Humiliated by me and by big cocked boy toy

Humiliated by me and by big cocked boy toy
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My Whole Family Needed Me 5 I fell into the room from the window. Three sets of eyes were fixated on my actions. The asshole who I thought was my best friend still had his cock buried into my twelve-year-old sister's pussy and her homeroom teacher was still balls deep inside of her ass.

"Alright Zack before you go crazy let me exp—" POW right in the middle of his sentence I threw a right cross and knocked him right out of my sister and onto the floor. I would have jumped on him and beat his ass but his pants were down at his knees. Nessa recovered from the shock of seeing me and got off of the teacher's cock and rearranged then put her clothes back on.

Jereme pulled his clothes back on and tried to get up. "Dude seriously let me explain and then if you still want to you can beat the shit out of me" he almost pleaded so I showed restraint and listened to his story. "So I was dropping Lilly (His younger sister) off yesterday and you know how she's super anal about being at least an hour early for school.

I walked her to her locker and I left so I could make it to first period on time. When I nearly reached the exit I heard a man talking and a girl moaning. It was Nessa and this perv right here! Her short shorts were down to her knees and she was spread over his legs.

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He had two fingers inside of her. I busted into the door to stop him but he told me about how he could ruin my record and all of this shit." He went on about how he was blackmailed into taking Nessa's virginity. It finally made sense why she had no hymen when we fucked but what didn't make sense was why Nessa didn't tell me anything or even flinch when I fucked her.

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He had taken out his phone when the teacher wasn't looking and snapped photos of him violating her. So only one question remained. "So why in the world didn't you just tell me the day this happened or turn this asshole in and send him to jail?" "Well I swear I was going to, but Nessa was my first fuck and I knew once I turned him in it wouldn't happen again for a long time so I kinda milked it" I'd heard enough. The evidence I needed was on Jereme's phone, so all I needed to do was get his phone and worry about beating the shit out of him later.

"Just give me your phone so I can get the damn pictures and send this pervert to jail" "Well what if I don't want to? What are you gonna do?" "I'll just beat it out of you and tell the cops what really happened so you go to jail too" The whole time we were arguing back and forth we hadn't realized that the teacher had gotten up and dressed.

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He grabbed Jereme's phone from him and smashed it. I figured I could still get the memory card out of it but he picked it up and took the memory card out then placed it in his pocket. "Now that your game is over why don't you two just sit down and enjoy the show" he said with a newfound confidence. "I'm going to have some fun with Nessa and you'll do nothing to stop me for two reasons. Jereme I know you don't want Lilly and your mother to find out that you blackmailed Nessa into having sex with you do you?

And Zack don't think I don't know about your little family secret. You turn me in, and all of it will come out. It will be your word against mine without evidence!" Jereme and I stood their dumbfounded and just sank into our desks.

The teacher grabbed Nessa and tore all of her clothes off. Her cherry bites came into view and they looked hard as rocks. He began to suck on them softly while she moaned. She didn't seem to contest at all. This whole time she hadn't said one word.

His hand began to trail down her perfectly flat stomach to her tiny mound. Where she used to have tiny sprouts of hair, she now had peach fuzz. He spread her lips with two fingers and began to rub her clit with the other.

She moaned out loud as his assault started to get fiercer.

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He used his other hand to unbuckle his slacks and bring them to his ankles. His 7 ½ inch thick hairy cock came into view. It seemed thicker than mine and Jereme's combined. If I didn't know any better I would say that Nessa literally began to salivate once he pulled it out. He forced her onto her knees in front of his desk. From the look on his face it took no time for her to start licking the tip of his head and sucking on him.

He just sat back in his chair and enjoyed the sensation of her young mouth licking and sucking him all over his cock. Knock Knock The back door to the room was slowly opened and there stood Lilly with her typical nerd glasses and schoolgirl outfit on. She had a purple skirt that reached her knees and a perfectly coordinated purple sweater with a dark blue shirt with Pikachu on it. She had no clue what was going on. All she knew was that the smell of sweat, piss, and something she had only smelled so far in the girl's locker room.

Judging by the look on her teacher's face, Nessa continued to obliviously suck on his cock while he called Lilly to his desk "What can I do for you sweetie", he kept his cool throughout the whole performance. "What're my brother and Zack doing here? Am I in trouble?" she asked with a frightened look on her face. "No one is in trouble here; we were just talking about how good you are doing in class" "Well that is actually what I wanted to talk to you about…" Lilly went on about how she's in his 7th grade algebra class and she doesn't want to fall behind.

He told her that there are many ways to get ahead in his class.


I knew where he was going with this and I looked over at Jereme's hopeless face. Like me, he was going to have to watch his little sister get violated; the only difference is this was all his fault. "Why don't you come over here and see what Nessa does to get ahead in class" Lilly walked over and her entire body turned red as she saw my naked sister on her knees with saliva running down from her mouth and half of a huge cock buried in her mouth.

"Are you willing to do what it takes to get an A Lilly?" She gulped and looked back at us.

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We were in no position to do anything but hope she would just say no and go get the police, but that's not what she did. Without saying anything, she dropped her backpack to the floor and started to unbutton her purple jacket then took it off. She unbuttoned her skirt to reveal her white cotton panties which she let drop to the floor to expose her hairless pussy. The teacher smiled as she timidly removed her blue shirt and stood before all of us naked.

She couldn't look at Jereme as she got on her knees next to Nessa and started to lick down his shaft on his balls. He stood up and walked to the back end of his desk right in front of us.

He leaned against it and made us watch our sisters suck his cock. Jereme was clearly holding back tears as his sister was bent over the desk and her teacher lined his cock up behind her virgin cunt.

Although this was tragic for both of us, we couldn't help but be turned on by the sight in front of us. Lilly is by no means ugly and when you take off those glasses you could almost say she is beautiful.

