Amazing twinks As soon as Ryan is supreme and ready Kellan jumps up

Amazing twinks As soon as Ryan is supreme and ready  Kellan jumps up
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No one under the age of fourteen has sex in this story. THE MAID AND THE LECHER: Horace and Glenda Pruitt find themselves in the enviable situation of being newly filthy rich. It came from a ten dollar lottery ticket that paid out a total of $425,000,000 to them. Since they elected to take twenty-five million (tax paid) in advance and the rest of the money as a monthly stipend, that would result in a monthly income of about $800,000 before taxes taken out.

Enough for a crazy wealthy life style with no need to risk any of it in investments. But, after settlement with the aid of their CPA and gang of lawyers, they would salt enough of it away in savings in several known to be strong financial institutions of several types and invest in the strongest dividend paying stocks and just ride them off into the sunset.

That should take care of inflation influences on their wealth. They didn't want to squander this largess, so they decided that within limitations that they would live a sensible life. That would include the purchase of one of the recently refurbished mansions on South Hill in town, a new fully loaded Chevrolet Impala sedan, a three year old work truck in good shape and a Suburban of about the same age.

They would hire a cousin who does interior decorating to give justice to the house, but not with expensive knick-knacks, but with decorations that indicate wealth and good taste without being ridiculously expensive.

They would also hit Nordstrom's and Macie's to improve their respective wardrobes, but keep their usual outdoor working and casual clothing too. They also had some 'green' alterations that they would want done to the house. That should keep things in line financially and budget wise. Horace was an amateur writer and Glenda was a member of a number of lady's clubs which included a number of her interests.

She felt that she was a responsible citizen even before the windfall, but also she liked to be with the ladies, since she was bi, which Horace wasn't supposed to know about. But, if he knew, he wasn't complaining, since she regularly serviced him anyway and was open to anything he wanted that wouldn't do permanent damage to her. Except, no more children. Their two were away in college and that was far away enough as she was concerned. She wanted to retain as much of her youthful figure as possible during the coming years.

They were both in their early forties and still looked good. One thing that she asked Horace for was a maid to take care of the household chores.

He thought that it was a very good idea for additional reasons that he didn't share with her. But, she in her heart knew. And as far as she was concerned, he could have his little fun, since she was having hers, as long as it was not allowed to hinder their relationship together.

No intention of that on his part, since he truly loved Glenda. Glenda left the process of obtaining one strictly to him. So, Horace put advertisements in the local papers and on online in several sites, including Craigslist. In several hours he had a lot of responses to this ad. So, he busied himself sending requests for pictures, resumes and references from the most likely candidates, all female and in the age group of eighteen to thirty-five.

He got six full sets back on the first day. Since he wanted this to be fun for him, as well as efficient for the needs of the house, he invited them to come one at a time, one in the morning and one in the early afternoon over the next few days. Glenda planned on being very busy away from the home on those days. So, the next day a lady named Mable showed up for the first interview. She didn't look much like the picture, about twenty years beyond it, if it was her at all. And her manner was very rude and pushy.

He dismissed her very quickly and thanked her for coming. She left in a huff over the evident failure of her to get the job she felt that she deserved. That afternoon, Carol came. She was an eighteen year-old college freshman, an African-American. She was very pretty and sweet, but Horace inquired of her how she would be able to devote the necessary forty hours a week to do the job at hand.

She said that she planned on working ten hours a day on weekends and then the five weekdays at four hours each. Horace pointed out that they might want to have family get-togethers or parties on the weekends and that probably wouldn't work with her doing the cleaning at those time. So, Carol asked him, at what time would the get-togethers of parties begin? And he thought for a moment and stated that they usually began at about two in the afternoon for the family events and six in the evening for the social ones.

Carol then mentioned that she could come at six in the morning for the family events and finish up in the upstairs areas when the family began to arrive and at eight in the morning on the social event days.

Horace thought about this and advised her that he would have to run that past his wife and get back to her. Carol was a bit dismayed at not getting the job immediately and offered to show him how much she desired the job. Horace said that that would be appreciated but not necessary until he discussed this schedule for her with his wife. With that the sad girl left. Later at night, Glenda nixed the idea, because it would interfere with their privacy on weekends, when they very much needed it for themselves and their guests.

Horace, very sadly, texted the decision to Carol, with the admonition to reconnect with them if her circumstances changed.

Carol responded with an okay. The next day with Glenda gone again, the first lady came to interview. It was a Muslim girl, about eighteen and covered from head to toe with concealing garments.

Horace had to tell her that that manner of dress, with all respect to her faith, just wasn't going to work out in his household. With that, she shucked the garments off and appeared to him in her bra and panties. She just stood there and let the wonder of that filter down with his lowered sanity. She remarked that she could work in the house with that mode of dress or even less, if he desired it…or her. Horace wondered upon reflection, what kind of a fervent Muslim girl would present herself in this manner?

And especially with her offering herself to him, he thought that it might be some kind of prelude to a scam or outright robbery. So, he dismissed her saying that he didn't think it would work out. She left with tears in her eyes. He couldn't tell from his vantage point as to whether they were real or fake.

