that was turned on, Danielle had her hand on the outside of her bikini slowly massaging herself and I had a hard on that I needed to take a quick dip in the Gulf to ease the pain and stiffness.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful, although, anytime I glanced at the ladies I found both looking in my direction talking and giggling.

That night we enjoyed the local cuisine, with only a short drive we found a place called the Mosquito Café. We enjoyed our meal and company so much that it surprised us when we informed that it was closing time. Danielle and Bethany wanted to visit some more so they chose to walk back to the house, I said I was tired and wanted to get some sleep.

Danielle kissed me good night and I headed back. The next morning I awoke to the most heavenly sights and sensations, Danielle had her lips wrapped around my cock, the sight and feeling just about caused me to shoot my load right there. I did hold out a couple more minutes before shooting a full load down her throat, she swallowed it all down as she nestled herself into the crook of my arm.

We lay there enjoying the afterglow whispering and giggling. We talked about different things when Danielle asked "I would like for Bethany to join us", I secretly wanted the same thing but coyly I ask why you ask. Without batting an eye she said, "She is beautiful, sexy and I see the way you two look at each other, besides do you think bad of me for wanting to find out what my niece taste like"?

"I have seen her naked a couple of times and it turned me on, besides I know how you are and I know you will be gentle, I don't want her to be hurt." All I could do was shake my head, as for my other head it already had a mind of its own and was already at full length. I rolled on top of Danielle and inserted the head into her opening.

Sliding in to full penetration I start to kiss her as I start to piston in and out of her vagina. We were so turned on that we got carried away and ended up on the floor as we came with such force we both ended up on the floor laughing, Bethany popped her head in the door and jokingly said "knock that shit off, it time for breakfast". We got cleaned up, ate breakfast and decided that we were going to enjoy the beach one more day since we were continuing on tomorrow. I spent the day enjoying the sun and the view of 2 beautiful women frolicking in the sun and surf with very little on.

I swear their bathing suits were getting smaller and smaller. Mind you I didn't care and in fact was enjoying it, other than a couple of trips to the water I sat on the beach and watched the women. We got on the road about 8 in the morning after a quick breakfast, again me enjoying the peace and quiet.

Heading west our next stop was going to be San Antonio with a quick visit to the Alamo. Other than a couple of bathroom stops the drive was uneventful. We did the tourist thing and even hit a local restaurant made famous by a television cooking show. When we were getting ready to leave San Antonio, Bethany jumped in the pickup and Stated "I get to drive".

I said "ok, but I get to pick the radio channel". I kissed Danielle and she said with a smile, "you are going to have fun babe, I've seen her drive." I got buckled up and we departed for Austin. It wasn't more than 5 minutes out of San Antonio, when the conversation turned a little racy.

Bethany started asking me about how old I was when I lost my virginity. She was asking if the lady that I lost my virginity to was also a virgin. I was a little uncomfortable answering the questions when my phone rang, made me jump and her giggle. It was Danielle; I answered it she was laughing. Danielle asked "So are you full of information?" I was trying to remain calm, she continued "I told Bethany that you would answer her questions and I give you full permission to assist her ANYWAY she wants it." She said she loved me and that she knew I would be able to handle it.

I hung up and looked at Bethany she was a little flushed but had the appearance that she wanted to continue. I asked her what she would like to know. She had all sorts of questions, I answered to the best of my knowledge, trying to keep it as calmly as possible. There was a pause and just as I thought I had answered everything she came up with one that kind of put me back a little. She looked at me and straight faced asked "may I see your penis, Danielle has been bragging about how nice it is, and I have only seen one, other than in a magazine a friend of mine brought on class trip." I was a little nervous and asked "are you sure?" "Yes" she answered.

I unzipped my pants and slid my hand inside pulled out my penis, thanks to the previous conversation I was semi-erect and Bethany's eyes locked on my crotch she said "Wow How big does it get?" I told her that it gets to be about 7 ½ inches long and about 5 inches in diameter and the head is a little wider than the rest.

She asked "can I touch it"? I said "yes but only if you watch the road" since I looked up just in time to see the back of a truck approaching real fast.

She apprehensively reached out and touched the tip causing it to jump a little which in turn caused her to jump. She then slowly slid her hand down the length of my shaft before wrapping her hand around the base. As she massaged my shaft it had expanded to full size which caused her eyes to expand as it grew, she was unable to close her hand completely around the base.

Bethany had a hard time keeping her eyes on the road; she rubbed it for a while then released it to put her hands back on the wheel. I uncomfortably forced my cock back into my pants. Bethany began rambling about how big it was the way it felt and about the cock she had touched before and that it wasn't that big and on and on.

All I could do was think about how good it felt to have her touch it and how much I wanted her to do it again, which didn't help the cramped quarters any in my pants. We arrived in Austin late and with no further incident, and we arranged for a motel room, and after getting unpacked we headed to a local café for a quick bite to eat. Danielle and I went for a walk to stretch our legs and get a bit of fresh air. Bethany said she was tired and was heading back to the room.

While we walked I told Danielle everything that was said and done today. Danielle was noticeably turned on and wanted to know every detail about the trip and was concerned with how I was handling being put on the spot like that.

She told me that yesterday while we were on the beach Bethany had asked a few questions about me and our relationship, Danielle had told her that if she has questions, go ahead and ask me I would be nervous but would answer the questions honestly. I jokingly told her a heads up would have been nice since it kind of threw me.

She said "I was just getting even for you when you tease and torment me. "This was just killing 2 birds with one stone. You for teasing me and Bethany get her questions answered." We arrived back at the motel, the lights were out so we snuck in and got ready for bed, crawling under the covers we snuggled up to each other, kissed each other good night.

We lay there embracing each other, tired from the day, and still getting aroused from lying next to each other. I started to massage Danielle's left breast. Danielle lightly moaned.

The light quickly came on "Busted" Bethany said, she then shyly asked "would you mind if I watch you two make love?" "OOOH" cooed Danielle "Judging from the way I was just poked it is unanimous, Of course you may".

I started nibbling on Danielle's ear and massaging her breast and lightly flicking her nipple through her t-shirt. I watched Bethany sit on her bed facing us wearing a short tank top and panties; she pulled her feet together so the soles of her feet were together giving clear view of her panties. As I started a renewed energy on Danielle's breast, Danielle tossed the covers back exposing us. I slowly slid my hand down across her abdomen and over her hip, reaching the bottom of her shirt, hooking my thumb on the shirt I reversed directions pulling the T-shirt with my hand.