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The tents in both of our shorts were clearly visible and I even started to rub myself through my jeans. He didn't take it easy on her by any means. In an instant his entire cock was buried to the hilt inside of Lilly's once virgin pussy. She screamed at the top of her lungs but he quickly covered her mouth and told her if she kept screaming like that then he would have to stuff her panties in her mouth to keep her quiet.


She nodded and tears went down her eyes as he wasted no time in beginning to thrust in and out of her aching cunt. "Jesus Christ you're even tighter than Nessa!


I love you fuckin young girls" With every word he pounded harder and faster into Lilly. Unsurprisingly, Lilly began to enjoy what she was getting. The tears stopped flowing and her muffled screams turned into muffled moans, she actually started begging for the teacher to fuck her more.

UHHH OHHH GOOOOOD MMMMMMM DON'T STOP PLEASE THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING FEELING MMMMMM YOU FEEL SO GOOD INSIDE ME Just before she was about to cum for the first time, he pulled out of her. "Wait why what are you doing? Put it back I want it I need it that felt so good" she screamed and pleaded "Get back on your knees and suck me clean if you want to feel good again" he demanded and she immediately dropped to her knees and started to suck all of her warm juices off of his rock hard cock.

He held her head against the table and started to fuck her throat until she gagged and he didn't stop until he pulled out and shot a giant load all over her pretty face. He had just ordered Nessa to clean the cum off of Lilly's face when the door slammed open. "There he is!" a familiar voice screamed and I turned around to see my Aunt Lucy standing there with two police officers. We didn't need evidence anymore, he had been caught red handed!

We were taken down to the station and had to tell the police everything that had happened.

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I left out the part about Jereme fucking my sister. I thought having to watch his sister get destroyed was punishment enough. By the time we got home everyone was there waiting and it was time for a family meeting. "Did you really think I was going to let a little squirt like you handle something this serious on your own? I figured you might need some back up but wouldn't trust me so I followed you and when you didn't come out right away with Nessa I called the police" "You really saved me back there.

I never thought I would say this to you again but thank you Aunt Lucy." I meant every word. She may have ruined our family by sleeping with my scumbag father but she saved it by saving me and helping Nessa, so we all forgave her.

"You don't have to stay here anymore if you don't want to Aunt Lucy. I think you more than paid your dues to our family" "And who says I don't want to live here and raise my child that you just put inside me young man?" she smiled "You've got four women now and you have to take care of all our needs." As she said that she started to undress.

Katie removed her robe and had nothing on underneath. Nessa followed suit shortly after. Then my mother started to remove her work clothes and I watched in awe as she bent purposefully all the way over to take her shoes and show off her plump ass.

She turned around and smiled at me as she kicked them off and removed her remaining clothes. Katie came over to me and kissed me on the lips. She thanked me for watching out for Nessa and being the best brother ever then she shoved her tongue into my mouth and our tongues danced for what seemed like hours.

Meanwhile, Nessa had crawled over and started sucking on my limp cock and making it hard and veiny. Katie laid me down on the couch and sat on my face. All of her sweaty love juices filled my mouth and tasted bitter-sweet. I basked in the musky smell of her sex. I began to give her a tongue lashing like never before. I hadn't even noticed that Aunt Lucy had laid my mother down on the couch and was kissing and making up with her cunt.

She tongue fucked my mother while I tongue fucked Katie and Nessa eventually got on top of me and my cock sunk into her still tight hole. I bucked my hips up inside of her while I moaned into Katie's pussy. It wasn't long before she started squirting all over my face. I hardly got a breath of fresh air when she got off of my drenched face and switched places with Nessa. Katie sucked my cock and made sure it was nice and wet before she sat on me and let my cock sink into her tight ass.

Her and Nessa's tongues danced while she bounced crazily on top of my hard cock. FILL ME UP ZACK OH DO IT UHHHH CUM INSIDE ME CUM INSIDE MY ASS UGHHH YOU FUCK MY ASS SO FUCKIN GOOD OH MY GOD She squirted all over my legs and her legs as I came deep inside the depths of her bowels. At the same time, mother had just gotten through with cumming in Aunt Lucy's mouth as they tongue fucked each other in a 69 position. Katie fell back into the couch and Nessa quickly got on her knees to lick all of the sticky white goo out of her sisters gaping hole.

I propped up my mom over the couch and started fucking her doggy style where I could easily see and grab her perfect ass. While I did that she continued to tongue fuck Aunt Lucy on the couch in front of us. "Oh mom just take it ohhh you're so fucking tight I love you so much." "I love you more baby oh fuck your mother good. Fuck me hard make me cum. Cum inside me!" I needed no further instruction as I came deep inside of my mother for the second time.

I wanted so badly for her to get pregnant with my child. I wanted to breed her and start a new family with her and all of my women. Right after I came inside her, Aunt Lucy came inside of her mouth and she eagerly licked up all of the juices.

From that day forward nothing was ever the same. The teacher went to jail for about 10 years and lost his license. He also had to move and register as a sex offender.

I forgave Jereme after a while and was actually the best man at his wedding with none other than my sister Nessa! Katie and I fell in love from the beginning and we haven't been able to get married, but we still wear rings and live together with our children as if we were married. Mom and Aunt Lucy made up and they and our children live together with us in our nice big house outside of the city. My father tried to come back a couple years ago only to see that I had taken over as man of the house.

He moved far away and I have no clue whether or not he's alive anymore.

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I always look back and wonder how I turned from the guy who never wants to stand out of a crowd to the head of the house, but I guess there's no limit to how much you can change when the people that you love really need you. THE END Thank You For Reading The First Story I Wrote I Hope You Enjoyed it Please Comment!