In hindsight, he thought that it might have just been desperation on her part and called her back before she could get to the sidewalk. She came in with her shoulders shaking and reestablished her place this time naked with her eyes very demurely lowered at his visual inspection of her. He then asked her, what the situation was. She in a very respectful and lowered voice said she was left behind by the government for the present while her parents and siblings were sent back to their homeland.

To die, she figured, as they left their land without that government's permission. And that the only reason that she was left behind, was because she was a student with a sufficient classroom load to qualify to stay. But, even with the scholarships that she had, she wouldn't have enough funds to finance her stay in school and pay her rent. He then asked her about her further references to him about her person, and she without even delaying quickly moved up to him and lowering his pants, since he was standing, she took his dick into her mouth and began an animated sucking on it.

She also took his hand and moved it to her pussy area, with her legs spread. He had to reach over her back to manage this. While she was very effectively engaged with him, he inquired as to whether she was a virgin, as unmarried Muslim girls were supposed to be.

She said no, and that was another reason that she had to try to avoid returning to her homeland, because if it was discovered by the authorities, they would want to know who did it. And since it was her father, he could face death over that, and her stoning despite the fact that it was not by her choice. By this time, he was in full ascent and she leaned back on the nearest chair and opened her legs to encourage him to use her pussy right then and there.

She nodded to him that it was alright, because if she got pregnant, that would delay her exit from the U.S. for a bit longer till its birth. And she could then investigate other options in the meantime. So, Horace moved forward and installed his cock up in her pussy with little foreplay, as she seemed to be asking for.

She was responding though to his plowing of her. She began to moan and lightly shriek as he advanced his position all the way up into her birth canal to the vicinity of her cervix. When he hit that, she began to powerfully pump on to him, with her cum flying out of her pussy and his dick strongly stimulating her sex. Very soon, he let go with a plentiful load up into her promised land and she reached up to hug him in return. After he sat down and rested for a minute, she asked if he would like to sample anything else?

And he asked what she had in mind. She looked down again and whispered, "my ass." He said that he would love to, but was she okay with that. And she responded in the affirmative. So, she took some of his and her cum mixture and anointed the anus and his cock with it. She then turned around on the chair and with her knees up on it reached behind herself and spread her butt cheeks. Then she said, "Now!" And he plowed surprisingly easily up into her dark chamber.

This time she got even more excited and pounded back on him. She must have been used to this kind of treatment. With them bouncing into each other, they soon came again. With this, she moved down to suck his dick dry and lick the environs, he did the same for her. She then offered that she would like to live with them and service him and her, if she liked it. He said that he would talk it over with Glenda and text her back the answer that night as soon as he had an answer.

So, she rose and redressed and hugged and kissed him on the way out. When Glenda got back, she gave a tentative okay with this (because she really was interested in playing with the girl) but they didn't hear from her.

They sadly wondered why. The next morning, Estelle showed up. She was Mexican/Hispanic and was evasive about showing any citizenship documents. He informed her, that he was going to be absolutely above board with her employment wages. He would hold out her called for IRS withholdings and State L&I payments and send them on.

But, she asked if she could handle that herself, but he advised her, "No!" that that could get him into trouble. So, she suggested that he send them to the sponsoring agency that guided her and that they would take care of that. He knew that since it was a third party, that that would probably protect him in the affair, but he seriously doubted that any money would actually go where it was intended to go.

But, he and his accountant would file all the proper forms for him as her employer, and if the withholdings turned out to be Cadillac payments for some others, that was her problem.

He then let her know that he was going to pay her $20 per hour, substantially over what others were paying for such work, but that he would expect her to carry her load. She would get the usual brief morning and afternoon breaks and a non-paid lunch. He wanted her to show up at eight in the morning and finish by five in the evening. He mentioned that since he worked at home, that he would be monitoring her efforts, especially at the first.

And that no one but her was per-mitted inside of the house. Even her husband or kids if she had any. Since she appeared to be about twenty-six, he supposed that she did. But, she made no comment at that instruction.


She agreed to all of this and then asked if there would be any other chores to perform. She did this with a knowing stare and attitude. Not, discouraging it, though. He remarked that if such occurred, bonuses would be due, and he would advance them in cash and that they would go unreported on her income statement. With that she asked if she could demonstrate her prowess in such matters.

He nodded and she moved over to him, sitting in a chair and proceeded to unzip him and gently pull him out to her view.

She then proceeded to give him a very fine blow job and when he was arisen, she turned and backed up to plunge him up into her pussy. She made no mention of condom usage, so evidently she was open to any eventuality without its usage. She flexed her back and belly on him instead of bouncing on him, and that brought him very quickly.

After her cleansing him with her mouth, he pulled a fifty out of his wallet and handed it to her, to her delight. He informed her that he would notify her as to whether she was hired after discussion of this with his wife, Glenda. She said that she would await that text message very eagerly. And to emphasize that, she grabbed him and kissed him fully on the mouth and then high-tailed it out the door.