Pausing before exposing Danielle's breasts, looking at Bethany she was massaging her breasts through Tank top, you couldn't help but notice the growing damp spot in her panties I continued sliding my hand over Danielle's breasts exposing both. Danielle had her eyes closed and her breaths were coming shorter and shorter. I adjusted my position on top of Danielle sliding her T-shirt off at the same time. I gently kissed Danielle on the lips, with each kiss our intensity increased, our tongues entwined.

My hands continually massaging Danielle's beast, she was moaning and breathing shallow. I left a line of kisses from her lips down her throat to her breasts. I know how having her breasts played with drove her wild, I slid my tongue across her nipples causing her to shutter and moan louder. I glanced at Bethany, her eyes staring, her breathing shallow, her right hand full of her breast, and her left hand deep in her very wet panties. I returned to Danielle's pleasures lightly kissing my way down to her well-trimmed mons, I lightly kissed her down to her right knee kissing my way back up and then do the left leg again lightly kissing behind her knee.

I left a line of kisses back to her labia placing 1 kiss directly on her vaginal lips. Danielle was moaning and rocking her hips and running her fingers through my hair, trying to capture my lips onto her vagina.

I continued to tease with each pass placing one kiss onto her pussy. She started cursing me for tormenting her so much, I just smiled and continued. I did slow down my contact with each pass lingering, longer each time after a few more passes I started to allow my tongue to penetrate Danielle's labia. As my ministrations continued, Bethany's moaning turned more into grunting, her tank was up over her breasts and panties were pulled to the side exposing her pussy to us.

She was pulling hard on her nipples and her other hand was doing major circles around her clit. I looked at Danielle; she was also watching Bethany running her hands through my hair as I ate her pussy. Danielle's hips were rocking increasing with each pass of my tongue. As Danielle started to squeal with her orgasm so did Bethany both women shuddering, Danielle's legs locked tight around my head.

As there orgasms eased I slid my briefs off, I placed my cock head at the entrance of Danielle's pussy, and she looked at me and said "if you tease me I will beat you silly, Fuck me and fuck me NOW!" My cock passed through her outer lips and into her fiery pussy, her eyes rolled back into her head, as she locked her heals around my hips and pulled me into her depths. Her juices flowed from her all she could do was moan as I started pumping into her pussy. The sounds coming from Bethany were just as excited and loud as they were from Danielle.

I knew I was not going to last long, with the room filled with the aroma of pure sex, I smiled thinking that it would take months to get the smell out of the room. Danielle started to cum again causing me to start hammering my cock into her depths like a piston.

She squealed in orgasm sending me over the edge, I grunted as my load was sent deep into her womb. When Bethany's second orgasm hit her legs shot straight out almost kicking me in the face, her feet only inches from my lips, I could not resist my lips lightly kissed her foot as it shuddered in front of me, this caused Bethany to jump a little, but she did not withdraw it.

Danielle and I remained locked together, Bethany's feet lowered as her orgasm subsided. Bethany lay on the bed legs hanging over the side of the bed, all three gasping for breath. As my cock softened and slid out of Danielle's pussy a trail of semen followed, adding to the wet spot already on the bed. I rolled on to my side lying next to Danielle not making any attempt to hide our nakedness. Looking at Bethany, her head propped against a pile of pillows legs spread wide, she was gently rubbing her pussy, and she said "I have never cum like that before, that was fantastic." We lay there about 10 minutes when Bethany asked "I hope you don't mind, but may I sleep with you two, I don't want to sleep alone".

Danielle smiled and patted the blankets and Bethany stood removed her soaking wet panties and climbed in. She spooned up to Danielle, I had my arm around Danielle so I raised my hand a little rested my hand on Bethany's hip. Bethany grabbed my hand and pulled it up under her arm my hand onto her left breast, she said "Thanks, now this feels a lot better." It didn't take her long to go to sleep, as for us we spooned a while and that was all I remember.

The next morning I woke to find a beautiful woman nestled on each shoulder, Bethany was either forced out or she woke and switched sides, crawling in on my side of the bed, either way I was all for it. I lightly gave each a light kiss on their foreheads and then I realized that my hands were resting gently on a breast, what a feeling.

I started to remove my hands and was stopped by both women. Bethany Asked Danielle "Danni, Would you let Kyle make love to me?" "Watching you last night I want to experience the feelings for real" she Continued "I am really nervous and I want to take it slow, I don't want some in-experience jock to hurt me taking my virginity." Danielle looked at me and smiled and said "its ok with me, and you couldn't ask for a more patient lover, Kyle took weeks treating me like a lady before I felt comfortable and relaxed for him to take my virginity, and it wasn't a wham bam thank you mam it hurt but it felt so right that it was only for a short time." I asked "Don't you think you should ask me first instead of passing me around like a piece of meat?" I smiled and told her "when you are ready, just let us know and we will be more than happy to help her." Bethany kissed me and hugged Danielle, jumped out of bed and headed for the shower.

Bethany left the door open as she showered; she was so happy that she was singing the whole time. Danielle smiled and whispered "you think she has changed any since getting her away from her mom and dad?" Bethany's life was a little one sided her parents had her life mapped out from when she was back in elementary school, and she was only allowed to do certain things and be with certain people.

She didn't go on a date until her junior prom and that was arranged by Danielle's sister. Bethany be bopped out of the bathroom naked strolled over to her clothes, picked up her panties from last night stared at them smiled and said "I don't think I will ever be able to wear these panties again without getting wet just thinking about last night". Danielle was next to shower, as she did I lay there admiring Bethany's sexy body.

I asked her "Bethany how is it that your parents allowed you to wear sexy lingerie"? She said "they don't Danielle bought these for me the morning that we left Savannah, that is why were late getting back to the apartment. I needed a change mom and dads were starting to bother me, Thanks to Danielle and this trip it will give me a break." I asked "So have you always trimmed your mons?" She said "That was Danielle's idea she said I would like the feel of it and she was right." She slipped on a pair of bikini panties and a pushup bra stood turned around and asked "Do you like?" I said "Nope I love".

"Me too, you look good enough to eat" responded Danielle from the door of the bathroom. Danielle walked over to the luggage and had taken out a pair of matching undergarments, and proceeded to put them on. As she did this I realized that I was still naked and between the two women I was hard and needed a cold shower. Before it got out of hand I jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom, hard on waving like a flag.

As I did both women were giving me a hard time about not being able to take it. I said "Nope, we have to get on the road and Nope I can't take it. Do you blame me, I have two half naked beautiful women with in arms reach and not enough time to treat either of you the way I want to." I showered, we ate breakfast and headed out, back to normal Bethany and Danielle riding together and me with my music. We headed northwest through Brady on to Sweetwater where we took a break, ate and then walked around stretching our legs.

I checked over the vehicles and then we continued on again, this time Bethany wanted to ride with me. We departed this time I was driving and were about a hundred miles out when we had a water pump go out on the pickup.

Locating a garage we were informed it would only take a couple hours. I told Danielle and Bethany to go on to Amarillo and I would catch up as soon as it is fixed. I passed the time walking around checking out some of the local historic spots. I got back on the road within 2 hours, and an hour and half later was back on track, arriving in Amarillo and another 15 minutes to locate ladies at the motel.

They were already lounging at the pool; I retrieved a room key and headed up to change. I had just removed my clothes when Bethany walked in, it surprised me a little, but that only lasted a second. She was looking for something in her luggage bent over her bikini pulled tight leaving the perfect camel toe impression.

I couldn't help but stare, I was no longer concerned that I was still naked; as she turned around she caught me staring. She smiled and asked "Am I causing problems?" As I follow her gaze I realize I was supporting a hard on. She asked "since I caused that may I touch it?" I nodded and dropped my swimming trunks, she came over and dropped to her knees, she took my cock in her hands, her hands were soft and cool, and my cock felt like it was on fire.

She was so close to that I could feel her breath on my cock; she rolled my cock around examining every detail, running her fingers along the veins down wrapping her fingers around my scrotum.

I was having a difficult time focusing on anything but those little hands wrapped around my cock.

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She was so focused on my cock and I on her, neither of us heard Danielle enter the room, she scared the hell out of me and Bethany also jumped when Danielle asked "Can I join you?" Bethany nodded not releasing my cock; Danielle approached, kneeled down and started explaining to Bethany how she loved to suck on my cock licking the head and from the scrotum up to the tip, even licking my balls.

Danielle whispered "You can try it if you want." Bethany replied, "I would love to but there is clear liquid on the end." Danielle replied "It's OK its pre cum and you will like the taste." Bethany stuck his tongue out and touched the tip of my cock, I inhale sharply, and Bethany asks "Did I hurt you?" I shook my head.

She continued to kiss and lick the tip, kissing down my shaft until she got to the base of my cock, then back to tip. She wrapped her lips around the tip lightly flicking her tongue across the end, again causing me to gasp. She looked up at me with a smile on her face; she wrapped her hands around the base. Danielle was coaching Bethany telling her to take as much of my cock into her mouth as she can and work my shaft with her tongue.

She was developing a pretty strong technique pushing me towards the edge, I announced "I am about to cum", and Bethany moaned "um hmmm" Danielle had her fingers tangled in Bethany's hair and her other hand massaging Bethany's breasts. Danielle was watching very closely as I started to climax Bethany's eyes bulged as the first shot hit the back of her throat.

Bethany had attempted to pull my cock out of her mouth when Danielle told her it was ok and a told her take as much as she could. Bethany did her best to swallow, but the last 2 streams shot out of her mouth and onto her breasts, Danielle told her to lick my cock clean, after Bethany finished licking my cock clean, Danielle eased Bethany onto her back and started to lightly kiss her working down to her licking the cum off Bethany's breasts. It was Bethany's turn to wrap her fingers into Danielle's hair and moan as Danielle licked and sucked my cum off of Bethany's breasts.

I sat in the chair watching the show before my eye. I was getting aroused again Danielle looked at me and said "You like this don't you? Well you both are going to have to wait to finish". Both Bethany and I groaned and started to protest Danielle just raised her finger and asked "do either of you want to finish at all?" Bethany got up came over to me and kissed me thanking me for the lesson and asked if it would be ok to practice, with a sarcastic grin directed at Danielle I told Bethany that anytime she wanted to she could practice all she wanted, sticking my tongue out at Danielle, we all laughed.

We walked to a local restaurant grabbed a bite to eat, I was walking on air to and from the restaurant I had a beautiful woman on each arm, what man wouldn't. We called it early evening using the excuse of it being a long day but I think there was aura reliving the afternoon's activities, and the potential of what could be.

As we entered the motel room Bethany's phone rang, as she answered it she mouth that it was her parents. Even sitting across the room we could hear the anger in their voices. Bethany had been turned down to their Alma Mater, and they were blaming Bethany for not trying harder. After being chewed out for 10 minutes, they calmed down a little but Bethany was next to tears.

I quietly snuggled in behind her lightly nibbling on her ear, and kissing her neck I started massaging her breasts through her top, she would moan every once in a while hiding it in the conversation really well. Danielle took the lead and while I was working on Bethany physically, Danielle started doing a sexy strip show in the middle of the room slowly removing her clothing all the while massaging her breasts and working her hands into her panties. Bethany's breathing was getting shorter and harder for her to carry on her conversation.

I slid my hand from her breast down across her stomach to the outside of her shorts, Bethany was doing everything she could to control the phone conversation.

Her eyes were glued to Danielle's show and she was biting her lips in between her AH HAWS and UM HMMMS. I held my advances until Bethany said her, I love you and good byes, but as soon as her phone closed I slid my hand into her shorts causing her to spasm and wrap her arms tightly around mine.

As I was tangled in an embrace and kiss with Bethany, Danielle approached squatting down in front of Bethany unbuttoning her blouse and releasing Bethany's breasts from their confinements. Danielle suckled on each one licking and massaging while I was kissing her and massaging her pussy. Danielle reached down and with Bethany's help slid her shorts down exposing her beautifully trimmed pussy. Bethany released my mouth and asked" Are you going to fuck me tonight?" I said "Not tonight but you will not go to sleep disappointed." She responded "I am not disappointed now but I don't want this to stop." Danielle added "It won't tonight is about you." She then buried her face into Bethany's pussy causing her head to fall back against my shoulder moaning, I started massaging Bethany's breast she covered my hands with hers squeezing and pinching urging my speed faster and faster.

Bethany let out a deep guttural groan and locked her legs around Danielle's head just like putting spurs to a stallion Danielle renewed her effort on Bethany's clit causing her to buck her hips as she was having her first orgasm. Looking at Danielle she had pussy juice from her chin to her forehead and a big smile watching the pleasure Bethany was having from her ministrations.