The lady that was to show up that afternoon, didn't make it and provided no call to let him know that in advance or any later time to explain her absence. So, he wrote her off and was pretty much settled on Estelle. After dinner that night, they got a ring on the front door and upon checking it out through the door monitor discovered that it was the Muslim girl and she seemed frantic to get in.

So, they opened the door and had their cell phone handy, prepared with 911 on ready, in case this turned out badly.

When she got in, she moved to the couch and scrunched up there in emotional agony. Glenda went to the kitchen and prepared some tea to help calm down her nerves while she gathered her senses. She was very appreciative of the tea and when she had taken some of it, she then looked up to them to plead her case. It seemed that the local ICE unit was looking for her now. Evidently they had had a change of heart and were determined to send her out of the country, too.

The college had warned her, and she had hid out with non-Muslim friends till the evening and then made her way in secret to their home. She didn't even want to use her phone in case they could trace it. Not an empty fear with the types of equipment that is available today. Used to persecute mostly harmless Muslims while they can't even get rid of the deadly pimps in town.

Through a secure line, she had been advised that if she could find a place to hide for some time, that things would eventually cool down and hopefully the more sympathetic American officials could eventually get the upper hand over these immigration 'nazies' and help the deserving ones to stay in the U.S. no matter where they had come from. The college had indicated to her that if she found a hiding place with a computer terminal, that they would let her continue to pursue her studies under an assumed name.

Horace got the terms: hide, terminal and for some time. He asked Jasmine to wait where she sat so that he and his wife could consult over this matter. When they were in private, he asked what she thought. In tears she said that she just couldn't throw this young woman out to the wolves, so to speak. That perhaps they could prepare a private room for her in the upper reaches of the house where no one would likely look and provide her with a terminal to keep her busy till relief came to her.

And that they could make it a suite with an exercise bicycle to prevent her from losing the tone of her body through lack of exercise. The terminal could be hidden within their regular online links and a T.V. with connections to a wide range of stations could help her to keep up with the world scene. He concurred with these thoughts and they moved back into to living room to share them with Jasmine.

She thought that that would be great and effective. She was advised that she couldn't contact anyone that she knew or that the ICE agents would identify as prospective connections to her. Even the ones that had helped her that night.

They would just have to trust that she found an effective hiding place till all of this blew over permanently. Also, that she would have to stay in the house and in her rooms from then on, since she might have been seen in the neighborhood and nosy neighbors or agents might stake out their house to find out if she was there. Also there was Estelle, who would be working for them.

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She would have to be denied any entry in the upper reaches of the house, until the rooms suite could be hidden in some way. Horace would research on that at the library under an assumed name to not connect this research back to him and his house. Jasmine, in tears, thanked them for this and they together took her up the old stairs and temporarily settled her in while they arranged for the other parts of their plans to work out.

But, in the meantime she had a bed, would have meals and a radio that they provided that had an ear bud to prevent the sound from escaping from her rooms. The next morning, Estelle showed up and was informed that she was hired.

She was also told that she was confined to the first two floors, because the upper reaches could be dangerous to her with the stalled remodeling that was meant to have been done. She asserted that she would respect that and not show any curiosity in anything above the second floor.

Both Horace and Glenda nodded at that. And Estelle went off to familiarize herself with the house and its environs as Jasmine slept in the upper reaches. This all was going to add a lot of drama to Horace and Glenda's life, but they both admitted that that was not a bad thing. It would add a lot of interest to their lives too. While Horace was thinking about it, he remembered that there were plug-ins on the third floor and the loft area.

So, he went online and ordered a small camping stove and refrigerator under the guise of remodeling the Suburban into a camping vehicle. They arrived that afternoon and after Estelle had left early, he and Glenda moved them up to Jazmine's retreat and installed them with a group of reading lights that would not be seen outside, since the loft had only one outside window and it was isolated behind a wall and closed door.

Jazmine was so happy with the efforts that the couple were already making for her and was anticipating the computer terminal that would provide her connections to her education and the outside world. Connections that except for the college would have to be one-way. Her observing. So far, nothing seemed remiss in the neighborhood. No strange vehicles of people that seemed out of place. But, since they were new to the neighborhood themselves, they wouldn't know for sure.

They just had to proceed like someone was watching at all times. And with the prevalence of nosy busybodies and other ones who would just be curious about newly moved-in neighbors in a long established local population, care with their privacy was not a small concern.

That evening, Glenda prepared a small meal for Jasmine utilizing what she knew of Muslin cuisine and took it up to her to help her and to also spend a little social time with her. Jazmine attacked the food in her hunger and was very affectionate with Glenda as she ate it in appreciation. With the beverages in the new refrigerator and the supplies that had been ordered for home delivery of food stuffs that she could eat within her religious restrictions, she was set up for the time being.

As Horace was busy on the internet trying to find out how to get the terminal setup, Jazmine moved over to Glenda and took her into her arms in appreciation. Since, she had already promoted a sexual connection with Horace, she now set out to establish one with Glenda, the wife.