As Bethany's orgasm subsided she was breathless laying against my chest, Danielle kissed up Bethany's body pausing to lick and suck on her breasts, then proceeding up until they shared a kiss, Bethany was kissing like there was no tomorrow.

Danielle whispered "you have a tasty pussy and I do want to eat you again" she responded "I would love that." It took all our effort to get undressed and climb into bed, Bethany lay between Danielle and me. As we lay there Bethany explained about how she was turned down for college, and how her parents were blaming her that she didn't do her best on the oral interviews. She went on to explain that she was in a way happy that she was turned down and maybe subconsciously she did blow the interview, she really did not want to attend there.

We arose early and got underway due to us meeting up with Paul, a classmate of mine. He was going to ride with us from Colorado Springs to Casper, Wyoming. With everything that has happened the last few days we were pretty dejected that we were going to have a guest for the next 24 hours, and not be able to share our companionship.

Bethany jumped in with me, and covered up with lap blanket and dozed, I talked with Danielle on the cell as we drove. About an hour into the trip Bethany shifted around and laid her head on my lap causing some stirring in my groin. We had driven a couple miles when I felt a warm hand sliding inside my shorts up to my cock.

I jokingly told Danielle that we may have created a monster, Bethany replied, "do you want me to stop?" I said "hell no!" Danielle told me to put the phone to Bethany's ear, I did so and Bethany listened intently with a couple "ah hum's" and "OOOO's" and then told her bye and hung up.

Bethany started to unzip my shorts, I asked her "what are you doing?" she said "just what auntie told me to and I always do as I am told." She pulled out my cock and started to massage it; she licked the tip and kissed her way down to the base.

I called Danielle and thanked her for anything she had told Bethany, Danielle said you are welcome and to enjoy because in about 3 hours it was her turn. I had readjusted the seat reclining a little more, Bethany was busy sucking and licking on my cock and in doing so she had worked her way out of her seatbelt and had her ass up in the air. The breeze from her open window fluffing her short skirt and exposing her panties, I started running my hand over her back and hips.

As she was sucking my cock, she would moan as my hands passed over her buttocks. I ran my finger along the hem of her panties teasing her, causing her to rock her hips trying to get me to touch her pussy.

I continued to massage her butt sliding my finger gently across her very wet panties; her moans were vibrating on my cock. I was having a hard time concentrating on my driving; my fingers would linger with each pass across her panties placing increasing pressure against her clit.

Her hips were rocking faster and faster, she had half of my cock in her mouth and the head would hit the back of her throat with each bob of her head. It was so sexy to watch, I finally slipped my finger past her leg band on her panties and into her vagina she moaned and squealed at the same time sending chills from my cockhead up my spine and straight into my brain like lightning bolts. I knew I was not going to last much longer, my fingers were strumming her pussy like a banjo.

My finger slid across her clit one final time as she started to spasm in orgasm as did I as my cock hit the back of her throat. My cock shot stream after stream of semen into her throat, she swallowed all that I provided.

As her spasms eased she licked and cleaned my cock as she lay there in the afterglow of our ministrations. Bethany snuggled up on my shoulder and buckled up for the rest of the trip. We arrived in Colorado Springs, and picked up Paul. The plan was to drive until we got to Casper and then Paul was going to share a room with me, and then go pick up a vehicle and then head back to Colorado Springs.

Paul volunteered to drive the first leg of the trip so I got comfortable and prepared for the long trip. We visited as we traveled about school and what we had done since school, past loves and current loves.

We were on the road for about an hour when my cell beep with a text message, I opened it and almost chocked on my beverage.

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There before my eyes was a beautiful set of tits staring back at me, judging from the size and shape and the cute little mole they belonged to Bethany. Paul asked if everything was OK, I told him, yup just a message I was not expecting and we continued our travels. Ten minutes down the road, my phone beeped again and a second photo came, this one showed the back of a head in the lap of another and as I looked at the picture I realized that the back of the head was that of Danielle's.

At Fort Collins we stopped for an afternoon Dinner and a chance to stretch our legs, Danielle and I took a walk she had a smile when I asked her about the pictures, she asked "Did you like?" I told her how I almost choked on my beverage when the first came. She commented about how they had fun but since Bethany was driving that Danielle did not want to get her too distracted but the photos were fun and what she planned to actually do that to her tonight and would get photos.

I told her she was cruel and that lying in bed tonight thinking about them being in the other room entwined in each other's arms would drive me nuts. We returned to the vehicles and fueled up got our beverages and snacks and headed out.

It was late when we got into Casper and checked into the motel, it did not take too long for me to go to sleep. We got up early the next day and bid our farewells to Paul, we headed to Missoula via Yellowstone. We did some morning sightseeing but the best was through my cell phone about every few miles a new picture would come in, either Bethany in various stages of dress or Danielle. Then when they ended up totally naked, the pictures started getting more and more explicit, Danielle's breasts being sucked by Bethany or fingers in pussy, it was getting very hard to drive and look at the photos.

I could hardly contain my excitement when Alta came into view, I think I had a hard on for the last 2 hours. We checked into a nice ski chalet, we were overlooking a beautiful valley other than one other vehicle it appeared as if the whole place was ours.

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We plan was to use Alta as a jumping off point to check out Yellowstone area. We no sooner closed the door when both women were all over me pushing me up against the closed door and attacking me with kisses and roaming hands. As Bethany kissed my lips Danielle was busy pulling my shirt up and over my head. As Bethany's lips broke to allow the shirt to pass, she was met with Danielle's lips; they kissed for a brief time before Danielle locked her lips onto mine.

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Bethany dropped to her knees and unbuckled my pants sliding them down over my hips and to the floor. She then proceeded to slide my briefs down allowing my cock free. She lightly kissed the head of my cock then made a path of light kisses down to the base where Danielle met her and they both proceeded to kiss back to the tip one on each side.

We worked our way to the bed where I was pushed back on the bed, as I lay there both women stood and proceeded to do the sexy strip tease both working together, Danielle removed Bethany's top and Bethany removing Danielle's shorts. This went on until both women were naked, as I stared at the scene before me they both did a series of poses that only reinforced the raging hard on. They approached the bed kissing me, working down my body until both were taking turns sucking on my cock. I slid my hands down their bodies until I was massaging their fine asses.