So, while they cuddled together, Jazmine moved on to remove her outer clothing and open Glenda's. To Glenda's surprise, she was enjoying this very much. She had had lesbian type affairs before, but never with such a young and aggressive partner. And it was fun to be the one receiving the attentions at first, instead of the one promoting them for once. As Jasmine detected acceptance on Glenda's part, she moved to remove her outer clothing too and moved them both on to her bed.

Since they were new to each other in this manner, she decided to limit her advances to easily understood mannerisms for Glenda's sake, since Jasmine didn't know of her level of experience.

So, she had Glenda lay on her side facing her, with their bodies oriented head to foot and each opened their legs up to allow oral operations on their pussies.

As Glenda got into this with her, they soon found a rhythm to it and each was very much enjoying the trip. It didn't take long for each of them to cum and climax into each other's mouth and with that Glenda with a smile said that she would send Horace up later to tuck her in. Jasmine smiled at that. Horace had gotten ahold of a previous business contact who had a cousin who was a master at setting up secretive computer terminals.

So, they arranged for him to appear as a Comcast technician and he installed the terminal with all of the goodies needed in the little room behind the door in the loft. They blacked over the window to prevent light from escaping and moved outdoors with the light on high to check for light leakage, and there was none evident.

The faux technician never met Jazmine, though. That was too risky, and he showed no curiosity over the other hidden room. He had had to depend on hidden friends in the past, too. This all happened late at night and so when the technician left, Horace moved to Jasmine's bedroom to 'tuck her in.' What she really wanted was for him to tuck a certain member of his body into hers to promote her effort towards pregnancy in case that should provide a lever for her staying in the U.S.

in case she was located again before the heat was off. So, after a brief few kisses and hugs, they moved on to the main event with him up and into her pussy vault again. Since this was still all new to the two of them together, the stimulation of this overtook them very rapidly and he accomplished his mission to her delight. She showed her appreciation afterward with kisses and hugs and promised that they would have a lot more exploratory fun in the future as things settled down.

He smiled at that and then really did tuck her in, so that he could return to his own bedroom and his lovely wife waiting for him there. They both knowing of the events of the evening, merely hugged kissed and went to sleep in each other's arms. Things proceeded well over the next three weeks. Estelle took over all of the household daytime household responsibilities, and respected the limitation to the first two floors with no problem, nor any apparent curiosity at all.

This was a magnificent job for her and she was determined to not ruin this for herself. She also made a couple of overtures to the couple individually during the week, of which some were acted upon and bonus monies were returned to her over them.

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Jasmine was settled in and enjoying her studies through the secure line with the college, the exercise bicycle had arrived and she waited till Estelle left in the afternoons to avail herself of its noisy self. She was also taking care of the couple together and solo, to their and her delights.

It definitely helped her to not feel so isolated. And she was beginning to show evidence of success in the baby-making efforts, too.


At the morning meal on the beginning of the fourth week of Estelle's employment, she asked to talk with them after the meal about something important to her. Horace and Glenda accepted, with a high degree of curiosity.

When she came in and at their invitation sat down at the table to open her heart, she informed them that her husband had been having trouble keeping regular work lately.

And that she wondered if the couple could take him on as an employee, too. He could take care of the yard and outside maintenance, along with caring for the pool in the backyard and the running of errands for the couple.

He had his license and they have the Pruitt's Suburban and pickup truck that could easily handle most purchases that they needed. Horace thanked her for opening her heart and told her that he would consider it and get back to her.

During his business time in his personal office in the home, and while Glenda was off to one of her exercise sessions, he contacted one of his professional support team for information on Jose, Estelle's husband. Just a quick analysis from the Mount Beaver Detective Agency for the time being. They got back to him, six hours later with the assertion that he had no warrants against him, had never been arrested, showed no initial gang affiliations and was well reported on by the 'walk-in daily employment agencies." In fact they felt that if he had a permanent address, that he would be in line for several regular and decent paying jobs.

So, Horace decided to take him on for a short run and see how things would work out. Estelle rewarded him with his ass fucking of her in a star performance, with no accepted bonus. So, Jose reported the next day and was interviewed in the Pool House out behind the pool. He was informed of his duties and shown the log-in for his work time and the Duty Log to record the daily duties performed.

He was also informed that for the present he was not welcome to come into the house, but that Estelle could, after preparing a lunch for the resident couple, prepare one for them and they could share it together on her lunch by the pool or in the pool house if the weather was bad. Horace informed him also, that there would be a list of projects for him each day, and that he would need to keep up on the grass clipping and edging on top of them. There would also be continuing projects for him to fill in the time when nothing else was pending.

Jose took all of this rather well. Estelle was very happy about this and turned up the sexual heat to insure that this situation would not change, except for the better. She sought out the wildest sexual experiences that she could find out about to try to insure this and weld the Pruitt couple to her and Jose. One of them was the wearing of a very abbreviated sex costume and the seducing of the couple throughout the day to their delight and hers.

She had to take an extended shower before leaving work that day, with all of the manly and womanly cum spread all over her body. They even trifled with her while under the water. Estelle, though trying to observe the restrictions on physically being in, nor even thinking of what was above the second floor began to get an inkling of what that might entail.

And with the very low sounds, she got the idea that a young woman was hiding up there. She didn't want to cause any harm to her, because she and Jose were still at risk in their sojourn in the U.S. and also for fellow feelings for anyone coping with those challenges. But, she was determined to not lose her edge in the family's acceptance, either. So, she decided to compete with the assumed young woman upstairs, with a couple of young women that she had control of.

Ones that would also seduce the happy couple with their bodies. She contacted the mothers of two (at first) young nieces of hers, both aged sixteen years, and asked if they could be available for a sexually charged campaign of householder influencing to guarantee her and Jose's jobs. Both mothers replied that they would be ecstatic to have their daughters so involved to keep them out of the homes for some of the time and playing with people superior to those that they were hanging out with at the present.

So, the arrangements were made and awaited Estelle's okay. Estelle waited until a couple of days later, when she had seduced the couple to a three way in their bedroom, which the couple were beside themselves in satisfaction over. After all, who doesn't want a fine looking woman sucking on his wife's pussy, making sexy sounds and also welcoming his dick up her ass for a deep-diving power fucking. Good fun for all. While they were coming down from their sensual high, she brought up her two young nieces that would be a welcome addition to the ambiance of the home's outside with their bikini clad bodies adorning the pool area during the coming summer days.

THE MAID AND THE LECHER 2 Horace was no dummy, and he felt that a bit of crowding-in was being practiced here. Being as he loved young looking semi naked women and also wanted to ensure the security of his home, he asked a local employment agency to find him a butler for very light duties, but a stern front to secure the home's security. It so happened that they had a retired Marine, who had been a famous general's personal assistant listed right then.

So, he arranged to interview the man at a local coffee shop and found him very respectful, dour and of a physical bearing to not be trifled with. Horace hired him on the spot with the agency's glowing and spot-on recommendation.

Casper was sixty five at his hiring and soon became a household treasure. He did all of the answering of the front and back doors, ensured the privacy and security the residence, deflected the curious inquiries of the neighbors and would provide a considerable blockage to any L.E.

attempt to force their way in to the home without a proper warrant. He was not gay, but strictly at first left the ladies alone, of at least as alone as they desired. He took one of the spare bedrooms on the third floor and showed no active interest in what was going on in the loft. He also acted as the chauffeur when driving was needed. He asked for a very small income, as he was very adequately reimbursed from his military days.

The general that he had served so ably over the years, had him promoted to Colonel just before his retirement (and the general's) to give him a much higher retirement pay grade. So, the low pay for his butler job was pretty much just for show. The old boy was used to serving others with distinction and continued to do so for the Pruitts. And Horace didn't feel so crowded in from then on, and Estelle got the message to contain her enthusiastic inflation of her family's involvement in the home and the Pruitt's life.

The sexy fun continued, though. When the young girls came the first time, Horace took them into the pool room to let them know the property's rules for them. They were not to come into the house unless either he or Glenda personally invited them. They were not to bring any boys on to the property at all. No other girls without Horace's permission. The pool room was available to them for rest, play, snacking and protection in bad weather that tends to make its place known for short periods of time.

If they had transportation issues, Casper could help with that once in a while. They were wearing the tiniest bikinis available, while listening to this and decided to make their presence desirable for more than looks, by shucking them and both approaching Horace's pants from either sides of his legs and then engaging his freshly revealed cock to a massive cock sucking in congress together.

When he finally came, he tried to delay this for some time because of his total enjoyment of the process, they shared the cum production between themselves and repeatedly showed it on their tongues before dividing it up with each swallowing a portion of his gift.

With that he retired to the house and left the two girls who neglected to replace their bikinis to decorate the pool environs. Horace was called in to the office by his CPA to review his financial situation, there was some trepidation with Horace over this because of the many expensive operations that he had taken on with the mansion on several people's lives.

Not that he regretted them at all, just he didn't want to go broke doing all of this. He need not have worried, because of Horace's actually prudent behavior with his money, the initial fifteen million buyout funds from the lottery winnings had grown to over fifty million. He was actually being quite efficient and frugal with his funds, and wasn't spending money even as fast as his lottery monthly payments were coming in.

The CPA suggested that he continue in the current course and things would go well. In fact he had more than five hundred thousand a month available for augmenting his life, and the CPA recommended that he use that well in the short-run while the economy was exploding.

So, when he got home he talked it over and they decided to contact Carol the A.A. college student and invite her to stay with them during her college years free, if things (sexual of course) would work out.

Carol got right back to them and assured them that 'things' would work out and that she would be available to help around the house in any way that she could while keeping up with her studies. So, with no notice to any of the other residents, she moved in that Saturday night and was placed in another of the third floor available bedrooms, but spent the night in delightful play with the Pruitts in their bed.