I worked my fingers up and down their slits causing them to moan louder with each pass. Bethany turned to me and said "will you please stop teasing me and take my virginity, I want to be fucked." I looked at Danielle and she nodded, I said "As long as she felt she was ready." I rolled her onto her back in the middle of the bed and proceeded to suckle on her tits all the while Danielle kissed her, I worked my way to her mons area.

With each kiss her hips would rock up and down, and her muffled moans grew with each pass of my lips. As my tongue enters her slit she squealed and locked her legs around my head and her arms around Danielle as her body spasm in orgasm.

I eased back up to her tits again sucking on her nipples, Danielle released her lips, and I looked her in the eye and asked "Are you ready, this is going be a little bit of pain but it will ease." She nodded and moaned as my cock parted her pussy lips, finding her vaginal entrance; I slowly pushed into her tight pussy.

I eased my cock further into her vagina; her moans grew louder as my cock touched her hymen. I held there not moving until her vaginal wall eased and adjusted to the intrusion.

I then pulled out until just the head of my cock remained, then eased it back in until my cock approached her hymen again, I did this several times until she had relaxed and was getting into the new sensations. I entered again this time, she screamed and her eyes went wide as I passed through the obstruction and bottomed out in new territory, I again held motionless until her pain eased and she started slowly rocking her hips accepting the new sensations.

Danielle started kissing her again, Bethany's passion increased as she was fingering Danielle and getting her first fuck at the same time it was just too much as she began to convulse in another orgasm. As she shuddered her fingers were moving faster and faster, Danielle finally swung her leg around placing her pussy only a matter of inches from Bethany's face. Lowering her pussy down to Bethany's lips, Bethany devoured Danielle's pussy causing her to inhale and lock her lips on to mine.

I continued to fuck Bethany and Danielle rocked her hips back and forth on Bethany's face. I was approaching the point of no return and I could feel my semen start to boil in my balls and I told them both I was about to come, and I would have to pull out a muffled voice from between Danielle's legs "come inside me, I am on birth control", and with that the first strands of come shot deep into womb causing her to start another orgasm, sending Danielle into one of her own.

With my cock buried deep inside Bethany we all collapsed in a pile of bodies on the bed laying there in a post coatis bliss. Bethany was the first to speak saying "that was great and I so want to do this again if it is ok with you" we both nodded, she moaned again as my softening cock slid from her pussy.

Danielle adjusted herself so that she had access to Bethany's pussy, she began lightly kissing and licking the leaking fluids from her pussy, this started Bethany's hips to rock and moans to escape her lips.

The more Danielle licked Bethany's pussy the more she squirmed and wormed her way around until she was able to bury her face into Danielle's pussy, I sat back watching the sight of two beautiful women rolling, squirming, moaning, and each taking turns being on top.

As both women approached their own orgasm each was getting louder and more active, it was almost simultaneous as both exploded in ecstasy, screams muffled by heads crammed deep between legs. Both women had collapsed and passed out almost immediately it was such a beautiful sight; I snuggled in next to both and joined them in blissful slumber. I awoke to Danielle's moans; I looked over to find Danielle on her back hand Bethany's head buried in Danielle's pussy.

I watched for a matter of seconds before realizing that her fingers were wrapped Bethany's hair and Bethany's ass was up in the air. I crawled in behind Bethany and slowly entered her from behind; she was so wet and hot with every inch the sensations were mind blowing.

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Bethany squealed causing Danielle to open her eyes and smiled "It's about time you wake up we got tired of waiting for you so we started without you." She said. Bethany Moaned "MMMMM HMMMMM" causing Danielle to close her eyes and start her orgasm, Bethany kept eating Danielle and I kept fucking her slowly increasing the intensity and speed. As Bethany was nearing her first orgasm, she inserted 2 fingers into Danielle and started matching me stroke for stroke.

I slid my hand from her hip down to Bethany's clit, as I start massaging her clit her orgasm hits like a wave, her pussy clamped down on my cock as the streams of cum shot from my cock, muffled screams emit from between Danielle's legs.

The vibrations send Danielle over the edge for a second time; we collapsed next to Danielle my cock buried deep in Bethany's pussy all three trying to catch their breath. Danielle wrapped her arms around Bethany and gave her a light kiss on the lips then she kissed me, the room was heavy with sexual aromas, we finally started to move again, Danielle was first to jump up and headed for the shower, Bethany had already turned and was entertaining herself sucking on my cock.

Danielle jokingly said "I guess we did create a monster." I smiled and nodded. Bethany was licking and sucking my cock and so I started to finger a very sticky and wet pussy. I urged her to straddle my face placing my tongue flat against her clit then slowly sliding it up to her asshole causing it to pucker and her to moan, I flicked the tip around her clit tasting the residual mixing of our previous love making.

The more I licked the more faster she rocked her hips, each time she rocked her body the deeper my cock went into the throat until she had swallowed the full length of my shaft, she would hold until she couldn't hold her breath then she backed out and lick the head, then proceed to deep throat me again.

Danielle walked out of the bathroom as Bethany hit bottom again, Danielle had not been able to take all of my cock and was fascinated as to her nieces' abilities, and she sat on the bed only inches from Bethany and asked "will you show me how to do that?" Bethany mumbled "yes". My cock popped out of her mouth with a pop and the tip was presented to Danielle, she took my cock willingly licking the head and shaft then taking it into her mouth she started taking it to the depths of her throat.

I was having a hard time keeping my mind on Bethany's pussy. Danielle started to gag and backed off, Bethany moaned and bit her lip as my tongue circled her clit again, Bethany told Danielle to relax her throat and swallow with each stroke.

This time Danielle was able to add an inch to the depth before she gagged. Danielle was determined to swallow my whole shaft, with each stroke she swallowed a little more, until she finally bottomed out at the base of my cock, Bethany started rocking her hips faster and her moans were getting louder as she approached another orgasm, I slid a finger into her pussy lubing it up then slowly inserted it into her sphincter opening of her anus.

"OH my God' was the only intelligible words from her mouth between moans sighs and squeals, then her body went into convulsions. Danielle was working my shaft faster and I was preparing to empty my balls into her throat.

Danielle was moaning sending vibrations for through my shaft. The vibrations were too much I could not hold back any longer I shot everything I had down her throat, after she swallowed the last drop she withdrew with big smile.