Now, analyzing things, Horace and Glenda decided to invest in some serious remodeling of the house to accommodate their 'guests' comfortably. So, they contacted a recommended out of state construction firm, Sully Brothers to come and do the work. They were happy to contract to do so and arranged with the local Kingdom Hall to use as many of the skilled craftsmen that they could provide to fill in the gaps of the abilities of his own work force.

They had done this regularly over the years to a very fine effect. For her security concerns, Jasmine was hidden in a secret place during the construction to protect her presence in the mansion.

It took only three weeks and one deflection of a nosy neighbor ("We don't welcome curiosity into our household matters, Ma'am!" Delivered by a very stern-faced former general's 'batman' in no uncertain terms.) With this the loft was transformed into a fine studio-like apartment suitable for a college student and her coming baby. The third floor was transformed into two similar spaces with two guest bedrooms still available.

The Sullys left the job in their usual good humor and with the homeowners totally impressed with the results. When Jasmine returned to her hidden home, she was just overwhelmed by the generosity of the Pruitts and took Horace immediately into her bed and played with him with her growing pregnant body, to Horace's immense delight. They slept the rest of the afternoon together with Glenda smiling and entertaining the 'batman' in her bed. From this time on, Horace and Glenda spent their five nights a week with others in the house, rotating through the various options, except with Horace with the 'batman' since neither were of the gay persuasion.

But, easily each was getting their needs and desires taken care of in bonus quantities and the other duties around the house were well taken care of, too. Estelle found that Carol was very helpful in some of the heavier and more onerous duties. And especially serving as a delightful decoration in her French maid's attire for social dinners. Horace had gathered an immense team of professionals to administer and protect him and Glenda and their possessions and situation.

He had his powerful lawyer group with deep connections in the various governmental authorities in the state, his CPA, his 'batman' retired Marine butler, his favorite construction company and newly his powerful security concern. They were putting in a state of the art security system, with additional safeguards of daily and nightly random security sweeps of personnel.

It turned out that the expenses were well justified, since some nosy neighbors weren't about to give up trying to uncover the going-ons of the house. And ICE hadn't given up either on their efforts to find and squirrel away (make that kidnap according to the local prejudice) Jasmine if they could locate and grab her. They made one more bold effort to bluff their way into the house with their suspicions in full bloom, but met a former Marine Sergeant with combat experience at the door who had no respect for them, nor any fear either.

Since they had no local warrant for a search and seizure, and knowing that their federal one would not be recognized in the local courts, they withdrew again from the premises very frustrated at their failure. Horace's legal team went to federal court and got a full restraining order against ICE in regard to the Pruitt mansion, unless they could provide irrefutable proof of as actionable offense on the homeowner's account.

This was not going to happen with the security in place, and besides the national temperament on this issue was sliding away from the current president's agenda. All the household did was to spend that night fucking each other into oblivion and beyond. Over the next couple of months, it became obvious that Nigel (formerly known as Casper) had grown close to Jasmine. And her to him. Being on the close floors and them having the freedom to entertain each other probably was helpful in this regard.

After determining that they wanted to be together, they approached Horace on the point, since it was his house and since also that Horace had had a continuing pleasant intimate relationship with her. His coming baby in her was of some concern, too. Nigel informed him that the baby was not resented, as a memory of their loving relationship, and that he would welcome taking it underhand.

And Jasmine informed him that she had no qualms at all of becoming an aged man's woman or wife if that became available. Her society esteemed men of age, if they didn't use it to seize unwilling young women. She also decided to begin to use the Americanized name Darla to somewhat hide her identity. That would work because no one but Horace, Glenda and Nigel knew her name anyway.

They worked out the details, like moving Carol upstairs so that Nigel and Darla could be in closer proximity. Like so many things, if people are considerate of others and generous in their demeanor (and careful to provide for their own needs) things can work out.

Besides, Horace and Glenda still had Carol, Estelle and two pretty young nieces to play with, not to mention each other. The family provided a little ceremony to initiate the cohabitation of the lovely couple and a great sense of happiness permeated the household there after.

And Nigel and Darla were just ecstatic to each have someone of their own to love and cherish together, and much of Darla's fear, but not her carefulness, was alleviated by having this still vital man as her champion and protector.

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Horace was having so much fun messing around in other's lives, usually to their great benefit and coping with the avalanche of intimacies that resulted in this, that he pondered as to what initiative he could launch next.

So, coming to mind was the situation of Jose. There just wasn't enough to do around to keep him busy, with Nigel now in residence. And he didn't want to cut him off without a place to go to. And in regard to places, how about finding a way for Jose and Estelle to get a more solid presence in the U.S. and perhaps a place of their own. So, he put his legal team on the U.S. habitation situation and consulted an old realtor friend as to the housing situation. The realtor suggested that with the funds that he had available, why not just buy them a suitable home and either rent it out to them or carry the contract with them?

This would provide addition-al safeguards against ICE seizing it in case of them being gathered up in an illegal aliens sweep. Besides, Estelle and Jose, were on the way to eventually getting legal status in the U.S. anyways, with their employment, paying of taxes (assumed) and pristine legal record. So, he asked Estelle to ride with him to help him select an appropriate house for some Hispanic friends of his to live in.