She kissed Bethany saying "Thank you for the lesson, now you two better get cleaned up, I am hungry and I need a cup of coffee." Bethany and Danielle wanted to do some sightseeing, today I just wanted to sit around and do some recuperation after the last 24 hours. When the ladies returned, they were tired they had done some horseback riding along the Tetons, and then a short hike after, both were complaining about their bodies hurting.

I being the gentleman gave them an option, I said " I could either make arrangements for the spa or I could be the masseuse and take care of them" Bethany started laughing, but Danielle jumped at the chance, she told her that I was better than any masseuse she had ever been. Bethany said in that case I would like to make an appointment for 2. I said Bodies by Kyle will be open at 9 after relaxation in the whirlpool. They got giddy and changed into their swimsuit and headed to the pool, they were surprised when I didn't join them.

As soon as they left I grabbed my keys and headed to the local store for some supplies. Promptly at 9 the ladies returned, they walked in to a candle lit room, both stopped at the door letting their eyes adjust to the light. I met them at inviting them in to my shop, I escorted them to the shower, and both quickly stripped out of their bikinis and jumped in the shower. I enjoyed the view of the women soaping each other down, as they exited the shower and was met with a fluffy towel, they patted each other dry and then were handed a satin robe.

They were then escorted to the double French doors where I had placed 2 massage beds I borrowed from the local spa. I positioned each of the women on their back and myself between the beds. I started with Danielle massaging her forehead down her face to her cheeks, behind her ears down her throat and neck to her shoulders down to the tops of her arms.

I then proceeded to do the same to Bethany to the same point; I then proceeded down each arm to the palms of her hands lightly kissing each fingertip, and the palm of each hand. I then turned to Danielle and duplicated the same, each of the women were moaning each time my hands touched their skin. I then returned to their shoulders and work my way down across their naked bodies working the same amount at each pass, working areas where there bodies would tense due to sore muscles.

I worked my way down the front of each of their bodies and then requested them to flip over and proceeded from the head down across the shoulder down each back, paying special attention to the shoulders, down both side of the spine and hip area.

I lightly kissed each of their hips as my fingers worked the area. I then started at the top of the leg, beginning with Bethany; I could not believe how much heat was radiating from her crotch area. I worked down until I was lightly kissing the sole of her foot and each toe. I massaged back up to her hips and then down her other leg mimicking the previous motions on her leg, her legs were parted, the view of her pussy and the amount of moisture was just fascinating and it took her squirming to snap me out of staring.

I then repeated the procedure with Danielle and when my hand approached her inner thighs she was just as hot as Bethany and was moaning more with each pass.

Like Bethany, Danielle was so hot and wet that there were small droplets forming on the towels below her pussy.

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I kept massaging both women's hips and buttocks allowing my finger to slide up and down there pussy's with each pass dipping it into vagina and up to their tight little anus' making a circle with the lubricant from their pussy's making them lubed.

I then inserted my thumb into their pussy to the hilt; both women squirmed, moaned and rocked their hips raising them higher into the air. I withdrew my thumb and replaced it with my 2 middle fingers until they bottomed out, I then proceeded to apply pressure to their tight sphincter with my thumbs, slowly inserting the digit in to their tight orifices.

As I started to work all my fingers in and out of the women, I would gently squeeze my digits together; I could feel my fingers touching each other through the soft tissue of their inner cavities.

With each pass the women moaned louder and their hips rocked faster and with more force, until they were worked into frenzy; Bethany was the first to start with orgasm spasms followed closely by Danielle.

After their bodies stopped twitching Bethany lazily looked a Danielle and breathlessly commented "That was great I am wet and my stomach feels like a bowl of jelly just from a massage, WOW".

Danielle said "Me too and he has given me a massages before but this one was fantastic!" The next day, since we wanted to see Glacier National park, we departed heading north into Montana, and other than a few bathroom breaks, switch off of drivers and a quick we drove straight through. We arrived late at the bed and breakfast luckily they were expecting us that late. Not wanting to create suspicion Bethany had her own room. We awoke late and headed out over the mountains site seeing with a final destination of Coeur d' Alene.

As we traveled made several stops took lots of pictures, I was even able to receive a daring roadside blow job, by both women and as I was approaching orgasm a vehicle came along and screwed it up.

It was a lot of driving and our sightseeing got a little lengthy, and I made a major mistake in my directions and I didn't figure it out until it was too late we decided to stay in a small town. The Motel wasn't much to look at from the outside but we were only planning on staying overnight and get underway in the morning.

We walked got in our room and realized it was a suite, the room had Jacuzzi, king size bed and in room sauna. We all showered and after dinner we headed back to the room admiring the picturesque view the mountains around us were purple with the setting sun, the temperature was just starting to chill the air.

I walked with a beautiful woman on each arm, enjoyed the looks I was receiving from the young men, the old men and the women all appeared to be envious.

We walked and talked about our new future and that starting either tomorrow or at the latest the next we would be set up in our new apartment. Bethany was a little quiet as we walked; we arrived back at the motel, we were going to grab some snacks from the vending machine and head back to the room. Bethany said she was going to grab her jacket and take a walk do some thinking. I looked at Danielle and she asked Bethany if she could join her, Bethany agreed and they departed.

I sat back watching a movie, not paying too much attention to the movie more thinking about what is concerning our young passenger. They returned as the movie ended, I turned the TV off, looking at Bethany I could tell she had been crying I asked "everything ok?" Bethany burst into tears again ran over to me and buried her head into my shoulder, Danielle approached and wrapped her arms around both of us sandwiching Bethany between us.

I asked "what is up beautiful?" She sat on the edge of the bed and began to explain that it didn't hit her until returning from the restaurant that she would have to head home soon and face her parents, and that her new experience would only be a fond memory. I asked Danielle to have a seat next to Bethany; I commenced to explain that the nice thing about riding alone it gives you plenty of time to think.

I told them how I "May have a way that it does not need to end, but if it doesn't work out we have to be happy with what we had." I continued by asking Bethany "Are you sure you want to remain with us?" Her head nodded vigorously, I then looked at Danielle and asked "Are you willing to accept the responsibility of being the only blood relative within 1000 miles?" Danielle shook her head vigorously.

I said "Good, we are going to stay here a couple more days while I work out the details, now go get naked we are going to enjoy this Jacuzzi, they both jumped up and threw their arms around my neck and gave me a kiss. I began to draw the water for the Jacuzzi while they quickly threw off their clothes, I was enjoying the view and lost track of time, so much so that I almost ran the water over the edge of the tub.

After the ladies entered the tub it was my turn to get naked, I played it to the hilt mimicking the dancers I had seen in the past. The ladies giggled as the clothing came off; I finally removed the last of my clothing and slipped into the tub between the ladies. The ladies were relaxing in the bubbles, and looked so beautiful I couldn't help but spinning around so I was facing them.

I reached out gently filled my hand with a breast of each of the women, they both moaned as I worked the whole breast, and tweaked the nipples. I slid my hands to the opposite breasts and continued my ministrations, their moans continued, getting deeper and faster. I worked my hands down across their abdomens to their mons area lightly stroking their thin strips of pubic hair.

Both ladies were resting their heads on the edge of the Jacuzzi with their eyes closed; I jumped a little when I felt 2 hands reaching for my cock. While I was enjoying the feel of their hands on my cock, I was sliding my finger through their vulva areas, Bethany was the first to spasm with an orgasm as I inserted my finger into her vagina, and her actions were so active it created large waves in the tub splashing water onto the floor.

Danielle slid out of the pool lying on the side allowing me access to eat her pussy as I slid over to the edge, and lowered my lips to her lower lips. I passed my tongue across her pussy up to her clit; she rolled her hips up and squealed as I flicked my tongue over her clit. As I continued working on Danielle, Bethany worked her way around until she was face to face with the one eyed monster; she wasted no time to begin an aggressive blow job. Danielle's hips rocked and she squealed with each pass her breathing could only be classified as panting.

Bethany forced me onto my back on the edge of the tub and Danielle swung her legs over my head and lowered her pussy onto my face. Danielle was watching Bethany suck my cock; Danielle wrapped her hands in Bethany's hair, gently pulling her to her feet and towards her. Danielle kissed Bethany continued to draw Bethany towards her until she was straddling my hips, Danielle reached down and aimed my cock towards Bethany's pussy, then with her other hand gently urged Bethany to sit down on my cock.

As Bethany sunk onto my cock she moaned and her spasms increased, the moans were coming so fast from both women that I had a hard time distinguishing which it was coming from. Danielle's hips were rocking on my face and Bethany was starting to ride my cock with increased speed. The women again locked lips I reached for Bethany's clit and found that Danielle's hand was already there, so I reached for Danielle's clit and found that Bethany had the space occupied.

I inserted my thumb into Danielle's pussy and slowly inserted my finger into rectum; this caused a muffled scream from Danielle as she went from nearing orgasm to full blown spasms, I shot my first ropes of cum into Bethany pushing over the edge with another orgasm.

It took all we could do just to rinse off and that is only because we had the water already ran, we popped the plug and crawled into bed naked, and pretty much passed out. The next morning we found little café, had coffee and breakfast, all three we were still a little shot from last night, but we did our best to replenish our energies. After we were walking around town when the ladies found an antique shop, I excused myself to make a phone call leaving the women shopping and visiting.

When I was out of ear shot I dialed Paul, when he answered I explained the situation to him, NO I am not stupid I just explained the situation about Bethany wanting to stay in Washington but her parents wanted her to attend school back east. What the ladies didn't know was Paul's father was the Chancellor of Washington State University and if things work out I could probably get Bethany into school in Washington at least for her generals and if she wanted to go back east to complete college I figured she would at least be in good graces with her parents that she would continue her education.

Paul said he would get back to me in a couple hours. Like clockwork was a little after lunch when my phone rang, the ladies looked at me funny; I winked and excused myself again. Paul gave me the phone number to his father and said that Bethany was pretty much accepted and all I needed to do was let him know where he could retrieve her school records.

I had always had a very good relationship with Bethany's parents, so the next call was to Dave, Bethany's dad. I started by saying "Dave you I have talked before about Bethany, and you were pretty adamant about her attending college, she was saying that she did not get accepted into your alma mater, and she wants to take the year off." "I know it is a little tense between you two, but, I have an Idea to keep her in college and give you a break from each other." I proceeded, "The father of a classmate of mine is the chancellor of U of W and will accept her based on what I know about her GPA." I Continued "She would be able to start this fall if you approve, she could take generals and then try again next year to finish back east." Dave was silent through the whole thing and there was a pause, then the only question was from Stephanie Bethany's mom who had been listening on the other extension, "Where would she stay?" I explained "With us having a two bedroom apartment she could stay with us if she wanted if not we would help her find a place of her own, either way we would assist her while she was out here, and you know how Danielle is about education, it is very important to her." "The final point I will make is if Bethany does not maintain the GPA that you think she is capable of we will drive her back ourselves." With that I asked them to think about it and let me know what they thought about it.

It was Dave to speak "I want my daughter to have a good education and it means across the country then I am willing to try it, what do you think Stephanie?" there was another pause and then she answered, "I agree, if she needs anything let us know." I said they would be the first to know; I lied and said "I am not even sure if Bethany was interested in doing this." I returned to a series of questions, I smiled and said "All in due time." We rented some bikes and spent part of the afternoon touring the town, and the rest of the afternoon on the river after we rented a kayak from a place called Crazy Woman Kayaks.

While kayaking we landed on an island and do some nude tanning. I don't think any of us were too concerned about being seen, we were not from the area so we wouldn't have to worry about seeing them again.

We decided we would just grab a 6 pack and a couple of subs then head back to the motel. We each took turns showering and eating, and enjoying a little relaxing conversation.

I was the last one showered as I came out wrapped in a towel, I was met with candle light and light music. I asked "So what's up beautiful s?" I emphasized the "s" they giggled and stated "Oh Nothing, we just thought that you have been taking care of us this whole trip that maybe we can take care of you tonight." I was advised to lie down, I was attempting to protest, and I also wanted to see where this was going.

I lay in the middle of the bed on my stomach; they both said "Not" I rolled onto my back. Each of the ladies grasped one of my arms, pulled it above my head and attached a silky sash to my wrists; the other end was already attached to the bed.

With my hands restrained I was not able to reach the ladies, they giggle as I realized too late that they had restrained my legs as well. Danielle smiled kissed me and asked, "Are you afraid?" I shook my head "no". Bethany laughed and said "That is your first mistake, you should be very afraid, we are going to extract all that information you have been secretly collecting all day." I laughed and said "All you had to do is ask." Danielle said "Too late." Now I was a little concerned until Bethany stripped out of her robe and all she had on was a bustier pushing her tits up, Danielle removed her robe exposing a black lace choker and a gold waist chain.