It needed to be as humble as possible, but still functional for a Hispanic's family's needs. So, that was easy duty and she complied. Nigel did the driving and they had a list provided by a realtor friend of his realtor friend.

The houses were listed in a reverse order of suitability to build growing excitement in her as she would see more and better homes with each stop. And perhaps even, there would be a growing awareness of her that the homes that they were looking at were going to be for her family. It would be fun, and who knows what expressions of gratitude that that would bring to the old perv?

The fifth one that they looked at with her growing excitement was a four bedroom split-level on an elevated lot, trees and a generous garage.

She was very impressed with its refurbished condition, but it was significantly more expensive than the others that they had already seen. When she murmured her approval of it, the list stopped there.

With its condition, it would be a much better investment for Horace and a better fit for Estelle and Jose's growing family.

He found out at that time that Estelle had a fourteen year old daughter that was a handful. 'Damn,' Horace thought. "She must have started popping them out at an early age." Turned out to be fifteen when he looked into it.

There were insinuations made about her availability to Horace's play if things worked out. He thought that he would wait for another year, plus until she was sixteen to try that out.

On the way home, Nigel closed the rear view curtain and Estelle entertained Horace with a blow on the go and quick fuck on the way home. When they got there, he gathered Estelle and Jose into the pool room and shared with them what he had in mind with the home.

They were enthusiastic about buying it, but didn't know how they could afford that. He said that the terms would be generous, and that there would be no interest, that he could explain as an added benefit to their employment with him. He also explained that there wasn't enough work to keep Jose on from now on, but that the Sully Brothers had gathered some serious interest locally, with the recommendations of the Kingdom Hall group and they were going to open a satellite work shop locally to accommodate the jobs that were going to be available.

And that they would bring Jose on board as a trainee to their professional methods. With his considerable already acquired talents, they thought that he would come up to snuff, as it were, very rapidly. And then he would be trained to manage the local operation for them. The least that could happen for Jose was advanced training in modern construction techniques and the ability to work with other local talent.

To say that Jose was excited is grossly understated. That night, Glenda was busy with her girlfriends, but the Sanchez family invited him to a special party for him at their new house. They were moving in even before the papers were all signed, but it was okay with Horace. But, when he got there, there wasn't an Estelle or Jose to be found. The door was unlocked and when he entered the lights flashed on in the front room with the curtains drawn and there were at least twenty girls from the age of sixteen to eighteen in various stages of undress.

They gathered him up and moved him to the couch, where they began a memorable night of hilarious and fun debauchery.

A couple of weeks after, Glenda mentioned to Horace that she would like to have an abode of her own to pursue her other friendly interests, as she put it.

She assured Horace that she would still spend two nights a week with him, but that he would also be freer to pursue his extramarital interests. So, they consulted the realtor friend again and he connected them up with a realtor that specialized in condos. No use renting a place when they could afford to buy one as an investment. They found one about a mile away right on the shoreline near the park that they loved so much and she was very happy with it.

He offered to help her furnish it, but she responded that she would like to do that with her personal lady friends. But, that she would accept Nigel's help in transporting anything for the condo that wasn't automatically delivered by the salesmen. She then after getting things in order came home and moved almost everything she owned except for some very sexy outfits and toys to be enjoyed on her weekly visits.

These visits soon reduced to once a week of wild cavorting and loving attentions to each other and time moved on with everyone in a very happy state. When Horace and Glenda entertained, it was always at the mansion and she would stay overnight for appearances and because she still loved Hector very much. Horace with all of this inquired of Carol as to whether she would like to center her nights in his bed and arms, and she was glad to do so. He couldn't get over how soft and firm her A.A.

body felt to him. No wonder the A.A. guys worshipped their women. And after a while she inquired as to the possibility of having a baby with him, too.

'Sure," he assured her and they busied themselves in the efforts.


There are few things in life as moving as having a dear woman under you as you pump your cock in and out of her with a spillage of baby making batter to produce another desired human being. Eternal memories are made of things like this. And in quick order, the order was taken and she began the journey of delivering another squalling baby into an alien world from the comforts of her body.

Oh, well. He or she would be well taken care of. And Carol was indicating that she would never want to leave this home. Nigel and Darla were of the same mind. Glenda thought that that was wonderful and had a couple of dear friends of the same mind staying with her.

And Glenda made it clear that she was looking forward to being a type of honorary grandmother to the coming baby and took Carol into her arms and hugged tightly the mother to be. After a while there was a new president and the ICE program was terminated. Carol graduated from college and found a very fine part-time job with another of Horace's long-time friends. The baby girl was the delight of the household along with Darla's little boy.

Everyone assumed that the two would marry someday. Not likely with the same father, but a satisfying fantasy anyway. With her knowledge, while Carol was off to work, Estelle out of appreciation for all that Horace had done for her family, made sure that he was adequately entertained by the young girls of her extended family who loved his cock and money.