They approached from both sides; they both kissed my cheeks, working down to my neck. They would give a light kiss and then ask I wonder what was said today hmmm and then they would give another kiss.

They had worked their way down to my nipples, their breaths, their lips; their tongues were driving me nuts. I pleaded "Please release me so I can use my hands at least." They only had this evil laugh. Danielle told Bethany shut him up, so I can focus on other matters. Bethany looked back at her then at me she jumped up and lowered her pussy to my lips; Danielle complimented her "good thinking." Bethany smiled and moaned, and bit her lip as I started licking her vulva, slowly inserting my tongue deeper with each pass.

Danielle kissed her and then returned to kissing across my abdomen to the base of my cock. Bethany was rocking her hips, squeezing her right breast with her left hand and running her other hand into her own hair. Danielle kissed her way up to the top of my cock head kissing and licking the tip, causing me to inhale sharply, and as I did so I sucked in Bethany's clit causing her to squeal. Danielle worked her magic on my cock she had it buried to the hilt in her throat (thank you Bethany for teaching her that).

Bethany was rocking her hips covering my whole face with pussy juice; I loved the flavor, smell and the way it felt on my face. Danielle released my cock and climbed aboard impaling herself on my cock in one swift motion causing her to scream in ecstasy Bethany's hips locked around my head as she started her first orgasm.

She threw her arms around Danielle kissing her; Danielle rocked her hips on my cock, slowly increasing her speed. I didn't stop eating Bethany she was out of breath and trying to get me to stop and wanting me to continue all at the same time. Danielle's speed was up to a fury when I sucked in on Bethany's clit again putting her over the edge a second time.

This time it was a muffled scream, Bethany's face was being held tightly to Danielle's breast, the vibrations from her scream pushed Danielle over the edge, I could feel her pussy clamp onto my cock as her body slipped into convulsions. Both women were totally drained as sat there holding each other up, it was such a picture and the feel of Danielle's pussy milking my cock sent me over the edge shooting ropes of semen deep into her pussy. Both women collapsed next to me completely out of breath.

It took some time until the women regained enough strength to untie me from my restraints, then the fun started, grabbed each of the ladies restraining them with the same restraints they used on me. Danielle towards the head of the bed and Bethany to the foot end, they were giggling and half heartily protesting me tying them up. By the time I secured them their legs were entwined with each other, their pussy mere inches apart.

I proceeded to torture the exhausted women, starting with tweaking their nipples causing slight pain then kissing them and suckling on them until they were moaning again and gyrating again. As I was teasing them I was explaining to them the conversations I had during the day and that if Bethany didn't do as she was told I would have to spank her.

The women were so lost in my services they were receiving, by this time I had worked down both their stomachs and was now fingering their pussies with 2 fingers in each; I worked my fingers in and out while rolling them side to side. Neither was understanding what was being said about Bethany being able to stay dependent on her grades, but I was enjoying the view of both fighting their restraints was almost too much for me. Both squealed when their orgasm hit almost simultaneously shaking the bed violently.

I think Bethany passed out for a short time, but I was not sure. The bonds were removed with little resistance, both lay there panting and every once in a while a little tremor would ripple through their bodies.

It took almost 20 minutes for what was said to register, Bethany was talking when her eyes shot wide open, mouth dropped, then she sat straight up looked at Danielle and shouted "I CAN STAY, I CAN STAY!!!" Both women jumped up and start bouncing around on the bed hand in hand cheering.

I was happy but I was tired I swatted both of their butts and told them it was "bedtime get your sexy asses to bed", we retired in a Bethany sandwich. We must have been pretty tired; when we woke we were in the same position we were in when we went to bed. Bethany was spooning with me and Danielle was spooning with her, Bethany had her hand full of Danielle's tit and my cock pressing against Bethany's tight little butt.

I started to move when Bethany asked "Kyle I like it there, would you think me strange if I ask you to fuck me there?" I was a little shocked to say the least, but she continued "You have been gentle so far on everything we have done together, besides you said you would do anything for me." Danielle chimed in "You did say that you know," and giggled.

She jumped up grabbed some lubricant, then using a couple of pillows propped her butt into the air. I gently massaged her pussy and I could not believe how wet Bethany was the juices were just flowing. Danielle applied some lubricant to Bethany's tight opening, making little circles relaxing the muscles. I slid my cock into her wet pussy, while Danielle worked 2 fingers into Bethany's rectum, Bethany was moaning with each pass of her fingers, and squirmed with every motion of my cock.

Bethany was biting her lip and groaned as I pulled my cock out of her pussy. Danielle massaged and held Bethany's butt, as I aimed the head of my cock at the opening and gently pushed popping the head past her tight sphincter. She gasped and let out a squeal at the same time, I was still, allowing her time to get accustomed to the intrusion. I felt her relax so I eased deeper into her opening, pausing to allow her to relax, pulling back then easing a little deeper than I was before.

Danielle kissed me and said "I have never seen it from this angle; usually I am the one with my head buried in the pillow." She leaned down kissed Bethany and asked her "How you doing baby girl?" Bethany just panted and moaned "MMMMMMM, HHHHHMMMM." Danielle teased "I don't think she can handle any more you better take it out." I slowly withdrew until the head of my cock was about to pop out, Bethany shouted "if that comes out you both are in big trouble!" Danielle added more lube to my cock, I then proceeded to ease it back into Bethany's rectum, Bethany moaned as each inch of my cock penetrated to the full depths.

I repeated and with each pass began increasing speed, Bethany's eyes were tilting back in her head and her lip was quivering sweat was pouring off her forehead, soaking her hair. Bethany slid her had between her legs and started rubbing her clit, between her motions and my pumping Bethany's hips were bouncing like she was in a rodeo.

Danielle was massaging her clit while watching Bethany get her rectum reamed; Bethany locked her legs as her orgasms hit her full force, her body shaking the whole bed. Watching the scene unveil in front of her pushed Danielle over the edge straightening her like a board, her fingers buried deep within her pussy. After everyone regained their senses, and my cock popped out of Bethany's nice little ass, we jumped in the shower and cleaned up for the day. We decided to hang around the town for the day and then depart tomorrow early since we had a long day of driving to get to our new apartment.

By afternoon I notice Bethany was walking and sitting a little funny, I asked if she was ok. She said she was and that she would not change it for the world and wanted to do it again.

We departed before sunup heading over the Rockies and after a few breaks and over the Cascades to our new home. Bethany was set up in her own room but spent most night in our room, but that is another story&hellip.