This even included her now sixteen year old daughter who often shared his bed during his afternoon nap and play time. This kept her busy each day and away from her trashy friends. After another couple of years, Glenda discontinued the weekly visits, but still showed up for family and social occasions.

Her place in Horace's life was now taken by Trisha, Estelle's now eighteen year old daughter, whose expanded presence accentuated by her now occupying one of the empty guest rooms, took really good care of his days and odd nights when Carol wasn't around. Trish had no intention of ever becoming financially independent. She was very satisfied to live with Horace and be his afternoon fuck toy.

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This still left her with some freedom with her friends and Horace supplied her with an allowance each week to subsidize this, but not enough for her to get in to real trouble. He advised her to behave, if she wanted to continue to live with him. And she took that notice seriously, especially when she showed up pregnant sometime after.

After this shock wore off in the household, they just adjusted to getting another young one to love and cherish in the household.

Glenda came to feel a bit guilty about her abandonment of Hector's bed, though she understood that it was well occupied to his delight. But, they had been a loving couple for many years, and she knew that he still desired her. So, she arranged a fun evening for him at her place, not providing the detail that a number of her bi-sexual lady friends would be the entertainment. When he arrived he couldn't help but notice the plethora of semi-nude and nude ladies lying about the room involved with each other.

'Hey started without me,' he mused. But, two of the younger ladies noticed him and escorted him to be between them as they played with each other and him. After a few minutes of that, Glenda called a halt to the festivities and directed them up to the prepared table for a very fine catered meal. As a bonus, one of the ladies snuck under the table and provided herself with her own dessert right from Horace's dick to his excited delight, which all the rest at the table enjoyed the display of.

Then after the meal, they all worked together to move the several mattresses together into the center of the living room and then sort of melded together in a lust fest with Horace having the place of honor right in the middle. Including his own interactions, he found a considerable enjoyment in watching and joining in with these lady-lovers in their cavorting too.

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Several of them remarked the enjoyment that they had with him up their pussy or ass from behind while they were as lesbians involved with each other. When the wildness cooled down, Glenda brought out comforters and blankets for them to stay in place affectionately passing of the night with occasional naps as time went on. Horace got to share in the titties and pussies of several of the women during these naps. At the end while Glenda was wildly kissing him goodbye, they raised their voices and invited him back again sometime for a return engagement and he assured him that he would be very interested in that.

That Friday he had another meeting with his CPA firm. This time there was a member of the staff of his personal law firm and security firm in attendance. When the hubbub settled down, the senior CPA took over the meeting. Horace was informed that now his financial and property stats had reached a third of a billion in value.

This was in a great deal to his making wise investments and the frugal use of his available funds. The funds that he had put in savings had never been touched.

And most of the six-hundred thousand he received from the lottery fund each month had been plowed right back into his investments. Because of this, they were proposing a separate entity, the Pruitt Investment Fund, which would consist of the entities at the table with each having an equal part in the business and each putting up an equal share of its modest investment.

The main reason for the corporation was not for a profit, but to tie together the main entities in Hector's interests in a way to protect them all. It would take a vote of three of them to authorize any decision of it, and Horace would have final veto over anything that he was not pleased with.

Horace was provided with a copy of the prospectus and bylaws of the proposed entity to be investigated by any other entities that he desired. He took them to several high powered investment firms in the city and across the country. They all said that they wished it was them, but that they couldn't see any problem in it for him.

Hector thought about it for a weekend after receiving the results of his inquiries. He took them along to spend a one-on-one weekend night with Glenda, and they came together with the conclusion that it was a very nice offer, but that they didn't want to encumber themselves with outside responsibilities. They were both happy with the funds available, and would never be able to spend all that they already had.

On Wednesday, he met with the prospective board for the new concern and informed them that he appreciated their interest in his affairs, but that he saw no need to go to this effort.

He suggested that with a minor increase in his payments to them, that each of their offices might single out an employee to oversee his interests.

They said that that could be done and thanked him for taking the time to think this over. Events a couple of years later demonstrated the wisdom that he had showed in this decision. One of the particular members of that proposed board had very unsavory plans for him, if he had agreed. And besides, the three firms continued to service his interests well anyway.

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Things continued from that time with the already established balance among the mansion's household. None of them showed any inclination to move on, and the main difference over the years was the appearance of a parade of new children as the years went by. When Horace got very old, he alone since Glenda had already passed on, made provisions for the loved ones that he would leave behind. From his approaching to a billion dollars of worth, he left very generous bequests to his original children who had abandoned interest in their parents many years before.

Glenda's condo was left to the resident lady lovers of hers till the last of the original group passed on. They continued to pressure him to visit them on occasion for a night of fun, and he gave in once in a while to his great delight. From among his children he named his son through Darla (Jasmine) to take the reins of leadership for the extended family's benefit.

All including the 'Goth' Trisha were welcome to stay in residence, and it was recommended that future habitants be limited to descendants of Horace and their mates as space came available. With that, Horace relaxed and let things move forward with his continued enjoyment of his ladies in the mansion